Graco Verb – a lightweight stroller which can be used from the birth

Graco Verb
TypeLightweight stroller, convertible into a travel system
Weight18.8 lbs
Dimensions while folded18.00″W x 11.65″H x 17.00″L
Maximum weight capacity50 lbs
Main advantagesGrcao Verb is a stroller which will offer you more than just small weight and a compact fold for a very modest price. Apart from being convertible into a travel system with absolutely any of the Click Connect infant car seats of Graco, it is aslo featured with quite large wheels, canopy and storage bin. On top of that, you will get two trays included into the price.

Gone are the times when parents had to purchase a separate pram and a stroller. Even if such prams were convertible into strollers, they were far from being lightweight. Of course, large weight wasn’t the only problem of such convertible prams, however, it was quite serious making many parents resign from using strollers created from prams as they were rather bulky. A high price was one of the major issues as well.

Today, the designers of many brands of baby gear have addressed these problems successfully. One of the most popular solutions which is actually used in Graco Verb reviewed in this article is making a lightweight stroller which can be converted into a travel system. Undeniably, such travel systems based on lightweight strollers are especially beneficial for parents allowing them to use the same stroller with newborn babies as well as with toddlers.

Fortunately, convertible lightweight strollers are not necessarily expensive products. Actually, you can find affordable options such as Graco Verb. I hope my review will provide you with all the information you need to know about multifunctional stroller.


Weight, dimensions and fold

As you have already understood, Graco Verb is a lightweight stroller, however, it is definitely not the lightest one. Its weight is approximately 18.80 lbs. Certainly, it is not a lot, but if you need something really light, you can find some lighter options on the market. Still, you should pay attention to the fact Graco Verb has quite large wheels which are described in the separate part of my review. Definitely, they add some extra weight to the stroller, although it is a great feature allowing you to use the stroller on more bumpy surfaces.

The dimensions of this stroller are 18.00 x 25.00 x 40.50 inches which make it quite compact and easy to transport. The dimensions of the stroller after folding are: 18.00 x 11.65 x 17.

Graco Verb can be folded in half with the use of just one hand. This is very convenient for parents who are spending a lot of time outdoors with their babies without anyone’s assistance. In addition to it, the fold stands on its own which also makes the use of the stroller more convenient.

This model of a Grcao stroller is also equipped into a special carrying strap which is quite handy for transporting a folded stroller especially if you are carrying your baby and other things at the same time.

The major components of Graco Verb

As for me, seating options available in a stroller are of the paramount importance. That is why I always pay so much attention to these components of strollers. Yet, they are several other parts of which can affect the performance of a stroller such as wheels, brakes, canopy or handlebar. We are going to look at all of the in the current review.

Seating options of Graco Verb

As I have already mentioned at the very beginning of this review, Graco Verb is convertible into a travel system. This means you can use an infant car seat with the frame of the stroller. In case of Graco Verb you will be able to use absolutely any infant car seat of the Graco Click Connect series. Such an infant car seat can be attached in just one step.

Note that you can purchase Graco Verb and any Graco Click Connect infant car seat separately and then use them as one travel system. Still, there is also a possibility to purchase such a travel system as one set. An advantage of such a solution is that both a stroller and a baby carrier will have the same colour version. You should also compare the prices of a stroller and an infant car seat as well as the prices of an entire set. The prices can be different and sometimes you can get a chance to purchase these products with a nice discount.

A basic seat

The basic seat of Graco Verb is quite wide and is covered with rich padding. This makes it quite convenient for children who can already to sit on their own. Pay your attention to the minimum weight of a child required for using the stroller. This minimum weight is 4.5 pounds whereas the maximum weight is 50 pounds. When it come to the approximate maximum age of a child to be able to use this stroller, the manufacturer suggests transporting toddlers of maximum 36 months in Graco Verb.

The seat has several positions so you can recline it according to the needs of your child.

Another crucial feature of the stroller is harness which is actually convertible. There are two modes you can choose from which are 3 and 5 points. This means you can change the harness making it more suitable for your child who will need adjusting the harness while growing.

An infant car seat

As I have just mentioned, Graco Verb can be used with absolutely any infant car seat of the Graco Click Connect series. Thus, you can purchase a stroller separately from a carrier and then choose any model of an infant car seat you prefer from this Graco series.

Another option is getting an entire travel system. In this case, you will get one of the most top-rated Graco’s infant car seats which is SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat. This carrier for infants is suitable for transporting babies weighing at least 4 lbs. This is a great parameter since there is plenty of infant car seats which are not suitable for thus small babies. The maximum weight it can handle is 30 lbs. Yet, you should pay attention to the height of your baby even if he or she hasn’t reached the height limit of the carrier.

The Click Connect system is really great since it makes the attachment of a baby carrier simple and secure. An infant car seat is attached to the stroller without removing its basic seat. You will just hear a click which will tell you that the carrier is fixed on the frame in a right way.


Always pay your attention to a canopy whenever you are looking for a new stroller or a pram! Remember, this is the protection of your baby not only against sun but also against wind.

The majority of lightweight strollers are equipped into rather modest canopies which are usually insufficient for appropriate protection. I find the canopy of Graco Verb somewhere in the middle. Its size is definitely not particularly large, but it is still a way greater than the sizes of canopies in many other popular model of lightweight strollers.

