Bumbleride Era Stroller Review

Bumbleride Era is one of the latest products introduced to the market with a view to making the lives of many parents simpler. In this review, you will find all the most relevant details about this stroller!

While looking for a convenient and reliable stroller, many parents pay the greatest attention to the small weight of the vehicle. This is perfectly sensible, and I myself can’t make do without a lightweight stroller in my daily routine demanding carrying a child, a gazillion of things and a stroller itself. Yet, no matter how good a lightweight stroller is, it can’t manage with all types of terrains primarily because its weight is so small.

bumbleride era babygeartested
If you are planning to spend time with your child really actively hiking in the mountains and walking on the seasides and river banks or your current place of residence is a genuinely rural location, you might be rather disappointed by the way in which it can be manoeuvred. Such strollers are generally featured with small wheels, a particularly compact frame and small size which sometimes makes it simply impossible to move the stroller on some surfaces. Of course, snowy winters are also one of the factors demanding using a more functional stroller.

Bumbleride EraTypeFolded dimensionsMajor advantages
bumbleride era stroller small
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Convertible stroller29.5”L x 24.5”W x 13”HBumbleride Era can be pulled without any difficulties on absolutely different terrains making this stroller a good variant for especially harsh locations. At the same time, the stroller is quite compact and it offers high functionality due to its comfortable reversible seat and a baby mode.


The major elements of Bumbleride Era

I’m pretty aware of the fact different parents have various expectations when it comes to strollers. While some parents are checking the wheels and others are learning how to fold the stroller, there are also people considering the color variants of the canopy in the first place. Certainly, it’s up to you which part of a stroller is the most important, but, from my own experience, fold and weight are particularly crucial for all-terrain strollers. Of course, it is not the only thing I took into consideration when being in the search for a stroller. A seat, wheels, handlebar, canopy and storage basket are also essential for the comfort of parents and their children.

So, let’s check the capabilities of Bumbleride Era step by step!


Before we come to such an essential element of Bumbleride Era as its seat, I wish to stop for a moment on its bassinet. The thing is Bumbleride Era is can be used as an all-in-one baby carriage as you can attach a bassinet to the frame instead of the stroller’s seat. So, if you are in the process of purchasing your first stroller, Bumbleride Era can be a perfect solution. Obviously, during the first months of the life of your baby, the child will feel more comfortable in a bassinet than in a regular stroller seat.

bumbleride era bassinet

Note the bassinet of Bumbleride Era is proved to be suitable for long hours of sleeping so you’ll be able to use it just as you need. That’s why this stroller is one of the best choices you can find on the market. In case you really need a two-in-one stroller offering a baby mode, you should check the price of Bumbleride Era on Amazon.


When your child is ready to travel in a more upward position, you can attach a seat to your stroller. I’ll start the description of the seat of Bumbleride Era with its dimensions as they will perfectly illustrate the stroller’s capacity of carrying quite big children. The seat is approximately 13 inches wide and is really great with its backrest of 19,5 inch length and additional 5.5 inches between the top of the canopy and the top of the back. Note the overall stroller’s capacity is 55 pounds.

Another interesting feature of the seat is an infant mode. When the seat is reclined in a near-flat position, you can raise the footrest and, adding a special insert for babies, the seat can be used even as an alternative to a traditional bassinet.

As I have just said the seat can be reclined into almost fully lying position, yet, like many other strollers, Bumbleride Era won’t allow your child to sit totally upright as the backrest of seat can’t be set to a straight angle. Experienced parents know the majority of toddlers prefer travelling while sitting with a straight back as it gives them more opportunities for observing the world.

bumbleride era seat

You also should know the seat of Bumbleride Era is reversible so you will be able to set the seat either facing the world or facing the parents. To my mind, it’s extremely important for any parent who wishes to use the stroller for a longer time as infants usually prefer travelling facing their parents whereas toddlers enjoy looking around. The design of Bumbleride Era allows you to change the seat easily with the use of two buttons located on the seat itself. The mechanism used in Bumbleride Era for reclining the backrest is a buckle with straps. This makes lowering the backrest possible with one hand, yet, for raising it, you will need both hands.

