The Best Travel System For 2021

Moving around with your newborn can be tricky at times. It is even more difficult for a parent doing it for the first time, but things can be much easier with the use of travel system strollers. That is the easy part. The hard part is choosing the best out of the wide range of options available in the market. I understand this, and that is why I have come up with this impressive review of 13 best baby car seat and stroller sets. You’ll find a suitable one among these for sure.

the best travel system

Keep in mind that the last place in the ranking doesn’t mean that the travel system is much worse than the rest. In fact, all 13 travel system presented here are worth buying. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, different sizes, weight. Get acquainted with my reviews and find out 🙂

The Best Travel Systems For 2020

Here is an extensive review of the 10 bestsellers on the market. Read about their great features, strengths, and weaknesses. I’m confident that this first-hand feedback and experience will help potential travel system owners make the right choice

1. Thule Spring

Thule SpringTypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
A convertible stroller with a small weight and large weight capacity17.7″L x 12.6″W x 30″HA stroller of the highest quality which can be used as a travel system with a variety of infant car seats. Despite its relatively small weight, it has quite large wheels suitable for dealing with different terrains and a weight capacity of 65 pounds.

Have you already heard about Thule Spring? This is one of the most distinguishable stroller available on the current market! Of course, it is famous for its excellent quality and a fashionable design. That is why it has to be on my list of the best travel systems.

Thule Spring is a full-size stroller with great functionality, however, it is not thus heavy as many other strollers of this type. Its weight is only 22 pounds which is very close to the weight of lightweight strollers. Even though it is not too heavy, this stroller is featured by a great weight capacity. To be precise, this stroller is actually a so-called model for big kids as it can handle the maximum weight of 65 pounds! Usually, such a great weight capacity is available in joggers, however, jogging strollers are themselves a way more heavier than Thule Spring is. That is why thus large weight capacity is a really unique feature of Thule Spring.

Of course, Thule Spring is a convertible stroller, that is why it is one my list of the best models of this type. I am more than happy that this amazing stroller can be used with infant car seats offered by various brands including some of the expensive seats as well as more affordable ones offered, for example, by Chicco or Maxi-Cosi.

Thule Spring is featured with a modern three-wheeled design which looks not only fashionable but it is also needed for better manoeuvrability of this stroller. Just do not mistake it for a jogging stroller as it is not the one although it really resembles such a model. Still, this stroller can be used for some off-road walks if the terrains are not too bumpy. The wheels of this stroller are 8.5 inches which also makes them suitable for dealing with a surface covered by a moderate amount of snow. Thus, it is possible to use this stroller in different situations.

Pay your attention to the design of the seating unit of Thule Spring which is very convenient for babies of different height and weight. I like the fact this seat has an infinite recline which allows you to adjust the seat to the exact needs of your baby in an easier way. This stroller also has a large canopy with a peek-a-boo window as well as UV protection. If you are going to use it during the winter, you can rest assure your baby will be protected against cold wind and snow as well.

The handlebar of this stroller can also be easily adjusted to the needs of a parent as it has a convenient telescopic mechanism. For your convenience, the manufacturer has also added a spacious storage basket which can be easily accessed from different sides of the stroller.

Pay your attention to the fold of this stroller which is very compact even though this model is regarded to be full-size one. A simple folding mechanism will collapse this stroller in a very slim structure which can be easily transported inside a car trunk or even in your hands.

Thule Spring is a very fashionable stroller available in several colour versions which differ with the colour of their canopies as well as the colour of the frame. A part of the frame of this stroller can be either black or silver. The colours of the canopy of Thule Spring can be not only of classic Black and Grey Melange colours but also in other colours such as Misty Rose, Olive, Majolica Blue and Teal Melange.

Feedback from parents

Let’s look at the features which parents like about this stroller in particular as well as the features they would like to change in Thule Spring.


  • a small weight for a full-size convertible stroller;
  • a very large weight capacity making it suitable for big kids;
  • can be converted into a travel system with a variety of infant car seats offered by different manufacturers of different price categories;
  • a simple folding mechanism and a very slim compact fold;
  • a great seating unit with an infinite recline and a five-point harness;
  • an adjustable handlebar with a functional telescopic mechanism;
  • quite large wheels and advanced suspension for an off-road use;
  • a three-wheeled design for better agility and manoeuvrability;
  • a generous canopy with UV protection and a handy peek-a-boo window;
  • a spacious storage basket with easy access;
  • compatible with a variety of useful accessories;
  • a stylish modern outlook.


  • it is not a jogging or a completely all-terrain stroller;
  • the price might be a bit too high.


Thule Spring is a sophisticated model of a full-size convertible stroller which is available for a reasonable price of nearly 400 USD. It is not a cheap one, however, the price of this stroller is absolutely adequate to its quality.

I will recommend this stroller to the parents who would like to have an option suitable from the very birth up to a moment when your baby will reach a quite large weight of 65 pounds. This stroller has been designed primarily for the city usage, however, it can be useful for going off road as well, although you should remember it is not a jogging stroller despite its three-wheeled design.

2. Graco Nimble Lite

Graco Nimble LiteTypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
An ultra lightweight convertible stroller11.24”H 32.75”W x 21”LA super lightweight stroller with a large weight capacity which can be converted into a travel system and used from the very birth of your child. The model is available for a very small price.

It is great when one can afford any stroller he wish to have, however, sometimes we have to make do with a really modest budget. Fortunately, the modern market still has very attractive options for parents even if they cannot pay much for the accessories they need.

Graco Nimble Lite is one of the best examples of a multifunctional stroller of a high quality which can be purchased for a ridiculously small price of mere 85 USD! Do not think this one of the poorly made goods or just another stroller which is neither convenient nor safe. Of course, this is not an accessory of the supreme quality category, yet, this is really a great product and there are many reasons to claim this.

First of all, Graco Nimble Lite is a really lightweight stroller weighing only 12 pounds while being a convertible model. If you have already checked the variety of convertible strollers offered by modern manufacturers, you should have noticed most of them weigh above 20 pounds, meanwhile Graco Nimble Lite is not just a lightweight model, it is an ultra lightweight stroller.

The next reason to choose Graco Nimble Lite is the fact it has a large weight capacity of 50 pounds which is a unique feature for thus lightweight strollers. Usually, the maximum weight capacity in the majority of cases of such strollers is around 40 pounds.

As I have already mentioned, Graco Nimble Lite is a convertible stroller, so you will be able to use it as a travel system. This model is compatible with all of the Click Connect infant car seats produced by the Graco brand. You will be available to use such an infant car seat without purchasing any additional adapters which is also very handy as you will not lose them or forget anywhere.

Pay your attention to the fact it is possible to purchase Graco Nimble Lite as an entire travel system or purchase the stroller and one of the Click Connect infant car seats separately. The price for the entire set is around 160-170 USD depending on the colour version you would like to choose. If you decide to buy a complete travel system, you will get guaranteed matching colours of a stroller and an infant car seat. By the way, the design of the Graco Nimble Lite stroller is very appealing even though this model is thus inexpensive. These strollers are distinguishable with beautiful and untypical patterns on their canopies as well as interesting colour versions.

Note that regardless of your choice, whether it will be just a stroller or an entire travel system, a parent’s tray as well as child’s tray are included into the price, so you will not have to pay for these accessories separately.

In addition to it, Graco Nimble Lite has a seating unit of a very high quality which is safe and ergonomic. For example, you will be able to recline this stroller to an almost flat position which is a rather rare feature among lightweight models. Another great feature adding comfort to your baby is the fact the calf rest of this stroller is adjustable. The water resistant canopy of Graco Nimble Lite is also very large considering the fact it is a lightweight stroller.

Graco Nimble Lite is a unique stroller for one more reason. Despite its modest price and a small weight, this stroller is also equipped into suspension in the front wheels. These wheels also have a swivelling mechanism with a locker for blocking the pivoting motion when it is not needed.

Feedback from parents

I am sure you are very curious about the opinions of the parents who have already used this stroller. Here you have the list of the features of Graco Nimble Lite which parents like in particular as well as the issues about this model which they find not particularly successful.


  • a very small price regardless of whether you are purchasing a stroller separately from an infant car seat or as a set;
  • the price includes a parent’s tray as well as a child’s tray;
  • a particularly small weight;
  • a simple folding mechanism and a compact fold;
  • the maximum weight capacity is large compared to the weight of the stroller;
  • a convertible model which can be used with all of the Graco Click Connect infant car seats without any adapters;
  • a great reclining mechanism of the toddler seat allowing you to set it to an almost upright position as well as a completely flat one;
  • a calf rest can be adjusted;
  • a generous canopy made of a water resistant material with sun ray protection;
  • a spacious storage basket;
  • front wheels have suspension as well as a swivelling mechanism with a lock.


