Nuna MIXX2 Review – a Perfect Blend of Versatility and Luxury

Ignore the basic appearance of the Nuna MIXX2. A closer look at this stroller will reveal the extraordinary features it packs. Let’s start with the makeshift bassinet – a rare feature, found only in a few stroller models. You can recline the seat of the Nuna MIXX2 completely flat. Switching to a bassinet-like seat is even easier; all you need to do is to unsnap the material at the footrest’s base and snap it again on the side. So, with the Nuna MIXX2, you have a stroller that can conveniently accommodate and move around even newborns safely, unlike other strollers that are made for three months and six months old respectively.

Another top reason to get the Nuna MIXX2 is the fact that it will serve you longer, considering the presence of the seat variation. With a 50 pounds weight capacity, this stroller carries more weight compared to other similar strollers out there. The modular seat is another useful feature, especially the release buttons that allow you to easily move the seat from rear to forward facing and vice-versa.

Nuna Mixx2 Convertible Stroller

The fast and in-depth penetration of the Nuna MIXX into the market after its release was not entirely surprising, considering the sleek design and the multifaceted applications. But Nuna didn’t stop at that. Now, we have the rebranded Nuna MIXX2, which offers a more luxurious look and some great extra features. Let’s take a look at the important features of the Nuna MIXX2.

Nuna MIXX2TypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
Nuna Mixx2 small
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Convertible stroller44.3″ H x 33.5″ L x 23.4″ WNuna MIXX2 has multiple seating options – reversible main seat, bassinet, and travel system. Thus, this stroller is suitable for all family needs. It’s one of the best strollers I’ve ever used.


Seating Options

It is safe to call the Nuna MIXX2 a perfect blend of stylishness, smoothness, and flexibility. With multiple seating options – for newborns and toddlers. From bassinet to the travel system, rear and front-facing main seat, your baby is definitely in for a great and comfortable ride.

Main Seat

According to the manufacturers, the Nuna MIXX2 is designed to handle newborns up to babies weighing 50lbs. The little rider is guaranteed of a comfortable riding (or napping), courtesy of the 5-position recline. To recline the seat, the parent just needs to reach for the handle on the back of the seat – easy and fast. The adjustable calf support and footrest also provide additional comfort.

To make your baby lie back in a flat position while the legs rest comfortably, recline the seat all the way down and lift the calf rest all the way up, snapping it to the frame and thus creating a closed space for the little sleeping rider. With this, your baby can lie flat comfortably without you having to worry about him or her sliding down or wiggling as you move the stroller. For bigger children, simply lower the calf rest. The seat also comes with a step that allows kids that are a bit taller to rest their feet. The only limitation with the step is that you cannot adjust it. Thus it is only applicable when the baby is facing the front.

Nuna Mixx2 Seating Options

There is also a 5-/3-point harness that can be released by a dedicated button. You do not have to worry about your baby undoing the restraint, as long as you do it correctly. Perhaps, the best thing about the Nuna MIXX2 is that your baby can face you or the World while riding. To reverse the seat, just push the two buttons on either side of the seat and take it up.

Another great thing about the seat is the upright position. Your baby can sit quite straight with the seat in this position – an added advantage for curious toddlers. You can easily maintain your Nuna MIXX2 seat by removing and washing the seat fabric (even in a washing machine). Even after washing, refixing the fabric to the seat is quite simple, they all snap into place.

You can keep your baby safer during the ride by installing a removable armbar. The bar is well-covered with a luxurious leather-look fabric, and it prevents your baby from falling out of the stroller during the ride. It is also a nice and comfortable handle that your children can hold on to.

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The best position for newborns is derived by combining the stroller with the MIXX2 bassinet. The bassinet allows your baby to lie in a truly flat position, and this is what differentiates it from the fully reclining seat. The bassinet is suitable for newborns to 20 lbs or 27” toddlers. The weight of the carrycot is 11.2 lbs.

