Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2020 Stroller Review

The modern market of products for infants is offering a gazillion of models of strollers dedicated to different ages of the youngest children. When I look at some of these products created by the leading brands, I become somewhat jealous of the parents who can afford buying a separate stroller with a bassinet for their babies and then, in five months, they start planning the next purchase of a stroller with a seat. Furthermore, they shop for an additional lightweight stroller for travelling by plane and another one for spending time in the country. There are so many attractive products, and, like any mom, I wish I could have an opportunity of trying all of them.

baby jogger city lux tour review

Still, it doesn’t matter how much you can pay for a stroller, as, in fact, a more sensible approach might be purchasing a multifunctional product which can be used in different circumstances and with children of different ages. If you are interested exactly in such a model of a baby carriage, you can check one of the latest versions of Baby Jogger City Tour, or, speaking precisely, the LUX model of 2020. Pay your attention to LUX in the name of the stroller as it is not just a slightly upgraded version of City Tour. There are actually many differences between these two variations of carriages offered by the same brand.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUXTypeFolded dimensionsMajor advantages
baby jogger city tour lux small
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Convertible stroller24 x 21 x 11 inchesBaby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018 keeps a good balance between functionality and convenience. The stroller is compatible with a reversible seat, an infant car seat and a foldable bassinet whereas its weight and the fold dimensions make the stroller easy to transport. I find this stroller ideal for children of different ages!


Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2020 weight and dimensions

Before I tell you in details about the basic elements and additional accessories available for Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2018, I would like to stop on its weight and dimensions. As for me, these features are paramount in any type of stroller. There are many parents who are ready to manage with a heavy weight of carriage unless it is highly functional and, if it is also not a great problem for you, you can skip this section and check the elements of the stroller in the first place.

baby jogger city tour lux main seat

I personally believe the weight and dimensions of a stroller can make a real difference as there were many situations in which I needed to handle a child and a stroller with our belonging on my own. For many mothers and fathers who are presumably stronger this is actually an everyday routine which means a heavy weight of a stroller can make you nervous even at a mere thought of a perspective of a walk with your child. That is why I see no point in making one’s life overcomplicated.


If you compare the weight of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX to the original City Tour stroller, you will see, the model released in 2018 is heavier than its predecessor. Yet, you should realise the weight of about 19.4 lbs is necessary for the frame of the stroller to be strong enough to carry a bassinet with a baby. Of course, because of this weight, you can’t call Baby Jogger City Tour LUX a lightweight stroller, albeit it’s definitely lighter than many other models of 3-in-one strollers.


When Baby Jogger City Tour LUX , it is featured with the following dimensions: 37 x 21 x 39 inches, but, believe me, you will be totally astounded by its compact size when it is folded!

The thing is, the designers of the latest version of City Tour have created their own system for folding a stroller which is now a patented technology. Due to this fact, a full-size conversable stroller get the dimensions of 24 x 21 x 11 inches just in several seconds. As a result, the form of this stroller’s fold is more like a fold of a small lightweight stroller rather than a folded 3-in-one baby carriage.

baby jogger city tour lux weight

In order to make the transport of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX even more convenient, the designers have added more extra features. They are a shoulder strap, an automatic lock and a handle. These features allow you to forget about any possible difficulties of going out alone with your child so you can simply enjoy the use of the stroller.

There is also one more nice bonus coming with Baby Jogger City Tour LUX! If you check its price on Amazon, you will see a special bag for transporting the folded stroller is included into the value of the travelling system. Trust me, such a bag is a nice addition to the stroller as you will be able to keep both the fold and your clothes clean.

The basic elements of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX

The knowledge of the fact Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is an upgraded version of Baby Jogger City Tour increases the demands of the parents who are interested in this model of strollers. The following sections of the review will show you whether Baby Jogger City Tour LUX will satisfy your conditions.

Seating options

Certainly, one of the most important parts of any type of a baby carriage is its seat. This is exactly the place where your child will be during a walk, so, there is no need to tell you how crucial the comfort of this stroller’s part is.

baby jogger city tour lux seat

As I’ve already mentioned, Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is a 3-in-one stroller which means it will provide your child with three seating options. If you are acquainted with the previous model of Baby Jogger City Tour, you should realise the prices of these products can’t be equal since the predecessor of City Tour LUX 2018 was a typical stroller with only one seat without a possibility of attaching a bassinet or an infant car seat. Thus, you should check exactly the price of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2020 on Amazon.


Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is a multifunctional stroller which will be suitable for both babies and toddlers. This model of a carriage allows you to attach a special carrycot providing a full laying position for the youngest children. Of course, if you check the assortment of prams available on the market today, you’ll see there is a great variety of strollers offering parents an opportunity to use them with a bassinet. Yet, there are two features of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX which make this one absolutely unique.

baby jogger city lux tour carrycot

The first feature is its weight which has already been discussed. The fact is, Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is lighter than 20 lbs which makes it especially light comparing to the weight of other 3-in-one prams.

