The Best Strollers For 2020 – Complete Guide

Picking the right stroller is definitely a tough thing to do, I’ve been there. There are are hundreds (if not thousands) of possible choices and it’s easy to become confused. Especially minding the fact that the companies try to improve their products each year, so the same model from 2020 may be quite different from the previous one.

New and Best Strollers Of 2020

You don’t want to regret your choice so you look to pick the best stroller  for your baby’s comfort (and yours too, believe me), but the number of strollers is overwhelming? I’m here to help! Check the top5 strollers for 2020.

1. Nuna Demi Grow 2020

Nuna Demi GrowTypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
Nuna Demi Grow small
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Convertible strollerH 43.5 x W 24 x L 39.5 inNuna Demi Grow is one of the best convertible strollers I’ve ever had. It comes with 23 seating configurations to fit any kind of a growing family.

The Nuna Demi Grow 2020 stroller is a fancy new double stroller, capable of accomodating two kids – whether they are twins or close-age siblings. It carries two full-sized seats, bassinets or baby car seats at a time. The seats have the same size, the weight limit has been set at 50lbs.

The Nuna’s canopy is really impressively big. It has a nice sunvisor and a drape that may be pulled out. This stroller is suitable for newborns thanks to the fact the recline may go to a fully flat position. One of many impressive things in the Nuna Demi Grow 2020 is the seat liner. If you zip it off, you will see there’s a mesh seat below. This will be great during summer for sure.

Nuna Demi Grow 2018

The number of possible configurations: 23. Simply amazing, the Demi grow may be used as a single, double (or twin!) stroller to fit any kind of situation or needs. Nicely done, really.

The Nuna Demi Grow has an adjustable handle bar and leg rest. You can easily swing away the bumper and the folding process is really easy too. It has an auto-lock option and a standing fold.  Wheels are foam-filled and work great with the all-wheel suspension, providing a great riding experience. Last, but not least – the basket is extremely large, so it will easily fit whatever you need to take with you, even a big bag of diapers.

Double: This stroller comes with a nice feature of compatibility with all Pipa baby car seats produced by Nuna. If you’d like to make the Nuna Demi Grow a double, just attach the car seat, using one of the adapters that come included.

Twin: The Nuna Demi Grow includes a stroller seat, but you can buy a Sibling Seat seperately  to make it a great twin-stroller. There are two baby car seat adapters included, so you use the Pipa baby car seats to cart your twins right away.

The Nuna Demi Grow 2020 packs a bunch of great features like:

  • A DreamDrape – one of the things that made Nuna famous, completely covering the baby to give it the comfort and privacy it needs during a nap.
  • UPF 50+ canopy, which may be removed or extended with an eyeshade which may be flipped out
  • Simple, adjustable (three positions) recline, one-handed
  • Breathable mesh and outstanding fabrics, making this one an all-season

The comfort of your toddlers is highly important, but you’d surely wish to get some too and that requires a smooth riding experience. The Nuna Demi Grow tires are foam-filled and cooperate perfectly with all-wheel suspension, making the ride smooth wherever you are. The fenders will protect your little ones from any kind of dirt, and at the same time the wheels are protected with hubcaps.

Nuna Demi Grow 2018 Black

If you see the Nuna Demi Grow somewhere around you, you should notice an important difference between this one and most of the inline double strollers that usually have the secondary seat in front. Here, the seat is placed behind the primary one. This makes things quite different, because the stroller is shorter this way, so pushing it will be a lot easier. Pushing one or two babies in this one won’t give you a heart attack, but rather leave you with some extra energy. Any mother will agree on this – we can use up anything that’s left. 🙂

Other features of the Nuna Demi Grow 2020 worth mentioning:

  • Leather arm bar and push bar
  • Easy to use braking system (rear wheel)
  • Calf support may be adjusted with one hand
  • Self-standing when folded


