Graco Nimble Lite – a budget-friendly ultra lightweight stroller

Graco Nimble Lite
TypeUltra lightweight stroller convertible into a travel system
Weight12 lbs
Dimensions while folded11.24”H 32.75”W x 21”L
Maximum weight capacity50 lbs
Main advantagesA super lightweight stroller which can be converted into a travel system and used with newborn babies. Compatible with all the Click Connect infant car seats models offered by Graco. Featured by a sophisticated design as well as great utilities such as an extremely large canopy, additional storage options such as a child’s tray and a parent’s tray and wheels of a high quality.

When the first convertible full-size strollers entered the market, they made a real revolution offering parents a possibility of purchasing a single stroller which is suitable for children starting from their birth up to the moment when they will not need a stroller at all. Yet, soon many parents realised three-in-one full-size strollers are not a perfect solution since they are rather bulky and heavy. For that reason, some parents started resigning from getting such a stroller and turned back to separate solutions such as a pram with a carrycot and an umbrella stroller. Fortunately, today it is not a problem any more since the market is full of lightweight models which can be converted into travels systems suitable for newborn babies and are still capable of carrying children of a pre-school age.

You might be worrying that such a design is worth a lot of money, however, it is not a case at all. There is a range of budget-friendly ultra lightweight strollers and the products offered by Graco are some of the top strollers of this category. You can find a whole series of lightweight strollers convertible into travel systems created by Graco, albeit Graco NimbleLite is the one featured by a particularly small weight.

If you are interested in purchasing a full featured stroller weighing less than 14 lbs for less than a hundred of dollars check the currents review.


Dimensions, weight and fold

First of all, you should be aware of the fact Graco NimbleLite weighs only 12 lbs which makes it a really ultra lightweight stroller. In point of fact, the maximum weight of strollers regarded on the market as lightweight is 20 lbs which is almost twice more than the weight of Graco NimbleLite. Actually, it is not an easy task to find a stroller with such a small weight and full functionality which is available for a quite modest price.

Even though Graco NimbleLite is such a lightweight stroller, it is suitable for carrying children weighing up to 50 lbs which is a standard for other lightweight strollers including the models weighing a lot more than Graco NimbleLite. At the same time, the stroller is definitely not tiny and it will provide your baby with a sufficient comfort.

The minimum weight recommendation for this stroller is 5 lbs which practically makes Graco NimbleLite a stroller suitable for transporting newborns as well. This is possible since Graco NimbleLite has an almost flat recline which is necessary not only for the comfort of your newborn baby but also for his or her safety.

The fold of Graco NimbleLite is its another advantage. First of all, you can fold the stroller very easily. Folding requires both of your hands since you will have to press two buttons simultaneously. Yet, unfolding can be done with just one hand. This simple mechanism will fold the stroller into a shape with the following dimensions: 11.24”H 32.75”W x 21”L. The initial dimensions of the model are 42.25”H x 34.62”W x 21”L which means the stroller is still large enough to be convenient.

Point your attention to the fact the fold of Graco NimbleLite is featured with such a shape and weight that it can be even hung up on the wall which can be a great option for saving some space at home. Yet, you should know this stroller can’t stand on its own.

The major components of Graco Nimble Lite

There are several parts in any strollers which should be checked before purchasing one since they will determine how safe and comfortable the one is. Since this is so important I have included all of these elements into my review and highlighted all of their crucial details. What you should do is reading this information with your whole attention and considering whether you are fine with them or not.

Seating options of Graco Nimble Lite

Let’s check the seating options of Graco NimbleLite first since it will give you a complete picture of the comfort provided by this stroller. Note that this stroller can be purchased separately from an infant car seat, however, you can also get it with such a seat as a set. I will recommend you to check the prices for the both options beforehand as you never know which one is cheaper.