Nuna Mixx2 Bassinet

You may use the bassinet for overnight sleeping without worrying about proper ventilation. The canopy comes with an integrated mesh window that allows air to flow in. The storage pocket comes handy for keeping essential items of the parents. The bassinet can be made compact and flat by folding, especially when not in use.

There is also a Dream Drape – a specially designed cover that guarantees the baby a peaceful and quality sleep. You can remove the top cover, likewise the mattress cover, and both fabrics can be washed in a machine. Note that the MIXX2 carrycot is available separately for about $150 only for U.S. customers, and it comes in Jett color. Another possibility is buying the Nuna MIXX2 alongside the bassinet; then you can either chose from a Jett or Suited color bassinet.

A quick recap – what distinguishes the bassinet from the main seat is that the latter doesn’t offer a fully flat position when reclined, unlike the former that ensures a fully flat position. Your newborns will do just fine in both positions, so if you have a fully-reclined seat, you may not bother about the bassinet.

Nuna Mixx2 Bassinet


The canopy in the Nuna MIXX2 stroller is made of fabric, and it is sizable and extendable enough to guarantee your little one full protection. The UPF 50+ protection and the sun visor are additional perks of this stroller canopy. You can fasten the sun visor to the canopy with the aid of a zipper when you need it, and when you do not, just unzip and fold it, before keeping it either in the canopy or the storage basket.

You can open and extend one of the canopy panels through the zipper. When opened, you can access the additional window on the canopy’s side. These mesh windows offer extra ventilation. The canopy also sports a mesh peek-a-boo window. Although there is no full velcro closure. This one has nice magnet closure, so your little one doesn’t get disturbed while takinga nap during a stroll.

Nuna Mixx2 Canopy


Perhaps, you get tired of constant pumping of your stroller wheels? Then, you should consider getting the Nuna MIXX2. The wheels are foam-filled. Thus, there is no need to inflate them every time. The 11-inches rear wheels, combined with the 7.5-inches front wheels ensure that your stroller rolls stylishly and seamlessly. The white parts on the black chrome wheels and the dark matte frame give your stroller that elegant look.

Nuna Mixx2 Wheels


Locking the rear wheels is easy thanks to a single action brake. It is nicely designed with the pedal found on the middle and color indicators to make braking even easier. It doesn’t matter if you are beside or behind the stroller, you can easily apply the brake.

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Locking the stroller is intuitive and straightforward, just step on the red side. If you want to unlock, the green part is where to press. You can do this correctly no matter your footwear without hurting yourself. So, there is no need to ditch your flip-flops, sneakers, or high heels when taking your baby out for a ride.

Nuna Mixx2 Brake


The MIXX2 comes with an adjustable handlebar with telescopic feature and three height positions. From the ground, the handlebar extends from 38-inches to 42-inches. So, if you are the parent with an extra height or vice-versa, you can rest assured of a comfortable pushing all through.

Nuna Mixx2 Canopy

The push bar is attractive, courtesy of the hand-sewn fabric worn around it. You will almost take the covering for a leather, perhaps due to the high-quality stitches and fabric used.

Nuna Mixx2 Handle Bar 2

Infant Car Seat Compatibility – Nuna MIXX2 Travel System

Your Nuna MIXX2 is just an adapter away from becoming a travel system. You can make it work with the Nuna infant PIPA car seats as well as car seats from Cybex, Maxi Cosi, and other popular manufacturers. In addition to the regular PIPA car seat, other two baby car seats by Nuna can also be attached, the PIPA Lite and the PIPA Lite LX.

The most exciting feature of the adapter is that it doesn’t interfere with the base of the car seat installed in the car when it is attached. So, there is no need to off, and on the adapter each time you want to attach the car seat to the stroller.

You can complete the installation of the infant car seat in a few seconds. Once you hear a loud click, it indicates that it is correctly set and ready for use.

