Bugaboo Fox 2018 Stroller Review

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 is this year’s new luxury, all terrain type of stroller, a cross between the Cameleon and Buffalo models from Bugaboo. Let us start by saying that I absolutely LOVE the Bugaboo Fox 2018! It’s a sleek, lightweight and very sturdy stroller that combines all the best features of both models, resulting in a brilliant choice for parents of all types.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Stroller

Bugaboo Fox 2018 allows you to choose the color of canopy, frame, seat fabric, grips and even wheel caps

Despite weighing less than 22 pounds, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is equipped with huge, all terrain wheels sized 8 and 12 inches, which combined with its four wheel suspension results in smoothness and maneuverability like nowhere else. I don’t think I’ve seen a lighter all terrain stroller with a reversible seat anywhere on the market these days. How about that! To put things in perspective, Buffalo weights 27 pounds.

Being lightweight did not prevent the Bugaboo Fox 2018 from having a weight limit as high as 48.5 pounds. To put that in perspective, the Buffalo only has 50 pounds and with Cameleon it’s actually 37.5 pounds (and while we’re at it, the Buffalo is no longer manufactured). The spacious seat comes with a one hand lever recline, which has three positions, plus it’s also positioned higher on its frame, as in 23 inches from the ground, than on the Cameleon stroller.

Bugaboo Fox 2018

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 comes with a lot of new options

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 comes with a lot of options for the new member of the family. The bassinet that comes with the product can easily accommodate babies as heavy as 20 pounds. It can also be converted into a travel system just by replacing its seat with a baby car seat. And although Bugaboo does not manufacture its own car seats, you can combine it with all the most popular brands, like Peg Perego, Nuna, Cybex or Maxi-Cosi.



Like all the other Bugaboo strollers out there, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 also comes with a pretty decent canopy. There’s a total of 3 panels, the 3rd of them opening with a zipper, and when the canopy is extended all the way, it nearly touches the bottom of the seat. Isn’t it something! It covers the baby head to toe, including in the reclined and upright positions, thus completely protecting them from the rays of the sun.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Stroller Canopy

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Stroller doesn’t have peek-a-boo window

Obviously, you may also use 2 panels, which still provides the baby with quite a lot of shade, just 1 panel, or even fold the whole canopy when not needing it at the time.

One thing I did not like about this otherwise great stroller is that it doesn’t come with a peek-a-boo style window, which means that when your baby is positioned facing to the front, you won’t be able to see them.

Bugaboo does offer a Breezy Sun Canopy for the Bugaboo Fox 2018, with side vents made of mesh, a zipper front window and a small peek-a-boo style window, but sadly it will cost you extra. You can get it in lots of different styles and colors (you can look up the price and the available colors on Amazon.com).

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Canopy

You can get the Bugaboo Fox canopy in lots of different color

Seat & Carry-Cot

What we’re reviewing here is the aluminum chassis with wood effect wheels, gray melange seat fabrics, and a neon-red hood. I was glad to learn that Bugaboo Fox 2018’s melange fabrics are 50 percent recycled, while all the other fabrics are actually 100 percent recycled, and it’s not like you could even tell by just looking at it or touching it. You can also choose out of few other color options, like the all-new Fresh White or Birds options, among others.

Just like with the chassis, there was a lot of attention put to the detail. The brand new seat unit with the Lucid design utilizes the same frame for the seat fabrics and for the carry-cot with Lucid strengtheners, which provides the baby with great ergonomic support. The stroller’s seat comes with gorgeous padding, which has a very detailed stitching to show the product’s sophisticated style. Considering how easy it is for pushchairs to get all dirty and messy, it’s nice that the fabrics are so easy to remove and to wash.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Seat

Bugaboo Fox fabrics are so easy to remove and to wash

The seat size in the Bugaboo Fox 2018 certainly stands out, being 50 cm and still allowing our little tester some headroom despite being nearly three. It’s also 36 cm wide and 26 cm deep, which is quite a lot. Being this deep truly makes it extremely comfortable for your baby when seated.

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 comes with a so-called five point super harness that is nicely padded out with harness pads, which did a great job protecting our little tester’s shoulders thanks to their perfect size. It’s a Stay Open type of harness, being very easy to use simply by individually clipping each of the straps into its white buckle clasp located in the center. It actually makes it possible to put a sleeping infant in and out of it while not even waking them up, something I found truly amazing!