Major seat

If you have already happened to check some other models of lightweight strollers including expensive ones, you have definitely noticed that their seats are rather limited when it comes to available positions of recline. Actually, such strollers almost never recline to a completely flat position and even a smaller number of models allow your child to seat upright. For that reason calling Graco NimbleLite a unique stroller is absolutely justified as its initial position is at the angle of ninety degree whereas the reclined position is almost flat. Reclining the backrest can be managed with just one hand.

A flat position is crucial for the safety of babies who are younger than six months as well as for the comfort of older children during napping whereas an upright seating position is more preferable by many children while strolling as it allows them to observe the world in a more convenient way.

For additional convenience of your baby, the manufacturer also added an adjustable calf rest.

The seat is also completely safe for use with your baby due to its harness which can be converted from there points to five points and adjusted to the height of your baby.

Note there are two issues reported by some parents concerning the seat of Graco NimbleLite. The first one is a somewhat thin padding of the seat. Another one is the position of the bumper bar of this stroller. Some parents find it impractical as they have problems to locate their children in the stroller when the bumper bar is attached to the frame so they have to remove it for that reason.

Travel system

As I have mentioned, Graco NimbleLite is a convertible stroller which means it can be used with an infant car seat. This is a great way to provide your newborn baby with a safe and convenient way for travelling.

Graco NimbleLite is compatible with any Graco’s infant car seat of the Click Connect series. This mean you can attach such an infant car seat to the frame of the stroller with just one click. You will not have to remove the major seat in order to use the stroller as a travel system.

Providing you decide to get Graco NimbleLite as a ready-to-use travel system which means as a set with an infant car seat, you will get SnugRide 35 Lite Infant Car Seat. This baby carrier is suitable for babies weighing between 4 and 32 lbs.


Even though Graco NimbleLite is a very inexpensive model of a lightweight stroller it is featured with an excellent canopy.

First of all, it is made of fabrics which provides a child with sun ray protection. Secondly, this material is also waterproof which is also crucial since it might happen you do not have a rain cover with you or do not have it at all.

Finally, the canopy is really large. Actually, you can unfold it in such a way as it will cover the entire seat giving your baby not only a large shade during sunny days or full protection against wind but also privacy during napping.

The canopy of Graco NimbleLite is also equipped with a peek-a-boo window which is the most convenient option for keeping an eye on your child and provide him or her with an extra source of fresh air.


The wheels of Graco NimbleLite are pretty small which is absolutely natural taking into consideration the fact this stroller is an ultra lightweight one. They are made of hard plastic which makes the stroller more convenient for use on even terrains of urban areas. At the same time, this kind of plastic can be kept clean more easily than rubberised wheels.

The front wheels of Graco NimbleLite have a swivelling mechanism which is great for navigating narrow alleys between supermarket shelves. If you find you do not need this feature, you can easily lock the wheels of the stroller so as they will not spin.

Finally, pay your attention to the suspension built into the front wheels of Graco NimbleLite. This is a rather rare feature when it comes to budget-friendly models of strollers.

Storage options of Graco NimbleLite

The Graco’s strollers are generally well-known for their extended storage options which is not thus popular among other models available on the market.

Undeniably, the major place to hold your possessions as well as the things of your baby is a quite spacious storage bin located under the seat. Apart from that, you will get a nice parent organiser with two cup holders and a space for keeping small items. The baby will get a child’s tray with a cup holder as well.

This is actually what I like so much about Graco’s strollers. While other manufacturers are offering such accessories for an additional price, you can get everything for the price of a stroller if you decide to get a Graco’s product. As you can see, Graco NimbleLite is not an exception.


As for me, the only possible downfall of Graco NimbleLite is its handlebar, however, it doesn’t mean there is really something wrong with this handlebar. The major issue is just the fact you will not be able to adjust it to your height and it is actually pretty high. Thus, if you are a short person, you might find it a bit difficult to use this stroller.

Another possible problem is the material covering the handlebar. It is foam which is prone to damages. Still, it is very popular among the lightweight strollers of this price category.

