Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller Review

The modern trend of designing strollers convertible into baby prams has become quite popular and many companies are doing their best to create such a convenient model of a pushchair suitable not only for toddlers but also for new-borns. Needless to say, purchasing such a model of a stroller is a great idea since it will help you to save a lot of money, time and space at home.

baby jogger city tour 2 review

The great news is that a popular City Tour series of strollers was improved by a release of a new pushchair, Baby Jogger City Tour 2 which is based on the Baby Jogger City Tour stroller. The series also has another model which is available on the market under the name of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX. This one looks somewhat different from the original stroller and is featured by a greater size. In this review, we are going to delve into the details of City Tour 2 and compare it to original City Tour as well as the LUX model all of which are examples of the lightweight strollers of the highest quality available on the market today.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2TypeWeightAdvantages
baby jogger city tour 2 small
Check Latest Price
Lightweight stroller14.3 lbsA lightweight and convenient stroller which can be used with a carrycot or converted into a travel system.


The weight, folding and size of Baby Jogger City Tour 2

The folded dimensions of Baby Jogger City Tour 2 are 21.6″ L x 16.9″ W x 6.8″ H which make the fold of this stroller a bit flatter and more compact than the original City Tour model. Yet, the weight of this stroller is the same as the weight of the Baby Jogger City Tour stroller which is slightly above 14 lbs.

The mechanism of folding of this stroller has changed although the fold itself looks quite similar to the previous model of City Tour. The first City Tour model had one button on the handlebar whereas this model has two buttons. The top button has to be slid to the side. At the same time, the lower button has to be pressed. Thus, you will be able to fold the stroller which will get locked automatically. Even though there are two buttons for folding, you will still be able to deal with them single-handedly.

Unfortunately, just like the previous model of Baby Jogger City Tour 2 can’t stand on its own while folded.

baby jogger city tour 2 folded

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is sold with a special travel bag which allows you to transport it safely and conveniently. Still, some parents find a new one-shoulder strap in the bag coming with Baby Jogger City Tour 2 less comfortable than the straps designed in a style of a backpack featuring the bag coming with Baby Jogger City Tour.

The major components of Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Let’s look at the most important elements of the stroller in the first place so as you will be able to decide from the start whether you are interested in purchasing such a model.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is a durable baby stroller available in the market to purchase as well. This can further assist you to get the most out of the amount of money at the time of buying the product. Check how much it currently costs on Amazon, maybe you can find an attractive discount.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 sitting options

As I have already mentioned, Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is an example of a light stroller which has been designed with a view to being suitable for both babies and toddlers. Actually, this is a new feature which is not available in the original Baby Jogger City Tour stroller.


If you have already some basic experience in the choice of pushchairs, you definitely know that a carrycot is a way better sitting option for new-born babies than even a fully reclining toddler seat, let alone a travel chair. That is so since a bassinet is designed with a view to carrying babies for a prolonged period of time rather than for short trips. It is the safest option for new-borns.

A carrycot can be attached to the frame of Baby Jogger City Tour 2 in a very simple way, however, you should pay your attention to the fact the toddler seat will remain on the frame. You will first need to recline it and then attach special adapters directly to the frame. The carrycot will be installed on the adapters.

baby jogger city tour 2 carrycot

Infant car seat

The previous model of City Tour were not compatible with infant car seats. Of course, if you are going to use your stroller exclusively with a child who can already sit confidently in a toddler seat, a possibility of using this stroller with an infant car seat is of no great importance for you.

Yet, if you are purchasing a lightweight stroller with a view to transporting a new-born baby in it, being able to use the frame with an infant car seat means that in some situations you can resign from taking a carrycot as well. Sometimes it can turn out to be crucial especially if you do not have too much space in your car trunk.

In order to convert your stroller into a travel system (a complete list of the best travel systems can be found here), you will need to purchase additional adapters which are now available for the Graco Click Connect and Baby Jogger City GO car seats for infants.

baby jogger city tour 2 travel system

Major seat

The major seat of Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is an improved version of its predecessor, the original Baby Jogger City Tour stroller. The designers have worked on several issues reported by some parents using this stroller connected to its seat. The major problem with this part of the stroller was its shallowness which made it somewhat uncomfortable for kids. The sitting position wasn’t exactly appropriate even for toddlers who were risking to slip off their seats.

In order to address this problem, the manufacturer made the seat deeper and also improved the leg rest. Actually, now the leg rest is adjustable and you can flip it down and up.

Still, you should be aware that just like the previous model of Baby Jogger City Tour, the new stroller in the series can’t be fully reclined. Even though, the stroller is featured by a near-flat recline which is really impressive for a lightweight model.

Interested in purchasing Baby Jogger City Tour 2? Check how much it costs on Amazon and see if there are any discounts available.

The seat can be reclined in the same way as the seat of the first model of Baby Jogger City Tour with the use of a buckle with straps. You will be able to lower the seat operating with just one hand, but you will have to use both of them in order to raise the backrest. This mechanism is very typical for strollers of a low and medium price categories.

baby jogger city tour 2 seat


The canopy of Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is exactly the same as the one used in the previous model of City Tour. The fabrics used in canopy is featured with UV 50+ and has three panels which can be extended. The canopy is also equipped into a convenient peek-a-boo window.