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 comes with a so-called five point super harness

The Bugaboo Fox 2018’s seat unit is where some of its best features were located:

The hood is big and provides great coverage if you extend it all the way using the panel with a zipper. It goes nearly all the way to the bottom of the seat unit which protects the baby from the heat and sun on summer days, whereas on colder days it keeps drafts away. To my surprise, it turned out to also shade the baby from the light during naps. What got me a little disappointed, though, was lack of a peekaboo style window that could be useful when the baby is under the hood or facing forward. The 100 percent recyclable hood comes with a fold of material, hanging down when halfway extended. Don’t be surprised if it turns out your baby loves playing with it! If that’s a problem to you, you can always choose the melange hood fabrics, which don’t have that problem.

The bumper bar, which Bugaboo calls a carry handle for some reason, isn’t just lavishly wrapped in leather, complete with beautiful stitch detailing, it also pivots on both sides of it. You can remove it on both sides by simply pinching the white buttons at the same time. The bumper bar is clipped in with metal ends, just like a seat belt of a car. Pulling it out of the way is not quite as easy as these things tend to be. Some parents may actually not like the metal ends, since the bumper bar’s end may actually end up resting on the legs of the baby when taking them in and out of their seat, if it doesn’t just get folded out of the way immediately.

It wasn’t difficult to recline the seat with a one handed motion to 3 different positions, plus it was so smooth that it didn’t wake the baby at all.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Seat Regulation

Bugaboo Fox comes with a one hand lever recline, which has three positions,

Flipping the seat from the back facing to the front facing mode was made easy thanks to the square buttons located on the seat unit’s sides. They are called memory buttons which means that you can remove the seat and turn it around with one hand when you’re busy balancing your baby with the other one.

Another thing I really loved about this seat is being just a little higher than those in many other pushchairs out there, which means that your baby doesn’t have to stare at people’s legs, or inhale tailpipe emissions from cars – instead, they can enjoy a wonderful view, and you also get a beautiful view by having them right in front of you.

The rain cover in the Bugaboo Fox 2018

The rain cover in the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is not difficult to pop on or off

The rain cover in the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is not difficult to pop on or off, while also being malleable and supple. It can fold back into itself and form a little pouch this way

The new Lucid design of the seat frame allows the fabrics of the seat and the carry-cot to be attached to the same frame. The fabrics of the carry-cot are pretty deep, really cocooning your baby inside. It’s really nice to find a carry-cot that allows babies as old as 6 months to lie comfortably in them. While it wasn’t exactly easy to swap the fabrics from the carry-cot to the seat, luckily it only has to be done once!

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Seat

Bugaboo Fox has changeable bassinet & seat fabric


If you’re looking for a stylish and sleek pushchair, all you really need is the Bugaboo Fox 2018. Its modern and incredibly lightweight frame combines comfort and performance to deliver possibly the best chassis ever.

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 had quite a lot of hype surrounding it before the release, and now that I can finally see it up close, I’m not really surprised!

I absolutely love the way the Bugaboo Fox 2018 looks, and I can already tell it’s going to be quite a hit among parents who love style. Bugaboo didn’t really try to hide the fact that their goal when making the Bugaboo Fox 2018 was to make it possible for all the parents out there to have it all, as they say, since it acknowledges that being a parent does not mean we need to give up on style or easy living!

As a whole, the chassis is not like anything else I’ve ever seen until now. The way it was designed is so brilliant that it simply makes you want to go and fall in love immediately with the Bugaboo Fox 2018. The tubing of the chassis is slimmer compared to other full sized pushchairs from Bugaboo. With the pushchair as a whole only weighing 9.9 kg altogether, the chassis itself only weights as little as 6.3 kg. Don’t let its weight fool you; this chassis is as steady as a rock. It was made of aviation-grade aluminum, as this particular pushchair was built to last, and also to look beautiful.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Chassis

Bugaboo Fox chassis is as steady as a rock

Thanks to its central joint suspension, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is easier to push than almost anything I’ve ever dealt with. It doesn’t matter if it’s gravel, grass, cobblestone, park alleys, potholes, or pavement, the babies riding it could never notice a thing, that’s how smooth the ride was! On top of that, it will be a great news both for the fans of Bugaboo and the pushchair enthusiasts alike that, unlike the previous models from Bugaboo, the Bugaboo Fox 2018’s chassis has ZERO PLAY in it, which allows the parent to push much better and maneuver more easily.