  • can be used exclusively with the infant car seats offered by Graco;
  • some parents experienced difficulties while putting a child into the stroller and taking the child out because of the position of the bumper bar.


Providing your budget for purchasing a stroller is rather limited, you should be particularly attentive to the quality of a stroller you are going to purchase. Even though small price does not necessarily mean poor quality, the probability of the quality being somewhat disappointing is higher than it is the case of expensive strollers.

Graco Nimble Lite is an example of the stroller offered by a very modest price which will live up to your expectations and even go beyond them with a verity of functions it has. This stroller can be a fantastic investment for you if you want to make do with a single stroller from the very beginning, as it is a convertible model with a very small weight. Thus, you will not need any separate pram for your newborn child and, at the same time, there will be no need in a separate lightweight stroller in the future.

3. Joovy Kooper

Joovy KooperTypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
A lightweight convertible stroller12.50″W x 21.06″H x 29.30″LA lightweight stroller which can be used from the age of three months up to the preschool age. Can be converted into a travel system with a single adapter compatible with over thirty model of infant car seats.

Travel systems have become thus popular nowadays since they allow parents to save a lot of money. Getting a single stroller which can be used right from the birth is a great idea. In case you are also looking for a stroller which can easily be a single product you might ever need, I will highly recommend you Joovy Kooper.

Joovy Kooper is one of those rather rare strollers with a small weight and great functionality. Its unique design allows parents to use it in various situations and for a very long time after the birth of their children, This is also a great model for parents who have already got an infant car seat and are now looking for a stroller compatible with this one. That is so since Joovy Kooper can be used with over thirty models of infant car seats designed by popular manufacturers.

There are many strollers compatible with a great variety of infant car seats, but I am pretty much sure you will hardly find any other stroller which can be converted into a travel system with such a great number of models of car seats. Nuna, Baby Jogger, Chicca, Chicco, Cybex, Baby Trend, Evenflo, Eddie, Bauer, GB, Maxi-Cosi, Graco, Peg Perego and Recaro are only some of the brands with the infant car seats in their offer compatible with Joovy Kooper. As you can see, some of these brands are extremely popular, whereas others are not thus widespread. That is why, if you already own an infant car seat of a less popular brand, you should pay your attention to Joovy Kooper in the first place as it might be compatible with this stroller. Furthermore, an amazing feature of the design of Joovy Kooper is that it is using a specially designed type of adapter which can be used virtually with all of the seats compatible with this stroller.

Note that the toddler seat of this stroller is suitable for babies starting from the age of three months rather than six months as it usually happens in the case of lightweight strollers. Thus, you will be easily able to make do with an infant car seat during the first three months of the life of your child and then switch to a normal seat using it with a maximum recline.

The toddler seat of Joovy Kooper has a very generous canopy made of a water resistant material. There is also a peek-a-boo window on the canopy.

Speaking about the functionality of Joovy Kooper, you should certainly consider its amazing weight capacity. The stroller itself is a lightweight model weighing only slightly above 16 pounds. At the same time, this stroller has a maximum capacity of 55 pounds which makes this model suitable for pre-schoolers as well. Furthermore, it has a storage basket with weight capacity of 15 pounds which is rather unusual for lightweight models as they baskets tend to have capacity of only 10 pounds.

Other storage options of this stroller are a pocket with a zipper for your essentials as well as a mesh pocket handy for storing a bottle. There is also a child’s tray included into the price which was designed in such a way that you will not need to remove it before folding the stroller.

Joovy Kooper also has somewhat larger wheels than the majority of lightweight strollers as well as all-wheel suspension.

As you can see, Joovy Kooper offers a lot more than the majority of convertible strollers. All of these amazing features as well as its high quality are offered for a budget-friendly price below 230 USD.

Feedback from parents

Are you intrigued by Joovy Kooper? Then you should know what other parents think about this stroller! Here I have gathered all of the features of Joovy Kooper loved by parents as well as the features which some parents would like to change in this model.


  • a lightweight model;
  • am affordable price including a child’s tray;
  • can be converted into a travel system with a single adapter compatible with over thirty models of infant car seats offered by all of the top manufacturers;
  • the minimum age requirement for using this stroller without an infant car seat is only three months;
  • can be used even with pre-schoolers due to its large weight capacity;
  • an infinite reclining mechanism of the backrest;
  • a generous canopy with a convenient peek-a-boo window;
  • has unusually big wheels for a lightweight model which give you more opportunities for using the stroller;
  • all-wheel suspension;
  • has a very compact fold even if you do not remove the child’s tray;
  • a capacious storage basket which can hold up to 15 pounds;
  • additional storage options such as mesh pocket for a bottle and a pocket with a zipper;
  • beautiful colour versions.


  • despite the size of the wheels and the suspension, this stroller is not all-terrain;
  • some parents are not happy about the location of the brake pedal as it is easy to step on it.


Joovy Kooper is one of my favourite models of strollers and I can recommend it to any parents looking for a convertible model regardless of their financial abilities. Of course, you can find a lot of strollers with a lower price, however, Joovy Kooper keeps the optimum balance between the price and it quality.

Getting this stroller, you will have everything you might need and even more as it can be sued during the first years of the life of your child. You can start using it right at the beginning and you will still be able to use it when your child reaches the preschool age. At the same time this stroller will let you use it on some uneven terrains while you will be enjoying its small weight and compact size.

This is an especially great purchase for the parents who have happened to get an infant car seat first and now are looking for a compatible stroller.

4. Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2-in-1

Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2-in-1TypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
A stroller convertible into a travel system and a pram25.5″ W x 17″ D x 45″ HA travel system including a stroller with a quite small weight and the Mico 30 infant car seat which is one of the safest options available on the market. The toddler seat can be transformed into a bassinet without extra accessories.

No list of the best travel system can make do without Maxi-Cosi Zelia 2-in-1. This travel system is totally outstanding! Even though it is not the cheapest on the market, its price is quite reasonable taking into consideration the fact this stroller is sold with an infant car seat of the top quality. You will be able to purchase an entire set for around 400 USD, however, it does not include only a stroller and an infant car seat. Other elements included into the price are the adapters, a removable bumper bar, a rain cover and an apron. As you can imagine, purchasing all of these elements separately can cost a rather large amount of money.

Maxi-Cosi Zelia is not exactly a lightweight stroller as it weight is 21 pounds. Yet, it is still a small weight if you compare this stroller to other convertible strollers especially the ones with thus large wheels. Actually, Maxi-Cosi Zelia can be used as an all-terrain stroller since the wheels are sufficiently large and the suspension system used in this stroller is of a high quality.

Another crucial feature of this stroller which is usually not available in the models featured by a small weight is its seat which is reversible. This is crucial as you are going to use Maxi-Cosi Zelia right from the birth of your child. Due to this fact you will also be able to detach the seat completely if you want to convert the stroller into a travel system. I know, there are many strollers out there which are used with both seating units simultaneously, but to be honest, I personally find them rather bulky let alone heavy as you have to push the weight of two seating units at the same time. That is why I find the design of Maxi-Cosi Zelia with its removable seat more convenient.

Maxi-Cosi Zelia is a unique stroller with a special design of a toddler seat. This seat can be used as a bassinet without any extra elements. The toddler seat can be converted into a bassinet if you follow special instructions given by the manufacturer. This is a very useful feature which adds extra functionality to this stroller as in practice it is a three-in-one model rather than two-in-one one.

The toddler seat of this stroller is also featured with a super large canopy which will protect your baby against cold weather and burning sun rays.

The Maxi-Cosi Zelia stroller is also equipped into a telescopic handlebar which will allow you to change its height easily. There is also a super large and convenient storage basket in this stroller.

When it comes to the infant car seat included into the Maxi-Cosi Zelia travel system, you should know this model is one of the best available on the current market. A great feature of this stroller is the fact it can be used with very small babies whose weight is only 4 pounds whereas the maximum weight capacity of the seat is 30 pounds which is quite a lot and will let you use the same infant car seat for a couple of years. This seat can be used with a base inside the car for extra safety of your child.

Maxi-Cosi Zelia is also a very stylish travel system and, unlike many modern strollers, you can get it in quite colourful versions rather than exclusively in the black or grey ones. For example, such models as Emerald Tide and Violet Caspia are absolutely beautiful. Their colours are quite bright but they are also very complex which gives a very sophisticated look to the stroller.