  • Dual suspension gives the smoothest ride experience for both you and your baby
  • 23 possible configurations makes it perfect for any kind of situation
  • Easy folding, seat flipping or switching to bassinet or baby car seats
  • Luxury leatherette push bar with the possibility of adjusting its height
  • The recline may be adjusted into one of three positions easily with one hand
  • Progressive all-wheel suspension let you get through any kind of terrain smoothly
  • Fully compatible with all Pipa baby car seats series
  • DreamDrape gives your toddler total comfort and privacy during a nap
  • The seat is ready for any season with one zip
  • UPF50+ canopy with a flip out eyeshade that may be extended or removed
  • Perfectly organized, huge basket lets you keep all you need within a reach
  • Your kid is fully protected from any kind of dirt thanks to the fenders and hubcaps
  • Easy to use one-touch real wheel braking systems
  • The pushbar’s height may be easily adjusted
  • Front swivel has a lock feature
  • All-terrain foam-filled wheels
  • Arm bar may be rotated or removed to fit a toddler of any size

2. UPPAbaby VISTA 2020

UPPAbaby VISTATypeThe biggest advantages
UPPAbaby VISTA small
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Convertible strollerUPPAbaby VISTA comes with a great bassinet, which is extra vented and comfortable. This stroller is made of top-quality materials. The basket storage is huge. And that’s not all of its advantages…

Critically acclaimed UPPAbaby VISTA got even better in this version. The UPPAbaby VISTA 2020 goes forward with new features. Its bassinet got extended, the stroller got itself some accents from genuine leather and you can choose one of many great colors. I have to say that the previous version of this versatile stroller was great already, but UPPAbaby managed to make it even better now.

In terms of functionality, the UPPAbaby Vista 2020 is almost identical with the 2017 model. So what makes it different and puts on a bigger smile on my face?

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

UPPAbaby VISTA 2020 colors

The UPPAbaby VISTA 2020 now shines thanks to three, wonderful new colors. We also have a comeback here, Denny Red from 2015 is available once again.

Feel the luxury

All the current Vista models have a handlebar and bumper bar covered with genuine leather, while the details in 2017 version details were made with foam. All 2020 strollers have silver frames, except the Jake Black that has a black frame.

The leather used in all color versions is top-quality.  Full-grain cow hide leather has been used and tanned without using any chemicals to get the REACH certificate and meet the strict EU regulations. I simply admire it! It looks amazing, classy and has a great touch you will love while pushing this stroller. Absolutely outstanding.

More updates of the UPPAbaby VISTA 2020

Small changes make a huge difference. Apart from the leather details, the UPPAbaby VISTA got another important update, the extended bassinet, which is bigger than the one seen in the previous model. The bassinet was narrower on the bottom before, but now it has the same length. This change allowed to add more or less 2.5 inches and I really love it. Why? It will fit your baby for a longer time. Usually it’s 4 or 5 months, but this change allows to nearly double that time (of course this depends on your baby’s size).

More important changes of the UPPAbaby Vista 2020:

  • The 2017 version had a carbon-coated frame. The current one has a powder-coated one that minimizes scratches and keeps your stroller looking great for a longer time
  • The UPPAbaby Vista front wheel was upgraded so it matches the rear one now when it comes to tire shape. Also, both tires have a new tread.
  • The handlebar is now easily replaceable if it gets worn out.

Even more new features:

  • NEW! Easy, intuitive one-step folding, reminding the CRUZ folding
  • NEW! One-piece bumper bar easy to keep it clean
  • NEW! Impressive number of configurations: two forward and rear facing, reclining baby seats, two MESA baby car seats, double bassinet, and many, many others that will suit any need
  • UPDATE: Bassinet has a zip out liner, making it easy to clean after removal. Same goes for the boot cover. The mattress pad is perforated, white the ventilated base improves breathability. The canopy is vented too and has a SPF50+ sunshade that may be extended
  • UPDATE: The stroller is made with a combination of magnesium and aluminium that make it light and durable at the same time.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 White


