UPPAbaby MINU Stroller Review

UPPAbaby company has been around for quite a while now, providing moms with a variety of nice looking and practical strollers. Today I’ll take a closer look at their new model – the UPPAbaby MINU which aims at becoming an answer to the needs of parents looking for a compact, lightweight and classy stroller. It’s not the cheapest stroller available, but I guarantee, it’s worth the money.

UPPAbaby MINU stroller

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UPPAbaby MINU small
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Lightweight stroller28″ L x 20.5″ W x 41″ HUPPAbaby MINU is a top seller! It comes with a great, all-wheel suspension which makes the ride smooth. MINU is very compact when folded, it’s also really light and easy to carry around.

Right after the first look you can tell this one is smaller than most of the competition. First things first so we’ll start with the seat.


UPPAbaby MINU Seat

Without a doubt the seat of the UPPAbaby MINU is very comfy. I’ve checked it with two kids, eight months old baby and a three and a half year toddler. Both were really happy seating in. Good start. One thing that drew my attention is the size of the seat. It is both deep and wide, providing comfort and space for your little one. That’s really something if we consider the fact how compact this stroller is. The seat doesn’t have a full recline, so it will fit a 6+ months baby (or a baby that can sit upright). The seat is facing forward and fixed in this position. As I’ve said, it doesn’t fully recline, but actually I really like the recline system. There are some parents who don’t like the strap mechanisms and I understand this, because there are many unintuitive ones. I was really surprised how smart and easy to operate the system found on the UPPAbaby MINU is, you should really check this one. You can easily set it into any position between upright and something like 40 degrees. Just use the pinch buttons on the seat’s back, even while your kid is sitting in the stroller. Nice, smooth and easy to with an unlimited number of positions.

UPPAbaby MINU multi position recline

I’ve stated that this stroller can be used from around 6 months, but there’s a possibility to use it from day one if you add the From Birth Kit. This kit is actually a nice, soft bassinet. Of course you have to remove the seat from the frame first and replace the fabrics from the seat with the ones from the From Birth Kit. I have to say the mattress provided in the kit is absolutely great, soft, perfectly suitable for the newborns skin. It will definitely provide comfort for your little one in the first months.

It’s worth mentioning, the MINU can be folded with the From Birth Kit. Remarkable, it’s really hard to find a stroller that may be folded with the bassinet attached.

The UPPAbaby MINU has a 5-point harness. It’s easily adjustable with the sliders on the waist and shoulder straps. The height can also be adjusted as your kid grows. To do this, thread the harness through the slots on the seat’s back. Adjusting the harness is really simple and easy on the MINU.

UPPAbaby MINU seat

The hood is another thing I really like about this stroller. If you know the VISTA system, you’ll notice this one is actually a mini version. The pull-down, silver visor provides plenty of shade and sun protection for your little one during the summer. There’s a nice, big viewing windows on the hood’s top so you can keep an eye on your toddler any time. It has a magnet closure, so your toddler won’t be disturbed with the velcro noise while he’s taking a nap. Some may say it’s not a biggie, but I just love the hood’s lining on the inside of the stroller. It’s highly reflective and white, stays cool even while strolling on a hot summer. At the same time it’s very, very soft. All of this gives the highest level of comfort for your kid.

UPPAbaby MINU harness

There’s a storage pouch on the back of the hood I also really like. It’s easily accessible and helps to carry all your personal stuff like keys, phone, wallet while you’re on the go. Really useful and included, so you will save a few bucks.

Interested in purchasing UPPAbaby MINU? Check how much it costs on Amazon and see if there are any discounts available.

Need to attach a baby car seat? The UPPAbaby MINU is compatible with numerous brands, as the baby car seat adapters are available from summer, so you can attach a compatible one, using one of the available adapters, sold separately.

UPPAbaby MINU car sear adapters

UPPAbaby MINU Canopy

The UPPAbaby MINU is really an exception among other strollers thanks to a big canopy with a pop-out sunvisor that may be extended. Gives your sleeping plenty of shade when your kid is taking a nap. While on the go, you can keep an eye on your kid all the time thanks to the mesh window. It also provides nice air circulation, so it’s very practical. I really like it.

UPPAbaby MINU canopy

UPPAbaby MINU Handlebar

The handlebar sits fixed a little above 40 inches from the ground and surprisingly, it can’t be adjusted. At the same time I have to mention that it is perfectly fine for most parents. The only case when it could be a problem is when you’re really short or super-high (like below 5’’ or above 6’’). If it’s your case – make sure to test this stroller before deciding to buy it. The handlebar is covered with leather and I love it. It looks amazing and gives that luxury feel, but it’s also highly practical at the same time – foam or rubber covers tend to wear off, catch dirt – this one is so much different.