Feedback from parents

If you are interested in purchasing Maxi-Cosi Zelia, it will be a good idea to check what other parents think about this stroller. Here you have the major advantages and disadvantages pointed out by the people who have already had a chance of using Maxi-Cosi Zelia.


  • a stroller featured by a relatively small weight;
  • a sensible price including a travel system and additional accessories;
  • can be used as a pram without any extra accessories;
  • a large weight limit;
  • a seating unit can be reversed at any time no matter whether you are using it as a toddler seat or a bassinet;
  • a travel system includes one of the best infant car seats available on the market;
  • the infant car seat is featured with a large weight capacity;
  • a generous canopy;
  • can be used with infant car seats offered by many other manufacturers as well;
  • a telescopic handlebar;
  • a particularly spacious storage basket;
  • fantastic colour versions (the infant car seats and the stroller will have the same colour if you purchase them as a travel system).


  • some parents found a toddler seat too short for their babies whose weight was below the maximum limit of the stroller;
  • a folding mechanism might be too complex first.


Maxi-Cosi Zelia is not a particularly cheap stroller, however, the price of this stroller is absolutely sensible if you take into consideration all of the functions available in this model. Purchasing the entire Maxi-Cosi Zelia travel system can be a very good choice when it come to the price, the quality of the infant car seat as well as the colour versions which will be identical for both the infant car seat and the toddler seat. Yet, you should be aware of the fact this stroller can be perfectly used with other infant car seats as well.

I will particularly recommend Maxi-Cosi Zelia to parents who need an all-terrain stroller with a small weight and a compact fold. In addition to it, the stroller will prove to be useful to the parents who also would like to use a pram.

5. Britax B-Free Travel System

Britax B-Free Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat)
22 lbs + 11.5 lbs
Big and strong main seat, capable of holding up to 65 lbs. Very comfortable car seat, coupled with excellent removable and washable padding.

If there is one thing this stroller offers – it is the freedom to let you do more. The Britax B-Free Travel System gives you more flexibility, convenience, and is very easy to use, all thanks to its impressive features. Let’s start with the 3-wheel design that makes it agile and easily maneuverable. There is also a large canopy that protects your little rider from the sun. If you are the type that likes taking more snacks and toys on your journeys, you have no problem with the Britax B-Free Travel System; there is enough space for every item, even the blanket.

Britax B-Free Travel System

When getting the Britax B-Free Travel System, there are two options to choose from. The first is to buy the B-Free Stroller, and the second is to get the B-Free Travel System alongside a suitable Britax car seat. Your decision will depend on your preferences.

If you decide to go with the option of just the stroller, you can be sure of getting the Click and Go receivers, and thus the opportunity of using the stroller with an infant car seat, including those from Britax, such as the B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite, B-Safe Ultra, and Endeavours. This is some added advantage, and it is coming at no cost!

Alternatively, you can choose to buy the stroller alongside the infant car seat at the same time. You will find it on Amazon as B-Safe Ultra or B-Safe 35 infant car seat.

The shell-shaped B-Safe 35 comes with excellent SafeCell Impact-Absorbing Base and Side Impact Protection. Consider these as the shock or energy absorbers that reduce the impact of collisions on your little rider. These infant car seats will provide your baby with maximum safety. Check Amazon for more on the safety features of this car seat.

Installing this car seat base doesn’t come any easier: the latch system makes the installation a walk in the park. There’s also a head support for the baby, providingthe best comfort and extra support. Let me not forget to mention the adjustable 5-point restrain – an additional safety feature that works with babies of all sizes. The shoulder pads are absolutely safe and comfortable for your infant’s delicate skin, all thanks to the soft fabric.

Britax B-Free Travel System Car Seat

Britax made sure your little one is well protected from the wind and sun, by including a large canopy. And on attaching the car seat to your baby’s stroller, the two shades work together to offer your baby the best coverage possible.

The B-Safe 35 can accommodate a kid up to 32-inches tall and weighing 4-35 lbs. The base weighs just 9 lbs, and at 10 lbs, you will hardly find a lighter infant car seat than the B-Safe 35 in the market.

Feedback from Parents

Having checked what other parents have to say about the Britax B-Free Travel System, I came up with the following as the most indicated strength and weakness of the stroller.


  • Big and strong main seat, capable of holding up to 65 lbs
  • Very comfortable car seat, coupled with excellent removable and washable padding
  • Simple one-hand folding
  • Highly stable, easily maneuverable (even with one hand), and seamless turning and steering
  • Very simple to operate, even for grandparents
  • Overall excellent quality


  • Some parents find the stroller a bit bulky
  • Heavy car seat
  • Stiff recline buckle, thus requiring more effort than usual


Getting a Britax B-Free Travel System will be an excellent decision if only you do not plan to ride it on very bumpy roads. Yes, it sports a 3-wheel construction, but this is not suitable for jogging or riding on extremely bumpy roads.

6. UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System

UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat)
26.6 lbs + 9.9 lbs
One of the best infant car seats in the market with high-quality materials. UPPAbaby VISTA stroller runs fine on various types of terrain.

This top-quality travel system has earned its spot on this list and it deserves it completely. Apart from its sleek design, the UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System is multifaceted and versatile. In fact, this is a three-in-one stroller. You can easily put two or three kids on it without any hassles. That is not all: the travel system comes with some excellent features that make it worth every penny. The first is the rubber, foam-filled wheels coupled with an all-wheel suspension – this duo guarantees you a seamless ride at all times, whether you are going on a casual stroll into the city center or a trip on the rougher terrains.

UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System

The comfortable seat will keep your little rider so relaxed, all thanks to the excellent features like the single-handed recline and the generous padding. You also have a 5-point restrain that you can set according to your preference. The UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System comes with a generous canopy, fitted with a pop-out sun visor. Thus your baby is guaranteed of comprehensive protection from the harmful sun rays (UPF 50+). Both short and tall parents can easily maneuver the VISTA singlehandedly, courtesy of the telescoping extendable bar.

The basket is another interesting feature in this stroller. It is big enough to house up to 30 lbs – the biggest you will find in the current market. So, it doesn’t matter how many baby gears or items you are bringing along; the VISTA basket got you well covered.

What can I say about the included MESA baby car seat included with this system? First, installation is quite simple – all thanks to the car seat base. Just watch out for the indicator that tells you that the base is installed correctly. Do you know that the NHTSA has recognized MESA? Well, this top-rated car seat is one of the reasons they got the award.

UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System Car Seat

The breathable fabric in this stroller can wick moisture away on its own, and there is an adjustable headrest, impact protection, and an adjustable no-rethread harness that can be set according to the size of your baby.

Feedback from Parents

Considering its high price, it was not easy to find a lot of customer feedback on the Cruz, compared to the budget strollers. However, I was able to get several compliments on the UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System. Based on the feedback I could lay my hands on, I have highlighted the following strengths and weaknesses:


  • Highly versatile and adaptable
  • Sleek design
  • High-quality materials
  • Folds and maneuvers quite easily
  • Durable and very spacious storage basket
  • One of the best infant car seats in the market
  • Runs fine on various types of terrain


  • The size and weight are a bit on the higher side, compared to other travel system strollers


You will require a special adapter if you are planning to pair up the UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System with another baby car seat. Yes, you will have to pay more, but rest assured that the value you get is well worth the price and more.

7. Evenflo Pivot Travel System with SensorSafe

Evenflo Pivot Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat):

20 lbs + 9 lbs
The lightweight infant car seat makes carriage really easy, and you only need just a few seconds to complete the transition from the car to the stroller. It comes with a great price.

What caught my attention in this stroller was its price – you can get it for less than $300. However, it didn’t just catch my attention; it triggered my curiosity as well. So, I had to dig a bit about this awesome stroller, and guess what? I was not disappointed!

Evenflo Pivot Travel System with SensorSafe

Straight out of the box, you get the Evenflo Rollover Tested SafeMax Infant Car Seat, that can accommodate a kid weighing 4-35 lbs. This infant car seat is featured with all of the elements needed for the safety of your baby. So far your child is not more than 50 lbs, you can trust the toddler seat to accommodate him or her easily. The seat is reversible, so you can make your little rider face you or enjoy the sights around them.

The rubber tires run smoothly on pavements, asphalt, and other indoor and outdoor flat surfaces. Moving straight to the canopy, this Evenflo Pivot stroller spots a large canopy that covers your rider adequately. So, you don’t have to plan your trips on the weather – your baby is well covered in both sunny and windy days.