  • Multiple seat configurations, the UPPAbaby Vista will adapt to any kind of family situation and grow with your baby
  • Possibly the best bassinet seen this year – extra vented, great sun and wind shielding, extended by 5 inches making it even more spacy and extra comfortable
  • The recline is one-handed and the canopy on the baby seat is just super big
  • Quick and easy reconfiguration of the seat in a matter of seconds
  • Huuuuge basket capable of carrying some really serious weight – carrying two bags of diapers at once won’t be a problem
  • Wheel size picked to suit almost any kind of terrain, including snow
  • Glides like a charm
  • The handlebar may be adjusted making it suitable for parents of any heigh
  • Astonishing colors and top-quality leather
  • Highly durable thanks to the materials used
  • Strong, sturdy, durable frame
  • Includes a rain shield and bug shield

3. Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2020

Baby Jogger City Tour LUXTypeThe biggest advantages
Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Stroller small
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Lightweight strollerSuper-lighweight stroller with all-wheel suspension and big storage basket. Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has 5 riding options and is ultra-compact.

The City Tour LUX 2020 is a compact stroller for those who appreciate a small stroller that has all the features. Numerous way of riding and the possibility of using it from birth make the City Tour LUX a perfect choice for any mom.

Some parents decide to buy a second stroller that would be easier to travel with. This stroller solves this issue as it provides you both functionality of a full-sized modular stroller with convenience of a lightweight one you can fold and carry around.

What makes it stand out from most lightweight strollers is the fact you can use the City Tour LUX 2020 for your newborn right away.

The seat may be turned to a fully flat position so you can use it until your toddler grows up a bit to sit upright. You can attach the seat in two ways – facing the little one forward so it can enjoy the views or he may be facing you, putting a smile on your face anytime you interact.

Depending on your needs, there’s a foldable bassinet you can buy separately if you’d like to provide your little one with extra comfort. You can also transform the City Tour LUX into a travel system as adaptor for Baby Jogger City GO or Maxi Cosi are also available to make putting your baby in and out from your car easy and convenient.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018

The City Tour LUX stroller has some great features to ensure a great travel:

  • easy to use hand brake
  • a canopy with three panels, providing protection from the UV 50+ and keeps your beloved one safe during the sunny days, featuring a visor providing a plenty of shade – and the window allows you to watch your bub all the time
  • four-wheel suspension help you in getting through almost all kinds of terrain easily
  • includes a carry bag you can store in the basket
  • take your older one along for the ride when you decide to buy a sold seperately glider board

What has changed in the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX?

  • The seat may be reversed and reclined to nearly flat position to accommodate 3+ months old kids
  • Huge canopy provides a great protection from the sunday
  • The updated Baby Jogger Tour Lux is compatible with baby car seats. That’s something many of us, parents wanted to see. It’s easy to switch the main seat with the baby car seat by using one of the available adapters
  • The Baby Jogger Tour LUX may be used with a carrycot (sold here, not included)
  • Convenient handbrake

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018 Colors


  • The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has five options of the seat’s configuration: facing front or rear, pram (when you get the carrycot), travel system (using one of the compatible baby car seats), possibility to attach the glider board for your older kid – all combined so you can use it from birth to later childhood
  • Huge canopy with a viewing window
  • Quite a big basket, considering this is a compact stroller
  • Four-wheel suspension for a smoother ride so you could go through almost any kind of terrain
  • Really light and comfortable to carry around. This is quite exceptional for a stroller packed with such a number of features
  • Highly compact when folded, also thanks to the foldable bassinet – doesn’t require much storage space
  • Amazing colors to fit your style

4. Bugaboo Fox 2020

Bugaboo FoxTypeThe biggest advantages
Bugaboo Fox small
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Convertible strollerBugaboo Fox looks stylish and has completely customizable fabric, bassinet, canopy and other details. The Bugagoo brand is recognizable around the world.

Here we’ve got something really unique and luxury that connects the best features of the Bugaboo Cameleon and Buffalo series. I must admit it’s just astonishing. Whatever your lifestyle is, this robust, lightweight stroller will surely fit your needs. So what does the fox say?

