BOB Revolution FLEX – one of the best strollers for jogging

BOB Revolution FLEX
TypeAn advanced jogging stroller convertible into a travel system
Weight28.5 lbs
Dimensions while folded35″L x 20″W x 10″H
Maximum weight capacity75 lbs
Main advantagesA super safe jogging stroller which can be converted into a travel system so as it can be used with newborn babies. The model is featured by a patented bike-like suspension system as well as a three-wheel design with a swivelling mechanism in the front wheel. Among other advantages of this stroller are a large canopy, a rotating handlebar and a variety of storage options.

Isn’t it great to spend a lot of time outside with your baby? Certainly, it is good for the well-being not only of your child but also for yours. Still, strolling around the urban area for an entire day is definitely not the way in which you would like to spend time with your kid. Visiting natural sights is a far more better option, however, it will require some special gear from you.

The reason for it is that natural sights are not equipped into even roads on which you can easily push a lightweight stroller with tiny wheels. In such places, you will need an all-terrain stroller, and the best options for you are the models which are designed for jogging. Such strollers are made in such a way as they will be able to protect your baby against any possible shocks, bounces and unpleasant vibrations during a ride. This is possible due a special construction of the frame, a great size of the wheels and advanced suspension. That is why, even if you are not a jogger and you just want to spend time in the forest or on the beach with your child on a regular basis, you should definitely pay your attention to jogging strollers.

One of the leading brands offering this type of strollers is BOB and one of the greatest products in its collection is Revolution FLEX which I have described in all the details in the current review. Pay your attention to the fact, this article is about BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 which is an upgraded version of the model, however, sometimes, you might find some comparisons to the previous model.


Weight, dimensions and fold

First of all, I really should make it clear that BOB Revolution FLEX just like any other jogging stroller of a high quality is not lightweight. Actually, a smooth ride on different terrains offered by such strollers would not be possible if they were featured by a small weight. That is so because a lightweight frame of a stroller will not be able to absorb the shocks coming from riding over a bumpy surface and, it will also be difficult for you to push such a stroller off-road. In addition to it, large wheels of such a stroller are adding a great weight to the stroller themselves. Thus, you should understand, a large weight of a jogging stroller is exactly the result of the fact it is a jogging one.

BOB Revolution FLEX weighs 28.5 lbs. With this weight comes not only a smooth performance on all types of terrains but also a large weight capacity. Thus, unlike many other strollers, BOB Revolution FLEX is suitable for carrying children up with the weight up to 75 lbs as well as the maximum height of 44 in.

Certainly, for the same reasons, BOB Revolution FLEX is also not exactly a small stroller. Its length is 46 in, width is 25 in and height is 45 in.

Like with many other jogging strollers, you can fold BOB Revolution FLEX with its wheels on or you can remove them in order to get a more compact shape. With the wheels on, the length of the folded stroller is 38 in, width is 25 in and height is 16 in. If you remove the wheels, you will get a structure with the length equal to 35 in, width equal to 20 in and height of 10 in.

Do not think it is difficult to fold this stroller since it looks rather bulky. You will be able to do it easily in two steps. First of all, check the suspension system as it has to be in the first position in order for the stroller to be folded. Then, you will have to press the levers which are located under the stroller’s handlebar. Flip the stroller’s handlebar and it will lie right on the front wheel. The next step is getting the handle located under the seat. Pull the handle in such a position upwards in order to fold the stroller into half. In order to lock the fold, you can use the buckle located on the wrist strap.

Undeniably, the fold of BOB Revolution FLEX is far from being compact, yet, you will still be able to transport into the majority of passenger cars. As I have mentioned above, you can remove the wheels to make the fold smaller. Don’t be afraid as it can be done pretty easily. Simply open a special release and you will be able to pull the wheel out. The same mechanism is working for all of the three wheels of BOB Revolution FLEX.

In order to unfold the stroller, you will have to first remove the wrist strap. Find a red handle which is located under the seat and lift it. This will open the frame of the stroller. Now, all you need to do is reaching the frame of the handlebar in order to open the seat. It will snap once it is fully opened.

