Thule Spring – reach for excellent quality – detailed review

Thule Spring
TypeCompact stroller convertible into a travel system
Weight21.00 lbs
Dimensions while folded17.7″L x 12.6″W x 30″H
Maximum weight capacity65 lbs
Main advantagesA compact stroller with a simple folding mechanism and a backrest with an infinite recline which will be suitable for newborn babies while used as a travel system with an infant car seat up to the moment the child reaches the weight of 65 lbs. A spacious storage basket, large canopy and an adjustable telescopic handlebar are only some of the advantages of Thule Spring.

The market of lightweight strollers is gradually extending with more and more releases of new models. Today, you have a chance to purchase absolutely different strollers with a small weight starting from a low-budget basic umbrella strollers up to ultra lightweight  super compact and multifunctional exclusive options. Certainly, a lot depends on the way and the place where are you going to use a lightweight stroller. The time you are planning to use the stroller is essential as well.

If you are living in the urban area and are searching for a product of the highest quality, you should definitely pay your attention to one of the newest Thule’s strollers, Spring, released at the beginning of the year 2020. This is one of the best lightweight strollers designed for use in the city. Actually, as you will see from this review, the manufacturer has made one’s best to Thule Spring a particularly convenient option for navigating a city.

Thule Spring is definitely not a cheap stroller even considering all the possible discounts you might get while purchasing it, yet, its quality and functionality are absolutely adequate to its price. Are you willing to check Thule Spring with me? Then, continue reading this review.


Weight and dimensions

First of all, I should clear it out – Thule Spring is not exactly a lightweight stroller. Its weight is 21 lbs which actually extends the limit of 20 lbs which is set by manufacturers and salesmen for the category of lightweight strollers. Yet, it is featured with a really compact design which makes the majority of strollers of the same weight look rather bulky while compared to Thule Spring.

In fact, the design of Thule Spring is based on Thule Urban Glide up to a certain extent. This makes Thule Spring look somewhat like a jogging stroller, although in the reality it is not necessarily designed for jogging.

The dimensions of Thule Spring are 35.20 x 23.40 x 38.60 inches.

The fold of Thule Spring

Pay your attention to the weight limits for babies to be carried in Thule Spring. The major seat is suitable for babies starting from the age of six months, however, the maximum weight capacity of this stroller is 65 lbs which is definitely a way greater than the average weight capacity of lightweight strollers equal to 65 lbs.

The fold of Thule Spring is not thus compact as the folds of many typical lightweight strollers, however, it is definitely compact if compared with the folds of full-size strollers of a similar weight. Actually, the fold is some 30% smaller than the unfolded stroller is. The dimensions of the fold are 17.7″L x 12.6″W x 30″H.

You will be able to fold this stroller easily with one hand. All you will need to do is to access the lever which is located under the seat panel. Simply pull this lever, and the stroller will collapse. Yet, in order to unfold this stroller, you will have to use both of your hands.

Fortunately, the manufacturer of Thule Spring made the fold of this stroller with an automatic lock which makes it even easier to use it. Finally, the fold of this stroller is pretty low which makes it comfortable for carrying in hands, especially if you are not a particularly tall person.

The major components of Thule Spring

I am sure you are now wondering what are the parameters of the major components of this stroller. For that reason, I have described all the most necessary elements of a stroller such as its seating options, canopy, wheels and storage options.

The seating options of Thule Spring

As I have just mentioned, Thule Spring has a seat which is suitable for babies who are at least six months old. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it with newborns. This is possible since Thule Spring is convertible in to a travel system.

Major seat

Although the seat of Thule Spring looks quite simple, it has a reach padding making it convenient for children of all ages acceptable by this model. The leg rest of this stroller is not adjustable, however, it has a highly ergonomic design which makes the seat slope down gently becoming a narrow footrest. This type of a footrest has its own advantage which is assisting older children to get into the stroller on their own. Don’t forget to hold the stroller as there is a possibility of trying over while your kid will be trying to get into.

