Graco Jetsetter – an affordable stroller convertible into a travel system

Today, the market of strollers is extremely large represented by hundreds of products of absolutely different prices. You can easily find here rather expensive strollers of exclusive design as well as some cheap options available for very modest prices. Yet, it doesn’t mean those cheaper strollers are not featured with additional functionality. For instance, such lightweight strollers as Graco Jetsetter which can be purchased for a very small price can be used as travel system as well.

graco jetsetter review

Of course, a small price comes with particular downfalls in the quality of a stroller, however, even the most luxurious products are still not free from some cons. That is why, if you can’t earmark a large sum of money for purchasing a stroller or a pram, you definitely should consider buying one of the affordable lightweight strollers and Graco Jetsetter is a perfect example of such a product.

I will provide you with all the necessary information about advantages and disadvantages of Graco Jetsetter so as you will be able to make a right decision purchasing a stroller for your baby.

Graco JetsetterTypeWeightMain advantages
graco jetsetter
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Lightweight stroller, convertible into a travel system18.3 lbsAffordable stroller featured by a small weight and a very compact fold which can be used with any Graco’s Click Connect infant car seats with a pair of adapters sold with the stroller itself. A large 50 UV canopy will provide your baby with appropriate sun protection.


Graco Jetsetter dimensions, weight and fold

First of all, let’s start with the dimensions and weight of Graco Jetsetter. This will help you to understand what exactly this product is.

Graco Jetsetter is undeniably a lightweight model of a stroller since its weight is only 13.7 lbs. This makes the stroller easy to carry. In addition to it, its fold is around 4.25 cubic feet. The exact dimension of the fold are 20.5″W x 9.5″H x 21.8″L.

On the one hand, it is certainly a small fold. Partially, it is due to a special design which is quite untypical for lightweight strollers. In fact, Graco Jetsetter is folded into three parts instead of only two. This makes the fold thus compacts. Actually, so far you will find only a couple of strollers which will give you a smaller fold.

graco jetsetter stroller

On the other hand, the smaller fold of one of them is twice smaller than the fold of Graco Jetsetter. This means that more compact products are available on the market if this is a crucial feature for you.

Generally, I like the folding mechanism of Graco Jetsetter since it can be handles with just one hand. This makes it convenient for parents who are going to spend time outside with their babies without any companions who might be able to assist them. I also appreciate the fact the designers have created such a fold which can stand on its own even though it is not equipped with any fold locks. The only thing I am not particularly happy about when it comes to the folding mechanism of Graco Jetsetter is a somewhat strange way in which the stroller’s seat is smacking a hand or an arm of the person folding it. Even though this weird movement of the stroller’s components is not painful at all, it gives an impression of a bit poor design solution.

graco jetsetter folded

A great advantage of Graco Jetsetter is a special travel bag used for carrying the stroller in its folded form. This bag is sold together with the stroller itself, so you do not have to search for such an accessory separately. Carrying the stroller inside a bag is extremely convenient since the bag protects it against various small damages as well as dust. It is especially useful for the checking in at an airport.

Wondering if getting Graco Jetsetter is a good choice? Check what others think about it, read the reviews at Amazon.

The major components of the Graco Jetsetter stroller

Now, when you can imagine how much Graco Jetsetter weights and how compact its fold is, it’s time to look at its most crucial parts. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we are interested in learning everything about the sitting options of the stroller, its storage space, wheels, brakes, canopy and handlebar. All of this information is discussed below.

Graco Jetsetter sitting options

As you have learnt from the introduction to my review, Graco Jetsetter is a lightweight stroller with a function of a travel system. This means that apart from a standard stroller seat suitable for babies who can already sit on their own, you can use the stroller with an infant car seat. In fact, this means you can resign from purchasing a standard pram for your baby, however, that will be a good idea if only you are going to use the Graco Jetsetter travel system in the urban areas with plane surfaces.

graco jetsetter main seat

Major seat

The major seat of Graco Jetsetter is quite comfortable with a typical recline of a middle level. The reclining mechanism of this stroller is pretty convenient, however, some parents find it a bit difficult to raise the backrest of the seat to put it upright after a reclined position.

The seat is also equipped into an adjustable leg rest. Still, the recline of the leg rest is not particularly deep. The maximum weight capacity of this seat is 50 lbs.

Infant car seat

The conversion of Graco Jetsetter into a travel system is a sheer pleasure. That is so since you can use any of the Click Connect Graco models of infant car seats with this stroller. On top of that, the adapters compatible with the Graco infant car seats are sold together with the stroller itself, so you will not have to search for them additionally over the Internet.