The folding feature is quite smooth, which is what you would expect of a travel system. The lightweight infant car seat makes carriage really easy, and you only need just a few seconds to complete the transition from the car to the stroller, all thanks to the straightforward installation process.

Evenflo Pivot Travel System with SensorSafe Car Seat

Let me round up by mentioning a spacy basket and a cup holder for the parent, which are nice extra features this travel system offers. Considering that you get all this vital functions and features for less than $300, with the guarantee of at least a three-year lifespan, you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment decision by getting the Evenflo Pivot Travel System.

Feedback from Parents

This review will not be complete without feedback from the current users. So, based on the reviews gathered, I have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the Evenflo Pivot Travel System as follows:


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Convertible seat (to bassinet)
  • Attaching the infant car seat is a walk in the park
  • Attractive, courtesy of the beautiful colors and nice fabrics
  • Worth the price


  • The wheels lock abruptly, especially when the stroller is on an uneven terrain


Do not expect too much with regards to the wheels quality of this travel system – they lock on their own sometimes, and it takes quite an effort to get the Evenflo ready for the stroll again. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the travel system is quite inexpensive.

8. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat):

23 lbs + 9.5 lbs
The manufacturers of this travel system had the baby’s comfort in mind when designing this masterpiece. The fabric in this stroller is washable and has this luxurious feel and appearance.

Chicco took the right step in the right direction by coming up with the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System. It is not only a convertible stroller but also one that adapts to each phase of your baby’s growth. So, this stroller will serve your baby (as a Key Fit infant car seat carrier), till he or she becomes a toddler (as a travel system).

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

The manufacturers of this travel system had the baby’s comfort in mind when designing this masterpiece. Apart from the Bravo LE seat, you also get a removable canopy. This comes really handy when you have your baby in the KeyFit. The fabric in this stroller is washable and has this luxurious feel and appearance.

The parent tray is versatile – you can use it as a cup holder and a smartphone holder. Your belongings are well secured, all thanks to the Chicco proprietary zipper storage facilities. Your child is not left out too; they have a specially designed child tray where you can keep two cup holders, with ample storage space still left. Talking about comfort, the seat is well-padded, likewise the adjustable handle. So, you can be guaranteed an easy one-push harness at all times.

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is quite easy to use. Assembling and disassembling the whole system is easy and fast, likewise unfolding and folding. The storage is easily accessible. You only need a little effort to push the stroller itself, plus the handle is easily adjustable. And cleaning a stroller has never been easier with this stroller. All these culminate to the impressive ease of use attributed to the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System.

The instructional manual is straightforward enough, and if you follow the same, you should be done assembling the stroller in just 10 minutes, without the need for any background technical knowledge. The one-hand fold handle in this stroller is multifunctional – you can use it to rotate the front wheels to get the stroller in a resting position and also activates the fold.

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System remains the only stroller that meets and exceeds the code of federal safety regulations. The tires suspension does not only prevent undue vibration of the stroller but also keeps the little one calm even while riding on bumpy or uneven terrains. Thus, the use of this stroller will not be limited exclusively to the urban areas. The padding in this stroller is quite adequate and minimize your little rider’s contact with the metal frame. The large canopy also comes handy in keeping your baby away from the sun ray.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Car Seat

Apart from comfort, Chicco also made a statement with the premium materials used in making this stroller. The stroller is built to be durable and strong, all thanks to the metal frame and the high-quality fabric. However, you will only get the maximum usage period when you maintain it adequately.

You will most likely find this stroller on other retailers online, but I’m recommending Amazon as the best out of the options. Apart from giving you the best value for your money, Amazon’s customer service comes handy in case of factory errors and other problems that may arise in respect of the stroller.

Feedback from Parents

There are several positive feedback on the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System on Amazon. From the lot, I have been able to gather the strengths and weaknesses of the stroller, as mostly indicated by the current users.


  • Maneuverability is easy and accurate
  • It is excellent for flat surfaces
  • It takes a little time to assemble
  • Great safety features, especially the infant car seat


  • Difficulty in adjusting the sunshade covering the infant car seat
  • Not suitable for dirt roads


The wheels in this stroller are small and made of plastic. Thus, it is more suitable for even surfaces than rough roads. The adopted design suits the city more. And lastly, you will need to use both hands to maneuver it effectively.

9. UppaBaby Cruz with Mesa Car Seat

UppaBaby Cruz with Mesa Car Seat small
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(stroller + car seat)
21.5 lbs + 9.9 lbs
The most notable features include the excellent size and weight, as well as the ease of attaching the car seat, especially for parents looking to match the stroller with a car seat.

If you are looking for a stroller with a sleek design and multiple compatibilities with different infant car seats, then you should consider the UppaBaby Cruz. The most notable features include the excellent size and weight, as well as the ease of attaching the car seat, especially for parents looking to match the stroller with a car seat. The storage capacity of the UppaBaby Cruz is one of the biggest among other models in the UppaBaby series. There is an easily adjustable handlebar, which makes maneuvering quite easy. Folding is also quite easy and fast.

UppaBaby Cruz with Mesa Car Seat

For this review, I will be matching the UppaBaby Cruz and the UppaBaby Mesa baby car seat. Still you can use it with other seats like Mico NXT, Citi, Nuna Pipa, Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q or the Chicco Keyfit 30. Thus, the choice of options is pretty large.

Keep in mind that you may need an adapter for most of these car seats.

Away from the captivating design, the Mesa has generous padding that gives your baby’s head and legs extra comfort. There is a seat fitted with a safe and straightforward 5-point harness system. Ensure to keep the harness’ top buckle at the armpit level of your little rider: this guarantees him or her total safety. UPPAbaby included their proprietary SMARTSECURE system, to offer additional protection for your baby.

The Cruz, unlike the Vista, requires no adapter if you want to use it with the Mesa. For other strollers like the Baby Jogger CitiMini or the Summit XC you’ll need getting one. You have an infant adaptor out-of-the-box, capable of taking your baby from 4-8 pounds. This comes really handy for the first few weeks after the arrival of your baby.

UppaBaby Cruz Mesa Car Seat

You will find the one-button seamless release on the MESA very cool: it allows you to release the stroller from its base with just a single hand. It is not something you will readily find in other car seats in the market.

Ready to transfer your baby’s car seat in the car? There are two options. You can use the latch option – this takes you about 10 seconds to install, and all you need is to push down and ensure that the seat is well secured of the car seat. In such cases, you can make sure your baby’s car seat is well secured by checking that it is not moving more than an inch. After this, pass the seatbelt through the seat while making sure that it is well secured. You can be sure that the seat is tight when it’s not possible to move it at all in any direction.


  • Luxurious design and durable structure
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Installation of the seat is quite simple, even without the base. However, your car seat will enjoy more protection, all thanks to the special finishing on the bottom of the base
  • The headrest is adjustable. Thus you can set the height of the harness to match that of your little rider in the seat
  • The premium Merino wool fabric used is soft and lightweight
  • The fabric has natural flame resistance and is breathable, thus keeping your baby’s temperature well regulated


  • Slightly stiff release button on the harness, although you will get the hang of it with constant practice
  • Costs quite more than usual
  • The seat is very heavy and may be difficult to carry around

10. Nuna Tavo Travel System 2020

Nuna Tavo Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat)
22.4 lbs + 5.7 lbs
The infant car seat is very safe and light, with soft, removable, and breathable insert fabric. Attachment and detachment of the infant car seat is simple, it requires no adapters.

This system combines the advanced Nuna Tavo stroller alongside the lightweight Pipa Lite LX car seat. While this travel system sells at the medium price range, getting one is a worthy and long-term investment due to the functionality of the stroller itself, the durability and the safety provided by the infant car seat.

Nuna Tavo Travel System 2019

A close look at the Nuna Pipa Lite LX highlights its excellent safety measures, including a strong base and excellent stability that minimizes the impact during a crash or the application of an unexpected force. You will need the base to install the seat in your car. So, if you are looking at having your car seat in just one car, without having to move it from one car to another, the Nuna Pipa Lite LX is a great option. The foam used in this car seat is the Aeroflex for Pipa Lite LX interior, which contributes to the impressive lightweight and durability of the seat while reducing the transfer of energy to the baby during collisions.