Don’t be preoccupied by my instruction too much since in the practice it works a way easier and you will remember the steps the very first time you fold the stroller and unfold it.

The basic parts of BOB Revolution FLEX

Now, it’s time to check the components of BOB Revolution FLEX such as its seating options, canopy, wheels, storage options and a handlebar. All of them are crucial for the comfort and safety of both you and your baby.

Seating options of BOB Revolution FLEX

BOB Revolution FLEX is a typical jogging stroller which means it has a quite specific function. Even though, the manufacturer has designed it in such a way as to let you enjoy extended functionality of this stroller. This concerns the seating options of the stroller in the first place. First of all, you will be able to use the major seat of the stroller with your baby when he or she is at least two months old instead of a standard minimum age of six months. Secondly, you will have an opportunity to convert this stroller into a travel system.

The major seat of BOB Revolution FLEX

The FLEX jogging strollers including the previous models are featured by a rich padding which is undeniably essential for the comfort of your baby. BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 is especially well-padded. The material used for padding in this stroller is a so-called compression padding which has open cells for a springy feel. This is very much needed for driving through bumpy terrains with your child.

As I have mentioned above, the manufacturer claims this stroller is suitable for the usage with babies who are at least two month old. Even though it is true, you should bear in mind the fact the claim means using the stroller simply as a stroller and not jogging with it. Furthermore, the manufacturer recommend to use the stroller for jogging or off-road walks once your baby reaches the age of eight months.

A great feature of the seat of BOB Revolution FLEX is the fact its initial position is totally upright. Reclining can give you a quite flat position, although not entirely. The reclining mechanism is based on a special buckle which will provide you with an infinite recline. Adjusting the backrest to any angle you prefer can be managed with one hand, however for getting it back to the upright position, you will need both hands.

Note the seat is quipped into a footrest which is, although being well-padded, is somewhat small and non-adjustable. Actually, only older children can use it.

There is one minor issue some parents have reported about the seat of both the BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 and the previous model of this stroller which is a strap without any padding located between the calf rest and the bottom part of the seat. Unfortunately, using the stroller during hot days can make the skin under the knees of your baby irritated in the place where the strap is located. Of course, this can be handled by using a towel in this place.

Certainly, the manufacturer has also added a 5-point harness to the seat of this stroller so that your baby will be absolutely safe during the walks.

BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 Travel System

With the use of special adapters, you can convert your BOB Revolution FLEX into a travel system quite easily. There is a large list of models of infant car seats compatible with this stroller. The stroller can be used with the infant car seats offered by such popular brands as BOB/Britax, Cybex, Chicco, Peg Prego, Graco, Nuna and Maxi Cosi.

An infant car seat is attached to the stroller without removing its major seat. In such a way, you can actually use the canopy of the major seat for extra protection of your baby.

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend to jog or even just have strolls off-road using BOB Revolution FLEX as a travel system. No matter how adapted the stroller is for such activities, young babies are still developing and they can get injures while being carried during jogging. At the same time, using the stroller under such conditions can damage the adapters as well and it can cause even more harm to your baby. That is why you should use BOB Revolution FLEX as a travel system only for strolls over even terrains.

Wheels and brakes

BOB Revolution FLEX is based on the three-wheel configuration which is regarded as the best one for jogging strollers. The front wheel is 12.5-inch whereas the rear ones are 16-inch. As you can imagine, the wheels are pretty large which is crucial for the comfort and safety during a ride. For instance, large rear wheels are necessary for making the stroller stable so that it will not tip over.

The front wheel of a smaller size equipped into a swivelling mechanism with a lock is essential for manoeuvring the stroller. Use the swivelling mechanism whenever you need, however, pay your attention to the fact it is recommended to lock the wheel while you are jogging at a high speed. this is needed for preventing the wheel from wobbling in a violent way which can make you lose control over the stroller.