An infant car seat can be attached to the stroller while the seat is still on. Furthermore, you will not have to remove the stroller’s canopy in order to use the infant car seat.

graco jetsetter car seat


Graco Jetsetter is equipped into single-action brakes. There is one pedal for using the stroller’s brakes and it is located close to the right wheel. You might find this pedal somewhat too small, yet, in fact, it is very convenient even if you are going to use it wearing sandals.

The wheels

Graco Jetsetter is featured with a great design of the front wheels which are swivelling and are yet equipped into a lock which will allow you to fix their position. This is a useful feature once you get on a rough terrain and swivelling can make it hard to push. The front wheels themselves are made of plastic and are pretty small.

Still, some parents find it a bit difficult to manoeuvre this stroller.

graco jetsetter wheels


While comparing the canopy of Graco Jetsetter to other lightweight models and even the models of the Graco strollers, you will find it is quite large and will provide your baby with quite a nice shade. Still, it has one sufficient disadvantage which is a lack of a peek-a-boo window.

Even though there is no peek-a-boo window in this stroller, the canopy is still better than the one in many other lightweight products especially of the low-price category. For instance, the canopy of this stroller is made of the material with UV 50 which is not thus popular among cheap products.

graco jetsetter canopy

Storage space

It is rather hard to find a lightweight stroller with a large basket, if possible at all. Graco Jetsetter is not an exception and is featured with a somewhat modest bin. Still, it is larger than the bins of many other compact strollers.

The maximum weight capacity of this storage bin is 10 lbs which is quite typical for strollers of this type. Its size and shape will allow you to fit in a diaper bag of a medium size, however, it can fill an entire space inside. It is easier to access the bin from its back.

Graco Jetsetter also has a pocket which is useful for carrying the car adapters used for attaching an infant car seat to the stroller.

Graco Jetsetter is a durable baby stroller available in the market to purchase as well. This can further assist you to get the most out of the amount of money at the time of buying the product. Check how much it currently costs on Amazon, maybe you can find an attractive discount.


Some parents find the harness of Graco Jetsetter not particularly convenient. This might be because of its design consisting of two parts. The straps for shoulders are first connected to the waist and only then are going into the buckle. This makes the use of harness somewhat complicated and can make some parents ignore it altogether.

Even if you won’t forgo it, you might find the shoulder straps separating from the strap for waist.

graco jetsetter harness

Advantages and disadvantages of Graco Jetsetter

Undoubtedly, Graco Jetsetter is not an ideal stroller, however, it is still very good for its low price. Just imagine that for the price below 150$ you can get a convertible lightweight stroller which can be used right from the birth of your baby. You can also purchase this product even twice cheaper of special sale occasions.

Look at the following lists of advantages and disadvantages of Graco Jetsetter which will help you to understand whether buying this stroller will be a good idea for you.


  • a very affordable stroller;
  • a very compact fold with a possibility of self-standing;
  • a possibility to convert the stroller into a travel system with any of the Click Connect Graco’s infant car seats without purchasing any additional adapters since you will get a pair of them while purchasing the stroller itself;
  • a quite large canopy made of the fabric featured with 50 UV;
  • a comfortable brakes system;
  • swivelling front wheels with a possibility of locking them;
  • beautiful colour versions with stylish patterns.


  • somewhat uncomfortable harness system;
  • lack of a peek-a-boo window in the canopy;
  • a bit limited storage space.

Graco Jetsetter – my conclusions

As you can see, Graco Jetsetter has a lot of positive features some of which can be found only in the more expensive models. It is definitely one of the models of lightweight strollers worth considering for purchase especially if you are on a shoestring budget.

After analysing Graco Jetsetter, I can definitely recommend it to the parents who are looking for an affordable stroller which still can be converted into a travel system. With Graco Jetsetter it is especially easy. First of all, you do not have to look for some exclusive infant car seats in order to use your stroller as a travel system. It is enough to have one of the Click Connect seats produced by Graco itself. Secondly, you do not have to buy any additional adapters for your stroller. The adapters compatible with Jetsetter are already in the set with the stroller. Finally, an infant car seat is attached to the frame without a need to remove its canopy.

graco jetsetter travel system

Certainly, because of its small wheels, Graco Jetsetter will be a better option for families living in urban areas where one does not have too much contact with bumpy terrains. No matter how well-designed are the wheels of Jetsetter, it is still not an all-terrain stroller. This point should be considered before purchasing the stroller.

One more thing you should bear in mind before purchasing Graco Jetsetter is the lack of a peek-a-boo window. Undeniably, it would be better if there is one, but this model of a lightweight stroller doesn’t have it. Still, its canopy is a way better than the canopies of the majority of strollers of this type of different price categories.

If you still hesitate whether to choose this stroller, check the reviews of other parents who bought this stroller on Amazon.

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