BOB Revolution PRO Review

Strollers are a thing for many parents. And when it comes to including one in your outdoor kit, the BOB Revolution PRO remains one of the foremost on the market. For the most part, it is quite hassling keeping pace with your kids while pacing through your daily jogging or morning strolls. Thankfully, the BOB Revolution PRO affords the dual benefit of safety and comfort your kids deserve when left unattended.

From long strolls to the grocery to workout sessions at the beach, this stroller is all yours in the taking. The BOB Revolution PRO comes with a brilliant design and structure that allows you to breeze past uneven surfaces and paths without bordering on the safety of your baby. Not a common feature in many alternatives out there.

BOB Revolution PRO stroller review

If buying a jogging stroller is on your checklist, a trusty review is what you want. What follows is a comprehensive overview of the BOB Revolution PRO to let you in on everything you need to know before making a purchase.

BOB Revolution PROTypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
BOB Revolution PRO small
Check Latest Price
Jogging stroller44 x 25.4 x 43 inchesBOB Revolution PRO is one of the best jogging strollers I’ve ever used. It comes with great adjustable suspension system, decent storage space, adjustable handlebar and multi-position recline seat. This jogger is a top choice for runners!


BOB Revolution PRO Features

The BOB Revolution PRO model is hugely popular, but for good reasons too. Packed full with many features to, it’s really not hard to see why many parents are opting in. The BOB Revolution PRO comes with the following features.

Huge extendable canopy

There’s probably nothing more protective than a canopy. And when you have a large, extendable one, as is the case with the BOB Revolution PRO, you can go all day ditching weather worries. The extendable canopy is hugely wide, has multiple positions, and literally swallows the whole seat. The canopy should work just fine, but cashing in on a rain cover might not hurt too. A small window grants you access to your baby at will, so you have no restrictions even when the canopy is in use.

BOB Revolution PRO canopy

Multi-position recline seat

An important consideration to look out for before making a purchase for your baby is their age. Although BOB okays this stroller for babies 8 weeks or older, it can be a little tricky using the reclining seat. Except if your baby’s growth is unusually fast, chances are high their neck and head control will still be poor at 8 weeks, and so I’d recommend looking elsewhere if you want a stroller for that age. This model, and any other stroller really, probably wouldn’t be a great fit as the support would be little to none. Jogging strollers are ideal for babies 6 months or older. In any case, you only want to stroll and not risk jogging your baby around in an infant seat.

BOB Revolution PRO seat

While you will still need to raise the backrest of the BOB Revolution PRO using both hands, this model comes with an improved upgrade to the PRO 2015 model; you now have a one-hand recline, as compared to a two-hand recline system in PRO 2015. From vertical, you can have the seats recline 70 degrees away, good enough to let you baby remain asleep for long walks or strolls. Buyers also fancy the seat design which provides all the comfort your baby needs.

It also appears the BOB Revolution PRO took a major upgrade in the seat department, with the latest version notching things up than the previous model, allowing your kid enhanced ability to have a sneak peek of what’s going on as you stroll. Further, thanks to its top quality fabric, the seat is what you want when going out on a hazy day. The fabric is additionally complimented with water repellant coating to prevent your kid from getting drenched in unpredictable weather conditions. This durability makes the BOB Revolution PRO a good choice if you’re in for a long term stroller in hazy conditions.

BOB Revolution PRO recline

Kids can mess things up. And fast! What ensues is a difficult cleaning process if the seat material combines easily with moisture. The repellant nature of the coating material additionally ensures a smooth cleaning process however messy the stroller gets.

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On the flip side, though, there is a slightly rough fabric sandwiched between the seat bottom and calf rest. This can be worrisome for many babies, especially if yours adorns a sensitive skin. So it goes without saying you want to verify if this won’t be a problem before sticking with the BOB Revolution PRO. Plus, the stroller lacks another feature you’ll probably find handy – a bumper bar. If trays are part of your needs, which will also double as a bumper bar, here’s where to get a BOB child tray.

Five-point harness

You can’t go climbing without a harness, and it turns out your baby won’t be safe in a stroller without one too. The BOB Revolution PRO is equipped with a five-point harness, strong enough to lock your baby in firm position, but mild enough to prevent any discomfort; it is delicately padded with thick straps. Regardless of your baby’s size, the harness is all yours to keep them in good position wherever you go.

BOB Revolution PRO seat 2

Adjustable handlebar

Good handlebars allow you to control the stroller at will, preventing awkward movements, while ensuring you don’t have to bend or strain your waist. Too tall or short parents would do better with an adjustable handlebar, and the BOB Revolution PRO comes with one. The savvy design of the handlebar allows you to adjust the height anywhere from 34” to 48”, and so height discrepancies are probably the least considerations to worry about.

