Cybex Balios S Stroller Review (2020)

If you’re looking for a stylish yet versatile and multifunctional stroller for your baby, the Cybex Balios S might just be what you want. Following its debut release in 2018, the Cybex Balios S has seen a revamp and, ticking the right checklist across the board, the 2020 version is sure to make an ideal choice for many parents. Here’s all you need to know about the new Cybex Balios S stroller.

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Cybex’s line of strollers is a fusion of style, versatility and durability. Released in the Spring of 2018, the Cybex Balios S has a minimalist design, and while the 2020 version comes in new colors, performance and functionality have not changed. Made of high-quality materials, the new stroller features multiple seating positions and is suitable for babies from birth up to their first few years of toddlerhood. The Cybex Balios S works fine for kids from 0 to 4 years. This review gives you a closer look at the Cybex Balios S and lets you in on all you need to know before buying the stroller for your baby.

cybex balios s review

Stroller Seat

As with other strollers, the Cybex Balios features a regular baby seat. However, it also comes with a memory button that serves to reverse the seat, allowing you to change the position of your baby’s face at will. The 3-stage recline can go all the way to an entirely flat position, thus making this stroller a great choice for new babies and young toddlers. As babies grow, a more comfortable legroom is important, and the Cybex Balios S doesn’t dissapoint here thanks to an adjustable leg rest.

cybex balios s positions

The bumper bar is one accessory not found in many strollers, not so with the Cybex Balios S. If you fancy this accessory and won’t like to buy it separately, as is the case with other brands, this stroller is what you want. Opening from both sides, the feature makes it easy to put your baby in and out of the stroller seat easily. For your baby’s delicate skin, a well-padded seat can only come in handy, and the Cybex Balios S is a winner in this department if reviews are anything to go by.

cybex balios s seat

Made from high-quality material, the soft-fabric seat is designed to work in harmony with your baby’s subtle skin. And that’s not all, there is a 5-point harness system in place to ensure your baby is safely tucked inside wherever you go.

Cot S – Cybex Balios S Pram

Fancy turning your stroller set into a pram? Then check out the Cot S bassinet. The bassinet is quite roomy, providing ample space that grows with your baby. And before you worry about exposing your baby to sun and rain, there’s a wide 2-panel canopy for all the protection your baby needs. Also, the bassinet features memory foam mattress, providing excellent support and comfort for your baby’s delicate spine.

cybex balios s pram

The Cocoon

Infants need the best support and care, which is why it makes sense to invest in a stroller with a decent newborn cocoon. The Cybex Balios S comes with one, and while this cocoon is much smaller than the Cot S bassinet, the former is a great add-on for support and overall baby wellnesss. It also reclines entirely flat, making it possible for your baby to rest without any safety concerns. The stroller cocoon has two covers to protect from the extremes of winter and summer, thus checking your baby’s exposure to cold and heat all year round. There is also a stroller harness at the back of the cocoon to strap your baby if the need arises. The Cybex Balios S is obviously a multifunctional stroller, and it’s not hard to see why it is the ideal choice for parents looking to buy a solid stroller for their newborn.

cybex balios s cocoon

Newborns Seat Options

The Cybex Balios S is probably one of the best deeply reclining strollers out there. However, if you’d like to provide more support for your baby’s neck and head, you might also want to invest in an extra accessory that integrates with the Balios S, so you want to consider Cybex’s extra cocoon. For the budding travelers, you’d be happy to know this stroller integrates with infant car seats.

cybex balios s car seat

The Cybex Balios S Travel System

For parents who spend more time outdoors, stroller seats that also double as travel systems when on the go are a must-have. Thankfully, the Cybex Balios S works with car seat adapters. However, these are sold separately, so you may consider investing in one depending on your commute needs. The Cybex Balios S Stroller works with both GB and Cybex infant car seats. To switch from regular stroller to travel system, simply remove the regular seat and integrate your choice car seat to the stroller frame.

cybex balios s travel system

The Wheels

In the wheels department, the Cybex Balios S is ruggedly designed to handle attack from all types of terrains. The rubberized wheels are sufficiently inflated, unlikely to complain or go flat after an all-day adventure. The swiveling front wheels are complemented by large rear ones for an overall sturdy design. A good suspension system is key if you regularly walk on gravel or uneven terrains, and the stroller is a nice match if that sounds like your need. All wheels are equipped with a spring to stabilize movement and reduce the impact of road imperfections. So whether on grass, cobbled streets, gravel or rough pavement, the Cybex Balios S is all yours for the taking.