Furthermore, the car seat sports an extended canopy, which comes with sun visor and dream drape, guaranteeing your baby total protection from the wind and the sun. The fabrics are soft and breathable – just what your baby’s delicate skin needs. The fabric is also capable of wicking away moisture and regulating the temperature. This feature makes the travel system a great option for families living in the locations with hot climate. Let me also mention the ring adapter that facilitates the easy attachment of the car seat to the stroller flame. This car seat is amazingly light at 7.1 lbs with the entire equipment set, and 5.7 lbs when the canopy and insert are removed. So, it can be transported easily.

Away from the car seat, the Nuna Tavo Stroller, which is the stroller included in this system, also has some impressive features. It has just been upgraded recently, and thus, it serves much better than its predecessor. Note that buying the complete system, i.e., the Nuna Tavo stroller and the Pipa Lite LX car seat is cheaper and more convenient, as opposed to getting both separately.

The seat in the stroller is suitable for even newborns, and it reclines easily to flat position using one hand. The seat is designed to be suitable for all seasons, all thanks to the two-layered backrest. The first layer of the backrest is made of breathable mesh, which guarantees excellent air flow that prevents sweating and overheating during the summer. Your baby also gets additional support from the detachable seat insert, and it also ensures that the baby stays warm when the weather is chilly during the winter.

Nuna Tavo Travel System Car Seat

I shouldn’t forget to mention the ease of use and excellent maneuverability of the Nuna Tavo Travel System 2020. Although the wheels are not designed to run flawlessly on all terrains, you can rest assured of a smooth stroll on your cracked neighborhood sidewalks. They also handle small bumps quite easily but struggle on tall grasses, tree roots, and other harsh terrains. The progressive suspension also contributes to the stability enjoyed in such harsh terrains.

You can steer this travel system with just one hand, with no hassles whatsoever; the same with folding.

Here are the strength and weaknesses as highlighted from the reviews from current users of the Nuna Tavo Travel System 2020.


  • The breathable canopy is suitable for all seasons, with Dream Drape and Sun Visor
  • You can steer and turn with just one hand
  • The telescoping handlebar works just fine for both tall and short parents
  • The infant car seat is very safe and light, with soft, removable, and breathable insert fabric
  • Attachment and detachment of the infant car seat is simple; it requires no adapters


  • You will need to buy the rain cover, child tray, and some other accessories separately


There are two versions of the Nuna Tavo Travel System 2020. The first comes with a Pipa Lite LX car seat alongside a Dream Drape and TENCEL premium fabric. This version is a bit heavier and costs more. The second version comes with a lighter Pipa Lite car seat without Dream Drape but with a micro-knit fabric. This version is cheaper and suitable for parents that are on a budget.

11. Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat):

32 lbs + 7.5 lbs
A simple infant car seat that attaches easily and securely to the stroller. Pushing this stroller is quite easy, irrespective of the weight of the passenger.

There are no signs that this best seller is about to step down as parents’ favorite in 2020. With a Graco Snug Ride Click Connect 35 Infant Car seat, capable of holding 32 inches height and 4-35 lbs weight, your baby is guaranteed of maximum comfort whenever you step out with them in this travel system. The stroller itself is a perfect jogging model and all of its amazing features go for a small price.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System

The transition of your child from the car to the stroller has never been easier, all thanks to the simple setup that requires no adapter. Note that you cannot detach the stroller seat, it is always combined with the infant car seat and this is responsible for the heavy weight of the system.

Wondering if you could go jogging with this stroller, even as a beginner? Yes, you can – this stroller handles dirt roads, grass, and even the snow quite well. You will hardly find a cheaper travel system that has a jogging stroller inclusive. Irrespective of the heavyweight, this system is still quite popular and widely used among parents, perhaps due to its multifaceted design. This stroller is suitable for newborns, and for both light jogging and off-road walks. However, you can only run when the infant car seat has been removed.

Although you don’t have an extended canopy, it does quite well to keep your little rider away from the elements. And the side mesh windows guarantees an excellent air-flow. At 30 lbs, the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System is not the lightest one out there, even when you remove the baby car seat. Carrying around may pose some difficulty. If the size is still too big for your car trunk, even after folding, you may need to remove the wheels. Although the greater weight appears like a burden, you can take solace in the presence of all-terrain wheels and a sturdy build.

When you get this stroller, it comes with a parent tray and a child tray. Furthermore, you get a considerably large basket, which is found underneath the seat, and which can easily contain a medium size diaper bag. Another remarkable feature that it has reflectors (safety first!) on the wheels plus a tray for the kid.This ensures that you and your baby remains visible to vehicles in low light.

Considering all these features, it is safe to say that this stroller is not so bad for its price.

Feedback from Parents

From the reviews by the current users of the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System on Amazon, I have compiled the following strengths and weaknesses:


  • A simple infant car seat that attaches easily and securely to the stroller
  • Car seat with tested and proven safety features
  • Strong build and rich features
  • Affordable and well-equipped
  • Handles uneven terrains excellently
  • Simple and fast one-hand folding
  • Pushing this stroller is quite easy, irrespective of the weight of the passenger


  • It is still large even after folding
  • Short canopy
  • Small phone storage
  • It is heavy, thus moving around is difficult
  • Non-adjustable handlebar; short parents may find it difficult to use


Parents interested in going on jogging with their infants will find the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System the right choice. However, do not put your baby in the infant car seat while at it.

12. Chicco Cortina CX Travel System

Chicco Cortina CX Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat)
23 lbs + 9.6 lbs
You can easily remove the car seat from the base with the aid of a latch. The seat is also well-secured into the stroller by clicking in, thus assuring you of your baby’s safety in the stroller throughout the journey.

Let me start by stating that the Cortina CX weighs more than the Bravo Trio, plus it is more difficult to move considering its bulkiness. This stroller’s seat may accommodate a newborn, unlike the Bravo Trio seat that is suitable for only babies older than six months. The infant car seat has a unique design which makes it suitable for newborns without a need of installing any separate bassinet or carrycot.  Thus, you can count on the Cortina CX to start serving you right from the very first day.

Chicco Cortina CX Travel System

You have eight recline positions in the Cortina CX, which translates to more flexibility. There is also a special memory lock feature that ensures that the stroller reverts to the last used reclining position when you put it up the next time. Thus, setup is faster and easier, plus it makes it easier for parents to attach the baby car seat.

Some notable modern features include the clip-on snack tray designed for the little ride. You also have a nice footrest that may be popped out and transformerd into a four side kid enclosure. You’ll also find a peek-a-boo window made of plastic, strategically placed in the 2-panel canopy that makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your baby throughout the stroll.

The snack tray comes handy while you’re on a go and kids needs their snacks all the time. Under the seat of this stroller is a sizable storage basket, big enough to conveniently contain diapers, clothes, a doll, and other items that guarantee a nice stroll for your baby.

Perhaps, the most important feature of this stroller is the comfort it offers. All the tires come with suspension, and the seat is well padded to guarantee the maximum comfort for your child, irrespective of the terrain you are strolling on.

Moving on to the car seat – you have the KeyFit 30 infant car seat included in this travel system. Since the car seat base is included, the seat may be used as a car seat only or you can combine it with the stroller during the first months. That’s a nice solution both for your baby and you. The maximum weight the car seat can hold is 30 lbs, and your baby is guaranteed of additional support as provided by the generously padded seat. The detachable infant seat cannot hold more than 11 lbs of weight, and its adjustable 5-point harness can be easily adjusted with the one-pull design.

Chicco Cortina CX Travel System Car Seat

Made from energy-absorbing foam, the richly padded seat offers maximum protection of your baby against all impacts. There is a Ridge Right bubble indicator on either side of the base, and this provides extra comfort for your baby once it has been installed correctly. You can rest assured that the chair is securely installed, all thanks to the Super Cinch latch tightener.

You will enjoy a smooth transition between the base installed in the car and the KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat. Once installed, you will always have the base of the car seat attached to the vehicle. However, you can easily remove the car seat from the base with the aid of a latch. The seat is also well-secured into the stroller by clicking in, thus assuring you of your baby’s safety in the stroller throughout the journey. It is even easier to watch your baby while on the move, considering that the car seat faces backward while in the stroller.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Chicco Cortina CX Travel System as gathered from the reviews and feedback of the current users on Amazon:


  • Cheap stroller
  • The memory return feature facilitates seamless unfolding and folding
  • Handles all terrains well, all thanks to the plastic tires and the suspensions
  • Backed by a limited one-year warranty
  • Eating and drinking on the go is possible, with the presence of a child tray and parent tray
  • Maximum comfort, considering that the seat can recline in several positions


  • Assembling the stroller can be challenging
  • Attaching the infant car seat makes the stroller heavy


You get exactly what the Chicco Cortina CX Travel System promises you. Apart from the excellent build, you have other great features like well-padded seats, spacious storage baskets, and large tires with suspensions. This system is quite cheap, and if you prefer going on nature walks around the park with your kid, then you should consider getting the Chicco Cortina CX Travel System.