UPPAbaby MINU handle bar

UPPAbaby MINU Wheels & Suspension

These are the things I really love in this stroller. There’s a lot of competition out there, but the UPPAbaby MINU is just one of the best. The wheels are made with rubber, with the rear ones bigger than the front. The front wheels are pivoting, so you can be sure the stroller’s maneuverability will be great. Obviously this is important, especially in small, crowded places or narrow sidewalks. The wheels are absolutely great, but you should be aware, that the UPPAbaby MINU is not an all-terrain stroller. Still, after some tests, I need to say this one handles tough terrain much better than most of other, compact strollers. The suspension also helps, so your toddler doesn’t get the theme park extreme ride experience while on the go, as it handles bumps and cracks really well. I’ve even tried some off-road strolling and I must admit – the UPPAbaby MINU suspension works pretty amazing.

Check how much it currently costs on Amazon, maybe you can find an attractive discount.

UPPAbaby MINU Wheels

UPPAbaby MINU Brakes

The UPPAbaby MINU has a great brake, simple and easy to use. You will find two pedals, red and green (very intuitive!). The green one, found on the left side is used for unlocking the stroller and ass you may have already guessed – the second, red one is used for locking the stroller. This is the best solution of the brake problem I’ve seen. No need to lift the pedal and ruin your pedicure. No need to wonder how it actually works (believe me, I’ve found myself wondering in some cases). Oh, I almost forgot: it’s very flip-flop friendly.

UPPAbaby MINU brake

Storage capabilities

While the UPPAbaby MINU is a really compact, small stroller, its storage capabilities are actually quite impressive. The basket under the seat is really spacy, so it won’t be a problem to fit in a diaper bag, something to drink, and some other stuff at the samer time. One more thing – it is very easily accessible both from the front and from the back – great feature.

That’s not all. You will also find an extra storage pocket placed on the back of the seat, great for putting you essentials in there – keys, wallet or phone.

UPPAbaby MINU storage basket

Folding and storage

If you look at some videos online, most of the strollers available seem to be easy to fold. That’s not always true. There are many that require some physical strength or being a quantum physics specialist. The UPPAbaby MINU is absolutely not such a case. It promises to be easily folded – and so it is. All you need is just one hand (and this time it is actually one hand, not just in theory). I tested it myself and it’s a really simple process.

UPPAbaby MINU folding

You will find two buttons on the handlebar. You need to slide one and press the other while applying some pressure and the stroller actually folds on its own. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! The stroller stands up folded and it’s so easy to carry on your shoulder after folding thanks to the shoulder strap. Very useful on many occasions. Unfolding is also nice and easy – unlatch the mechanism and pull up. That’s it!

UPPAbaby MINU is surely a great choice both for you and its future passenger, but click here to check if you can get a great deal too!

When folded, the UPPAbaby MINU is really compact and it won’t be a problem to store it in a small flat or fit in a small car trunk. Are you looking for something handy and small when folded? See our latest lightweight strollers list here.

UPPAbaby MINU folded

From Birth Kit

The lightweight UPPAbaby MINU’s functionality may be extended using the From Birth Kit, sold separately. The name speaks for itself, this kit makes this stroller ready to accommodate a newborn. The kit which in fact is a bassinet fits on the frame, providing a fully flat position a newborn needs. The bassinet comes with an included, washable mattress.

The bassinet is equipped with a 5-point harness, providing extra protection for you kid. The canopy is extendable, providing full shade, and there’s also a panel you can unzip to provide extra air circulation during the warm summer days.

I absolutely love one thing about this kit, it’s a feature that is not seen very often. The UPPAbaby MINU can be folded with the bassinet attached. Thanks to this you don’t have to remove it when you need to put the stroller into your car.

UPPAbaby MINU from birth kit

Car seat compatibility

It’s not a surprise the UPPAbaby MINU may be converted into a travel system. It is compatible with most popular baby car seats available. You can attach the UPPAbaby MESA, but also NUNA, Cybex and Maxi-Cosi car seats. Adapters for baby car seats are sold separately.

UPPAbaby MINU Car seat compatibility

Great features, fancy design

The UPPAbaby MINU is a great, lightweight stroller that provides both plenty of useful features and a great look at the same time. I’ll shortly describe what I like the most about this stroller:

  • 4 great colors you can choose from to make the stroller stand out.
  • The handlebar sits fixed at 41 inches above the ground and it can’t be adjusted, but fits most parents – if you’re really tall (or small) just check it out before deciding to buy this one. All others will be just fine and for sure happy with the handlebar covered with durable, soft leather, giving both great feel and a classy look.
  • Really big and spacy SPF50+ canopy with a viewing window. It has a mesh ventilation system, so it’s going to provide extra air conditioning for your little one during hot summer days. Thumbs up for the magnet closure, so you don’t have to worry about the velcro noise that could wake up your kid during a nap. Besides, it won’t collect dirt like the velcro. What I like the most about this canopy is the pop up sun shade, hidden under the canopy, so you can pull it out just when you need it.
  • 5-point harness providing extra safety. The harness is easy to buckle and you can unbuckle it using just one hand to get your kid out of the stroller nice and quick. It has a nice, soft padding so your kid is sitting both safely and comfy.
  • Although you won’t find a snack tray for your kid or a parent organizer, the UPPAbaby MINU covers your needs. There’s a nice, easily accessible storage bag, hanging just below the handlebar. It provides quite a lot of space so you can take all your essentials like phone, keys or a wallet.
  • The seat is nice and soft, padded and the recline is one handed. The seat has a nice range of setting and you can set it to around 30 degrees, though not totally flat. At the same time it’s not a big thing, as you should rather choose the From Birth kit if you want to have a fully flat position.
  • The storage basket capable of accommodating up to 20 pounds. It may be accessed both from the back and the front and that is nice, but at the same time I have to add it’s not very deep and because of its shape you have to be rather careful while placing your stuff so it wouldn’t fall out.
  • The swivel front wheels do their job really good even though they are smaller. Naturally, strolling on a flat surface is extra smooth, but the surprising thing is the UPPAbaby MINU handles some harder terrain pretty well too. All-wheel suspension works great, so your kid doesn’t get tossed around and may nap comfortably even while going through some bumps.
  • Last, but not least.. one of my favourite things in this stroller. Absolutely simple, intuitive and easy to use brake. There are two tabs on the back wheels, green and red. Press the red one to lock the wheels, press the green one to unlock them. Flip-flop friendly! ? I think this should be a standard for all the strollers.