There is a slight difference between the shape of the canopies, however, the amount of shade they are providing is still the same.

baby jogger city tour 2 canopy


Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is perfect for parents of a short and medium height, yet, tall parents with the height above 6ft might find pushing this stroller somewhat uncomfortable. Just like in the previous model, the height of the handlebar can’t be adjusted.

Also, like in the case of the original City Tour model, the handlebar is rubberised which is definitely a way more resistant to any pressure than foam which can be torn apart easily.

baby jogger city tour 2 handlebar


The strollers from the City Tour series are designed for urban use in the first place. Their small wheels won’t allow you to use either Baby Jogger City Tour 2 or the previous model on some especially uneven terrain as they are more suitable for quite flat surfaces. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the stroller on gravel or sand. Still, you won’t have any problems while pushing the City Tour 2 stroller over cobblestone or short grass.

The stroller is featured by extra stability due to the possibility of locking the front wheels.

Pay your attention to the fact the brand’s name Baby Jogger actually doesn’t have anything to do with jogging. Strollers suitable for jogging have a totally different design while jogging or running with regular strollers is a very bad idea since such models won’t provide your child with necessary protection.

baby jogger city tour 2 wheels


The baskets in the both models of City Tour are the same. They are quite spacious for lightweight strollers, however, not extremely large. The size is just enough for a diaper bag of a medium size.

Yet, many parents find the material of the basket somewhat a bit fragile.

baby jogger city tour 2 storage

Fabric and colours

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is available in the colours differing from the previous model in this series. Actually, even the fabric of these strollers is somewhat shinier which makes them more stylish. Currently, you can choose from three colours which are silver or Slate, black or Jet and dark blue called in the catalogue as Seacrest.

baby jogger city tour 2 colors

Feeling like Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is just the right choice? Check what other parents think about it and see if you can get a discount at Amazon by clicking here.


There are a couple of accessories available for Baby Jogger City Tour 2 which you can purchase according to your own needs. As it has been mentioned, a travel bag available for this stroller is already included into its price.

Other seating options

The standard option includes a toddler seat, however, as you know Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is compatible with a carrycot and can also be changed into a travel system. Thus, you can get a carrycot for your Baby Jogger City Tour 2 as well as a pair of adapters which will allow you to use the stroller with either a Graco Click Connect infant car seat or a Baby Jogger City Go model.

Weather Shield

A weather shield is a necessary accessory which proves to be highly useful when you have to go out with your baby during rainy or snowy weather. This is really very helpful and I can personally recommend you to take it any time when you are out just in case the weather suddenly changes.

Belly bar

A belly bar is an additional protection for your baby which will help him or her to remain in a sitting position even if there is too much of movement.

baby jogger city tour 2 belly bar

Pros and cons of Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Unfortunately, nothing on Earth consists exclusively of pros, however, there are a lot of them in Baby Jogger City Tour 2. I have tried to provide you with as much information about the newest model of the Baby Jogger City Tour strollers, however, in order to make the right decision, you should have a summary of advantages and disadvantages of this stroller. Thus, it will be easier for you to estimate whether it is worth your money or not.


  • The stroller is lightweight and compact either while being unfolded or in its folded form which makes it extremely convenient for a daily usage;
  • A simple folding mechanism allowing you to operate the stroller without any help of other people;
  • Despite its small weight, the stroller is compatible with an infant car seat as well as a bassinet;
  • An improved deep seat with an adjustable leg rest;
  • A carry bag is included into the price;
  • Perfect for usage in crowded or tight urban locations, travelling by plane and can be used on somewhat uneven terrain as well;
  • Highly manoeuvrable;
  • A large sun canopy with an UV filter.


  • So far, is compatible exclusively with two models of infant car seats;
  • The fabrics of the basket is a bit too fragile;
  • Some parents find the front wheels being rather noisy;
  • The fabric can’t be removed easily in case you want to wash it.

My conclusions

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is a nice model of a lightweight stroller with additional functions which allow it to convert it into a travel system or a pushchair with a carrycot. These are great features making the stroller suitable for using right from the day of the birth of your baby.

At the same time, if you do not need all of these additional sitting options, you can just choose a standard version of the stroller and not to pay for them. This possibility of customisation is also a great fact about Baby Jogger City Tour 2.

Judging by the design of the stroller’s wheels, it is definitely earmarked for urban use. This stroller is far from being an all-terrain one and is certainly not a jogging model despite its name. You should bear these things in mind. Still, you will be able to use the stroller on some uneven terrains as well while the use of the flat terrains of a city will be a sheer pleasure for you. At the same time, a compact size of the stroller while being unfolded as well as folded makes it a great model for a daily usage in the city including public transportation or navigating around alleys of supermarkets.

If you’re still unsure of the choice, check out dozens of other parents’ reviews on Amazon. It will help you It will help you with making a decision.

When it comes to choosing between Baby Jogger City Tour 2 and the previous model, there is no need to pay for the predecessor of this stroller. Even if you don’t need all this functionality of a convertible stroller, you should still remember Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has a variety of other important improvements.

If you are not sure whether to purchase Baby Jogger City Tour 2 or Baby Jogger City Tour LUX, think how much the compactness of a stroller is crucial for you. The LUX model is also convertible and, in addition to it, it has a rather rare feature when it comes to lightweight strollers which is a reversible seat. At the same time, Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is not as compact as City Tour 2 and will cause you some trouble while travelling.

Thus, as usually, the decision of whether purchase a stroller or not, depends on your personal needs.

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