13. GB Lyfe Travel System

GB Lyfe Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat)
22 lbs + 8.2 lbs
Very safe car seat. Excellent and unique rear, parent-facing position option – a healthier and more exciting option for toddlers. The canopy is extended, larger than what you get on most strollers

The appearance of this travel system on this list is well deserved, all thanks to its amazing features. With less than $200, you get a stroller that integrates a couple of travel products into a single entity.

GB Lyfe Travel System

The first feature worthy of mentioning is the one that let your baby face either the rear or the front. So, you can choose to have your baby face the world or face you the whole trip. You have a special European pram mode, which when activated, shield your sleeping baby from the harsh weather. The canopy also contributes to the protection of your baby either when facing you or the world. The effective ventilation comes handy in summer months, and the heat retention is just perfect for the winter. With an advanced recline system, it’s easy to adjust the angle to provide your kid with maximum comfort assured the whole ride.

Easily foldable with a two-hand, one-move system, you can have the stroller transform entirely into a smaller size so that you can carry it around. Maneuvering is quite simple, with the presence of two-touch brakes that helps you to keep your speed in check.

The rear suspension system is stylish and effective – it comes handy when strolling on the difficult terrains and sidewalk without affecting your baby the least. A good suspension system is always a good feature, considering the prevalence of rough terrains in our environments.

The GB Lyfe Travel System unit comes with a car seat that is not only removable but can also serve as the seat of your stroller. On removing it, you can secure it into your car and then remove it again, seamlessly. The transition is fast and straightforward. There is a stay-in-car base that retains the seat in the backseat when you are not using it. And you can be sure of the successful installation of the car seat into the stroller once you get a click. The seat can accommodate rear-facing infants of between 4 and 35 pounds and up to 32 inches height.

GB Lyfe Travel System Car Seat

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the GB Lyfe Travel System as extracted from the reviews from current users of the travel system:


  • Very safe car seat, according to the Consumer Reports
  • The car seat supports a passenger weighing up to 35 pounds
  • Minimalistic design
  • Four-in-one stroller
  • The canopy is extended, larger than what you get on most strollers
  • Excellent and unique rear, parent-facing position option – a healthier and more exciting option for toddlers, although the front facing option is more suitable for an older child.


  • Taking the baby car seat off seems to be difficult
  • Doesn’t allow to attach a drink/food tray


The GB Lyfe Travel System helps you save more money, considering that it serves throughout infancy to early toddlerhood. With this system, you have a unit combining different kinds of strollers, all with easy and universal access and controls.

With tested and proven safety measures, and the wheels and suspension features, you can rest assured of a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain. The basket offers ample storage space, and some features make this unit an all-weather system while guaranteeing you of maximum value at all times. On top of that, GB Lyfe Travel System is simply gorgeous while its colour versions are beautiful and unique.

Cheap Baby Travel Systems For 2020

Preparing the perfect environment while waiting for your little one to arrive may be pretty costly. The list of things you need is pretty long. You need a crib, clothes for the newborn, changing table, baby car seat and a stroller of course. Thinking of the budget may give you a headache.

Luckily I’ve got a few tips to save you a few bucks. Consider getting yourself a travel system. They usually come as a set including a baby car seat and a stroller, and a set is always cheaper. Bare in mind, that buying an expensive set doesn’t always mean you’ll get the best one out there!

Today’s market provides moms with a huge selection of travel systems that are cheap, safe and high-quality at the same time. It may surprise you, but it’s possible to get one for less than $200.

Cheap Baby Travel Systems For 2019

You may wonder if getting a cheap baby travel system is the right choice or will it be reliable. I’ve tested many low-cost travel systems and it’s just a matter of choice. Picking the right model will save you quite a few bucks, without compromising the quality or reliability.

Naturally you’ll need to check the features, materials used, folding and all the things you have to check while getting a stroller. I believe my reviews of cheap travel systems for 2020 will make the choice easier for you.

My Top 3 Best Cheap Baby Travel System

Getting a combo of a stroller and a car seat doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot. There are many nice baby travel systems below $200. It’s not a rare thing to see that they actually offer the same quality and features as the higher priced ones.

1. Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace small
Check Latest Price
Weight: 34 lbsExcellent construction offering maximum comfort for infants and toddlers, stable and lightweight car seat.

It is time to move away from inadequate travel systems that do not give your infants the maximum comfort they deserve. A worthy consideration, in such case, will be the Evenflo Vive Travel System.

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace

Let me start with the excellent design that helps your child sit straight and comfortably while awake and laying down safely when it is the time for a nap. Now you can worry less about your child during the strolls. The safety measures in the Evenflo Vive Travel System are the best you will ever find on a travel system. The easy lock brakes and strong wheels all contribute to the impressive sturdiness of the stroller and guarantees that your stroller does not move into dangerous situations or positions on its own.

This stroller may be easily folded with one hand to a compact and straight position. And once folded, storing becomes quite easier.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Evenflo Vive Travel System, according to the feedback from current users:


  • Excellent construction offering maximum comfort for infants and toddlers
  • Easy folding and unfolding, all thanks to the ultra-slim design
  • Stable and light special car seat
  • A 5-point harness system that offers maximum support
  • Attractive pink flower design
  • Both you and your little passenger can have some snack on the go, courtesy of the parent/child tray
  • A vented top of the seat


  • The inability of the support legs to snap
  • Not suitable for parents with a preference for minimalistic designs

2. Evenflo Sibby Travel System

Evenflo Sibby Travel System small
Check Latest Price
(stroller + car seat)
13 lbs + 10 lbs
Very cheap, compared to other infant car seat and stroller combinations. The most outstanding feature of the Evenflo Sibby Travel System is the standard board for an older toddler, capable of holding up to 50 lbs.

With the Evenflo Sibby Travel System, you can finally get an ultra-lightweight travel system for your baby at under 199$. The excellent stroller in this system can take up to 50 lbs of passenger weight and 38 inches of height, and the LiteMax infant car seat is capable of taking between 4 and 35 lbs of passenger weight and up to 30 inches of height.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System

My expectations of the Evenflo Sibby Travel System was considerably low since it is a low budget option. However, I was left surprised by the performance of the LiteMax infant car seat. Apart from being lightweight, it is also well-padded and comes with an extended canopy, a detachable head pillow, and a car seat base.

Talking about the stroller, this one here ticks all the boxes when it comes to the basic features expected of a stroller of its price range. The seat in this travel system comes with several recline positions, and thus an adjustable angle that can be set according to the preference of your rider. The 3-position footrest is also worthy of mention, especially its ability to provide your passenger with a comfortable place to rest their feet instead of keeping them suspended. It was really thoughtful of Sibby to include this.

The 3-panel canopy, although not too large, guarantees your little passenger proper protection against the harsh weather. There is a peek-a-boo feature on the canopy of the latest model of this stroller. There are dual plastic front wheels, which are a bit bigger than their rear counterparts. These wheels are best suited for strolls in cities, malls, on park pavements, malls, and on other smooth terrains. Do not expect it to do so much on rough terrains.

Evenflo Sibby Travel System Car Seat

The most outstanding feature of the Evenflo Sibby Travel System is the standard board for an older toddler, capable of holding up to 50 lbs. This board actually turns the stroller into a double model. I should not forget the lightweight design of this affordable travel system unit. At just 13 pounds, you can worry less about operating and storing this unit whenever you want to, especially if you are a bit on the petite side.

Feedback from parents

I took my time to assess the feedback from other parents who are using the Evenflo Sibby Travel System for their babies, and from my findings, I came up with the strength and weakness of the system as follows:


  • Very cheap, compared to other infant car seat and stroller combinations
  • Folding is a walk in the park, and the folded unit can easily be stored in a medium-size car trunk
  • Excellent adjustable footrest
  • It is very light, thus moving or carrying it around is easy
  • Impressive ride-on board for older kids
  • Nice storage basket


  • Wheels are smaller and made of plastic, thus not fit for rough terrains
  • Maneuvering with one hand is challenging – the stroller itself has two handles


While enjoying your Evenflo Sibby Travel System, ensure that your heavy child does not find their way to the ride-on board or the handlebars. Standing on the board or hanging on the handlebars may end up with the stroller tipping over. Keep your little ones away from injuries!

3. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System small
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(stroller + car seat)
27 lbs + 7.7 lbs
Ideal for parents interested in jogging with their kids on rough terrains. Clicking the infant car seat into the stroller and the base is simple and fast.

I have seen standard strollers converted to travel systems. However, this is a perfect example of combining joggers with an infant car seat. So, if you have always wanted to use a single stroller for both strolling and jogging, you finally have the perfect choice in the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

This unit affords you the opportunity of strolling from day one using the car seat attached to the frame. However, you can move on to the standard seat once your baby is six months and older, and subsequently, start jogging. It is not allowed to jog with your child staying in an infant car seat.

The canopy in this travel system unit is excellent and adjustable. You also have a basket large enough to keep all the essential items. You and your child can enjoy the parent and child trays and cup holders that come with the set. This jogger offers you excellent stability and easy maneuverability, all thanks to the swiveling lockable front wheel. And the presence of a 3-wheel design and tires suitable for all tires mean you only need a minimum force to get this stroller into motion.

The infant car seat adopted in this travel system is the Flex Lock 30 infant car seat. In addition to the fitting handle that facilitates easy movement between the car, stroller, and home, the seat also comes with a special foam that offers your baby maximum protection by absorbing the excess energy. Interestingly, clicking the infant car seat into the stroller and the base is simple and fast.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Car Seat

Feedback from Parents

Having assessed the several reviews, I could lay my hands on; I have taken time to come up with the top strengths and weakness of the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System. Find them below:


  • Ideal for parents interested in jogging with their kids on rough terrains
  • Excellent quality and durability, with up to 3 year’s lifespan
  • Steering and maneuverability is quite easy and simple


  • Few complaints about the considerably big fold
  • The tires need to be inflated at times


This jogger must always be combined with an infant car seat if you are looking to have your passenger is a newborn baby. Also, in such cases, stick to walking and if possible, on smooth terrains only. However, once your baby is about 5-8 months old, and can sit straight on their own while keeping their head up, you can move on to a tougher terrain.

The air-filled tires in the stroller mean you will need to inflate them once in a while.

4. Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with OnBoard 35 LT Infant Car Seat

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with OnBoard 35 LT Infant Car Seat
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(stroller + car seat)
18 lbs + 8 lbs
The OnBoard 35 LT packs a side impact protection that guarantees your baby maximum protection when an accident occurs. In the case of a newborn baby, they are kept securely in place with full support for their head and body, all thanks to the insert.

In this travel system unit, you have a rear-facing onboard 35 LT infant car seat alongside a safety-first stroller and a car seat base. Now, let me consider the components one after the other.

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with OnBoard 35 LT Infant Car Seat

The OnBoard 35 LT packs a side impact protection that guarantees your baby maximum protection when an accident occurs. In the case of a newborn baby, they are kept securely in place with full support for their head and body, all thanks to the insert. This makes an infant car seat coming as a part of the travel system a good choice.

The multi-position recline in the primary seat doesn’t guarantee a fully-flat position. Thus you should not use the stroller itself for newborns. Using this travel system with a newborn requires you to attach the car seat to the stroller’s frame. Also, keep in mind that the toddler seat cannot hold more than 50 lbs.

If you are expecting a huge canopy in this stroller, you may be slightly disappointed. But rest assured that the included canopy offers all the protection needed, and with a large mesh peek-a-boo window, you can easily keep tabs on your little passenger while giving them excellent ventilation, especially when the weather is warmer than usual.

Another great feature of the Safety 1st Smooth ride Travel System is its lightweight design. At just 18 pounds, this is one of the lightest you will find around. And with such weight, you can worry less about carrying the unit or moving it in and out of the car trunk.

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System Car Seat

For fans of parent tray, there is one in this stroller, and it even has a storage space enough to hold your smartphone and two cup holders. Your baby is not left out – the child tray presents ample space to keep your baby’s sip cup and snacks. The biggest perk here is that you get all these nice features without a sky-rocketed price.

Feedback from Parents

The reviews of the Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with OnBoard 35 LT Infant Car Seat are quite impressive. Having checked through most of them, I have compiled these strengths and weakness according to the opinions of the current users.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • One-hand opening and closing
  • Easy to use


  • The absence of a suspension system, thus limiting it to use indoors or on smooth surfaces
  • Users’ reservations about the buckle design on the car seat


Most of the feedback confirmed that the Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with OnBoard 35 LT Infant Car Seat is worth every penny invested. If you are expecting too much from this travel system, perhaps I should remind you that it costs less than $200. Even at that price, this travel system will definitely deliver based on its promises.

Travel System Buying Guide

A baby travel system is one of the essential items you will buy as a parent. The priority differs for various parents – for some, it is about the features, and for others the appearance takes precedence. However, it is a common occurrence to have parents complain about their purchase not doing what they want it to do. So, to avoid such instances, it is best that you understand how your potential purchase can help you and your new baby before doling out the cash.

Travel System Buying Guide

How safe is a travel system stroller?

Safety remains a prerequisite for when buying an item or equipment that deals directly with your baby. Travel system strollers are in high demand in the strollers’ world at the moment. With so many options to choose from, parents are expected to settle for the one that best suits their needs. Whatever your choices are, ensure that they guarantee the safety of your kids. And the best way to determine if it does is to understand the strengths, downsides, usability, and the safety ratings of such a travel system stroller.

What are the types of travel system strollers available in the market?

For this guide, I will limit myself to just two types of travel system strollers. Each category is classified based on weight and size. The first category comprises the full-sized strollers. Known for their plus size and bulkiness, strollers in such a category can store all your baby items conveniently. You will find cup holders, bells, adjustable handles, and reclining or reversible seats in them.

The second category is the lightweight travel systems, which is the ideal option for parents that cannot handle the bulkiness of the other category. These (the lightweight travel systems) are lighter and easier to carry, considering that they usually weigh about 20 or 22 lbs. You may even find a more compact option that still packs all the necessary features. Thus, it is possible to have a full-sized travel system with a total weight of about 25lbs.

stroller weight

Note that the two categories of travel system strollers are capable of holding up to between 30 and 50 lbs of load conveniently.

You will find many travel system of other categories on the market as well. For instance, there are modular systems allowing you to attach two infant car seats to the frame of the stroller at a time. There are also jogging strollers with a function of a travel system. Some travel systems will also provide you with an opportunity of changing the stroller in a pram. Thus, before deciding to buy such a system for your family, you should consider what you really expect from it.

Perks of having a travel system strollers

With a travel system stroller, you can worry less about finding which car seat best suits your stroller. You can easily transfer your child to or from your car in a matter of seconds. So, the main benefit for parents is the convenience, while the infants enjoy the safety that comes with such systems.

Considering that infants under 6 months are still developing and cannot control their body, the parents are expected to help them lift their head and/or neck every time. So, it is easier and safer to unclip or move the entire car seat, instead of detaching the child from it.

Interestingly, your baby doesn’t have to leave the carrier before you assemble the system, so you do not have to disturb a sleeping infant. And considering that the car seat and stroller are usually made of similar colors and materials, the stylishness is preserved, and the overall outward appearance of the system is excellent.

Perks of having a travel system strollers

Downsides of having a travel system strollers

Car seats are expected to come in sizes capable of accommodating children as they grow. And if we consider that the car seats of a travel system fit to its stroller, it is only reasonable for the stroller to be bulky and of course, big.

However, when the stroller is big and bulky, packing becomes difficult. It is even more difficult if you cannot spare enough space to keep it. A bulky stroller is also difficult to maneuver through small spaces and narrow passages. Perhaps you think converting the car seat into a basket will solve the problem? It will only end up making its movement inconvenient.

For parents that can take their time to check the numerous options on the internet, they will most likely see a travel system stroller of the right weight and size.

Also, the parents who are planning to purchase a jogging stroller with a function of a travel system, should be absolutely aware of the fact such strollers cannot be used as joggers with an infant car seat. Thus, even though they are convertible into travel systems, no jogging or hiking can be performed with them.


You obviously have more features in a travel system controller. Thus they cost more compared to the conventional stroller. The number of features, most times, determines the price. However, you may have a couple of non-essential features in the expensive ones, but such travel system strollers do have excellent safety features also.

There are also simpler travel systems that cost about $130. When choosing your favorite, ensure that such a travel system stroller has storage, a brake system, and 5-point safety harness.