The handle bar is easily adjustable using the easily recognizable simple clamp-type clips on both sides of the chassis. It allows to accommodate parents of all the different heights while also making it much easier to squeeze into narrower gaps within urban spaces. Adding a safety strap was a great move that provides extra security when pushing by busy roads or on station platforms. Plus of course it’s not just a regular safety strap, it is actually a webbed safety strap made of soft cotton… which is exactly something Bugaboo would do! In order to prove how much they care about pleasing the parent, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is also equipped with integrated points of attachment, located around its chassis, which makes it easy to attach such accessories as an umbrella, cup holder, or smartphone holder, so you can just go and buy the cup holder to keep your or your kid’s drinks in it, or any of the available accessories for that matter.

Bugaboo Fox Aluminium Chassis

Another thing that left me impressed were the wheels. They are nothing like any other type of wheels I’ve seen among the Bugaboo products so far. The wheels are all pretty large to provide the smoothest rides possible, the front one being 8.5 inches and the rear one being 12 inches. The outers made of hard rubber make rolling so easy that I sincerely doubt they could ever wear down. Thanks to the front suspension, the baby is guaranteed a smooth ride, even when going over cobblestone roads and other uneven surfaces.

Every wheel is removable, which makes it much easier to store the pushchair away or clean it. Every parent knows how difficult street curbs can be, and in the Bugaboo Fox 2018, the balancing is very good, which allows it to go over curbs very easily and lightly.

The brake is pretty easy to use and works fast, plus it’s actually quite sturdy for something this lightweight and smooth, which makes the busy life of every parent out there a little bit easier. Plus you don’t have to worry about bruising your toes anymore! On top of that, every wheel has a special window right next to it that flashes different colors to indicate the brake position, with black meaning released and red meaning engaged.

The Bugaboo Fox 2018’s huge, high sided basket ensures better stability when filled with shopping and other personal items. The capacity of this basket is so high that I had absolutely no trouble fitting the typical parents’ stuff in there, together with quite a few shopping bags.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Storage Basket

The capacity of Bugaboo Fox storage basket is high


As is the case with other strollers by Bugaboo, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 comes in lots of different colors. You can choose out of many colors available for the seat, the canopy, the bassinet, the grips, the wheel caps and the chassis! This enormous degree of personalization allows you to create your very own custom Bugaboo Fox 2018 according to your liking.

The chassis comes in 2 colors: aluminum or black. The bassinet with apron and the seat fabrics are available in 5 different colors: blue mélange, red mélange, green mélange, grey mélange and black.

The sun canopy’s fabrics, with UPF of over 50, are available in as many as 14 different colors! You may choose out of black, fresh white, sunrise yellow, olive green, neon red, sky blue, soft pink, ruby red, blue mélange, red mélange, grey mélange, waves, tucan, or birds.

The grips made of fake leather, which include the handle bar, the belly bar, and the bassinet carry handle, are available in 3 different colors: cognac, brown, and black.

The wheel caps are available in 4 different colors: wood, dark red, brilliant white and glossy black.

If you feel overwhelmed by all these choices and have a hard time deciding on the colors for each of the parts, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is also available in 3 predefined versions: Blue Melange, Black + Fresh White, and Black. They are available on Amazon.com.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Colors

If you feel overwhelmed by all these choices, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is also available in 3 predefined versions

Handle Bar

This brand new Bugaboo stroller comes with a height adjustable handlebar. It can telescope in and out very easily. It comes with several different height settings ranging from 34.6 to 42.5 inches, counting from the ground, which makes the Bugaboo Fox 2018 very easy to push even with one hand by parents of all heights.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Adjustable Handle Bar

This brand new Bugaboo Fox comes with a height adjustable handlebar

Adjusting the height of the push-bar requires unlocking the 2 white buckles located on either side of the bar, sliding it in or out until achieving the desirable height, then locking the buckles back.

Having an extendable handlebar can be pretty convenient as it allows tall parents to have much more space while standing behind the stroller, instead of having it just rotate, which means that the taller you are the closer to the stroller you have to be. The Bugaboo Fox 2018 makes it possible for taller parents with long legs to walk behind the stroller comfortably without constantly kicking the wheels and/or the rear axle.

