Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier Review

You shouldn’t buy the most expensive models of carriers in order to make sure they are completely safe for your baby. There are some carriers that are really affordable and still absolutely innocuous for the youngest children. I believe one of the best illustration of such accessories is one of the latest Ergobaby models known as Embrace. Let’s check whether this carrier is suitable for your baby!

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The model is suitable for children right from the birth up to 12-18 month if their weight is between 7 lbs and 25 lbs.Ergobaby Embrace is a perfect combination of the highest level of comfort and safety of your child and an affordable price. The carrier is completely secure for the hips of your baby in each of its three possible positions. It is also highly ergonomic for parents with its criss-crossed padded straps, pleasant fabrics and large waist bend.


Ergobaby Embrace specification and carrying positions

Ergobaby Embrace is a special model of a carrier designed for newborn babies and infants. You will be able to use this accessory with the smallest children without any special insert, whereas the maximum weight capacity of the stroller is 25 pounds.

Although it is great to be able to use one carrier from birth of your child up to his or her toddlerhood, I personally do not consider the fact this carrier is quite specific in its purpose to be its con. First of all, the fact the carrier is designed for newborn babies in the first place makes it especially ergonomic exactly for this age group. Moreover, the carrier is lighter than many other models suitable for carrying older children. Finally, it is quite possible you will be able to use the carrier for your child when the kid is even 18 months if only he or she doesn’t grow heavier than 25 pounds. Of course, you might wish to be able to continue babywearing after going beyond the weight limit, however, in practice, there are not so many parents who are actually feel comfortable while carrying such heavy children even if their carriers are perfect.

ergobaby embrace baby carrier

Supposing the specification of Ergobaby Embrace suits you, let’s delve into the details of the carrying positions offered by this carrier.

Newborn mode

The first position you will be able to use for transporting your child is Newborn mode. This mode is suitable for children weighing at least 7 lbs with a minimum height of 20”.

The Newborn mode of Ergobaby Embrace is based on the facing inward position. You can switch to this option by narrowing the width of the carrier’s seat and making the waist belt folded twice. Thus, the back panel will become shorter and more comfortable for the smallest children.

ergobaby embrace carrier

As you can guess, Ergobaby Embrace can be used with newborn babies without inserting additional accessories which I personally like very much. From my point of view, such models are more ergonomic and convenient as they are less bulky and are not prone to increasing the temperature inside a carrier.

Interested in purchasing Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier? Check how much it costs on Amazon and see if there are any discounts available.

Baby mode

The designers of Ergobaby Embrace have modified the previous position in such a way as to make it more suitable for somewhat older babies. This mode is earmarked for children of a minimum height equal to 23” which is typical for children older than two months, however, each child is different and some babies might need more time for appropriate development of muscles making the use of Baby mode comfortable. For that reason, I recommend you to observe the way your child feels while being transported in Baby mode. Note the child should sit in such a way as to have one’s hips and legs supported.

ergobaby embrace review

The Baby mode position offered by Ergobaby Embrace is also a facing-in one. The major difference between Baby mode and Newborn mode is the amount of space inside a carrier.

Facing Out mode

Facing Out mode is an additional option offered by Ergobaby Embrace. This one provides children with an amazing opportunity of travelling while looking forward and observing the world. Trust my own experience, this one is particularly loved by small children, albeit, it is not recommended to transport your child in this position for longer than 20 minutes.

The thing is the facing-out position is a bit demanding which means a child must be well-developed physically in order to travel in such a way safely. The Ergobaby designers suggest the Embrace carrier is suitable for transporting children facing out if they are taller than 26”. Of course, the position is good only for the babies with no medical conditions. Note, it is absolutely inappropriate for napping. Thus, if your child falls asleep in this position, you must change it.

ergobaby embrace facing out mode

As you can see, there are three positions available for transporting children inside the Ergobaby Embrace carrier. You should start with a Newborn mode which can be used without an extra insert and then switch to Baby mode. This one should be used as a major position for carrying up to 12-18 months. On some occasions, when your child becomes higher than 26” and develops the muscles, you will be able to use Facing Out mode starting from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes.

In point of fact, the carrying positions offered by Ergobaby Embrace are not limited as the majority of the top baby carriers provide their users with exactly same choice of modes. The only difference here which actually makes this accessory cheaper than many of its alternatives is the fact the fact Ergobaby Embrace has a quite limited weight capacity.

Safety and ergonomics

What I really like about Ergobaby Embrace is the fact it is an extremely comfortable carrier for both a child and a caregiver that is quite cheap comparing to other models. Just check its current price on Amazon and you will be positively surprised.

When it comes to the safety and comfort of your child, Ergobaby Embrace is really a perfect choice. First of all, it allows your baby to travel in the most suitable position having the legs in a so-called M-position or a frog position. This is highly important for the healthy development of the hips of any baby. This position is the most natural for infants and Ergobaby Embrace is regarded as a carrier healthy for hips by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. In point of fact, all of the carriers produced by Ergobaby are safe for hips, yet, Embrace is one of the most affordable for parents with a limited budget.

ergobaby embrace carrying modes

Note the frog position is crucial not only for the security of the baby’s legs. It also provide special comfort for the spine of the child.

