UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller Review

The UPPAbaby Cruz is one impressive stroller that truly does stand out among its competitors. What is really great about this particular stroller is how easy to use it is, as well as being so lightweight and small for a product with this kind of features. Its sleek frame made of aluminum alloy is sure to withstand a lot of pressure. Its adjustable seat allows UPPAbaby Cruz to be configured in plenty of different positions while also being very easy to detach, like when you need to put it away somewhere. It is one of the few products in its class to feature an adjustable footrest, plus it sports one of the greatest maximum allowable storage capacities, only topped by another product from the same family, UPPAbaby Vista.

Nothing is perfect, though, and UPPAbaby Cruz is no exception here, as it can be quite difficult to push at times, but the product more than makes up for it with all its advantages, and it’s still one of the better choices for most of families out there.

UPPAbaby Cruz

UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller



Overall, the UPPAbaby Cruz is easy to use and has plenty of nice features that every parent taking their little angel for a stroll will surely enjoy.

UPPAbaby is a family-run US company that has over ten years of experience on the market of juvenile products. What they mostly draw their inspiration from is everyday family life, and their goal is to provide products that are fun, safe and easy to use. UPPAbaby aims to keep improving their products while not having to sacrifice convenience, style or usability. UPPAbaby’s offer also includes their baby car seat, the award-winning UPPAbaby Mesa, as well as several different strollers to choose from, including a lightweight, full-sized, double or umbrella option.

The UPPAbaby Cruz ranked the best in my review in terms of ease of use, and I loved it for its simple, intuitive features.

Ease Of Use

Thanks to its incredible ease of use, the UPPAbaby Cruz scored the highest in this metric, tying at 8 with another product from the same family, the UPPAbaby Vista.

I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded how important ease of use is when it comes to strollers, as it impacts our everyday experience with them, including all the amenities that we use most often.

UPPAbaby Cruz Ease of Setup

The UPPAbaby Cruz is an easy to use stroller with great features

Folding And Unfolding

The UPPAbaby Cruz’s folding process is two-step and it requires both hands. It comes with an autolock and a self stand, although it sadly isn’t equipped with a carry strap of any kind. If you ask me, I wasn’t particularly fond of the self-stand, as it can put your patience to test sometimes, not to mention you have to bend over all the way in order to properly fold it, but overall the process is quite simple, with only few steps, which is a plus. It goes the same with the unfolding process, where you also need two steps and two hands, although it did seem slightly easier than folding to me.

When it comes to the brake pedal in the UPPAbaby Cruz, it is pretty big and can be easily operated with a foot in a sandal.

UPPAbaby Cruz Folded

The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller folds and unfolds within seconds

Braking System

The UPPAbaby Cruz comes with a single-action braking system that is easy to set and release, and can be easily operated with a foot in a sandal. The stroller’s brake consists of a single big red pedal located in the middle of the backside of its frame, close to the storage bin, which makes it easily accessible.

The UPPAbaby Cruz comes second in my review in terms of storage bin size, as it can hold even 25 pounds of various supplies. It really came in handy to me, as I could easily fit there my extra-large bag of diapers, which was really nice.

UPPAbaby Cruz Wheels and Brakes

UPPAbaby Cruz easy brake system

Storage Bin

The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller comes with one of the biggest storage baskets, which allows as much as 25 pounds of items to be stored in it. On top of its enormous size, the bin is also very easy to access from every side, even from its front, which isn’t something you see every day in products of this type. To put things in perspective, I had no problem putting my extra-large diaper bag in there, regardless of the current position of the seat.

Like that wasn’t enough, the UPPAbaby Cruz also comes with a big canopy over it with an impressive peekaboo type of window, providing you with nice visibility as well as magnetic closure, too.

UPPAbaby Cruz Storage Basket

UPPAbaby Cruz has a large basket below

Sun Shade

The sun shade in the UPPAbaby Cruz is quite impressive both in terms of size and of quality, with an SPF rating of more than 50, plus a kick-out sun visor that offers additional protection. When opened all the way, it provides extra ventilation, plus it is also equipped with a big peekaboo style see-through window made of nice looking mesh.

What I found out about the harness and the buckle on the UPPAbaby Cruz is that they are quite well-adjustable and work pretty smoothly, which is another plus.

UPPAbaby Cruz Sunshade

Sun Shield for UPPAbaby Cruz stroller


The five point harness on the UPPAbaby Cruz is incredibly easy in terms of putting on, taking off and adjusting, changing the shoulder height and the position of the crotch strap is also a piece of cake here. Getting the right fit is made much easier by its adjustable crotch strap. The two straps on the sides pop upon clicking in their buckle every time, which makes it easy to tell when they’re in place, and although sometimes there might be slight problems with the release button, getting it undone is still fairly easy. The stroller comes with a non-rethreaded harness adjustment with its one-of-a-kind hook system, pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it.

The leg rest in the UPPAbaby Cruz turns out to be adjustable, which makes it easier for your baby to drift off into a peaceful nap. Not many full-sized strollers reviewed by me offer this useful feature.