The wheels of this stroller are made of a special material called High Impact polymer which makes them particularly durable and resistant to damages since jogging and hiking can take you to rather rocky terrains. In addition to it, the tires are air-filled which allow them to absorb shocks. This is a great feature, however, it also means that you will have to maintain the wheels on a regular basis to keep them sufficiently inflated.

The BOB jogging strollers are featured by a unique suspension system which was patented by this brand. The system provides the suspension similar to the one you can find in bikes. Due to this special system, the traction is improved and the shocks are minimised so that not only your child will not feel them, but you also will not feel them in the handlebar. In fact, this suspension system adjusts itself to the weight of your child changing the centre of gravity appropriately and making the ride cushioned. You can change the mode of suspension manually by switching between two option with the first one earmarked for babies below 40 pounds and another one designed for children weighing at least 40 pounds.

The brake of the stroller has only one pedal and it can be easily operated by foot. The design on this pedal will protect your feet from injuries as well as your shoes from damages since it is activated by the bottom part of the foot.

Still, I believe for running downhill, it will be better to use a handbrake. Unfortunately, BOB Revolution FLEX is not equipped in such a brake.


The canopy of BOB Revolution FLEX is particularly large which is definitely crucial since you are going to use the stroller far from urban areas where you can easily hide from the harsh sun rays or cool wind. Actually, the canopy is thus large that it will cover not only the face and torso of your baby but also his or her knees.

The fabric of the canopy is water resistant with UP 50+. Furthermore, it has reflective elements which is absolutely amazing since it will provide your baby and you with extra protection when the sun goes down.

I have been really glad to find out that the newest version of BOB Revolution FLEX has a peek-a-boo window with a magnetic closure rather than with a Velcro one which was used in the previous version of this stroller. Although a Velcro closure is not a big deal, it is still somewhat noisy which can accidentally disturb the sleep of your baby when you will be checking him or her.

It is also possible to unfold the entire canopy so as your child will have a completely clear view.


I am really glad that BOB Revolution FLEX is equipped into an adjustable handlebar. Actually, it is essential for any type of a stroller, even if you are of a medium height and do not experience any major problems with pushing the majority of strollers. Still, even for you it might be convenient to be able to change the position of a  handlebar from time to time since the same position can be somewhat tiresome. Of course, when it comes to using a jogging stroller, it is particularly important to be able to change the position of a handlebar as you will get tired of pushing even more quickly.

BOB Revolution FLEX doesn’t have an advanced telescopic handlebar, yet, it provides its users with nine different positions which can be changed by rotating the handlebar. Thus, the range of height you can set for the handlebar of tis stroller is pretty large starting from 34.8 inches and up to 48 inches.

The handlebar has extra padding for your comfort.

You will also find a wrist strap on the handlebar which is crucial for safety of your baby. Sometimes it will be somewhat difficult to stop the stroller, especially if you run downhill with it and you will have to use a wrist trap to get a good hold of it. For that reason, it is recommended to use this strap all the time while you are jogging or hiking with your baby.

As I have already mentioned, the same wrist strap is used for buckling a folded stroller.

Storage options

BOB Revolution FLEX is equipped into a number of storage options which will help you to keep all your things in order and will give you a chance to take a lot of possessions with you.

Actually, BOB Revolution FLEX 2.0 was already equipped into a great number of storage options, however, BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 will provide you with even more options.

The upgraded version of this stroller has a large basket which is sufficient for storing a medium-sized diaper bag as well as some additional items. Apart from that, you will be able to use six storage pockets made of mesh. There are two pockets located inside the seat. Three pockets are attached to the backrest. In addition to them, there is also one pocket just perfect for your smartphone.

I am also happy to see that the manufacturer added a reflective strap to the basket which is very much needed for extra safety during your walks under the conditions with low light.

BOB Revolution FLEX – colour versions

BOB Revolution FLEX has a very sport look and this style is seen in both the shape of this stroller and its colour. Currently, you can find two colour options for this stroller which are Graphite Black and Lunar Black.