Bugaboo Fox 2020 – make it your own

The new Bugaboo Fox 2020 may be customized in nearly any aspect. Starting with the base color, fabric used for the seat, sun canopy, ending with with grips or even wheel covers. You can build your stroller in so many ways that you will definitely find a build that will suit all your needs with no compromises. You’ve got three types of fabric to choose from: Core, Premium or Signature, varying in price. Actually, there are so many options to build this one, it’s possible to become confused. Bugaboo helps here as there are three preconfigured options available, prepared on the basis of top picks. All the parts may be easily changed when needed – between the seasons or when you have another baby.

Bugaboo Fox 2018

I really like Bugaboo’s approach to ecology. Recycled materials have been heavily used for the production of the new Bugaboo Fox 2020. It’s important to care about the planet, I don’t want my kid to live in a world full of waste. As an example: if you decide to get a single color canopy, here’s a nice fact – it’s fabric has been made from 92 recycled PET bottles.

Bugaboo Fox 2020 – all about comfort

The ergonomy of the seat and the bassinet is really outstanding, providing the highest comfort level.  Really spacy when it comes to size with a padded top of the pillow give your little one the ultimate comfort during a nap while you’re pushing this stroller. The Bugaboo Stand provides the possibility of using the bassinet for overnight sleep. It’s also a great feature that the bassinet may be converted into the seat and the other way round). One-hand recline is really convenient and easy to use. There’s more for your comfort – the handlebar may be adjusted with ease to suit any parents height.

One more AMAZING feature – the Bugaboo Fox folds into ONE PIECE and may be folded while the bassinet (or seat) is attached. The unfolding process is also very convenient. The Bugaboo Fox has the auto-lock options and stands folded. You’ll also find a big basket to carry around the things you need, an easy to use brake (even if you’re wearing flip-flops), a spacy canopy or a swing-away bumper bar. Note that, the handlebar is not reversible like the one found on the Cameleon, but it’s not a big thing.

I have to put it straight – I’m almost sure the Bugaboo Fox will be one of the top-selling strollers.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Colors

Amazing details

The structure of the front wheel is completely new in the 2020 model and looks outstanding. The handle- and belly bar are covered with leather, giving a really luxourious touch and look. Thumbs up.

Features of the Bugaboo Fox

  • May be used from day one until your kid reached 5 lbs
  • Central suspension (joint) and seprate suspension of the front wheel
  • Completely customizable fabric, bassinet, canopy and other details
  • Easily attachable accessories
  • Fabrics may be cleaned in a washing machine
  • Weighs 21.8
  • Wheel sizes: large 8″ front, 12″ back
  • Easy to use brake
  • Great storage capabilities: basket (under the seat) allows you to carry up to 22 lbs and storage pockets, all easily accesible
  • The seat is placed high, 23” above the ground
  • One-hand adjustment of the seat
  • One-hand removal of the seat
  • Folds into one piece
  • Extra compact, self-standing

5. Nuna Mixx2 2020 Stroller

Nuna MIXX2TypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
Nuna Mixx2 small
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Convertible stroller44.3″ H x 33.5″ L x 23.4″ WNuna MIXX2 has multiple seating options – reversible main seat, bassinet, and travel system. Thus, this stroller is suitable for all family needs. It’s one of the best strollers I’ve ever used.

Last one in the top5 strollers for 2020. The Nuna Mixx2 stroller has a plenty of features to comfort your family anywhere you are. Impressive, beautiful design and ease of use make it one of the most popular strollers among parents who don’t want any compromises.

Nuna Mixx2 2018 Stroller

What’s new for the Nuna Mixx2 stroller?

  • Handlebar and belly bare are now leatherette-covered
  • Chrome black wheels
  • Solid and robust frame, dark matte
  • Cotton blend fabric looks nice and provides extra comfort for your little one
  • Improved canopy
  • Bigger front wheels (7.5”) for a smoother ride
  • Basket and canopy are now made using the same material

More features of the Nuna Mixx2 Stroller

The Nuna Mixx2 has been designed to be used from day one until your kid reaches 50 lbs. There’s a plenty of possibilities to make this stroller suitable for a newborn.  You can add a seperately sold infant insert or the Mixx bassinet (also sold separately). The Pipa car seat adapter make the stroller easy to use while travelling.