On top of that, the Bugaboo Fox 2018’s handlebar comes with a leather-like cover that makes the stroller look much more luxurious.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Handle Bar

Bugaboo Fox 2018’s handlebar comes with a leather-like cover

Wheels And Suspension

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 comes with Forever-Air type tires which can also be found on Cameleon or Donkey2. What makes them really great is being able to easily go over rough or bumpy terrains while also providing a very smooth riding experience, and they don’t even need to be inflated and don’t ever get punctured.

The front wheels are 8.5 inch and swiveling, thus providing the stroller with high agility and maneuverability, but it is also possible to lock them in place for better riding over rougher terrains. The rear wheels, on the other hand, are 12 inch.

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 is equipped with an advanced four-wheel suspension to ensure truly stable, cushioned rides. While it may not be quite as smooth as is the case with jogging strollers, it is still pretty comfortable, assuring you that your child will have a peaceful ride.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Wheels Caps

The big wheels as well as the shock absorbing suspension of the Bugaboo Fox 2018 allow you to even push it through the woods, since it can easily handle bark chips, grass or even gravel. The city conditions are also not a problem for this stroller, as it can easily go over cracks in a sidewalk.

On top of that, you can bring it along when going shopping at the shopping mall or even a local grocery store, thanks to its maneuverability and easy navigation and turning.

Another neat little feature of the Bugaboo Fox 2018 that deserves a mention is that you can actually put it into a two wheel position, which can come in handy sometimes, like when you just need to go through sand or snow.

The two wheel position makes it very easy to pull the stroller along behind you, of course after taking your baby out of it, since you don’t want your child to sit in there in this particularly unstable position.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Wheels

The nrw Bugaboo Fox comes with advanced all-wheel suspension

Parking Brake

Here’s one of those things I really love about Bugaboo Fox 2018! It comes with this neat little gadget called the parking brake which you can operate with your foot. When you want to lock the rear wheels, just press the pedal, which is located by the left rear wheel. It is pretty big, which means that reaching down to press it won’t be any problem.

Disengaging the brake doesn’t require lifting it, which is the case in plenty of other strollers, and a nightmare to every mom who loves wearing high heels or sandals. All you have to do here is just press the pedal again. Isn’t that clever! This brake is incredibly easy to engage and release, and now you can finally use the brake in the stroller while wearing flip-flops.

Another great feature of Bugaboo Fox 2018 is having color-coded indicators to inform you about the brake being engaged or disengaged at the moment. Upon getting the wheels locked, the indicator turns red, and when the pedal gets pressed once more and the brake gets released, the indicators turn green.

There’s also one more thing you need to remember. Because the pedal is actually located pretty close to the storage basket, you have to be quite careful whenever you press it so that you don’t touch the fabric of the basket. My advice is: Do not push the pedal using the entire foot, the toes will be enough.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Brake

The Bugaboo Fox brake is simple and quick to operate

Storage Basket

Another good thing about the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is that it comes with a spacious storage basket. It can hold up to 22 lbs of weight and is big enough to fit a big bag of diapers in it.

This basket can be easily accessed from behind the seat, and when the seat is reclined, it is even possible to reach the basket from the front as well.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Basket

Bugaboo Fox has large, easy accessible underseat basket with storage many pockets

Size And Weight

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 is 23.6” wide, which is enough to get it easily through most doorways or elevators. On top of that, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is quite lightweight and it doesn’t take a bodybuilder to lift it.

It weights a lot less than UPPAbaby VISTA or Bugaboo Buffalo. The Bugaboo Fox 2018 weighs only 21.8 lbs together with the toddler seat, which is actually pretty lightweight for a full sized convertible stroller. While it’s not exactly effortless to lift it or carry it, it is absolutely a doable thing.

Stroller Folding

There are two different ways to fold the Bugaboo Fox 2018, which are the one piece fold, where it still has the carry-cot or the seat in place, or the two piece compact fold, which makes it easy to store or transport. I didn’t have any problems doing either of those methods.

The bad news is that folding requires both hands, which means that both of your hands have to be free before you start. When you look at the each side of the chassis, you can see two white buttons that are color coded. Push both buttons while pulling upwards, then move the handlebar down. Lift the pushchair by its central barrel, which will cause the front wheels to draw into place. A new feature in the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is the chassis autolock that consists of white twist discs located on the barrel joints’ inside.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Fold

Bugaboo Fox one hand recline is super easy to fold

Unfolding the pushchair only requires twisting the memory autolock discs, then pulling the chassis back into place, something where using both hands can be useful as well.

