Bugaboo Donkey3 – a unique stroller for siblings

Bugaboo Dinkey3
TypeAn exclusive all-terrain convertible stroller
WeightThe Mono version: 28 lbs; the Twin and Duo versions: 33 lbs
Dimensions while folded26.38’ x 23.62’ x 34.25’
Maximum weight capacity50 lbs for one seat
Main advantagesAn elegant all-terrain stroller which can be converted into a twin stroller with identical seating options as well as into a duo option with one bassinet and one seat. While used only with one seat allows parents to attach an extra side storage basket with a weight capacity of 22 lbs. The stroller is featured by large wheels of the highest quality and full suspension as well as a special mechanism for a more comfortable ride over sand and snow.

Double strollers used to be popular among the parents of twins in the first place. Such strollers include seating options for two children, so as you can transport both of your babies at a time. If a double stroller is not convertible, it has a design with fixed seating options and you do not have a chance to bring too many changes into the configuration. Yet, there are many situations in which two seating options are needed, however, a more flexible stroller would be a better option.

For example, if you are a parent of two young children of different age. Of course, both of them will need a seat in the stroller, however, the needs of your kids are undeniably different. The newborn will be lying peacefully in a carrycot whereas another child will be seating upright and observing the world. Furthermore, some parents have only one child yet, but would like to have another one soon, so they need a stroller which can be extended at any moment. That is the time when flexible convertible strollers come handy and Bugaboo Donkey3 is one of the most exclusive strollers of this type.


What is Bugaboo Donkey3?

Bugaboo Donkey3 is the latest upgrade of the Bugaboo Donkey convertible stroller. This newest version of the famous convertible stroller was released to the market in 2020 whereas the previous model, Bugaboo Donkey2, which is still available for purchase, was designed in 2018.

This stroller can be purchased in three versions depending on the needs of your family. These versions are Mono, Twin and Duo. All of these options have the same chassis which has a unique feature of being extendable. This means, that if you are interested in purchasing a stroller which has a configuration for a single baby and yet, offers an opportunity to add an extra seat. With Bugaboo Donkey3 Mono you can get a more compact stroller which has a special design of its frame allowing you to literally widen it once you want to attach an additional seating option.

At the same time, if you purchase one of the options for two children, either the Duo stroller or the Twin one, you will always be able to convert it to the stroller for one child.

Each of the Bugaboo Donkey3 version includes such seating options as a seat and a bassinet. The Mono stroller has a set exclusively for one child, thus this version of Bugaboo Donkey3 has one seat and one bassinet.

The Duo stroller is perfect for parents with two small children one of whom already doesn’t need a bassinet. Thus, this stroller has two seats and only one bassinet. Finally, the Twin stroller has two sets for two children of the same age. Each of the sets has a seat and a bassinet.

No matter which option you are going to purchase, there is also a special set for a stroller extension is available on the market, so you can get these extra accessories for converting the stroller into an option suitable for two children at any moment.

Pay your attention to the possibility of converting all of the three versions of Bugaboo Donkey3 into a travel system by adding an appropriate infant car seat. You will get more information on this topic in the further parts of this review.

Note that Bugaboo Donkey3 is not just a convertible stroller, it is also an all-terrain one. Thus, it will be useful on absolutely different types of surfaces.

A quick review of each of the versions of Bugaboo Donkey3

Let’s give a quick look at each of the versions of Bugaboo Donkey3  available on the market so as you will be able to understand better what comes with the price and how heavy and wide each of the stroller is.

Bugaboo Donkey3 Mono

As the name of this version of the stroller suggests, it has been designed for carrying a single baby, however, as you now know, you can convert it into the option suitable for two kids.

The width of this stroller is 23.6 inches and it weighs 28 lbs. Of course, the stroller is not a lightweight one, however, it is not as bulky as some of the convertible strollers available on the market.

In the set, you will find one bassinet, one seat and a special side basket for luggage. This basket is attached to the side of the stroller instead of an additional seat.

Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo

I have already explained that the Duo model includes two seating options, however, it is dedicated to families with two small children of different age with only one newborn baby requiring a bassinet. That is why this configuration has two seats and only a single bassinet.

Although one of the sides in this version is occupied by an extra seat, the set still includes a side basket for luggage. You will be able to attach it to the frame once you decide to convert back to the Mono version of Bugaboo Donkey3.

Pay your attention to the parameters of this variation of the stroller. In order to hold an extra seating option, its chassis is extended adding extra 5.4 inches to the width. The stroller now weighs 33 lbs which is only 5 pounds more than the initial one.

Bugaboo Donkey3 Twin

The Twin configuration was created for twins as the name suggests. This means that both of your babies will have the same needs according to their age. For that reason in the set you will find two bassinets and two seats. A luggage basket attached to the side of the stroller is also included to the set, so you will be able to return to the Mono version whenever you need.

The parameters of the Twin stroller are exactly the same as the ones featuring the Duo option. Thus, the weight of the stroller is 33 lbs whereas its width is also 29 inches.