Another feature is the bassinet of the stroller itself. The thing is, you will be able to fold it right with the frame of the stroller! There is absolutely no need for detaching this part before you fold it which makes Baby Jogger City Tour LUX incredibly comfortable for transportation. The only issue you should take into consideration is the fact the bassinet is sold separately. Still, you can easily find one on Amazon which is frequently offered with a discount.

Infant car seat

I’m sure you are a sensible parent who always use an infant car seat while travelling with your baby by car. Obviously, this part of the equipment for small kids is as important as a carrycot.

As you might know, the previous model of Baby Jogger City Tour has no option for attaching an infant car seat to the frame which means its owners have to travel with both a regular seat of the stroller and an infant car seat. This is not necessarily the most convenient way of going out, so the solution offered by the upgraded version of the stroller is undoubtedly far more better than the previous one.

baby jogger city tour lux car seat

Now, you can easily set an infant car seat to the frame of the pram and enjoy this convenient travel system. You do not need to take additional seat with you if you are sure you can make do just with a car seat this time.

Main seat

If you are a parent of a toddler and you do not need a carrycot anymore, you will definitely like the idea it is not sold as a part of a package with the stroller itself. I find this solution just perfect as parents of children of different ages can benefit from Baby Jogger City Tour LUX.

So, in case your kid enjoy sitting, the latest version of City Tour will provide the child with a quite deep and spacious seat. This one can be reversed in a simple way, so as your child will be able to face not only you, but the world as well.

baby jogger city lux tour seat

I myself always pay attention to the level of reclining provided by strollers’ seat as it is really essential for kids. When they need a nap, they wish to stay in almost a complete laying position, whereas during the time of activity, the majority of them prefer sitting in an upright position. The seat of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX reclines pretty well offering comfortable positions for children. At the same time, you will be satisfied with an extremely simple way in which the seat of the stroller can be reclined just with one hand. In addition to it, the stroller has a special leg rest which can be adjusted according to the preferences of your kid.

I also should mention the restraining parts covered with comfy padding which will protect your child. Due to the special structure of the seat, it is suitable not only for toddlers, but also for the infants starting from three months of age! The maximum weight the seat can carry is 45 lbs.

Extra room for an older child

If your family is quite extended and you also have a bit older child who is still needs to have a rest on frequent occasion, you can be sure Baby Jogger City Tour LUX 2020 is a good option for you. The designers of the pram have also created Glider Board which can be easily attached to the frame of your stroller.

baby jogger city tour lux glider board

Such a board is ideal not only for older toddlers but also for pre-schoolers. Glider Board is also available on Amazon, so, if you might need one, you can estimate how much the entire travel system will cost.


Unlike many other all-in-one strollers, Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is featured with quite small wheels. As you might know, small wheels tend to wobble while driving over especially uneven terrains. Of course, this makes the model more suitable for the parents residing in cities, yet, the size of the wheels doesn’t influence their durability in a negative way. The tires of the stroller are made of polyurethane which makes them really strong and, at the same time, there is no need to pump them.

baby jogger city tour lux wheels

Manoeuvring this stroller is especially convenient owning to the pivoting front wheels which can also be locked once you need to pull it over less smooth surfaces. In addition to it, all of the wheels are featured with shock-absorbing suspension and this is even more important for the child travelling by this stroller.

Note the brake of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is located on the right side of the stroller’s handlebar as it is a handbrake. Still, it is not a typical handbrake of jogging strollers.


Although the stroller’s handlebar might mean nothing for your child, it is an important element of the pram for you. The parents whose height differs from the average values should pay particular attention to the convenience of handlebar.

baby jogger city tour lux handlebar

On the one hand, Baby Jogger City Tour LUX hasn’t got an adjustable handlebar which means you won’t be able to change its length. However, if you are not particularly tall or small, you will hardly feel any discomfort while pulling the stroller. On the other hand, there are special rubber rings on the grip of the handlebar making it really durable especially in comparison to typical foam handlebar paddings. Certainly, rubber rings also give you extra comfort of pulling the pram.


If you have seen or used the previous version of City Tour, you absolutely shouldn’t think its canopy is the same as the one used in Baby Jogger City Tour LUX . The latest version of the stroller has a far more larger canopy offering your child not only a greater shade and better protection against wind, but also more space. This means you will be able to use the stroller for a longer period of time as it will still be suitable for a bigger child.