UPPAbaby MINU storage bag

Overall performance and usability of UPPAbaby MINU

I have to admit that the UPPAbaby MINU does it job really good every day thanks to its features. There are three seating options, that are easy and quick to switch. Storage capabilities are fine thanks to the basket capable of accommodating up to 20 pounds and that’s not an obvious thing if we consider that this stroller is a lightweight one. One handed folding is great and for sure it will be appreciated by all parents.


The UPPAbaby MINU will also accommodate an older or taller kid as the backrest is about 18 inches long, but there are a few more at the canopy’s top. The seat is really spacy, so the ride will be great for your little passenger. The seat and shoulder straps are padded, furthermore increasing the comfort.

Hundreds of parents have already checked this stroller too! Click here to check their opinions and maybe find a great price for UPPAbaby MINU.

Thanks to a small footpring, the UPPAbaby MINU is perfect in narrow or crowded places. It has a great maneuverability, so a tight corner or a crowdy mall won’t be a challenge – it is a perfect shopping companion, easy to push even in a small grocery.

UPPAbaby MINU stroller review

Although the UPPAbaby MINU isn’t an all-terrain stroller, I have to admit that it handles many types of terrain really good. Cobbled street or a bumpy sidewalk are not a problem – all-wheel suspension handles bumps pretty good, making the ride comfortable for your toddler.

The only thing that reallly comes to my mind that could be improved is the possibility to adjust the handlebar. It’s not a big thing, as the handlebar fixed at 41’’ above the ground fits most parents and may be a problem only to those above 6’’ or below 5’5’’. Apart from that, the handlebar has a great touch and stylish look thanks to the leather cover.


If you are wondering what stroller could compete with UPPAbaby MINU, in my opinion it’s BABYZEN YOYO+. This stroller comes with similar functionalities, it’s slightly lighter and more compact than MINU. You can see my comparison of these two models below.

UPPAbaby MINU smallBabyzen Yoyo Plus small
Suitability For NewbornsThe lightweight UPPAbaby MINU’s functionality may be extended using the From Birth Kit carrycot.The carrycot for the BABYZEN YOYO+ is sold seperately. It’s a must if you’d like to use this stroller from day one.
CanopyReally big and spacy SPF50+ canopy with a viewing window.BABYZEN YOYO+ canopy is not the biggest one I’ve seen, but still pretty decent.
Item Weight14.8 lbs13 lbs
Folded Dimensions20.5 x 23 x 11.5 inches20.5 x 17 x 7 inches
Maximum Manufacturer Weight Recommended55 lbs40 lbs
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Pros & Cons


  • Lots of space in a compact stroller
  • Really big and spacy SPF50+ canopy with a pop out sun visor, providing extra shade for your little one
  • Peek-a-boo window with a magnetic closure
  • Baby car seat compatibility
  • Suitable from day one with the From Birth kit
  • Great, all-wheel suspension makes the ride smooth
  • One handed folding
  • Very compact when folded
  • Really light and easy to carry around
  • Absolutely perfect brake


  • Not an all-terrain stroller (a con just for those who often stroll off-road )
  • Fixed height of the handlebar


I have to say I’m pretty surprised with the UPPAbaby MINU. Although there are some things that could be improved, like the possibility of adjusting the handlebar, this stroller should be on your list if you’re looking for a compact stroller that will serve you and your baby just fine on a daily basis. The quality of materials used is really good, the leather details are both classy looking and functional. There’s a lot of space for your little one and that’s really something considering how compact this stroller is. It won’t be able to handle off-road rides, but thanks to the all-wheel suspension it will go through a bumpy sidewalk or dirt with ease. It has a small footprint and great maneuverability, so you will surely love it when you go out shopping with your toddler. There’s quite a lot to like about the UPPAbaby MINU and maybe I’m a bit repetitive, but the brake is just outstanding. Overall – if you’re looking for a lightweight, compact stroller that provides great features and looks stylish at the same time, you should definitely consider buying this one.

Feeling like UPPAbaby MINU is just the right choice? Check what other parents think about it and see if you can get a discount at Amazon by clicking here.

All pictures belong to UPPAbaby. Source: uppababy.com

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