When folding it with the seat still on, you get a bulkier, yet free standing fold here. When you remove the wheels, and the seat, or the carry-cot, you can fold down the seat and the chassis so flat that you can fit it easily even into a car trunk of smaller size.

Bugaboo Fox 2018 Folded

You can fold the Bugaboo Fox into two pieces for compact storage

Bottom Line

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 is a single convertible stroller, and it comes with a bassinet and a toddler seat. It can also be easily turned into a travel system by adding an infant car seat that is compatible with this model. While this new Bugaboo stroller may not be expandable like Donkey is, it is possible to add a wheeled board, which is a clever solution when you have an older toddler, or even a preschooler actually.

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 is clearly the most usable out of all the pushchairs that I’ve had for quite some time now. It perfectly knows how to combine functionality, comfort and style. It is simple, yet also lavish, and it has a lot to offer to the owner.

Nothing is perfect, though, which is also the case with the Bugaboo Fox 2018. Not having a peekaboo style window as well as the hanging material, which isn’t a problem of melange fabrics, are the stains on the otherwise marvelous hood, plus the bumper bar is far from perfect due to its clip that feels like that in a seat belt, which is sometimes awkward in a way.

Those tiny flaws can be easily forgiven, though. The charm of the Bugaboo Fox 2018 lies in all the tiny details – even its rain cover deserves recognition for its simplicity of use and its style. If style matters to you, you know how to appreciate all the fine details you find in life, and wish your child to be absolutely comfy when traveling, the Bugaboo Fox 2018 is something made for you. It has a beautiful design, it looks great and what is most important, it’s very lightweight and it’s engineered incredibly well.

Bugaboo Fox 2018

The charm of the Bugaboo Fox 2018 lies in all the tiny details

Pros And Cons


  • Can be used right from the birth thanks to the bassinet included
  • Has a reversible seat with one hand deep recline
  • Large canopy that can be extended and fully protect from the sun rays
  • Pushing is easy for parents of all heights thanks to the adjustable telescoping handlebar
  • Is agile and maneuverable, as it can be turned and steered using one hand, even on rough terrains or in tighter places
  • All terrain wheels and suspension that allow it to handle grass, gravel, bark chips, hard packed dirt or cracked sidewalks
  • Non-inflatable tires
  • The storage basket is large
  • High quality materials
  • Strong yet lightweight chassis
  • Stylish, sophisticated look


  • Lack of a peekaboo style window
  • Difficult folding
  • Takes a lot of space even when folded, if the wheels and seat are still attached
  • High price

The Bugaboo Fox 2018 – The Accessories

Despite its fairly high price, Bugaboo Fox 2018 doesn’t come with any accessories whatsoever. The things like a snack tray or a cup holder, although available, are sold separately.

Listed below are the most useful Bugaboo Fox 2018 compatible accessories.

Bugaboo Fox Cup HolderCup Holder – is compatible with all of the strollers made by Bugaboo. It allows you to always have your bottled water nearby, or just place your child’s sip cup there.
Bugaboo Fox Breezy Sun CanopyBreezy Sun Canopy – It comes with nice side windows made of mesh, a small-sized peekaboo style window that allows you to take a look at your child anytime you need, and also a front window, which allows the child to look at the surroundings, all while still having a full protection from the sun. It is a very good accessory, especially useful in summertime, considering how the canopy that comes with the Bugaboo Fox 2018 doesn’t even have a peekaboo style window or even any vents.
Bugaboo Fox Snack TraySnack Tray – Designed for the Bugaboo Fox, this tray comes with one beverage holder, as well as an enclosed storage to keep the baby’s toys or snacks in.
Bugaboo Fox Wheeled BoardWheeled Board – The Bugaboo Fox 2018 may be a single stroller but it also makes it possible to attach a board for another, older child, too. Which is a perfect solution, if you have a toddler that normally prefers walking but can still get tired on longer distances, or a preschooler even.
Bugaboo Fox OrganizerStroller Organizer – It’s a great accessory for parents to keep their personal items and essentials in. It has a big pouch with a zipper that can fit diapers, soothers, wipes or a sip cup. It also comes with two smaller compartments to keep your phone, keys or other small belongings in. What makes this organizer great is how easily it can convert into a handbag, which allows you to simply take it and go shopping with it.

All pictures belong to Bugaboo. Source: bugaboo.com

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