Although some models of Graco strollers do not have peek-a-boo windows, this one has such a window which is definitely very useful for parents who can check their babies on the go without a need to constantly recline a canopy.


The wheels of this stroller are quite large for a lightweight model. Actually, you will hardly find another one with thus large wheels. Certainly, their size makes the ride smoother and also allows parents to use the stroller on different types of terrains, not only on the smooth surfaces of urban streets.

Furthermore, there is a suspension system in Graco Verb which makes the use of this stroller even more convenient for both a child and a parent.

On top of that, the front wheels of Graco Verb are equipped into a swivelling mechanism making it easier to manoeuvre the stroller. Of course, you will be able to lock the front wheels whenever you need.

The storage options of Graco Verb

Storage space is actually one of the advantages of Graco Verb. Its basket is quite large especially if you compare it to many other popular models of lightweight strollers which are typically featured with rather small baskets. Here, you can put a large diaper bag as well as a couple of other things.

Furthermore, no matter whether you purchase the Graco Verb stroller separately from an infant car seat or you choose an entire travel system, you will also get two trays. The first one is for parents while another one is for your baby. Bothe of them have cup holders and additional storage space.

The colour versions of Graco Verb

I have already mentioned the issue of the colour versions when it comes to the Graco Verb strollers. A quick reminder – in case, if you want to have a Graco verb stroller and an infant car seat as a set ensuring they will be exactly in the same colours, you should purchase a Graco Verb travel system. Currently, there are two colour versions of the Graco Verb travel systems which are Azalea and Merrick.

Azalea is a black stroller with pink accents. Actually, it has pink padding on the harness buckle as well as the outer part of its canopy. The inner part of the canopy has a stylish pattern of black flowers on the white background. In fact, Graco is well-known for attractive design of its strollers even though their price is very modest.

SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat in the Azalea colour version is also black and has the same design of canopy as the stroller itself. Yet, it has two layers of padding. The larger one is pink whereas the smaller one has the same flower pattern as the inner side of the canopy.

Merrick also has very fashionable appearance. The stroller is black, however, its entire seat has grey padding, yet, the padding on the buckle is turquoise. The same turquoise colour is used on the outer side of the canopy, whereas the inner side of the canopy is white with geometrical pattern made with the same turquoise colour. The Merrick version of SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat is similar to the one used in the Azalea colour version, yet, the larger layer of padding is turquoise and the smaller one is using the geometrical pattern.

Do not think the colour versions of the Graco Verb strollers are the same in the models sold as a part of a travel system and in the models sold separately. In fact, those strollers sold separately, although are still very attractive, are featured by somewhat modest design, albeit still very fashionable.

There are also two colour versions of the Graco Verb sold without infant car seats. The first one is Tansy which is black with pink details such as the outer fabric of the canopy and lines on the buckle padding. Pay your attention that this pink colour is not as bright as the one used in the Azalea model. The inner side of the canopy as well as the buckle padding are made of black material with grey flowers.

Winfield is a more colourful stroller as it is whole made of fabric in the shade of a mixture of turquoise and grey. The inner side of the canopy as well as the padding of the buckle are in the light turquoise colour with white geometrical patters.

Advantages and disadvantages of Graco Verb

As usually, I provide my readers with lists of advantages and disadvantages of a stroller which allows to understand whether one needs it or not. Look at these facts about Graco Verb and consider your own needs when it comes to a stroller.

Graco Verb: pros

  • an affordable stroller convertible into a travel system;
  • lightweight and compact;
  • can be used from the birth of your child after attaching an infant car seat to the frame;
  • suitable for use with any of the Graco Click Connect infant car seats and, as a part of a set, is sold with one of the best Graco’s infant car seats which is SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat;
  • can be folded with one hand whereas the fold can stand on its own;
  • has pretty large wheels untypical for lightweight strollers;
  • has a quite large storage bin;
  • is sold with both a parent’s tray and a child’s tray.

Graco Verb: cons

  • is not as durable as some more expensive models;
  • its weight is still larger than the weight of many other lightweight strollers.

Graco Verb – my conclusions

Are you still wondering whether purchasing Graco Verb is a good idea? Let me try to help you to make a right decision.

First of all, decide what you actually expect from a stroller. If you are searching for excellent quality for a rather small price, in all likelihood, Graco Verb is not the one. No matter how good it is, you might still find some downfalls in it which are solely the result of its small price. Yet, it doesn’t mean these cons are making its performance poor. If only you have a chance to check it in the real time, you will definitely be surprised by this experience.

What you can actually get for the modest price of Graco Verb is a lightweight stroller featured with elements which are not particularly typical for such models. They are quite large wheels, an impressive storage bin and a great canopy. On top of that, you will get a function of a travel system which is a great opportunity to avoid dealing with bulky prams during the first months of the life of your baby.

That is why, if you are really interested in high functionality for a moderate price, Graco Verb is an excellent option for you. Furthermore, you will fall in love with Graco Verb if the appearance of a stroller is also a crucial factor for you influencing your final decision about the purchase.

Graco Verb is also a great stroller for parents who are dealing with their babies without anyone’s help most of the time. Its large storage bin as well as compact and simple fold and a carrying strap will let you go out whenever you want with your baby without a need to have anyone to assists you.

Finally, the wheels of this stroller, albeit not all-terrain, will still allow you to use Graco Verb in the locations other from smooth pavements of cities.

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