Joolz AER Baby Stroller- for the parents valuing comfort

Joolz AER Baby
TypeUltra lightweight stroller convertible into a travel system
Weight13.4 lbs
Dimensions while folded21” L x17.7” W x 8.5” H
Maximum weight capacity50 lbs
Main advantagesAn extremely compact stroller with a very small fold which is still convertible into a travel system allowing you to use it with your newborn baby. A particularly convenient seat will make the ride of your baby convenient while an exclusive harness system will take care of the safety of your child. The price includes a travel system and a rain cover.

If you are going to become a parent soon or you have happened to become a parent recently, you are really lucky, since the market of lightweight strollers has been extended a lot with a variety of advanced compact models. Undeniably, the parents who are leading a jet set lifestyle are a major group of customers looking for such strollers, however, everyone else can benefit from them a lot.

A variety of mini strollers with ultra small folds available today includes amazing options which will be very helpful in your daily life. For instance, such strollers as new Joolz AER Baby are excellent for the parents who are spending a lot of time with their children on their own. Having a really lightweight stroller which can be easily folded and transported even if you are carrying a lot of other things as well as your baby. Such strollers will let you go outside without any complications whether you are planning to go shopping or for a walk. Being able to spend your time actively with your baby even if there is no possibility to get any help from other people is one of the major advantages of using a lightweight stroller.

Joolz AER Baby is a stroller of the premium category which means its price is pretty high. Yet, as you will see in this review, the quality of this stroller is definitely worth it. Furthermore, pay your attention to the fact AER Baby is a convertible stroller which means you will be able to use it as a travel system with a new born baby. In addition to it, unlike many other strollers of different price groups, this model is sold with some necessary accessories which you will not need to purchase separately. The detailed information about these extra items is described in the further parts of my review.


Joolz AER Baby – weight, dimensions and fold

I have called Joolz AER Baby a mini stroller in the beginning of my review. The reason for it is an extremely small fold of this model as well its weight. As you might already know, the category of lightweight strollers covers the models with the maximum weight of 20 lbs. Now, compare this weight limit to the weight of Joolz AER Baby which is 13.4 lbs! Needless to say, this is a very small weight which will make the use of the stroller particularly convenient.

The fold of this stroller is compact enough for carrying it in the overhead compartment on board the planes of the majority of popular airlines. The exact dimensions of the strollers’ fold are 21” L x17.7” W x 8.5” H. Certainly, not only are the dimensions of the fold important but also the folding mechanism itself. In the case of Joolz AER Baby, you can rely on its mechanism even in the most messy situations when you are dealing with your child and piles of luggage at the airport. All you need to do is locating a special button on the handlebar and while engaging it, push a button which is located underneath at the same time. This will fold the stroller within a moment. Unfolding Joolz AER Baby is also thus simple.

The stroller has a special strap which will allow you to carry the fold on your shoulder when you need your hands for carrying other things or your baby. Furthermore, a bag for transportation of the fold is also included into the price.

Since the weight of this stroller is so small, it has somewhat smaller weight capacity with a maximum limit of 50 lbs. Of course, you will find a great number of lightweight strollers with a similar maximum capacity, however, there are also models offering more.

The basic components of Joolz AER Baby

Let’s look together at the most important parts of Joolz AER Baby which is absolutely necessary for making a final decision about a purchase. As for me, seating options, storage options, wheels and canopy are among the most crucial elements of every stroller, for that reason I always recommend other parents to pay their attention to these parts as well.

The seating options of Joolz AER Baby

A standard Joolz AER Baby stroller comes with a single seating option which is a seat suitable for children who are at least six months old. Still, even though this stroller is an ultra lightweight model, it is still highly strong and offers parents a possibility to use it with an infant car seat.

The basic seat

As I have just mentioned, the basic seat of Joolz AER Baby is suitable for the babies who are at least six months old, or can seat confidently on their own. This is so since the stroller doesn’t have a fully flat recline which is required for the safety and comfort of newborn babies. Yet, the position of the maximum recline is still very convenient for napping.

Pay your attention to the reclining mechanism and the mechanism used for fixing it. Actually, its is based on zipping the backrest up or down. It is not so popular among strollers, so you might need some time to get used to it, especially when it comes to zipping the backrest down. Even though it might be somewhat more time-demanding, many parents find the mechanism more stable than the typical ones used in other strollers.

A great feature of the Joolz AER Baby seat is its 5-point harness. Unlike the majority of models of all price categories available on the market, this stroller is equipped into a special form of a harness which is based on separate belts all of each should be clicked separately into one hub. This means you won’t need to connect the parts of straps with each other in order to lock the them in the hub which can be rather difficult especially if your child is a particularly active one. The parents who have already used this model for some time are pointing out the comfort of adjusting the length of the straps as well.

The padding of this stroller is also worth your attention since it is very rich and soft making the seat a really comfortable place for travelling.

A travel system

Despite its extremely small weight, Joolz AER Baby can be used as a travel system. This is possible after attaching a special adapter to the frame of the stroller which can be purchased separately. In order to use an infant car seat with Joolz AER Baby, you do not have to remove the main seat from the stroller. Of course, a travel system is needed if you want to use this stroller with a newborn baby.

The list of the infant car seat compatible with the adapters of Joolz AER Baby includes the following models:

  • Clek Liing;
  • Cybex Cloud Q (plus) and Cybex Aton Q (i-size);
  • Nuna Pipa, Pipa Lite, Pipa RX, Pipa Lite R as well as Pipa Lite XL.