All in all, there are three large panels in the canopy as well as an extra sun visor which can be easily flipped out. Additionally, the material of the canopy has UV filters.

baby jogger city tour lux canopy

Of course, I always recommend parent to check whether a canopy of a pram has a window. While your child will have more fresh air with such a window, you will be able to check the sleeping kid easily even if you unfold an entire canopy. When it comes to Baby Jogger City Tour LUX , I particularly like the magnets used for closing the window which make the process silent, so the child won’t be disturbed.

Storage space

Finally, storage space is also crucial for any stroller. Even if you are not planning to go around shops all the time, it is still good to be able to carry at least the belongings of your kid in the stroller.

Obviously, the smaller a pram is, the less storage place it has. It is especially true for the stroller with compact folds. Yet, Baby Jogger City Tour LUX has a sufficient storage basket with a weight limit of 15.4 lbs. The basket is quite spacious, so you will be able to carry some large things in it as well.

baby jogger city tour lux basket

Moreover, you will find an extra zippered pocket in the rear part of the storage basket. It is a comfortable place for carrying small items.

The most valuable things such as your keys, wallet and phone can be kept in the storage pocket located on the back part of the seat’s backrest.

Color versions of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX

If you are tired of greyish colors massively used by the manufacturers of modern strollers, you will be pleased to see such color versions of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX as Iris and Rosewood. As you can guess, Rosewood is a shade of a pink color, whereas Iris is a very nice blue color.

Those, who actually like the tints of the grey color, will find the Granite or Slate models of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX especially attractive.

baby jogger city tour lux colors

Accessories for Baby Jogger City Tour LUX available on the market

I suppose, the LUX version of City Tour is really well-equipped, albeit, you might be interested in purchasing some extra elements. All of them can be bought on Amazon where you might also get a discount on particular occasions.

As I have already mentioned, Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is compatible with a carrycot which makes this stroller suitable not only for toddlers, but also for new-born babies. This carrycot is a genuinely unique product for small children as it can be folded while being attached to the frame of the stroller. Yet, your baby won’t feel any discomfort as Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Foldable Carrycot is still extremely convenient even for long walks.

I have also described Glider Board which will be useful for the parents of several children. This one can be securely attached to the frame of the stroller, so as your pre-schooler or older toddler will be able to enjoy your walks more.

Finally, you can get Cup Holder & Bumper Bar Set on Amazon which is a small, yet, nice addition to Baby Jogger City Tour LUX. The cup holder can be extended allowing to use it as a handy storage space for snacks. Your child might also wish to put there a toy.

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX – my conclusions

Needless to say, the new version of the City Tour strollers has multiple advantages, although there are still several issues which should be considered before purchasing this pram.

baby jogger city tour lux bassinet

What do I like about Baby Jogger City Tour LUX most of all?

  • Its multifunctional system. I personally prefer buying things which can be sued in multiple ways as it usually helps to save place at home and in the car as well as to save the budget and even to protect the planet against extra amounts of rubbish. For that reason, I really enjoy the idea Baby Jogger City Tour LUX can be used with a bassinet and is compatible with an infant car seat, whereas its regular seat is suitable for children starting from the age of only three months. Even though the carrycot is sold separately, I find it a good idea as well, as it allows parents of toddlers to buy the stroller without purchasing a bassinet which is completely useless in their case;
  • The quality of the main seat which can be easily reversed and reclined, just as you need it;
  • Its unique abilities for folding. I know, I’m repeating it one more time – the fold of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is the most compact one I’ve ever seen in 3-in-one strollers and its carrycot can also be folded even when it is attached to the frame of the stroller;
  • A large storage basket which is quite unusual for such compact strollers;
  • A generous canopy with a window which can be opened and closed with no noise;
  • An opportunity to attach a board for an older sibling;
  • Beautiful color versions including not only standard grey models, but also blue and pink ones.

Despite all these positive sides of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX , considering the following issues:

  • the stroller has rather small wheels which means you will have problems while using it on rather uneven surfaces;
  • the handlebar can’t be adjusted to the height of the person using it;
  • you might not be able to keep it in the airplane overhead compartment.

Taking into consideration all these facts about Baby Jogger City Tour LUX , I will definitely recommend it to the parents of the new-born babies who wish to purchase a reliable multifunctional stroller which can be used not only with a regular seat, but also with an infant car seat as well as with a carrycot. Undeniably, you will enjoy the compact fold not only of the frame of the stroller, but also of its bassinet and will be able to use the pram without any difficulties due to its relatively light weight. You will especially benefit from the purchase of Baby Jogger City Tour LUX if you are a city-dweller.

Finally, if you are also thinking about a possibility of getting the previous version of City Tour, I suppose, the major factor determining the choice is the age and physical condition of your child. If your kid doesn’t use an infant car seat anymore and can spent several hours in a sitting position, the purchase of original City Tour can be also useful for you, however, the parents of infants will find Baby Jogger City Tour LUX more useful (see the current price and the discounts available).

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