Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger

 Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger
TypeAn affordable jogging stroller convertible into a travel system
Weight29 lbs
Dimensions while folded30.5″H x 14.9″W x 17.5″L
Maximum weight capacity50 lbs
Main advantagesThis jogging stroller combines extended functionality, safety and comfort. Use the adapters included into the price for attaching your infant car seat to the frame of the stroller so as you will be able to use it as a travel system. Enjoy the smooth ride with puncture proof wheels and suspension. A large variety of storage options will give you additional comfort during your adventures.

Have you ever heard about jogging strollers? You might think you do not need one if you are not particularly into sports. Yet, jogging with your baby is not the only reason to purchase a jogging stroller. Actually, if you are living in the area surrounded by natural sights where you have to deal with bumpy terrains on a daily basis, you will definitely need an all-terrain model of a stroller. Furthermore, living in the places with snowy winters also requires handling rather uneven terrains. Finally, providing you enjoy spending days on the sandy seashore, you will also need a special stroller to be able to spend time there with your baby.

I will certainly recommend you to get a jogging stroller if one of the cases I have mentioned above relates to you. That is so since joggers are not simply strollers which are safe for transporting your baby while you are running. They are also made in such a way as to give you an opportunity to explore wild locations lying away from civilisations residing in cities. Weather it is hiking on the routs covered with snow, strolls on the sandy beaches or adventures in the woods, a good jogger will make your baby safe during such errands and make them possible in the first place since you will not be able to push or pull a regular stroller in such areas at all. Such jogging strollers as Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger are a great solution to this problem.


What is Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger?

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is one of the favourite models of parents who like spending time with their babies in an active way. This stroller is loved by so many people since it combines high quality with a quite affordable price. Since the requirements for safety and durability for joggers are especially high, this results in increased prices for the products of this category. That is why you might come across a variety of rather expensive jogging strollers. Although there is definitely a relation between a price of a stroller and its quality, it doesn’t mean that a good jogger has to be rather pricey and Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is a great proof of that. Actually, this is one of the best convertible jogging strollers available for a reasonable price.

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger weighs 29 lbs which is somewhat greater than many other joggers, however, when it comes to the strollers of this category, they just can’t be lightweight since they have to be sturdy and resistant to any mechanical impacts. That would be impossible if such a stroller were lightweight.

The weight capacity of Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is 50 lbs which is enough for jogging not only with a toddler but also with a pre-schooler. The stroller goes with a pair of adapters which are compatible with several popular models of infant car seats of the top brands. You will learn more about this topic in the part of my review dedicated to the seating options of Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger. Pay your attention to the fact that just like in the case of many other jogging strollers, Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger can’t be used for jogging or off-road strolls with babies below six months of age. Even though the stroller itself was designed exactly for the purpose of jogging, you can do it only with older children sitting in the major seat of the jogger rather than in an infant car seat.

Dimensions and fold

When this stroller is assembled, its size is 42.4″H x 23.7″W x 46.7″L. Do not think the jogger is too bulky. Just like in the case of the weight, it is absolutely typical for jogging strollers to be pretty large. If you fold the stroller, it will get the following dimensions: 30.5″H x 14.9″W x 17.5″L. The size of the fold can be decreased if you detach the wheels. The design of the jogger allows to remove the wheels easily so as you will be able to do it every time you are getting the stroller inside your trunk. Still, do not worry as the fold of this stroller fits the trunks of the majority of passenger cars.

The folding mechanism of Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is pretty simple and will not require any special skills from you. The fold can stand on its own which is a great feature especially for quite a large stroller.

The major components of Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger

Let’s look at the most crucial components of Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger which will determine the safety and comfort of your baby as well as the overall experience from the ride.

Seating options

As I have mentioned above, there are actually two seating options available for the users of Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger. The first one is the original seat which can be used with babies who can seat on their own. Another one is an infant car seat, however, the seat itself has to be purchased separately. Yet, the stroller goes with adapters, so, if it happens you own one of the seats compatible with these adapters, you will not have to buy anything extra to turn your stroller into a travel system.

Major seat

As you might have read above, the weight capacity for the major seat of this stroller is 50 lbs. It is equipped into a simple reclining mechanism which will provide your baby with several seating positions. Although the maximum recline is not absolutely flat, it is still very convenient for sleeping.

There is a child tray attached to the seat, however, you can easily swing it away whenever you are experiencing any problems with getting your baby into the seat.

The seat is also equipped into a five-point harness with very soft and pleasant padding. Actually, the shoulder pads of the harness have reflective parts which is great for additional security if you happen to jog in the darkness.

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger travel system

Fortunately, Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger can be easily converted into a travel system and you will not need to buy any adapters if you happen to own one of the following infant car seats:

  • Graco® SnugRide® Click Connect Infant Car Seat;
  • Britax® B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat;
  • Evenflo® Embrace Select Infant Car Seat or Evenflo® Nurture Infant Car Seat;
  • Chicco® Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat.