UPPAbaby Cruz Harness

5-point adjustable harness with padded shoulder straps


The UPPAbaby Cruz is equipped with an adjustable footrest, something that isn’t a very common feature, as I’ve only come across two other products that offer it, and it’s a shame if you ask me. The pair can be adjusted in few different positions, whereas the footrest is wide, yet shallow. Made of plastic, the footrest is fairly easy to clean, something every mommy will appreciate. Another neat little feature I loved about the UPPAbaby Cruz is the seat back recline. It can easily be used with one hand thanks to its push-button operation, which makes the whole thing very convenient.

UPPAbaby Cruz Canopy

UPPAbaby Cruz Canopy

The UPPAbaby Cruz can also be used with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat without any adapters, which makes things even easier for the young parents. The installation process is very easy and doesn’t require much pressure, so everyone will be able to handle it without any trouble.

UPPAbaby Cruz Seat

The UPPAbaby Cruz is a lightweight reversing seat stroller

Compatibility with a Car Seat

The UPPAbaby Cruz is compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, using the attachment points of the toddler seat on the stroller’s frame, so you don’t have to worry about any problems with adapters. The car seat connects with a smooth click-in method, it also requires you to first remove the toddler seat as well as the canopy connected to it. With both sides properly lined up, it is easy to click in, and it feels pretty stable in there, too. During my testing, I didn’t observe any false installations, the kind that would make it seem like it was connected when it actually was not. The weight of the frame is 14 pounds and 14 ounces which is around the same as some of those stroller & car seat combos reviewed by me, which means that the UPPAbaby Cruz may well be the only stroller that you ever have to purchase.

UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Mesa car seat

UPPAbaby Cruz is compatible with select Chicco®, Maxi-Cosi®, Nuna®, and Cybex infant car seats with adapters

If you also buy additional adapters, you can easily combine the UPPAbaby Cruz with several other types of infant car seats, like the Chicco Keyfit 30 which you can see here.

By buying an adapter, you can easily make your UPPAbaby Cruz stroller compatible with some of the Maxi-Cosi seats, with Chicco options, with the Nuna Pipa, and also with some of the Cybex options as well. The Chicco Keyfit is a very convenient option for those of you on a budget. Keep in mind, though, that after buying the adapter together with the car seat, the price gets close to that of the Mesa, which can actually fit on the frame with no need to use an adapter of any kind. If you need to learn more on how the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller works with a baby car seat, you can consult our stroller & car seat combo review.

UPPAbaby Cruz with Car Seat

UPPAbaby Cruz with Car Seat

Ease Of Setup

Another nice surprise I found about the UPPAbaby Cruz was how easy it is to set up, in fact much easier than any of the other products reviewed. The same can be said about another product from the same company, the UPPAbaby Vista. The UPPAbaby Cruz virtually takes less than five full minutes to put together, and it also comes with a very nice manual that includes a fairly simple quick start guide that explains everything in seven convenient steps to make the task easier for you.

If there is one thing I’d like to complain about in the UPPAbaby Cruz, it’s that it isn’t exactly very easy to maneuver, although I guess I can let that one slide considering how much I loved it otherwise, not to mention I’ve come across worse in this very review, so it isn’t exactly a big deal.

UPPAbaby Cruz Setup

The UPPAbaby Cruz is a great quality product that is easy to setup, easy to use


Another thing about the UPPAbaby Cruz where it doesn’t perform quite as well as it could have is maneuverability, where it was easily outperformed by some of its competitors. Not that there weren’t worse products regarding this particular feature, but still, it’s only 7 out of 10 from me.

When it comes to pushing or turning the UPPAbaby Cruz on pavement, you’re going to need both of your hands here. While it does roll smoothly, it is a little harder with turning. Its handlebar adjustment is located in the center of its handle, which can pose some problems if you only have one free hand to operate it. On top of that, the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller also comes with a longer wheelbase, which makes it harder to make sharper turns, but it still moves pretty well over carpets, and overall I’d say it still beats about half of its competitors.

When it comes to pushing or going off pavement, it does a fairly decent job, going well over grass and only occasionally having trouble over gravel, but that is to be expected. Its front wheels can sometimes get hung up on more irregular rocks, but on the plus side, they can be locked in order to prevent swiveling when going over some more difficult surfaces, which I found useful.

UPPAbaby Cruz Wheels

UPPAbaby Cruz Wheels

The ability to get its front wheels locked in place is pretty useful when pushing the UPPAbaby Cruz over uneven terrain, as it goes through easier and doesn’t veer randomly.

The UPPAbaby Cruz does not have the usual suspension that you’re used to. Its wheels consist of plastic filled with foam, made with material referred to by UPPAbaby as AirGo, which offers shock-absorbing properties and is filled with lightweight foam that won’t allow them to get misshapen over time. I can’t really tell for sure if they make riding it more comfortable, although I do find the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller to be fairly comfortable thanks to its padding on the seat, plus the seat’s attachment to the frame is pretty stable, held securely in its place without moving or wobbling around.

