Bugaboo Ant Stroller Review

If you are an active person enjoying travelling, in all likelihood, you wish to continue visiting new locations even after a birth of your child. Fortunately, due to the designers of a new generation of lightweight strollers, parents of small children don’t have to resign from trips to destinations of their dreams as such strollers as Bugaboo Ant were created specifically with a purpose of making your travelling experience comfortable. A well-chosen lightweight stroller allows parents to make the most of the travelling during the time when their youngest children do not have to pay for airplane sits.

bugaboo ant babygeartested review

Still, as an experienced mother, I can’t but recommend purchasing a lightweight stroller even to those people who are totally sure they won’t be travelling with their children. The reason for it is simple convenience which is so important for a person spending an entire day with a baby. There is no need to become nervous at a perspective of leaving your house with your child with no assistants. All you need is a good lightweight stroller and this review will provide you with the details about one of the latest models of such a vehicle. Read the information below and decide whether Bugaboo Ant is suitable for you but don’t forget to check valid discounts for the stroller on Amazon!

Bugaboo AntTypeFolded dimensionsMajor advantages
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Lightweight stroller9.03 x 14.96 x 21.65 inchBugaboo Ant struck me with its ergonomic design such as a telescopic handlebar with a rotating top part and a reversible seat with a back which can be set to various angles. Additionally, I’ve never seen any other strollers with such a compact folded construction resembling a small suitcase.


Bugaboo Ant – the basic elements of the stroller

If you have already searched for a stroller or a baby carriage, you should have seen various types of them full of additional equipment. Although such equipment makes a product more comfortable and functional, you should bear in mind the fact the basic elements of strollers can also differ a lot making a stroller particularly handy, or, on the contrary, absolutely impossible to handle.

bugaboo ant review


Undeniably, if you are looking for a stroller, you need a carriage allowing your baby to sit in it. As you probably know, there are several variations of stroller’s seats offered by manufacturers, albeit no one will tell you which one is the best as everything depends exactly on your child.

When it comes to Bugaboo Ant, this stroller is equipped with one of the best seats I’ve ever seen especially taking into consideration this stroller is claimed to be a lightweight one. Why am I so excited by this product?

bugaboo ant recline

First of all, the stroller allows your child to sit upright. Actually, it is a great advantage of Bugaboo Ant because you will hardly find another stroller or even a carriage with such a functionality. You might have already noticed parents walking with their children in a half-lying position. Well, that is exactly because the strollers can’t be positioned upright. If you think it’s not a big deal, believe me, your child will disagree with you. The majority of kids hate the lack of opportunity to sit upright, despite the fact they might not be able to tell you that.

Second of all, the Bugaboo Ant can also be set into a complete lying position. This point is crucial for the parents whose children enjoy sleeping outdoors. Still, if you are perfectly positive your child doesn’t sleep in a stroller, you’d better purchase a model like Bugaboo Ant for long trips during as your kid might need extra comfort.

bugaboo ant seat

Finally, the designers of Bugaboo Ant have prepared a great surprise for the purchasers of their stroller. This vehicle has a reversible seat which is hardly available in case of any other lightweight stroller! The process of a seat conversion might look a bit complex for those performing it for the first time as it includes several steps:

  • sliding down the back of the stroller
  • folding the stroller’s canopy inside
  • laying down the leg rest
  • pushing the stroller’s seat to the direction you need
  • sliding the seat and reversing it as you need

Despite the fact you might need some time for practicing reversing of the seat, it is definitely worth your time as your child will be able to sit in both positions. Note that this is particularly important for the parents of young children who have just learnt sitting since their babies will spend some time sitting and facing their parents while travelling, but, in several months, they will be ready for travelling facing the world around them. Yet, if you are going to purchase a stroller for a toddler, this function might be not important for you.

Finally, you should definitely know how convenient this stroller is for parents as you will be able to raise the seat lower it completely with one hand. A special lever make it possible to move the seat as you wish without any difficulties. No need to explain how helpful it is for a parent going out with a child on one’s own!


Wheels are another essential factor for choosing a lightweight stroller or a baby carriage as these elements determine how smooth the ride will be for your child.