Wheels and brakes

The wheels of Joolz AER Baby are not especially large which is absolutely typical for a lightweight stroller especially taking into consideration its extremely small size. While the front wheels are 4.9”, the rear ones are 5.9”. These wheels have particularly light rubber tires made with the use of a special puncture-proof technology.

The front wheels of the stroller are featured with a swivelling mechanism, yet, whenever you need, you can lock them easily so that they won’t be spinning.

Additionally, all of the four wheels have suspension. Needless to say, all of these features combined with a compact size and a small weight of the stroller are giving parents real comfort for manoeuvring this stroller. Many parents claim this stroller is easy to push and turn. Yet, the stroller is still more suitable for smooth surfaces, thus, it is more useful in the urban areas.

Fortunately, the manufacturer made the brakes mechanism in this stroller based on one touch which is definitely a better option than separate brakes for each of the rear wheels.


The canopy of Joolz AER Baby is a quite large one which is not thus typical for lightweight strollers. Your baby will get sufficient protection against wind and sun. The fabrics of this canopy is featured by UPF+ 50 which is absolutely necessary for the safety of your child.

The manufacturer also added a peek-a-boo window to the canopy so as you will be able to keep an eye on your baby without any difficulties. Definitely, this window is also needed for providing your baby with an extra source of fresh air.

Storage options

The major storage option of Joolz AER Baby is a basket which can hold up to 11 lbs. This is somewhat more than the majority of lightweight strollers which usually make it possible to carry up to 10 lbs, however, it doesn’t make the basket particularly large.

On the backrest of the stroller, you will find a pocket for smaller items which is useful for carrying your phone, a wallet or keys.


The handlebar of Joolz AER Baby is worth mentioning as well since it is covered with a leather-like material. This gives the stroller not only an appealing look, but it is also very convenient. First of all, you can keep the handlebar clean more easily. Secondly, the material is a way more resistant than a popular foam-like material used in the handlebars of many other models.

Even though the handlebar of this stroller is not adjustable, its height is still convenient for parents of different height.

The colour versions of Joolz AER Baby

So far, you will find four colour versions of Joolz AER Baby all of which are very elegant and neutral, however, if you are a fan of bright colours or interesting patterns, you won’t be able to find anything of this type among the range of the Joolz AER Baby models. The choice is Delightful Grey, Elegant Blue, Mighty Green and Refined Black. Pay your attention to the fact, neither the blue model nor the green one are featured by an intensive bright colour, they are rather the mixtures of these colours with a large amount of grey.

If you want to have a model with a white frame, you should purchase Elegant Blue. Delightful Grey, Mighty Green and Refined Black are all equipped into a black frame.

In all of the colour versions of Joolz AER Baby, a seat, a canopy and a harness are made of the materials in the exact same colour.

Accessories for Joolz AER Baby

As I have mentioned at the very beginning of this review, Joolz AER Baby comes with very useful accessories which you do not have to purchase separately. They are a travel bag and a rain cover. Although many other strollers offer a travel bag as well in the price of the stroller, many of them won’t provide you with a rain cover and you will have to buy it separately. Joolz AER Baby is sold along with such a cover.

The manufacturer is also offering a variety of other accessories which can be purchased separately. You will find a bumper bar covered with the same leatherette material as a handlebar, a leg rest, a honeycomb blanket available in several colours as well as a footmuff on the market. Don’t forget about adapters for an infant car seat which are needed for converting the stroller into a travel system.

Joolz AER Baby – advantages and disadvantages

Now, it’s time to look at the summary of the pros and cons of Joolz AER Baby which will help you to make your final decision about the purchase of this stroller. You will see, there is a number of positive aspects of this stroller, albeit it is not perfect for everyone. Yet, it might be ideal for you.


  • extremely lightweight with a super small fold making it possible to transport the stroller on board the plane;
  • can be converted into a travel system, so the stroller can be used with newborn babies, although its major seat is suitable for the babies starting from six months;
  • an excellent 5-point harness with a particularly comfortable locking mechanism and an easy way of adjusting the length of the straps;
  • a large canopy with an UV filter as well as a peek-a-boo window;
  • a somewhat larger basket than in many other lightweight strollers;
  • wheels of a high quality with full suspension;
  • a leatherette handlebar as well as a bumper bar (the latter one can be purchased separately);
  • a travel bag and a rain cover are sold along with the stroller.


  • a handlebar can’t be adjusted;
  • a leg rest is sold separately;
  • a zipping mechanism for fixing the position of the recline of the backrest is somewhat weird.

Joolz AER Baby – my conclusions

As you can see, Joolz AER Baby is a rather expensive model of a lightweights stroller, however, it offers parents a lot and the price includes a travel bag as well as a rain cover as well. Of course, you should consider the price of this model in the first place, although, this a great investment.

The major reason is of course is the fact the stroller is convertible, so purchasing it will give you a stroller which is actually suitable for carrying newborn babies. Another crucial reason why I can recommend this stroller is its super small weight and a highly compact fold. Believe me, it is crucial even if you are not planning to travel with your baby. Any time you will be going outside, you will be glad to be able to avoid tiresome and demotivating situations in which you can’t handle your baby, a stroller as well as additional things you are carrying without any help.

Certainly, there is also a range of other great things about this stroller including its fantastic canopy, wheels of an excellent quality and of course a harness which is particularly convenient. Note you will hardly find any other model of a stroller using such an exclusive and highly comfortable harness system as Joolz AER Baby. And, if your baby is particularly active, this element itself makes Joolz AER Baby worth purchasing.

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