The handlebar on the UPPAbaby Cruz has easily adjustable height thanks to its telescopic structure, and I really love the sensation of your hand touching leather that wraps the bar. The one thing I didn’t like was the button being located in the center, as it makes the stroller harder to push with just one hand, which is something every mom has to do sometimes.

The telescoping adjustment of the handlebar is good at preventing the frame and the handlebar from flexing. Its range is 40.6-43.2 inches, which I believe is pretty satisfying. I also enjoyed the shape and size of the tubing, which made gripping it pretty easy. All of the bar is foam-covered, except for the handle adjustment button in the middle, which is hard plastic, in the new updated version the handlebar is leather-wrapped, making it very nice to touch.

The UPPAbaby Cruz is pretty compact and lightweight compared to other full-size strollers, and unless you drive one of those small European cars, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting it in your vehicle.

UPPAbaby Cruz 3

The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller is designed with an easy, compact fold for the car

Weight And Folded Size

The UPPAbaby Cruz is actually a pretty lightweight stroller with so many neat features, only weighing 21.5 lbs. If you’re considering buying a hand truck, the best lightweight strollers can be found here.

The most lightweight strollers were the Britax B-Agile 3 and the Baby Jogger City Mini which both weigh 17.5 lbs. The dimensions of the UPPAbaby Cruz when folded up are also quite small, only measuring 22.2 inches wide, 14.7 inches high and 36.5 inches long, and with volume of 11,911 cubic inches, which is quite a feat.

The UPPAbaby Cruz also stands out with its durable design, being made with strong materials that make it a product to last, something that can only be said about few others on the market.

UPPAbaby Cruz with Car Seat 2

UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller


The overall quality of the UPPAbaby Cruz truly left me impressed, which earned it 8 out of 10 points in this metric. The fabric found on the basket, canopy and seat is made of a soft, tightly-woven canvas that not only feels really nice to touch but is also pretty easy to wipe clean. Said canvas goes down all the way to the smooth, plastic footrest.

Another remarkable thing that sets the UPPAbaby Cruz apart from other strollers is its adjustment points and its solid connection, which prevent it from flexing or swaying like other products in this category.

The basket’s sides are made of a durable mesh coated with rubber. There’s a rigid plastic board on the bottom of the storage basket that keeps it in its shape and prevents its bottom from bending down under heavy load. The peekaboo style window is made of a loose mesh that is free from snagging, as far as my tests are concerned. Its extendable sun shade, on the other hand, was made of a new, thicker, reflective material that snuggly fits the stroller’s seat.

What I really liked about the stroller’s frame made of welded aluminum was its simplistic, tight finish. All of it comes together nicely and holds firmly in place. I really liked the overall fit and finish, as well as the way the fabric wraps itself around the seat’s frame, without as much as a wrinkle. Nothing bad can be said about the stitching either, no doubled stitching or any other flaws to be found. The frame in the UPPAbaby Cruz is pretty sturdy, with materials that seem pretty durable. No flex was observed to the handlebar or the frame.

UPPAbaby Cruz Quality

UPPAbaby Cruz is a stroller with a good quality frame and nice design


There are plenty of accessories available to be used with the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller at extra charge. Among my favorite ones are:

  • UPPAbaby Parent Organizer — This neat little organizer provides parents with a convenient place to put all their necessary things at, where they can be quickly accessed. The storage and the cup holders can definitely make the UPPAbaby Cruz much more convenient to use.
  • UPPAbaby Mesa — It works really great with the Vista or the UPPAbaby Cruz.
  • UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat — The SnugSeat provides additional support for the baby’s back and neck and it works with kids weighting up to 21 lbs. On its one side, this Snugseat was made with reversible plush material, while on the other it was made with moisture wicking material, which allows it to be used in many different weather conditions.
  • UPPAbaby Snack Tray — This particular UPPAbaby accessory called Snack Tray is removable and can be washed in a dishwasher, plus it’s also equipped with a cup holder and a shallow dish to be used for snacks, which every peckish baby out there will surely love. It is meant to be attached at the same place where the bump bar is, which means it has to be removed first before putting the tray there.
UPPAbaby Cruz Accessories

UPPAbaby Cruz Accessories

Other Available Versions

UPPAbaby manufactures several different types of strollers, like the UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista featured in this review too. Among other UPPAbaby Strollers also are:

  • UPPAbaby G-Luxe – A light stroller that comes with a big canopy and a reclining padded seat. This particular stroller is also equipped with an adjustable leg rest, carry strap and under seat storage. While it is a pretty interesting stroller, it didn’t really score as high in my umbrella review as it was initially expected.
  • UPPAbaby G-Lite – An umbrella stroller that may not recline, but it’s pretty lightweight, plus it can fold down to quite a small size. This particular stroller doesn’t have as many features as the G-Luxe above and while it’s good for traveling with, its lack of proper storage or napping space don’t make it a perfect choice for longer outings.
  • UPPAbaby Vista Double – With a second seat or a baby car seat added, the Vista also works as a double stroller. Which is what makes it such a great choice for growing families, with its big storage and interesting features that make family outings with more babies that much easier.

All pictures belong to UPPAbaby. Source: uppababy.com

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