In case you have some special demands like using a stroller on a particularly bumpy surface, the small wheels of Bugaboo Ant might not manage with the tusk. Still, that is not a con of this model of stroller. Actually, that is just a nature of the type of this stroller which is designed primarily for using in urban locations.

bugaboo ant wheels

Here, Bugaboo Ant deals perfectly with all possible obstacles like cobblestone and damaged pavement. Additionally, it will give your child a smooth ride on grass. This is possible due to a special technology used in Bugaboo products. Its tires are filled with foam so as they can ideally imitate the tires filled with air. Furthermore, the stroller has suspension in both front and back wheels making the ride even more comfy.

Again, the wheels of Bugaboo Ant are small enough for folding the stroller in a compact structure. The diameter of the front wheels is 7.7 inches whereas the diameter of the rear wheels is 5.9 inches.


The designers of Bugaboo Ant have paid particular attention to the ergonomics of their stroller. As a result, you can enjoy a lightweight stroller with a telescopic handlebar which is something absolutely unique in case of the strollers of light weight!

You will be able to adjust the handlebar to your height easily and get extra space for legs under the stroller. Believe me, this is useful not only for particularly tall or short people, but also for the couples in which partners have different height.

bugaboo ant handlebar

There is also an additional advantage of the handlebar of Bugaboo Ant which is a rotating top part of the stroller. This one will help you to adjust the angle of the handlebar just as you like.


Providing you are an experienced parent, you definitely know the canopy of a stroller isn’t just a mere accessory. This part of the vehicle is extremely important as it provides your child with protection against the sun in the summer and strong and cold chilly wind in the winter.

Because of their small sizes, lightweight strollers usually have rather small canopies. Fortunately, that is not the case when it comes to Bugaboo Ant as it is equipped with an extendable three-panelled UPF 50+ canopy. This means, you will be able to adjust the size of the canopy by adding further panels. The extra third panel can be unfolded by opening a zipper.

bugaboo ant canopy

The canopy of Bugaboo Ant also has special viewing and ventilating windows making the ride even more comfortable and exciting for your child.

Storage basket

The storage basket of Bugaboo Ant is one more advantage of this stroller. You might have noticed that lightweight strollers are generally featured with rather small baskets which is determined by the small weight and compact construction of such vehicles. Yet, the designers of Bugaboo Ant have managed to go against this popular trend creating a storage basket of a large size capable of carrying 17 pounds.

bugaboo ant storage basket

Additionally, the basket is highly functional due to its two separate parts and an extra pouch attached to the rear side of the storage basket. The pouch is particularly convenient for carrying anything you need to keep at hand and it will be accessible even if you fold the stroller.

The suitability for a newborn baby car seat

Certainly, a lightweight stroller is hardly the first type of a carriage parent buy for their newborn babies. In all probability, you have already purchased a car seat and would like to continue using it even with your lightweight stroller.

The majority of such strollers give you no opportunity for attaching a baby car seat, no matter which version you have got. The thing is, there is no way to detach the seat of the stroller at all. Fortunately, it is not the case of Bugaboo Ant. You can set your baby car seat on the stroller without any difficulties unless you have special adapters. Getting the adapters is not a big deal as they can be easily purchased on Amazon.

bugaboo ant convertible

The list of infant car seats compatible with Bugaboo Ant includes such models as Maxi Cosi, Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Aton 2, Nuna Pipa Lite, Nuna Pipa Lite LX and Clek Liing.

Bugaboo Ant weight and size

Obviously, especially crucial criteria for choosing a lightweight stroller are the weight and size of this type of a child’s vehicle. When it comes to Bugaboo Ant, this stroller presents a good balance between functionality, its dimensions and weight. As you know now about the practical seat of this stroller, you’ll be surprised by its small weight which is hardly 15.8 pounds! Thus little weight combined with a small structure the stroller has while being folded gives us an extremely handy stroller which can be taken with you wherever you are going without extra help.

The process of folding the stroller is somewhat advanced including several steps, yet, it is well-grounded, as the compact fold it creates is only 9.03 x 14.96 x 21.65 inches. In addition to it, the first phase of folding the stroller is the same as the process of reversing the seat so you actually do not have to learn too much in order to handle the structure of Bugaboo Ant.

bugaboo ant folded

For your convenience, the designers of this stroller have made its fold look like a suitcase which can be pulled with a handle. And, owing to the size of the fold, you might even be able to take the stroller with your on board the planes of some airlines!