The fabrics of the seat is eco-friendly and easy to clean especially due to the fact you can take the entire material off the seat and wash it conveniently. In addition to it, the seat has extra padding inside as well as a calf rest which can be taken off.


As far as I’m concerned, the majority of the moms I know were not particularly careful with the choice of their strollers as their canopies turned to be rather inconvenient. In fact, this is one of the most frequent mistakes made by parents shopping for a stroller. Just remember, no matter which type of a stroller you need, it must be featured with a canopy of the highest quality as this part of the carriage acts as a shield for your child. A good canopy will protect your baby against baking sun in the summer and biting winds in the winter and, at the same time, will be equipped with special windows allowing you to look at your baby and your baby to have more fresh air when the canopy is unfolded.

bumbleride era canopy

Taking into consideration these stringent requirements, I find the canopy of Bumbleride Era a particularly good option as it has three really large parts. The first of them are major panels which means you can unfold the canopy up to an extent you need whereas the third one is a large sun visor. This one is so great it can be unfolded virtually touching the bar of the stroller’s bumper. Thus, your child will be able to sit in the shadow of a large canopy while the face and torso will be properly protected. There is also a peek-a-boo window on the canopy of Bumbleride Era.

Note, the canopy of the stroller is made of the UPF45+ material.


I’ve already mentioned the importance of appropriate wheels if you wish to get an all-terrain stroller. Let’s look what makes Bumbleride Era one of the best baby carriages designed for travelling on absolutely different surfaces offered by Amazon and the entire Internet.

The thing is the wheels of Bumbleride Era are large (the front ones are 11.5 inches and the back ones are 8.5 inches) and have air-filled tires. Owning to these features, you will easily pull the stroller not only on the smooth pavement, but also on the snow, sand, grass and gravel. For more comfortable pulling at higher pace, you should lock the wheels located in the front part. In addition to it, all of the four wheels have suspension absorbing all possible disturbance during the ride on especially uneven surface. Still, you shouldn’t forget about a necessity for pumping the tires of the stroller.

bumbleride era wheels

Despite all these positive aspects of Bumbleride Era’s wheels, you should be aware of the fact this model of an all-terrain stroller isn’t suitable for running since this is a completely different kind of a vehicle.


Certainly, no one wants to carry bags and other belongings in their hands and pull a child in the stroller simultaneously. That is why a good stroller must be equipped with a sufficient storage basket.

Bumbleride Era is exactly a stroller with a large basket where you can put not only a great diaper bag but also the things you might buy during a trip to a grocery store.

bumbleride era storage basket

The basket was designed in such a way as to hold all of the things inside perfectly without risking to lose them during a ride and, at the same time, it gives you easy access both from the front of the seat and from behind the seat.


Finally, one more thing a parent should consider before purchasing a stroller is the quality of its handlebar. It is especially crucial for tall and short parents, who might find it uncomfortable to pull the majority of standard strollers offered by the modern manufacturers.

Fortunately, Bumbleride Era is all about comfort, thus, you will be able to adjust its handlebar by rotating it setting its length between 26 inches and 44.5 inches.

bumbleride era handlebar

I also like a wrist handler added to the handlebar which provides better security during the ride.

Compatibility with car seats for infants

If you are searching for your first baby carriage, it is absolutely necessary for it to be compatible with infant car seats. You might think there is no need to install a car seat on the frame of the stroller as you can use either a bassinet or a regular seat. As an experienced parent, I’ll guarantee you there will be plenty of situation in which you will regret purchasing a carriage incompatible with an infant car seat.

For example, if your child travels in the bassinet, you will need extra place in your trunk for carrying all the necessary equipment with you. Sometimes your car will be full of other stuff and sometimes you will not have time for packing both a stroller’s frame and its bassinet. Additionally, short trips will make you even less eager to make such preparations. Thus, having an opportunity to simply an infant car seat on the frame can turn to be a real blessing for parents.

bumbleride era car seat

When it comes to Bumbleride Era, you will easily find multiple car seat compatible with this stroller. The only thing you need to remember about is the type of adapters which can differ for various models of seats.

The list of the compatible car seats is really long including the products of Nuna, Maxi-Cosi, Clek, Peg Perego, Graco, Cybex and Chicco.