cybex balios s wheels

The Brake System

The stroller features an easy-to-use brake system. To slow pace, simply press and release the pedal at the center of the rear axle. Since the pedal is a little close to the basket, applying the brakes can be a little irksome, so you want to keep this in mind when reaching for the brake.

cybex balios s brake

Storage Basket

Whether for water bottles, groceries or your baby’s outdoor essentials, a large storage basket is an important feature to have in a stroller. The Cybex Balios S comes with a roomy one. Since the seat mount is quite high, you can throw in all of your baby’s items and bags at will and pick them up without any interference. However, the storage basket cannot accommodate luggage heavier than 11 lbs, so overly heavy items may not fit in here.

cybex balios s storage basket

The Stroller Canopy

One of the first things to consider when buying a stroller is the canopy size. If nothing, you want to keep your baby safe from extended exposure to the sun. Featuring a considerably large canopy, the Cybex Balios S is easily one of the best strollers if canopy size is top on your priority. The stroller canopy extends far, covering babies from head to toe. With the flip-out sun visor, you have an additional shield to protect your baby from UV rays.

It sounds just ideal to have an opening of some sort to keep an eye on your baby wherever you go. And thanks to the peek-a-boo window, you can always look in to ensure your baby is in proper recline all day. It’s also nice to know the window operates silently, so no worries about disturbing your baby’s nap. The peek-a-boo mesh design drives air inflow, and this, together with the UV 50+ protection provided by the sun hood fabric, makes the stroller an ideal place to tuck in your baby when going on an all-day trip.

cybex balios s canopy

Cybex Balios S Handlebar

The stroller features an adjustable handlebar for convenient use. With four settings available, the handlebar can be tailored to suit your height, making it easy to maneuver the stroller everywhere you go.

cybex balios s handlebar


Thanks to a fairly lightweight design and compact build, the Cybex Balios S folds easily, in a two-step process and within a few seconds. After use, all you need do is simply push down the handlebar. The stroller can be folded with the seat in the rear or front-facing position. Folded, the Cybex Balios comes to only 16.14” x 23.62” x 29.53” in dimension, comfortable for storage at home and fits nicely in most car trunks. The overall build should allow you to move past tight doorways and aisle without any problems. At 24 lbs, this stroller is one of the lightest heavy-duty strollers on the market. Lifting it into your car trunk or away from it after use shouldn’t be difficult.

cybex balios s folded

Stroller Performance

On the whole, the Cybex Balios S stroller maneuvers easily and breezes past multiple terrains at will. It’s a huge lift from the Balios M and would make an ideal choice for use all types of smooth and rough surfaces.

Pros & Cons


  • One of the best reclining full-sized strollers on the market
  • Peekaboo window lets in more air and increases breathability
  • Folds quickly and easily
  • Suitable for use on the harshest of terrains
  • Can be used with a carrycot, infant car seat, and newborn cocoon
  • Wide canopy provides complete protection all year round
  • Made of high-quality fabric
  • Handlebar can be adjusted to match parent height
  • Capacious basket for your storage needs


  • Rain cover and cup holder accessories are not included in the original set and need to be bought separately
  • At 24lbs, some parents might fancy a lighter stroller


cybex cocoon sCybex Cocoon S: The cocoon gives your baby additional neck and back support. It also creates a decent sleeping space for your baby and fits nicely with the default Balios S seat.
cybex kid boardKid Board: Suitable for older kids, the kid board allows your baby to switch positions after long periods of sitting.
cybex cot sCot S: The Cot S is a roomy shelter for babies immediately after birth. So you might want to invest in one if you need a stroller for a newborn.
cybex footmuffFootmuff: The footmuff is a nice accessory for parents who live in colder regions or simply want to keep their baby warm when going out during winter.
cybex organizerOrganizer: An organizer is what you want to further increase the stroller storage space.
cybex balios s rain coverRain cover: Out on a rainy day, a rain cover provides the extra layer of protection for your baby.

Other accessories include infant car seat adapter, cup holder, changing bag, snack tray, and parent gloves. The Cybex Balios S may not be the cheapest stroller out there, but its a more budget-friendly buy than the UPPAbaby CRUZ.

Cybex Balios S Colors

The 2019 Cybex Balios S comes in a wide range of colors. Like its predecessor, parents can buy the stroller set in Manhattan Grey, Denim Blue or Lavastone Black. The color shakeup now includes Tropical blue and Fancy Pink, with brown handles and silver frames also available in some of these models. The Scuderia Ferrari collection comes in Racing Red and Victory Black models. You can look up these color versions on the Amazon product page here. However, as prices differ depending on your choice color, it makes sense to compare options when making a purchase.

cybex s balios colors

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