The additional accessories available for Bugaboo Ant

Bugaboo Ant can be customized with a number of extra elements which are not sold together with the stroller itself. Although it might cause additional payments, you can get a discount on Amazon on frequent occasions. Furthermore, there is no need to be disappointed by the fact these accessories are sold for an extra price. The point is you can get them when you need while many other strollers are not compatible with any additional equipment at all. So, what can you get for your brand-new Bugaboo Ant?

Bugaboo Wheeled BoardBugaboo Wheeled Board – First of all, you should know Bugaboo Ant can be used for carrying two children at a time. Undeniably, this is extremely important for the parents of several small children. For this purpose, you can use Bugaboo Wheeled Board allowing you to pull one more child weighing up to 44 pounds. The board can be attached to the frame of the stroller.
bugaboo ant car seat adapterBugaboo Ant Car Seat Adapters – Another useful accessory is a pair of adapters for attaching an infant car seat to the frame of Bugaboo Ant. You can learn more about these adapters in the section on the compatibility of the stroller with car seats for babies.
bugaboo ant rain coverRain Cover – Bugaboo Ant can be used with two types of covers which can also be purchased on Amazon. The first one is Bugaboo Ant Rain Cover which can be useful not only for the parents enjoying long trips as you might get caught out in the rain virtually anytime. That is why it is a good idea to carry Bugaboo Ant Rain Cover with you which can be used even if the stroller is reclined. Don’t worry as you can fold the cover easily and it won’t take much place.
bugaboo ant footmuffBugaboo Ant Footmuff – Depending on the place of your residence, you might also need a warm cover for your child. For this purpose, you can purchase comfy and warm Bugaboo Ant Footmuff
bugaboo ant organizerBugaboo Ant Organiser – The list of Bugaboo Ant accessories also includes two types of additional bags. The first one is a quite large transport bag designed for transporting the stroller itself. Just fold the stroller and put it inside the bag if you don’t want to make it dirty during the trip. If you wish to have a convenient space for storing small but useful things such as documents, keys or a wallet, you can use Bugaboo Ant Organiser. This is a compact bag looking a bit like a pencil case attached to the handlebar of the stroller.

As you can see, some of these Bugaboo Ant accessories can be really helpful during the drives!

Bugaboo Ant – conclusion

As you have learnt from this review, Bugaboo Ant is an advanced model of lightweight strollers which is now considered to be one of the best vehicles available on Amazon. Yet, before we start listing its pros, let’s look at its specification one more time as this information is the most crucial for parents.

The weight of Bugaboo Ant is 15.87 lbs, whereas the maximum weight the stroller can carry is 50 lbs. Its width is 15,8″ and the handlebar height can range from 37,4″ to 41″. At the same time, the stroller can be folded to a particularly small construction of the following dimensions: 9″ x 15″ x 21.6″ (LxWxH).

Now, let’s put all the pros and cons of this stroller on one list:


  • really lightweight despite being well-equipped
  • seat is just perfect as you can set it to various positions starting from an almost right angle of its back and finishing with a totally lying position
  • the entire construction is reversible enabling your child travelling either facing the world or facing you
  • it can be easily transported because an extremely compact and light fold resembling a suitcase which can be carried on board the planes of some airlines
  • large and functional storage basket
  • the size of its canopy can be adjusted just as you like due to having three parts while additional comfort is guaranteed by special windows
  • the height of its handlebar can be adjusted owning to a telescopic construction and its top part is rotating allowing you to change the angle of the handlebar as well
  • suitable for carrying siblings due to the Bugaboo Wheeled Board


  • quite pricey
  • folding process is complicated

Of course, Bugaboo Ant is also a beautiful model of stroller which is available in several color variations. You can choose both the color of the canopy and the color of the stroller from multiple options.

bugaboo ant colors

Taking into consideration all of these features of Bugaboo Ant, I will certainly recommend this stroller even to the most demanding parents!

All pictures belong to Bugaboo. Source: bugaboo.com

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