The process of adjusting your car seat to the frame of Bumbleride Era is foolproof. Just take off the seat and install the adapters, attach the car seat and, once you hear the click, your travel system is ready to use!

Note there is also a possibility of attaching the baby car seat to the stroller even without removing the main seat from the stroller, however, the travel system will be more compact and easier to manoeuvre if you use only a car seat on the frame.

Fold and weight

As I have just mentioned, the fold and weight of an all-terrain stroller are extremely crucial for me. There are several reasons for it. First of all, as we have already discussed, all-terrain strollers are hardly lightweight which means they can be rather heavy. No matter how strong you are, I suppose you won’t be happy to carry your child, your belongings and a large and massive stroller. Even if you completely realise the perspective of using an all-terrain stroller which just can’t be light, it doesn’t mean you are prepared to all the suffering caused by a colossal stroller.

Furthermore, a comfortable stroller can’t be featured by a large fold. Just imagine, you will need to go out with your child on a daily basis and you won’t be able to close your trunk because of the giant stroller in it. Even if you manage to transport the stroller, you might still need additional place for other staff. That is why fold and weight are so important.

bumbleride era folded

When it comes to Bumbleride Era, it is featured with a standard weight of 27 pounds. This is absolutely normal for the strollers of this type, thus it is definitely not heavier than the majority of the products sold under the category of all-terrain strollers.

At the same time, the fold of Bumbleride Era is surely better than the standard options. When you press the two buttons located on the both sides of the frame, you will be able to fold the seat in half and lifting special levers positioned right on the handlebar will make it flipped back. Such a quick and easy process will make the stroller folded into a flat and compact structure which will need far less space than the majority of other products of the type available on the market. The fold of Bumbleride Era is featured with the height of 13 inches, the width of 24.5 inches and the length equal to 29.5 inches. I personally like this fold not only because of its size, but also because of its special structure allowing the stroller to stand on its own.

Even though this baby carriage is highly functional, it has a small footprint allowing parents to move it easily around the city as well. If these features are also important for you, you can check how much Bumbleride Era costs on Amazon at the moment.

Bumbleride Era – the most popular accessories

As you can see, Bumbleride Era is pretty well-equipped, which means you will hardly need anything extra. Even the tire pump is included into the set, so there is no need to worry about the prospect of searching for a suitable pump.

I have already mentioned the adapters needed for adjusting your car seat to the frame of the stroller, so this may be a thing on your shopping list. If you need to get more information about the compatible car seats, you can refer to the section about infant car seats.

Another additional accessory you might need is a mini-board for siblings. This one can be easily purchased on Amazon and sometimes it is also offered with a discount. Trust me, such boards prove to be really useful in case of long trips with children as they offer a ride to your older child.

Bumbleride Era – overview with conclusions

Let’s list all the major advantages and some of the possible cons of Bumbleride Era.


  • a real all-terrain stroller with large air-pumped tires featured with good suspension as well as a tire pump for maintaining the tires;
  • a two-in-one stroller with a comfortable reversible seat which can be reclined to a full-lying position, a baby bassinet suitable for long sleeps and a frame compatible with multiple models of infant car seats (special adapters needed);
  • compact stroller’s frame with a small footprint and flat fold which can stand on its own;
  • comfort of the use of the stroller, primarily one-hand steering, simple reversing of the seat as well as fast and convenient folding and unfolding of the carriage;
  • generous canopy with a window and a sun visor;
  • a large storage basket;
  • a possibility to give a ride to an older sibling (if a special board is purchased);
  • four color variations and aesthetic and modern appearance.


  • its high price, albeit, you might have a chance of getting a discount;
  • its somewhat heavy weight.

Undeniably, Bumbleride Era is hardly a cheap stroller, yet, it’s certainly worth its price. This product of the Bumbleride series of strollers provides parents and their children with a maximum degree of comfort which is brought by its compact frame, large air-pumped wheels and suspension. As far as I know, the designers of the brand spent several years working on Bumbleride Era and the result of their effort is impressive. The stroller has great capacity, excellent manoeuvrability and can be used with both a main seat and a bassinet which makes it an excellent investment!

All pictures belong to Bumbleride. Source: bumbleride.com

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