Nuna Mixx2 Travel System

Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat

PIPA weighs only 7.9 lbs, so it’s one of the lightest baby car seats around. It is even easier to move lift, carry, and move around, courtesy of the ergonomic handle. Newborns and babies up to 32 lbs or 32 inches can ride in the seat, and there is a removable body pillow that offers extra support to the baby. Fortunately, the body pillow can be detached if the rider becomes a bit older.

When it comes to safety, Nuna lived up to expectations and this baby car seat provides great safety for the little passenger. It protects from side impact and has a stability leg, handy during accidents by absorbing and reducing the force of the impact on the baby. The shell shape of the seat is durable and ensures that the baby stays safe and in an adjustable 5-point harness position.

Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat

The car seat also spots a spacy UPF50+ canopy. The PIPA is facing rear and same as the MIXX2 carrycot, it features the Dream Drape. So, you can rest assured that your baby will enjoy a considerable amount of privacy, coverage from the sun, excellent airflow that guarantees a smooth and quality sleep.

There are six different colors of the Nuna PIPA infant seat, and they all match with the Nuna MIXX2 stroller color version. Note that this car seat does not come out-of-the-box with the stroller. If you want one, you will have to buy separately.

Nuna Mixx2 Car Seat

Maneuverability and ease of use

With the Nuna MIXX2, you will never have an issue with navigation or maneuverability. In fact, you can get the stroller going with just one hand. The wheels are designed to glide smoothly and turn effortlessly. The turning radius is remarkably tight, allowing it to turn 360 degrees with no problem – this is not what you come across in other full-sized strollers. So, if you are a city dweller who takes trips to the mall, park, playground, and similar outings, you have another reason to get the Nuna MIXX2.

Wondering if getting Nuna MIXX2 is a good choice? Check what others think about it, read the reviews.

Uneven terrain will not pose any difficulty for this stroller, all thanks to the large foam wheel. There is also a progressive suspension technology that even compliments the seamless ride. Note that these qualities do not make the Nuna MIXX2 an all-terrain stroller or jogger, but it does fine on most rough surfaces, including cobblestone, grass, and cracked sidewalks. All these are made possible by the big rear wheels coupled with the excellent suspension system.

Nuna Mixx2 Maneuverability

Storage Space

The storage basket is situated under the seat, for easy access. But the size is even more fascinating; it is huge! The stroller also comes with a zippered pouch that can contain your wallet, keys, car seat adapter, and other small items.

There is a divider that ensures the organization of the stored items. And if you decide to use the basket as single huge storage, perhaps to store your big diaper bag, some snacks, or your baby’s blanket, simply ignore the divider. The new version of the stroller comes with an upgraded basket. Both the basket and the canopy are now of the same materials, unlike previous versions where the basket is made of a mesh.

Users can take advantage of the extra storage pouch on the Nuna MIXX2 – it is found at the back of the seat. It is even bigger in the new versions, and you can easily keep your items, including phones, wallet, wipes, tissues, and some snack in it. Oh, let’s not forget the silent magnetic closure that comes with this storage, which keeps your baby asleep while you reach for the pouch or its contents.

Nuna Mixx2 Storage Basket

Weight and folding

The Nuna MIXX2 is not the lightest strollers around, so do not expect it to be a competition for lightweight strollers in this matter. At 26.8 lbs and dimensions of 44.3″ x 23.4″ x 33.5″ (H x W x L), the fact that the stroller still folds easily and quickly irrespective of where it is facing is impressive. This means that you can fold the stroller without configuring it to face a certain position (as obtainable in UPPAbaby Vista). Alternatively, you can detach the seat from the frame first, and fold the frame on its own.

When folded, you have a more compact and flat Nuna MIXX2, with dimensions of 16″ x 23.6″ x 35.8″ (H x W x L). The folded Nuna MIXX2 offers some added advantages; you can pull it like a suitcase, leaning on the rear wheels. Likewise, it is rollable in the folded form, so you don’t have to lift it to move necessarily.