The Nuna Mixx2 really stands out from many other strollers available today. It has a big, comfy seat to accommodate your growing toddler all the way. The seat may be facing forward, so your kid could enjoy the views on the go, or facing you, so you could keep an eye on your beloved one anytime. It has a possibility to be reclined into five positions (also a fully flat one). The leg rest may be adjusted into one of three positions to fit your kid. If you adjust the footrest and the recline, you will give the baby a comfy napping environment, quite like in the bassinet.

Nuna Mixx2 2018

Features of the Nuna Mixx2 2020:

  • one-piece folding with the seat facing both forward and backwart
  • fully flat position option
  • Reclines into one of five position (one-handed)
  • Adjustable handlebar and footrest
  • Highly efficient suspension minimizes bumps
  • Quick folding with auto-lock
  • Turns into a trolley when folded
  • Huge UPF50+ canopy with a flip out eyeshade and magnetic mesh viewing window
  • Big, spacy basket accomodating all the things you need with ease
  • Easy to operate rear wheel brake
  • Foam-filled tires for all kinds of terrain
  • Removable arm bar
  • Great ways of use: forward or backward facing, travel system compatible with the PIPA baby car seat one-handed opening

The Nuna Mixx2 has a big UPF50+ canopy that may be expanded and a viewing window made with magnetic mesh, providing extra ventilation. This makes it perfect for the warm summer days. When the weather gets nasty, you’re also good to go thanks to the rain cover that comes included with the stroller. The handlebar is easily adjustable from 38” to 42”, so the Nuna Mixx2 is perfect for parent of any height. Stoppping this stroller won’t be a fight for life, as it has been equipped with an easy to use foot brake.

Wheels of  the Nuna Mixx2 are foam-filled and work great with the suspension so you could go through almost all kinds of terrain nice and smooth. This provides comfort to you and your baby, and the bumps won’t interrupt his nap.

Nuna Mixx2 2018 Stroller Indigo

The Nuna Mixx2 stroller is a solid and robust stroller weighting 29.9lbs. It may be easily folded to a compact size, even while the seat is attached and has an auto lock option. When folded, it’s easy to roll it behind you like a rolling suitcase. The basket placed under the seat is impressive and huge, giving you the possibility to carry all the stuff necessary for your trip. There’s also a nice small pocket on the back of the seat to carry smaller things like your keys, wallet or smartphone which can be easily accessed at any time.

The Nuna Mixx2 2020 got itself some pretty classy tuning. Now, you can pick one of available colors to make this stroller fit your taste and style. The new version looks absolutely cool and stunning thanks to the new detailing. Leatherette bumper bar and handlebar and the black chrome wheels make it shine among other strollers like a top sportscar. The fabrics used have also been change to hand-picked tweed ones for extra softness and comfort.

The Nuna Mixx2 is a fantastic stroller packed with highly useful features and combined with some extra classy look. I must admit such a combination stole my heart, as this one shines and glides, making the pushing effort actually pleasant!

Nuna Mixx2 2018 Stroller


  • Packed with useful features
  • Adjustable to fit any family or needs – the seat may be reversed, you can attach a bassinet, baby car seat compatible
  • Flat position for newborns
  • Five position recline, one-handed
  • Large canopy with mesh viewing window
  • New hand-picked fabrics
  • Bigger foam wheels will get you through almost any kind of terrain
  • Adjustable (38” – 42”) handlebar for parents of any height
  • Great maneuverability, easy to push and turn
  • Huge storage basket with an extra pocket on the back of the seat
  • Easy folding and compact

All of the above makes the updated Nuna Mixx2 one of the best choices – that’s why I’ve included it in my ranking. Without a doubt, the group of parents who are the happy ones to enjoy it will grow in time. Highly recommended choice!

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