The major seat of Thule Spring is equipped into a 5-point harness. On the one hand, its design is very simple for parents to use it. On the other hand, your child will hardly be able to figure it out. This is extremely important, since there is a large variety of great strollers which definitely lose their points because of inconvenient harness the use of which is even omitted by some parents who do not have time for using it properly or have too active children who simple won’t let them do it.

There is a special strap for infinite recline of the seat’s backrest which can be used with a single hand. Still, pay your attention to fixing the position which requires squeezing a special lock with another hand. Thus, even though the recline mechanism is extremely simple, it can not be used with a single hand completely. Since the recline is infinite, you will be able to set the backrest to absolutely different positions including an almost upright one.

Travel system

As you might know, a travel system can be created by adding an infant car seat to the frame of a stroller. This will allow you to use a stroller with a seat designed for older babies with newborns.

Fortunately, Thule Spring is convertible into such a travel system. In order to use it as a travel system, you will have to purchase special adapters designed specifically for the infant car seat you are using. Thule Spring is compatible with the infant car seats of many popular manufacturers including Maxi-Cosi and Chicco.


If you recline the backrest completely, you will see a large mash window which can be opened and closed with a magnetic flap. If you want to open the window and fix the flap in such a position, it can be done by rolling it and tucking it.

The entire canopy of this stroller is extremely large, so it is absolutely adequate to the age of children with the maximum weight handling by Thule Spring. The oversize canopy is featured with UPF 50+ and additional sunshade which can be extended for extra protection when the sun is rather low. This sunshade is also highly useful for protecting your baby against direct wind. Thus, your kid can be covered even up to the torso after using the sunshade.

Of course, just like the majority of other strollers, you can fold the entire canopy up when it is not needed.

Wheels and brakes

Thule Spring resembles classic jogging models of strollers, although it is not designed for this kind of sports. Yet, Spring, just like the majority of typical jogging strollers is featured by three wheels. All of these wheels have the same size with the diameter equal to 8.5 inches. All of the Spring’s wheels are filled with foam. thus, you can be sure there will be no flat tires.

The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to making this stroller excellent for manoeuvrability. Undeniably, this is a crucial point since the stroller is earmarked for use in the city in the first place. The front wheels of this stroller are swivelling with a possibility of getting locked in a fixed position. Thus, depending on the surface, you will be able to either use the stroller with swivelling wheels or with the wheels locked.

For additional comfort of you and your baby, the producer added suspension to the front wheels of the stroller.

Pay your attention to the fact despite all of the positive sides of the wheels in Thule Spring, you won’t be able to use this stroller on bumpy terrains. You will be able to deal with short grass or moderately cracked pavements, but you will definitely have hard time trying to push this stroller over sand or bumpy roads.

In order to turn the brakes on in this stroller, you will need to push a pedal which is located on rear wheel on the right side.


If you are experiencing problems with finding a stroller appropriate for your height, you should definitely pay your attention Thule Spring. This is one of the rare models which have an adjustable handlebar. Actually, its handlebar is not just adjustable, but it also offers totally customisable positions. This means, the design of this stroller goes beyond a basic rotating handlebar with a couple of different heights available to parents.

Springs’s handlebar is based on a telescoping mechanism which makes the handlebar slide changing its height. This can be done with a single hand by pushing a special button located in the middle of the handlebar.

Believe me that this type of a mechanism is a way better than a rotating one which is not only because of the fact you have more options for changing the height of the handlebar. In the reality it means that sliding the handlebar out creates a large space for legs which is also crucial for high people.

The handlebar of Thule Spring is also equipped into a wrist strap which was added to the stroller as an extra safety measure. The only downfall is the fact the manufacturer fixed permanently this strap to the handlebar. It is located on the right-hand part of the handlebar and you won’t have an opportunity to move it.

Storage options

It is rather difficult to compare Thule Spring to lightweight strollers when it comes to the storage options since, as you can imagine, due to its large size and weight, it also has a large storage bin with a greater weight capacity.

The manufacturer claims, this stroller’s storage bin has a volume of 21 litres. This is more than enough for carrying a large diaper bag and still have a lot of room for groceries.

For smaller items, you can use a mesh pocket which can be found on the back part of the backrest. This one is particularly handy for storing such items as your wallet or a smartphone.

