Ergobaby Metro Stroller Review

Over time, Ergobaby has rolled out several great baby carriers and impressive strollers with reversible handlebar. However, the brand is set to introduce a new member to its collection – the Ergobaby Metro Stroller.

As the first lightweight and compact city stroller from Ergobaby, the new Ergobaby is specially made for mothers who are always on the go. In this piece, we will be discussing some of the impressive features this stroller is bringing to the table. Read on!

Ergobaby Metro Stroller Review

Ergobaby aimed to achieve three things with its new stroller – portability, convenience, and comfort. So you can expect your little one to ride comfortably in this user-friendly stroller. Interestingly, you get all these in a package that weighs just 14 pounds.

Ergobaby MetroTypeWeightThe biggest advantage
Ergobaby Metro small
Check Latest Price
Lightweight stroller14 lbsOne of the best lightweight and compact city strollers I’ve ever tested. Large back tires, great suspension, deep recline and adjustable leg rest.


Ergobaby Metro Seat

The seat in the Ergobaby Metro is regular, and it is fit for babies that are 6-months-old and older, and it can conveniently handle up to 40 lbs. Your baby is guaranteed of a constant and adequate airflow irrespective of the weather, all thanks to the large mesh top. And if the weather ever gets chillier, then the cover comes handy. The backrest can be reclined pretty easily, but you will need your two hands to get it done. Squeeze the buckle with two straps – just as you have in the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller.

The recline in the Ergobaby Metro is very deep, but not entirely flat – and this is great, considering that it is a compact stroller. Interestingly, the Ergobaby Metro holds a certification of the AGR of Germany as „Back Healthy” for both the parent and the baby – a feat no other stroller has managed to achieve. With its ultra-comfort and depth, the padding in this stroller is one of the richest you will ever find in a stroller.

Ergobaby Metro Seat

You can easily remove the seat pad and wash it in a machine, so you can worry less about stains. The leg rest is adjustable – now your baby can rest his or her little feet while having a sweet nap.

Ergobaby Metro Canopy

Unlike what we have seen in most lightweight strollers, the Ergobaby Metro sports a sizable, extendable canopy that ensures that your baby’s eyes is safe from the sun rays. There is also a UV 50 protection plus a peek-a-boo window that makes access to your little passenger quite easy. The height of the canopy is also impressive – your baby has a lot of space above their head with the very high position of the hood. So, if your kid has some extra height, this stroller would still accommodate them seamlessly.

Ergobaby Metro Canopy

Ergobaby Metro Wheels and Suspension

The Ergobaby Metro is originally made for city use with the manufacturer recommending it for use on pavement and cobblestone. However, it surprisingly does well in off-road strolls. The rubber tires are shock-absorbing and puncture-free. They are smaller in the front and bigger in the back. The inbuilt suspension adds a luxurious feel to the cruise, especially on cracked bricks or sidewalks. You can rest assured of a smooth ride on even terrains, but there may be a couple of slight shocks when you hit bigger cracks or bumps, due to the small wheels.

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The parking brake of this stroller is large and easy to set and release all thanks to the pedal, which is positioned right in the middle of the rear axle.

Ergobaby Metro Wheels

Ergobaby Metro Storage

Like you will find in most compact and lightweight strollers, the storage basket in the Ergobaby is located under the seat. Although decent, the basket is not huge but will conveniently handle a small diaper bag, mom’s purse, or something within the range of 10 pounds.

There is a hidden extra pocket on the seat back – this is ideal for your wallet, phone or other valuables you need handy.

Ergobaby Metro Storage

Ergobaby Metro Weight and Fold

These are arguably the biggest selling points of this stroller. Yes, it is lightweight and compact. But it weighs just 14 pounds – lifting and carrying a stroller have never been easier. In addition to a compact weight, the Ergobaby Metro also offers a compact fold. So, storage and transport is just a walk in the park. Now you can worry less about taking your stroller on trips.

The folding is just too simple and it is doable with a single hand. Just a few seconds and you have a folded stroller right in your front. The folded version of the stroller is really small – like the MINU, GB Pockit Plus, and Babyzen YOYO+. At dimensions of 20.5” x 17.3” x 9,” you will have no problem taking this stroller on flights with most American and European airlines. However, you may need to confirm the eligibility before the trip.

Ergobaby Metro Folded

The small size makes it ideal for public transportations alongside train or car trips. You can decide to keep it either in the driver’s seat or in the trunk of the car. There is a carry handle right in the middle of the seat and with this, carrying just got easier. You may need to handle this stroller to truly understand how light and compact it is after folding.

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You can conveniently fold your Ergobaby Metro in seconds whenever there is the need to, then carry it seamlessly and singlehandedly. Ergobaby revealed that a specialized backpack for the Metro stroller will be available for sale, to ensure even more portability.

Ergobaby Metro Fold

Fit for Newborns

The main seat is designed to conveniently house 6-month-old’s, however, you can also use the Ergobaby Metro for your newborns. All you have to do is attach the Newborn Kit and your stroller turns into a pram. You can get the Newborn Kit separately in stores. With this small bassinet, your newborn baby is more comfortable in a flat position. Furthermore, there is adequate protection for your newborn baby against sun and wind, courtesy of the sizable canopy and apron.

Fitting-in the Metro Newborn Kit is quite straightforward and it does not hinder the folding of the stroller. You can fold it while attached, or fold the kit separately and store in a little space.

Ergobaby Metro for Newborns

Ergobaby Metro Colors

There are four color variants of the Ergobaby Metro. So, you can pick either the blue, red, grey or black variant. The frame is always black, except the blue color variant that spots a partially white frame.

Ergobaby Metro is a great choice that should fit your needs just fine. Check its current price at Amazon and maybe you’ll find a nice discount.

Ergobaby Metro Colors

Ergobaby Metro vs BABYZEN YOYO+

If you are wondering what stroller can be compared to Ergobaby Metro, let’s look at the features of BABYZEN YOYO +. As you will notice, this is a lightweight stroller with similar parameters. But the biggest plus of Ergobaby Metro in this ranking is the price. Recently, when I checked prices, it was almost twice cheaper than BABYZEN YOYO +.

Ergobaby Metro smallBabyzen Yoyo Plus small
Ergobaby MetroBABYZEN YOYO+
Suitability For NewbornsYou can attach the Newborn Kit and your stroller turns into a pram. You can get the Newborn Kit separately in stores.The carrycot for the BABYZEN YOYO+ is sold seperately. It’s a must if you’d like to use this stroller from day one.
CanopyErgobaby Metro comes with a sizable, extendable canopy that ensures that your baby’s eyes is safe from the sun rays.BABYZEN YOYO+ canopy is not the biggest one I’ve seen, but still pretty decent.
Item Weight14 lbs13 lbs
Folded Dimensions20.8 x 16.9 x 9 inches20.5 x 17 x 7 inches
Maximum Manufacturer Weight Recommended40 lbs40 lbs
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

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