BOB Revolution PRO handlebar

Wheels with air-filled tires

Running on small wheels and poorly inflated tires, finding your way around bumpy terrains can be a nightmare for your baby. The BOB Revolution PRO solves this problem with a 3-wheel design and adequately inflated tires, ensuring the stroller welcomes the barrage of attacks it will be exposed to all day and every day. Whether on beachy sand, muddy path, gravel or grass filled terrains, the BOB Revolution PRO takes them all. And so the stroller gets the nod over many others with questionable stability on uneven surfaces.

Both front and rear wheels are adequately inflated at 12.5” and 16” respectively. The front swiveling wheel can be locked, so wriggling your way through narrow spaces and crowded locations shouldn’t be a problem. Add to this is the upgraded function which makes quick-release possible as the need arises. Shopping couldn’t be more convenient and fun!

BOB Revolution PRO wheels

With the front wheels locked, it promises an incredibly smooth transition navigating your way around wooded trails. You want your little beauty to zoom off asleep when outdoors, and the BOB Revolution PRO agrees! Poorly constructed strollers are synonymous with unstable movements. And having your stroller trip off or disrupting your baby’s circadian rhythm is the last thing you want when jogging. With many rave reviews from happy parents, you likely won’t go wrong cashing in on this stroller. Plus, the stroller can be pushed around with a single hand, which is a plus if you’re always busy on the phone or simply want to commit less force as you stroll.

Wondering if getting BOB Revolution PRO is a good choice? Check what others think about it, read the reviews at Amazon.

Adjustable suspension system

Regardless of the aesthetic appeal or robust wheel design your stroll may present, a poor suspension system never makes a good option. The suspension system is even more important if your stroller will be running on rough terrains. Thankfully, the BOB Revolution PRO comes with an adjustable suspension system which effectively distributes your baby’s weight, increasing stability and safety wherever you choose to use it. There are two different adjustments that can be set, depending on the weight and age of your baby. This ensures you and your baby have a smooth and hassle-free ride all day long on grass, cobblestone, and gravel or wherever your trip takes you. A good suspension system not only makes for stable movement, it additionally ensures that road imperfections have little to no effect on your baby’s comfort and health after a long day outdoors.

BOB Revolution PRO suspension

Handbrake and parking brake

Just as a good suspension system will prevent your baby from bouncing on unsteady paths, the handbrake and parking brakae are there to control mobility and speed when climbing or coming down hilly terrains. You want your stroller to move along synchronously, and the BOB Revolution PRO shouldn’t disappoint here. For improved accessibility, the handbrake can be easily reached. A little caveat to mention though is the slight difference in weight compared to the BOB Revolution Flex Model – which is 2 lbs lighter.

There is also a second brake – the parking brake, which is operated by foot.  Need I say it’s worth erring on the side of caution to put the stroller on the parking brake when the stroller is not in use to prevent any risk of movement. The brake is also positioned nicely and won’t impede movement wherever you go.

BOB Revolution PRO brake

Safety wrist strap

Made for comfort and stability, the BOB Revolution PRO comes with a safety wrist strap, which essentially bolsters safety and improves control, so you don’t have to worry about the stroller straying awkwardly or pacing uncontrollably. No automatic lock is provided, however, but the strap has an accompanying lock to keep the stroller in place.

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BOB Revolution PRO wrist strap

Storage space

The BOB Revolution PRO is equipped with a decent storage space. There are additional two mesh pockets to keep snacks, toys and just about what your baby needs for an outdoor trip. For parents, your water bottle and other miscellaneous items all go in the big mesh pouch located behind the seat. Probably due to buyer feedback, the basket of the BOB Revolution PRO is appreciably larger than the preceding model.

BOB Revolution PRO storage basket

Compatibility with infant car seats

Another upside of the BOB Revolution PRO is its compatibility with infant car seats. This is a plus if you need to work out right out the gate following delivery. But of course, this is no green pass to running a mile challenge with your newborn locked inside. Good for short walks and strolls and you should be fine. It’s also worth mentioning that a proper adapter is required to firmly integrate the car seat. The stroller fits well with a wide range of car seat brands including Chicco, Peg Perego, Britax, and Graco.

BOB Revolution PRO with infant car seat

BOB Revolution PRO – Weight & Size

On to size and, thanks to the rear drum brakes, we have the BOB Revolution PRO coming at 30.5 lbs. That’s an extra 2.3 lbs heavier than the 2015 model. It’s apparently worth factoring into the equation if you’ll be climbing stairs often. Folded, the stroller presents 39” x 25.5” x 16” (L x W x H) dimension. Transporting the stroller can become quite arduous for many, and cars with small trunks may not size up well. However, if that’s not enough a drawback, considering the extra bit of safety and stability your baby will enjoy on the wheels and brakes, this stroller should work just fine. You may also decide to detach the removable rear wheels when parking.