A version for three children

There is no official configuration created for three children, however, you can customize Bugaboo Donkey3 by purchasing Bugaboo’s stroller board. This one can be attached to the chassis in such a way as to allow you to give a lift to your elder child.

Of course, you can use this board with all of the variations of Bugaboo Donkey3. For instance, in the case of the Mono version, this board will be a great addition for making the stroller suitable for two children with a great difference in their age.

Dimensions and fold

As for me, the fold of Bugaboo Donkey3 is the major issue of concern.

On the one hand, the fold of this stroller is one-piece even though it can include a lot of elements especially if used as a Duo mo9dle or a Twin one. It also can stand on its own. On the other hand, the fold is still rather bulky. Although the manufacturer made it possible for parents to remove many parts of the stroller such as canopies or wheels in order to make the fold smaller, this is still not particularly practical, as you will definitely need time for this. If you leave the seats on the chassis, the stroller still can be folded but it will be really rather bulky.

The dimensions of the basic fold of this stroller without detaching any elements is 26.38 x 23.62 x 34.25 inches.

Basic elements of Bugaboo Donkey3

Although there are differences among the particular versions of Bugaboo Donkey3, all of the three models of this stroller are based on the same elements. That is why I would like to show you more details about the most crucial components of these strollers.

Seating options

I have already mentioned the seating options of Bugaboo Donkey3. There are a major seat and a bassinet included into the price, however, you can also use an infant car seat for converting the stroller into a travel system. Let’s have a closer look at the seating options of the stroller.

A seat

The maximum capacity of the seat of the stroller is 50 lbs, however, this seat is somewhat tight with its width of 11 inches. Actually, the weight capacity of this stroller has been improved since it used to be suitable only for children whose weight wasn’t exceeding 37 lbs.

Actually, the weight capacity of the seats of Bugaboo Donkey3 is pretty large, however, because of their compact size, in all likelihood, you will not be able to use this stroller for transporting children above four years of age unless they are pretty petite. Of course, you can still purchase the board and transport such a child while he or she will be standing.

Bugaboo Donkey3 is completely convertible and versatile giving you a chance to change the position of its seats just as you wish them to be set. Fortunately, the seats of this stroller are not stationary, so you can set them in such a way as they will be in the rear-face position.

Depending on the position, the seats of the stroller will have a different recline. The parent-facing mode of the eats offers a completely flat position which is suitable for newborn babies. Thus, in fact, you can purchase a Duo mode stroller and if you suddenly need to transport two newborns, you will be able to do it even though this configuration includes only one bassinet.

The Twin mode of this stroller is also pretty unique since there is a rather limited number of Twin strollers using two separate bassinets or seats side-by-side.

Note, that the seats of Bugaboo Donkey3 are equipped into a five-point harness and a bumper bar.

Bugaboo Donkey3 travel system

No matter whether you are going to use a Mono version of Bugaboo Donkey3 or any other version of this stroller for two children, you will be able to convert all of these strollers into travel systems. Two infant car seats can be installed on the chassis of this stroller after detaching the major seats or bassinets.

In order to use Bugaboo Donkey3 as a travel system, you will need special adapters. The list of the infant car seats compatible with this stroller is quite long. You can use this Stroller with Maxi-Cosi infant cars eats for example, with such models as Max 30, Mico 30 and Mico AP. There is also a variety of Nuna Pipa infant car seats compatible with Bugaboo Donkey3. Some of them are Lite LX and Lite. Chicco’s baby carriers are also working great with this stroller.

Wheels and suspension

I have already mentioned Bugaboo Donkey3 is an all-terrain stroller. As for me, this is an amazing feature since there is nothing more frustrating in not being able to use your stroller on less polished surfaces. Actually, in case of convertible strollers, it is rather difficult to find a model which will be suitable for off-road trips. The manufacturers are doing their best to make convertible strollers as light as possible which usually results in rather small wheels and poor suspension. Fortunately, this is not the case of Bugaboo Donkey3.

This stroller has four wheels. The front ones are of 10 inches whereas the rear ones are of 12 inches. The tires of this stroller are filled with foam so as you will not have to deal with punctured wheels. The wheels are also featured by full suspension. Furthermore, there is an anti-shimmy solution in the wheels as well.

Pay your attention to a special mechanism which the manufacturer added to this stroller in order to make it work better over especially slosh surfaces such as snow or sand. Actually, you can push the rear wheels of the stroller forward. In such a way, you will be pushing the stroller while it will be standing on only two wheels.


The design of the handlebar of Bugaboo Donkey3 is absolutely unique and designed for your extra comfort while dealing with your children.

The exclusive feature this handlebar has is a 360-degree pivoting mechanism. Due to this element you will be able to change the position of the handlebar just as you wish which will make it a way easier for you to take your child out of the seta or place him or her in it.

The handlebar is equipped into a telescoping mechanism which will allow you to set its height to absolutely different levels. The design of the stroller combined with the highest level of the handlebar creates a lot of space for the legs of really high parents.