Despite the fact the outward-facing position isn’t suitable for napping, you can use Embrace while your child is sleeping in Baby mode or Infant mode as they are completely safe. One of the major elements offering your baby a comfortable position for napping is an ergonomic neck support panel.

I bet you will enjoy babywearing with Ergobaby Embrace as it is also particularly user-friendly. There are many features you will definitely like about this accessory.

ergobaby embrace baby carrier review

For example, you can easily put it on and off when your child is in the carrier as its buckles and straps can be found with one hand allowing you to support your child with the other one. These straps can be adjusted even if your child is already inside the carrier. Furthermore, the straps are really long making the carrier suitable for parents of different sizes.

Of course, Embrace is convenient for wearing as well, not only for putting it on. I like its large padded waist trap that allows to decrease any possible pressure and provides comfort for your own back and hips. The padding of the shoulder straps is just sufficient for making them soft, however, they are still flat which means you won’t find it hot while babywearing in the summer.

Moreover, one of the greatest features of this carrier is the fact its shoulder straps are criss-crossed. I like this feature of Embrace very much as I personally find such types of carriers especially convenient. Such a position of straps creates the best weight distribution which is especially important for travelling with older infants. Your baby might be quite heavy, yet such a model of a carrier makes the child seem to be totally weightless. Still, you should be aware of the fact Ergobaby Embrace has a rather limited weight capacity exactly because of its wrap-looking design. You can compare it to the models with rucksack straps which might be less convenient for a caregiver, albeit they make a carrier suitable for transporting children even up to 4 years of age.

Fabric and color versions

Ergobaby Embrace is made of a very specific type of knit fabric designed in order to be particularly soft for the delicate skin of newborn babies. Certainly, you yourself will also like the touch of this fabric. In spite of the fact the material is so pleasant, it is actually highly durable. The combination of these features makes you feel as if Embrace was made of the same lightweight and breathable materials as cosy sweatshirts, although it is far more lasting than clothes.

ergobaby embrace colors

Furthermore, this fabric is stretchy to a certain degree, making the entire carrier even more ergonomic as it can maintain the most natural positions for your child and, at the same time, you can rest assure it will not lose it shape.

Ergobaby Embrace can be purchased in four color versions and I am sure you will find the best one for you. The models are called Burgundy, Pure Black, Heather Grey and Oxford Blue which is my favourite one. The blue one is quite light, albeit you do not worry about maintaining its cleanness as the carrier is machine-washable. You can check the exact appearance of all of these versions on Amazon along with their prices.

Who should choose Ergobaby Embrace?

Now, when you have learnt about the features of Ergobaby Embrace, it is time to decide whether it will be suitable exactly for you. In order to assist you on making the right choice, I have created a list of the pros and cons of this model of a baby carrier.

I find the following aspects to be definite advantages of Ergobaby Embrace:

  • it can be used with newborn babies who already weight at least 7 lbs;
  • you won’t need to use an insert for carrying a newborn baby;
  • there are three highly ergonomic wearing positions including an outward-facing position;
  • the M-position for the child’s legs is maintained in each of the positions;
  • the size of the carrier is adjustable both to the weight of your child and your own needs;
  • it is fantastically comfortable for caregivers due to its soft and breathable padding and large straps and a waist bend. The straps can be reached by one hand making the carrier convenient for putting on and off;
  • it offers perfect weight distribution with its criss-crossed straps;
  • its fabric is durable, light and airy;
  • its color versions are stylish;
  • it is quite cheap.

Obviously, Ergobaby Embrace has a great list of positive features. Then, if you are looking for a totally safe and ergonomic carrier for a newborn child which will be comfortable for you as well, Ergobaby Embrace is an ideal model. I am sure you will enjoy wearing your baby in this carrier especially taking into consideration its relatively small price.

Unsure of picking this one? Click here and see what other parents think about this baby carrier.

Still, Embrace has several features which make this carrier not necessarily suitable in particular cases. The major con of Embrace is the fact you have to stop using it when your child is between 12 and 18 months as the carrier has a rather limited weight capacity. Speaking precisely, it is 25 pounds. Although it seems to be a quite large number, some children, especially boys, tend to overcome it rather quickly. That is why if you are looking for carrier that can be used for a longer period of time, Ergobaby Embrace is definitely not the best solution even though it is not expensive. If you really wish to transport your child in a carrier for several years, Embrace will simply not be appropriate for this purpose.

I suppose, you should ponder about the perspective of long-term babywearing seriously and realistically before you decide to purchase any carrier. Surely, getting a carrier that can be used both with toddlers and newborn babies is a great idea, however, do not think a comfortable carrier will make a heavyweight child light. The older the kid is, the more strength you will need, so you should think about your own physical condition which is demanded in the first place for carrying a child. That is why getting a quite cheap ergonomic carrier such as Embrace might turn to be the best decision.

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