If you’re considering buying BOB Revolution PRO, opinions of its users will surely be a great help. Click here to check them at Amazon.


The user-friendly stroller folds in two-steps. And you probably won’t be able to fold it using one hand. But it’s fairly a snap process and shouldn’t cause serious delays. As no automatic lock is provided, you have to use a wrist strap – attached clip lock after folding the stroller. Mothers with back pain or concerns following delivery may find the process a little exhausting though.

BOB Revolution PRO folded

BOB Revolution PRO Colors

There are only four colors to choose from: Blue, Green, Black and Canyon. As with other brands, variations in price are subject to colors. For available colors and their prices, head over to Amazon.

There you have it. While the BOB Revolution PRO has a few caveats, as is obvious in the weight department, it presents an overall decent option for long term use, thanks to its durable design. The wheels are also strong enough to withstand constant attacks on your road trips, which is a plus if you regularly traverse uneven terrains. Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons to bear in mind.

BOB Revolution PRO colors

BOB Revolution PRO vs Thule Urban Glide 2

BOB Revolution PRO is one of the best jogging strollers, no doubt about it. It’s praised by thousands of parents around the world. If you are wondering if there is an alternative to this stroller, it is certainly Thule Urban Glide 2. Both strollers have a very similar price and are really recommended by runners who don’t intend to give up their activity because of the child. See how these strollers differ by looking at the following list.

BOB Revolution PRO smallThule Urban Glide 2 small
BOB Revolution PROThule Urban Glide 2
Weight30.5 lbs25.3 lbs
Weight limit75 lbs75 lbs
Folded dimensions25.5 x 39 x 16 inches22.8 x 34.3 x 13.4 inches
Wheels size12,5” (front wheel) and 16” (rear wheels)12” (front wheel) and 16” (rear wheels)
BrakeHandbrake + FootbrakeHandbrake + Footbrake
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Pros & Cons


  • Wide canopy keeps your baby adequately shaded
  • Comes with safety features including a five-point harness, parking brake and wrist strap
  • Good suspension system withstands road imperfections
  • Wheels are large and sufficiently pumped
  • Comes with a swivel front wheel for easy use
  • Stroller speed can be controlled with a handbrake
  • Seat is excellently padded
  • Can be used with a wide range of infant car seats
  • Large storage basket available
  • Has extra storage pockets for water bottle and miscellaneous items.


  • Considerably large
  • Accessories aren’t provided
  • Considered too heavy
  • Bumper bar unavailable


For its price, one would expect to have the BOB Revolution PRO stocked with many accessories. But this is not the case; you’ll need to make do with the mesh pocket as there are no cup holders or parent tray in the original set up to keep your extra bottle of water. This can be a drawback for any summer stroll. Some accessories you’ll ideally want to include in your stroll set up include:

Britax and BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter for BOB Jogging Strollers smallBOB Single Infant Car Seat Adapter for Britax & BOB – You need an adapter to install your infant car seat to your stroller. Adapters snap fit the infant car seat to your stroller’s frame. There are different adapters to match your stroller brand. What we have here is the match Britax infant seat for BOB Revolution PRO.
Snack Tray for BOB Single Jogging StrollersBOB Single Snack Tray – From your kid’s favorite snacks to their finest drinks, they all go in the snack tray. It’s not the most expensive of the lot, and it can also double as your bumper bar, which is why you probably want to make some investment here.
Bob Stroller Handlebar Console with Tire PumpBob Stroller Handlebar Console with Tire Pump – Another accessory worth considering is the handlebar console for your water storage needs. If you’ll be spending much time outdoors in the summer, this may come in handy.
BOB Weather Shield for Single RevolutionBOB Weather Shield for Single Revolution – You want your baby to be adequately shielded from rain and harmful UV rays. The BOB Weather Shield is a great way to get started.

Final words

For increased stability, durability and safety, the BOB Revolution PRO stroller will take your baby out and back home conveniently. It sure comes with its own caveats, no thanks to its price and bulky design. But thanks to its wide range of features, the stroller has garnered loads of reviews to back its claims. To find out more on what buyers are saying, visit the product’s Amazon reviews here. The BOB Revolution PRO remains a top choice for many parents, but your choice of stroller will ultimately depend on what you want out of it. So whichever option you decide to go with, evaluate your needs, don’t forget to compare prices and have a sensational outdoor trip!

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