That is so since the adapters compatible with these seats are already included into the price of the stroller.

An infant car seat is attached to the frame of the stroller without removing the major seat. Just as I mentioned before, do not use a travel system for jogging or off-road walks. First of all, a travel system is not thus safe as the original configuration of the stroller. Moreover, it is forbidden to jog with babies below six months of age.


Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger has an oversized canopy made of neoprene. This material is absolutely water resistant which will protect your baby against rain or snow. At the same time, the material is featured by UPF 50+ which is very much needed during sunny days.

Not only is the unfolded canopy really large but it also can be extended by a sun visor.

Fortunately, the manufacturer has also added a peek-a-boo window to the stroller so as you will be able to check your baby easily.


I am more than glad that Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is equipped into an adjustable handlebar. This is especially important for a jogging stroller since you absolutely need a comfortable position for your hands. Of course, parents of a medium height can make do with the majority of strollers without adjustable handlebars, however, it is not the case for parents who are especially short or tall. They should have an opportunity to adjust the height of a handlebar exactly to their needs and fortunately, it is possible with Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger.

In addition to it, it is really great that this stroller has a handlebar covered with a leather-like material. I personally prefer such a material to foam since the latter one is rather prone to damages.


Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is based on a popular three-wheel design which is frequently added to jogging strollers. The size of the wheels is really large – the front one is 12 inches whereas the rear ones are 16 inches each. The front wheel has a swivelling mechanism which makes it pivot. This is a great feature once you have to navigate through narrow passages.

For jogging over bumpy terrains, you can lock the front wheel which will make it more sturdy.

The rear wheels of the stroller are equipped into suspension for a smooth ride over bumpy terrains.

Note that unlike many other joggers, Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger has puncture proof wheels which is definitely a great feature. Thus, you are not risking to get stuck in the wilderness with flat tires on the wheels.

Storage options

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is packed with various options for storing your possessions.

Of course, the basic and the largest storage option is the basket located right under the seat of the stroller. Yet, apart from it, you will find a couple of other places to keep your items.

One of them is a child tray which I have already mentioned above. This one is absolutely perfect for keeping the snacks within easy reach. Parents will get their own fabric organiser which perfect for storing small items as well as two holders for cups. Furthermore, the stroller also has an additional pocket for a phone which is really handy.

Safety measures

Some of the safety measures used in this stroller have already been discussed. As you now know, the stroller has a five-point harness and a waterproof canopy with a sunray filter. In addition to it, the stroller is also equipped into reflective elements and a wrist strap. The strap is particularly useful for getting better control over the stroller. Still, be careful while jogging with this strap since if it happens that you fall down, you are risking to turn over the entire stroller.

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger – colour versions

So far, you can find only a Black model of Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger on the market. Yet, this is a very stylish stroller and the black colour is particularly practical.

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger –  accessories

I am more than glad that the price of the jogger includes a couple of necessary accessories such as a child tray and cup holders. Unfortunately, many manufacturers sell these items separately and sometimes they can be rather expensive.

In addition to it, the price also includes adapters which are compatible with several popular models of infant car seats.

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger – pros and cons

Are you already interested in purchasing Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger? Then, you will find my summary of advantages and disadvantages of this jogging model useful for making your final decision.


  • a reasonable price;
  • a possibility to convert the stroller into a travel system which can be used with infant car seats of popular brands;
  • no need to buy adapters for a travel system wince they are included into the price;
  • plenty of storage space including such additional options as two cup holders, a parent organiser and a child tray;
  • excellent safety elements such as reflective parts, a generous waterproof canopy with sun protection, five-point harness and a wrist strap;
  • large puncture proof wheels with suspension and a swivelling mechanism with a possibility of locking in the front wheel;
  • removable wheels for a more compact fold;
  • an adjustable handlebar.


  • no choice of colour versions (at least so far);
  • the weight of the stroller is greater than in the case of some other jogging models.

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger – my conclusions

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is one of the best jogging and all-terrain strollers which you can get for a moderate price. As you might have already noticed, the strollers of this category can be rather expensive, but fortunately, it is not the case of Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger. At the same time, a customer-friendly price doesn’t mean the stroller has a reduced functionality. Actually, you will be able to find anything you need in this model.

The stroller is convertible so you can use it from the first day of life of your baby, while the adapters needed for turning the jogger into a travel system are already included into the price. Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger is equipped in all necessary safety elements and is featured by wheels of the highest quality which are absolutely necessary for a smooth ride.

I am also glad to see such a variety of storage options in this stroller with a parent organiser and a child tray included into the price.

You can even set the height of the handlebar according to your own needs which is, albeit a crucial feature, is not included into the majority of joggers or other type of strollers and prams. That is why you do not need to be concerned either about the safety of your baby or your own comfort.

Of course, if you do not like black colour, you might not be willing to get a black stroller. Yet, if the lack of other colour versions is not an issue for you, I can absolutely recommend you buying Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger.

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