As you can imagine, both of these strollers are black, with black wheels, frame and a black seat. The difference between them is the colour used on the side parts of the storage basket as well as a part of a canopy. In the Graphite Black stroller these parts are of a dark grey colour whereas the Lunar Black model has these elements in black with a white pattern.

These colour versions look very attractive and are definitely practical for the purpose of enjoying outdoor activities.


Even though BOB Revolution FLEX is a quite expensive model of a stroller, it is still sold without any additional accessories, so you will have to purchase them separately in case you need them. Yet, the list of these accessories is pretty large, so you will be able to choose from various useful options.

As I have already mentioned, BOB Revolution FLEX is a convertible stroller which can be used as a travel system with an adapter. Pay your attention to the fact, you will need a separate adapter for each type of an infant car seat. They may differ in their design as well as price.

Extra storage options

If you need even more storage options, you can consider purchasing a BOB Handlebar Console designed for parents or BOB Single Snack Tray earmarked for children. The first one is useful holding two bottles of a small size and also has a pocket for valuable items which can be closed. It is a great place to keep your keys or a smartphone. This console can be attached to the handlebar.

The snack tray for your baby has a place for snacks and a sippy cup. This tray can be pivoted which means you will not have any difficulties while taking your baby into the seat and out of it.

Extra protection

Undeniably, having a rain cover for a jogger is a real necessity as you can be caught by bad weather rather unexpectedly while spending time surrounded by nature. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should always take BOB Weather Shield with you which can be hidden in the basket under the seat. You can also purchase BOB Single Shield which is a perfect protection measure during sunny days. It has been designed in such a way as to block the harmful activity of sun rays and not let any insects get close to your baby.

You can also protect the stroller itself during travelling. For this purpose, you can purchase BOB Revolution Travel Bag which is great for protecting the stroller from any damages and dirt. You will be able to transport the bag with a stroller inside it by a carry handle or a special shoulder strap.

Advantages and disadvantages of BOB Revolution FLEX

Are you impressed by BOB Revolution FLEX? To be honest, this is one of the best jogging strollers currently available on the market. Yet, it is up to you to decide whether it is suitable exactly for your needs or not. In order to make this task simpler for you, I have created a list of pros and a list of cons of this stroller.


  • a very stable stroller with a large weight capacity;
  • a convertible model which can be used as a travel system for transporting newborn babies;
  • a large variety of storage options including a large basket and six additional mesh pockets. A child’s tray and a parent’s tray are available for purchasing separately;
  • an extra large canopy with sun and water protection;
  • a large seat with rich padding and five-point harness;
  • an adjustable handlebar with nine different levels of height;
  • large wheels with a swiveling mechanism and a lock in the front wheel;
  • an exclusive bike-like all-wheel suspension system with two modes adjustable to the weight of your child;
  • a wrist strap for extra control over the stroller.


  • a stroller is somewhat bulky even when folded;
  • lacks a handbrake;
  • all the accessories are sold separately.

BOB Revolution FLEX – final conclusions

BOB Revolution FLEX is a top jogging model of a stroller which has a large number of positive aspects. Even though it is somewhat pricey, it is absolutely worth this price since it has an excellent quality which is especially important for a stroller designed for doing sport with your baby.

An amazing feature of this stroller is a possibility to convert it into a travel system even though it is has a very specific purpose. Still, you can also use it as a daily stroller, albeit, you might find it somewhat too bulky for it.

This stroller has been created with a view to keeping your baby safe during jogging or hiking sessions and it manages to do it in an excellent way with all the protection measures it is equipped with. Starting from an amazing design of wheels and suspension up to the quality of a seat, your child will be completely secured during your active walks.

Don’t forget about a number of storage option provided by this stroller which makes it completely prepared for a long day out.

The only issue you should take into consideration before purchasing this stroller is the fact, in all likelihood, you will need a rain cover and insect protection which are unfortunately sold separately, so you will have to pay them extra money.

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