The colour versions of Graco Nimble Lite

When it comes to the design of Graco’s strollers, it is famous for its sophisticated attractive patterns making each model stylish. This is not popular nowadays, since the major trend you can currently see on the market of strollers and pushchairs are models in simple colours such as grey or black without any decorative elements. That is why, if you are particularly interested in a stroller with an appealing design, you should pay your attention to Graco NimbleLite.

Note that purchasing a Graco NimbleLite stroller separately from an infant car seat will give you a choice among three colour versions. Yet, if you decide to get this stroller as a part of a set with an infant cars eat, you will be able to get both of the items in the same colour version which is actually different from the options available for the strollers sold separately from baby carriers.

The colour versions of Graco NimbleLite sold separately are Balancing Act, Hailey and Studio. Balancing Act is a black stroller with a dark grey part and elements decorated with white dotes which are located on the edge of the canopy and the padding of the harness straps. Hailey is a beautiful black stroller with an elegant silver pattern on its canopy and a lilac element on its seat as well as the lilac lines on the edge of the canopy and the harness strap padding. Studio is black as well, however, its seat is decorated with white stripes.

The colour versions of the sets are Belgrade and Frisco. The first one is a black stroller with a canopy and a seat made of the fabric in an elegant blue colour. The padding on the harness straps is also of the same colour. The stroller also has a grey element in the bottom part of the seat as well as a grey edge of the canopy. The seat of the infant car seat is made of the material in the same grey colour while its canopy is blue.

Frisco is almost completely black. The canopy is decorated with a silver pattern with a grey edge. The lover part of the seat as well as the padding on the harness straps are also grey. The padding of the seat of the infant car seat is grey as well, whereas the entire carrier is black. Its canopy is also decorated with the same pattern.

Graco NimbleLite – advantages and disadvantages

As you might have noticed, there is a great number of pros of Graco NimbleLite, yet, there are still some cons. I hope my lists of advantages and disadvantages of this stroller will help you to estimate its quality and suitability for your needs better.


  • an ultra small weight and compact fold;
  • convertible into a travel system and can be used with all the infant car seats of the Click Connect Graco’s series;
  • the recline positions of the seat include a completely upright one as well as an almost flat one;
  • an adjustable calf rest;
  • a quite large storage basket;
  • swivelling front wheels with a possibility of locking and suspension in the front wheels;
  • a very large canopy with sun protection and water resistance;
  • a child’s tray as well as a parent’s tray are included into the price;
  • a highly appealing design as well as a possibility of purchasing a stroller and an infant car seat in the same colour version as a set;
  • a budget-friendly price.


  • a somewhat too high handlebar without a possibility to adjust its height;
  • a foam cover of the handlebar which can be easily damaged;
  • the position of the bumper bar might make it difficult to put a child on the seat according to some parents.

Graco NimbleLite – my conclusions

While some people are happy to get a really inexpensive product, there are also people who are rather careful with such a perspective being concerned of possible losses on the side of the quality of such an item. Graco NimbleLite is not an ideal stroller, however, even the most expensive strollers on the market are not perfect for everyone. Taking into consideration all of the positive sides of this stroller, I can ensure you, its quality is definitely higher than its price category.

Just imagine for less than a hundred of dollars you can get an extremely lightweight stroller which can be converted into a travel system suitable for carrying newborn babies. At the same time, the stroller is equipped into a particularly large canopy made of a waterproof material with an UV filter. The stroller also has great wheels with a swivelling mechanism and a possibility of locking them.

Of course, another amazing fact of this stroller is the fact it is sold with a child’s tray and a parent’s tray which are usually sold separately in the case of many other strollers including lightweight and full-size models.

Certainly, the thing you should bear in mind is the fact this stroller just like many other lightweight models is more suitable for the use in the urban area because of its pretty small wheels. Finally, if you are a particularly short person, you should check a model with an adjustable handlebar since the one of Graco NimbleLite is somewhat too high.

As you can see, Graco NimbleLite is definitely a decent product which offers you a lot for a very small price.

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