I am also glad the handlebar is covered with a leatherette material which is not thus pone to damages as foam which is widely used by many manufacturers.


The canopy of Bugaboo Donkey3 is sufficient, however, it is not thus rich as it could have been. Fortunately, unlike its previous version, this stroller finally got a peek-a-boo window which is needed for a convenient way of checking your baby.

Note that the location of this window, especially in the basinet is more on the back part rather than on the top of the canopy.


Bugaboo Donkey3 is equipped into a parking brake which is featured with a very simple design and can be activated even if you are wearing flip-flops without causing any harm to your foot.

Storage options

There are two major storage options in Bugaboo Donkey3 and both of them are amazing.

First of all, there is a really large storage basket with a weight capacity of 22 lbs which is really a lot. This is a great option for carrying a lot of stuff for two children.

There is also a side luggage basket which can be attached to the chassis while you will be using this stroller with only one child. This basket is very specious as well and is also featured by the weight capacity of 22 lbs. It also has additional pockets for organizing some small possessions which you might put inside this basket.

Bugaboo Donkey3 colour versions

Bugaboo Donkey3 is featured by an extremely large number of colour versions if compared to other strollers. The mere chassis of this model is available in two colours which are black and aluminium.

In case you want to use this stroller as a travel system, you will have to purchase car seat adapters. The major colour differences between the versions of this stroller are in its canopies which are available in more than twenty colours. Such colours as Black, Fresh White, Soft Pink, Red, Vapour Blue and Grey Melange are only some of the examples of the colour options of this stroller.

Bugaboo Donkey3 – accessories

As you have seen, the accessories you are going to get while purchasing this stroller depend on the exact version of the stroller you are planning to buy. In any way, you will get at least one bassinet, one seat, a canopy, a side luggage basket as well as a ventilated rain cover. I am really glad the latter is also included into the price.

There is also a Bugaboo Donkey3 extension kit available on the market which will allow you to add extra seating options to your stroller once there is such a need. Such a set has a seat frame which is absolutely reversible and has a reclining mechanism with three levels. Moreover, you will find a sun canopy and a rain cover in the kit as well. Thus, you can always extend the Mono version of this stroller.

In addition to it, you can find a so-called Breezy Sun Canopy for Donkey3 which has several mesh windows including the ones on the sides of the canopy.

Bugaboo Donkey3 – pros and cons

As you have already noticed, Bugaboo Donkey3 is an exclusive stroller offered for a rather high price. Unless you really do not care about the price of a stroller, you should definitely go through the lists of advantages and disadvantages of this stroller in order to make the best decision about your purchase especially taking into consideration the price for the Duo or Twin versions of Bugaboo Donkey3 goes far beyond 1,500 USD.


  • a very flexible stroller offering different combinations of seats, bassinets and infant car seats including reverse positions;
  • a Mono version of this stroller is more compact than the versions dedicated to two children since the chassis of this stroller can be widen;
  • you can always purchase a kit for adding an extra seat to the stroller;
  • the stroller is compatible with infant car seats offered by many popular brands;
  • the stroller is all-terrain with its large foam-filled wheels and full suspension;
  • a unique mechanism for switching to a two-wheel mode useful for pushing the stroller over sand or snow;
  • plenty of storage space with a highly spacious basket under the seats and an additional side one which can be used in the Mono version of the stroller;
  • an adjustable handlebar with a telescopic design covered with leatherette;
  • a handlebar also includes a unique mechanism for rotating it which will let you to take your child out of the stroller more easily;
  • attractive and elegant design with an abundance of colour options;
  • a rain cover included into the price.


  • very expensive;
  • the fold is rather bulky;
  • the seats are somewhat narrow and might be too small for pre-schoolers even though the weight capacity of the stroller is large.

My conclusions

Undeniably, Bugaboo Donkey3 is one of the top convertible strollers available on the market being packed with the amazing features I have just described. As for me, this is an absolutely unique model which is featured by elegant and modern appearance and, at the same time, is absolutely suitable for using off-road. The majority of strollers created for this purpose have a more sport appearance.

As you can see, there is a large variety of positive features of this stroller. Among some of the unique options provided by this stroller which are hardly available in any other model are the unique mechanism allowing you to push the stroller using only two wheels over sand or snow, its rotating handlebar with a telescopic mechanism for adjusting the height as well as an additional storage basket which is actually featured by a large weight capacity of 22 lbs.

Even though Bugaboo Donkey3 has some much to offer, I am still not sure why it should be thus pricey. Still, if you prefer only top-notch luxurious products, you will definitely have a chance to enjoy the whole functionality of Bugaboo Donkey3 which is one of the favourite choices of many celebrities.

Yet, you should be aware of the fact there are still some mere disadvantages in this stroller such as a rather bulky fold and too narrow seats. If these issues are not serious for you and you can afford Bugaboo Donkey3, you should definitely let yourself to relish its fantastic design.

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