The colour versions of Thule Spring

Thule Spring is an elegant and stylish stroller which is currently available in six colour versions. Although the colours of this stroller are not especially bright, you have a quite rare opportunity of choosing between two colours of the frame, rather than choosing only among the options for fabric.

There are three types of Thule Spring with a black frame. The first model is called Black and it is completely black with just a single white line on the edge of the canopy. Actually, this line is available in each of the model of Thule Spring. The other two models with a black frame are Grey Melange with a grey canopy and Teal Melange with a canopy in the colour of a mixture of light turquoise and grey colours.

The frame is in the white colour in the Majolica Blue model which has a canopy in a very interesting shade of a dark blue colour. Olive and Shadow Grey also have white frames. As you can imagine, the Olive model has an olive canopy whereas Shadow Grey has a grey canopy, however, it doesn’t have the melange effect.

Pay your attention to the fact the frame is not entirely white in the three models above. Only the sides of the length of the stroller’s seat are white in this stroller. The rest of the frame is black.

Thule Spring accessories

The manufacturer calls Spring a customisable stroller offering large variety of accessories for this model. Apart from car seat adapters needed for converting this stroller into a travel system, there is also a great number of totally different items.

For instance, you can add more comfort to the riding experience of your child by purchasing a special seat liner. This liner is not only convenient for a baby, but it can also be easily washed and, since it is available in all of the colours of the canopies described in the part on the colour versions of the stroller, it will also make your stroller brighter.

A Thule Glider Board is also compatible with Spring which means you will be able to push the stroller along with your older kid.

If your baby likes eating on the go or you need a place to keep a bottle of water, you can also purchase a baby’s food tray or a cup holder for yourself.

There are also two types of covers available for this model of a stroller. The first one will protect your baby against rain and snow, whereas another one is great for the protection against insects.

Finally, there is also a travel bag designed for transporting the folded stroller itself. Unlike soft travel bags available for the majority of other strollers, this one resembles a suitcase and offers increased safety for your stroller.

Thule Spring: advantages and disadvantages

You can now see, Thule Spring has a large variety of great features. Still, this stroller is not cheap, thus, you should consider the possibility of purchasing it really thoroughly. Let’s look at the summary of its pros and cons together.


  • a convertible stroller;
  • can be used with many models of infant car seats of popular brands;
  • its seat has a large weight capacity up to 65 lbs;
  • the stroller is featured with a compact design and has a short fold with a folding mechanism which can be handled with one hand;
  • the backrest has an infinite recline;
  • has an extremely large canopy with UV protection and a peek-a-boo window;
  • has quite large foam-filled wheels with the front-wheel suspension and a swivelling mechanism with a lock;
  • adjustable handlebar with a telescopic mechanism;
  • a spacious storage basket with a large weight capacity;
  • a great variety of useful accessories are available for this model;
  • the stroller has six different colour options.


  • the stroller is still usable only in the urban areas;
  • you can’t use it for jogging despite the appearance resembling a jogging model.

Thule Spring – my conclusions

Thule Spring is a quite expensive model of a lightweight stroller which makes it not thus affordable as hundreds of other models of strollers. That is why, if the price is of paramount importance for you when it comes to the choice of a stroller, you might have some doubts about buying Thule Spring.

Yet, if you have read this entire review, you have definitely paid your attention to a large amount of advantages of this stroller. Judging by a great number of positive opinions of other parents, one can believe this stroller is worth its price.

I personally will recommend this stroller to the parents who are searching for some multifunctional solution which will allow them to use a lightweight stroller from the very beginning up to the moment their child doesn’t need any stroller at all. Since Thule Spring is convertible into a travel system and its maximum weight capacity is 65 lbs, you won’t need any other stroller at all. Don’t forget Spring can be used with a board for your elder child.

The stroller is also great for the residents of cities who need more space for carrying their items while being out with their children and who still want to experience comfort while using a compact stroller. You can easily go shopping with your baby due to an extra spacious storage bin of Thule Spring.

Finally, the parents whose height goes beyond some standards will be really pleased to use the telescopic adjustable handlebar of this stroller. In any case, Spring is a great investment!

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