You can secure the stroller in the folded position with an automatic lock. And whenever you want to unfold, just unlock and bend a bit, and the stroller will open up. All these are doable using one of your hands.

Nuna Mixx2 Folded


Out-of-the-box, you will get the folded Nuna MIXX2 with the rear axle and wheels coming separate, so you’ll need to open the stroller and attach them to get your MIXX2 ready. An audible click indicates the parts fit into the right place. You do not have to fix the fabric and the canopy; you only need to attach them to both sides of the stroller. You will only need a few minutes to finish up the assembling.

Interested in purchasing Nuna MIXX2? Check how much it costs and see if there are any discounts available.

Out-of-the-box accessories

You should expect your Nuna MIXX2 to come with an adapter for PIPA infant car seat, which is also compatible with Maxi Cosi and Cybex car seats. There is also a rain cover. If you feel you would need them, footmuff, cup holder, child tray, parent organizer, seat liner, and travel bag are nice accessories you can buy separately.

Nuna MIXX2 Pros and Cons

Here is a quick look at the strength and weakness of the Nuna MIXX2. However, it is worthy of note that finding the weakness of this beauty was almost impossible.


  • Multifaceted and flexible
  • Easy maneuverability, turning and pushing
  • Multiple seating options – reversible main seat, bassinet, and travel system. Thus, this stroller is suitable for all family needs.
  • Newborns can ride in the stroller, courtesy of the near-flat position seat recline feature.
  • One-hand recline; improved and soft fabric
  • Simple and easy folding, with automatic lock
  • Extendable and large canopy, integrated with mesh windows
  • Versatile, large, foam wheels suitable for multiple types of surfaces
  • Handlebar with the telescoping feature; adjustable for parents of varying heights
  • Spacious basket plus an extra pocket for keeping essential items
  • Out-of-the-box rain cover and adapters for external car seats


  • S. parents are restricted to a few color options
  • Some parents may find it too heavy

Color Versions

There are four color variants of the Nuna MIXX2 – Jett, Bery, Indigo, and Caviar. The last two versions of this stroller are available with the bassinet out-of-the-box. Note that the prices may vary due to the differences in colors. So, endeavor to look up the prices according to colors before buying.

Nuna Mixx2 Colors

Nuna MIXX2 vs. MIXX

The newest 2017 Nuna MIXX2 is a bit different from its predecessor, the Nuna MIXX. The former was upgraded, and the manufacturer tried to fix the complaints raised by customers on the Nuna MIXX. However, the manufacturer is ready to release a 2019 version of the Nuna MIXX, which is expected to come with some necessary upgrades.

List of Upgrades – Nuna MIXX 2019

The name is still Nuna MIXX, although there are some new impressive and vital features. Let’s take a look at these upgrades expected in Nuna MIXX 2019:

  • All Season Seat – the new seat is removable and comes with a bamboo padding to get rid of the moisture via capillary action. When detached, it reveals the mesh seat back. You can wash the padding with a machine.
  • No-rethread harness – now you can stop bothering about fixing the harness straps through holes so that they suit the height of your baby. Instead, the new harness adjusts easily and automatically as your kids grows up
  • The seat is now higher – the seat in the new Nuna MIXX 2019 is mounted higher to enhance bonding between the little riders and their parents.
  • Ring Adapter Included – Now you can attach the compatible Nuna car seats with the Nuna MIXX 2019 easily, including the Pipa, Pipa Lite & Pipa Lite LX.
  • New and improved fashions


Considering the improved features; the expected performance and price, it is safe to say that the Nuna MIXX2 is a formidable and worthy competitor with strollers like UPPAbaby Vista. Your baby’s comfort is assured. You can easily push the stroller around with little or no efforts, and it is so elegant!

Let’s not forget that this stroller contains no chemical ingredients (according to the manufacturer), so your baby’s safety is guaranteed. Perhaps, this is why many parents currently use the Nuna MIXX2.

If you’re considering buying Nuna MIXX2, opinions of its users will surely be a great help. Click here to check them.

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