Pay your attention to the fact for many ready-to-use travel systems there are actually two options available. You can either purchase an infant car seat and a stroller separately or you can buy them as a set. A good idea is to check the price for both of the options as it is difficult to predict which one will be cheaper.

buying travel system stroller car seat

Safety ratings

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is saddled with the responsibility of testing and approving the safety ratings of each travel system stroller. A travel system stroller will not go on sale unless it has passed the standards and meet the requirements set by the NHTSA.

It is advisable that you rely on the verdict of the NHTSA in determining whether a product is safe or not, rather than acting based on the online reviews on such products. Safe products are usually approved and come with a warranty. Also, they are never recalled by the manufacturers.

The Car Seat – an integral part of the travel systems

If you are looking to get a baby travel system, you would be ready to select your most preferred car seat first. Yes, the convenience comes from the stroller; it is the car seat that ensures the safety of your little passenger. It is highly advisable that you work with the car seats that fit tightly in your vehicle and which requires little or no effort to install and use. An infant car set with a 5-point harness will be a great choice. You should also check if the baby car seat is possible to install without the system’s base so that you do not experience any delay or difficulty whenever you want to switch vehicles.

You will find several combinations of cheap travel systems and cheaper car seats. Although the priority is not always the price, it is possible not to get the vital features when you go for a pre-packaged system. For instance, if you choose an option without a rear-adjust harness, it means you will be unable to tighten or loosen the harness without looking at the bottom or back of the car seat. And the considerable reduction in convenience translates to the inadequate use of the rear-adjust car seats by most users.

The variety of infant car seats compatible with a travel system

As you have already noticed, some of the travel systems can be purchased with an infant car seat. This can a great deal as usually the price of such a set is cheaper than it is in the case of purchasing an infant car seat separately from a stroller. Yet, in some situations, you might not be able to use the option of purchasing an entire travel system as one package.

The most popular case is when you have just happened to have an infant car seat before purchasing a stroller itself. For instance, some of your acquaintances has given the one he or she used and it is still in a great condition so there is no need for you to buy one more infant car seat.

It might also be that you have made a separate research for an infant car seat and there is a model you particularly like and wish to use with your stroller as a part of a travel system. Of course, this is also possible.

In such situations, you should be very attentive to the variety of infant car seats compatible with a stroller you are interested in. Actually, the list of infant car seats compatible with a particular stroller can be rather unpredictable. Some strollers can be used exclusively with the infant car seats produced by the same manufacturer. Other strollers are offering a gigantic choice of adapters for almost every popular model of an infant car seat. Do not assume an expensive stroller will guarantee you compatibility with a many seats as it usually does not work like this at all. At the same time, not all of the exclusive models of strollers are compatible exclusively with exclusive infant car seats. That is why you should be very careful while searching for the model which can be used exactly with your infant car seat.

You should also be aware of the design of the strollers as some of them already have inbuilt car seat adapters suitable for particular models of seats. In some of such strollers, you will not be able to detach the adapters, whereas in the case of others, you will be able to change the adapters to the ones you need for your car seat.

buying car seat

Can all buggies be used as travel systems?

Note that not all buggies can be converted into a travel system, but most big brands are suitable for such conversion, all you need to do is get a car seat that fits on to the buggy. Furthermore, keep in mind that not all manufacturers produce both car seats and buggies, such a situation is the Bugaboo – which produces just buggies, but these buggies can be matched with car seats from other brands like the Maxi-Cosi.

So, if you are looking to convert your buggy into a travel system, ensure that such a buggy is travel-system compatible. Even at that, you may need to get a car seat adapter to enable you to fit the seat to the chassis of a car seat by another brand.

Can all buggies be used as travel systems

Selecting your favorite stroller

You have a wide range of options when it comes to strollers – the jogging strollers, full-size strollers or the lightweight strollers. Before choosing a stroller, you plan to keep in a vehicle, ensure that you check and see how well it will fit and the amount of space remaining after fitting it in. In the case of the bulky strollers, ensure that it can handle difficult terrains well. For jogging strollers, the priority will be how easily it can be folded and stored in a trunk.

Since more flexible baby travel systems are finding their ways into the market, you are sure to find the one that best suits your specific needs. Note that such a perfect option may cost a bit more; however, when you consider the value you will get, it would be a worthy investment after all.

Selecting your favorite stroller

Check various prices

Finding a pre-packaged travel system may be difficult. In such cases, a cheaper and more customized option is to combine your most preferred car seat and stroller into a perfect travel system. It doesn’t matter if they come from different brands; there are adapters to link them together.

Additional travel options

Another option apart from a full-size stroller or using the infant car seat is to get a universal stroller frame. These frames are designed to snap to the car seat bottom so that you can easily wheel your little passenger around while they sit comfortably in the car seat. Fortunately, you do not have to spend much on stroller frames, and you can easily settle for your most preferred full-size stroller later whenever you are ready.

Note that some travel systems are also compatible with riding boards suitable for transporting your older baby.

Here is why you need a travel system

Having bought a couple of models that were too bulky to be effective, some parents have reverted to using a backpack carrier or sling instead. Although it is best that you get an appropriate car seat for your baby, it doesn’t have to be from a combination of a stroller and infant carrier. If that fits you more, you can buy a stroller and a baby car seat separately.

Experts and stakeholders have advised parents to ensure that their babies spend the least possible time in a car seat – nothing more than one hour. Furthermore, babies should not be allowed to sleep in car seats to avoid the development of flat spots on their head. A more desirable option for long outdoor trips that last longer than usual is using a flat bassinet, stroller, or a baby carrier.

safety travel system

How safe is a used travel system for my baby?

The best is to avoid reusing a used car seat or one with an unverifiable crash history. Likewise, a car seat that is more than 6-years-old is not safe for use. The best way to determine the safety and the reliability of used car seats and strollers is to carry out a comprehensive recall search. If you can confirm that the used strollers meet the safety standards and are not under recall, then they are safe for use.

4 Helpful Tips in Choosing a Travel System

Consider the future

If you are considering having a bigger family in the future, it is best that you get a travel system that can be converted to a double if the need arises. This saves you money and the struggle of a second pushchair on the arrival of a new baby.

Go for a travel system that suits your car seat

Ensure that your next travel system fits into your car boot easily. This is necessary, considering that some travel systems are big and bulky, and some are not foldable with the seat present. You can check my reviews for specifics on this.

Always aim to get the best option

Some travel-system pushchairs do not come with a car seat, thus always check and see what the package offers before choosing, especially if you will need to get a good car seat separately. A Best Buy car seat is great for your travel system, considering that it is crash-proof and thus safe for use.

Confirm if the package comes with a car seat adapter

You need no adapters in some cases of car seat that fit into the pushchair chassis easily, and for others, you need adapters to get it working. In cases where the adapter is required, it doesn’t always come out-of-the-box. So, always ensure that you know what the package offers before going for it. If absent, you may spend up to $30 on an external adapter.

stroller car trunk

Other Acceptable Options Apart From Car Seat Travel Systems

Car seat travel systems are not the only means of moving your kids around safely. There are options that allows your little ones to spend more time on the tummy, so that they are not stuck on the same position for long. Let’s take a look at them:

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are great for moving your baby around. When in one, your baby assumes a developmentally appropriate position, while shielding the skull from any additional pressure. For best results, go for a baby carrier that keeps your baby in an optimal position, such as the ERGObaby and the Moby Wrap baby carriers. These are better alternatives to the “crotch dangler” baby carriers. While using a baby carrier, always ensure to abide by the safety measures that come with such carrier.

Bassinet stroller and travel system

This option is especially great for babies who do not feel too comfortable in baby carriers. The bassinet has a special surface where you can place your baby in tummy time while on the move. This also allows you to monitor your little one closely throughout the trip.

Actually, according to many doctors, a pram with a bassinet is the most appropriate option for long distance walks. In addition to it, some high-quality bassinets are also suitable for overnight sleep.

Do not handle all the errands on your own

Although this may be a bit difficult, but it is best that you make arrangements with the other parent or a family member to share the errands. This ensures that your baby is not stuck on the same position all day without adequate tummy time. Alternatively, you can take on all the errands while putting in significant breaks in between. This reduces the time your baby spends in the car seat.

Factor in tummy time into your schedule

Having adequate tummy time is crucial to the wellbeing of your little one. Thus, fine-tune your schedule to allow tummy time – you may start with the moments that come after diaper changes, feeding, and naps. The more tummy time your baby gets, the better for everyone. And if your routine is too rigid, get creative and find means to make the tummy time easier for your baby.

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