Ergobaby Adapt – your favourite multifunctional baby carrier

Ergobaby AdaptBaby carrierAn insertless model which mean sit can be used for newborn babies without any extra items.

The minimum weight supported is 7 lbs, the maximum capacity

is 45 lbs.

Ergobaby Adapt is a multifunctional baby carrier offering almost all possible seating options for your baby who will be carried in the most appropriate M-shape position approved by the doctors from all over the world. The design of this carrier makes it convenient for both babies and their parents who will be able to easily adjust the carrier and put it on or take it off without any help.

For many parents, having a good stroller is not enough for taking care of their children. Some babies are particularly anxious while not feeling their mother or father, while some parents have a lot of other things on their plate so that they can’t spend all day long being stuck to their kids. Finally, for some parents, taking out a stroller or a pram any time he or she wants to go for a walk with a child might be  a rather difficult task.

A baby carrier can be a great alternative to strollers in some cases. In addition to it, they are extremely useful in the case of the parents of particularly anxious babies who are dealing with being detached from their parents in a poor way. Of course, in order to be able to experience all the range of positive sides of using a baby carrier, it has to fulfil particular requirements. Certainly, the most essential ones are safety and comfort, therefore, in this review I am going to show you one of the most ergonomic models of a baby carrier available on the market. The choice for this article was Ergobaby Adapt Carrier which is one of the newest models of baby carriers designed by Ergobaby. Then, if you are looking for a product of a high quality, you should absolutely check the details of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier described in this review!


What is Ergobaby Adapt Carrier?

As I have just mentioned, Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is one of the newest models of baby carriers released by Ergobaby. Actually, I can safely call this product an upgraded version of the previous Ergobaby’s carrier, Ergobaby 360. This carrier has some improvements of the issues with the 360 model which some parents were reporting to the manufacturer and since Ergobaby is widely known for really caring about the opinions of the users of its products, the designers of this brand are doing their best to solve all the possible problems the users of their products are experiencing.

This carrier was designed for babies who weigh at least 7 lbs. The maximum weight of a child supported by this carrier is 45 lbs which is a quite large capacity.

Pay your attention to the fact this carrier is available in two versions. The first one is made of pure cotton whereas another one is made of mesh.

Design and specifications of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

Let’s take a closer look at the design and specific parameters of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier which will help you to understand the exact value of this baby carrier.

Weight capacity and age limit

As I have just mentioned above, the design of Ergobaby Adapt will allow you to use it right after the birth of your child since the minimum weight requirement for this carrier is only 7 lbs. At the same time, this carrier has a unique design which will allow you to use it with your newborn without adding any insert for newborn children. Actually, this is the first model of this manufacturer allowing parents to use it with the youngest babies insert-less.

If you are not well-acquainted with the specifications of baby carriers, you should know that the majority of such products require using special inserts for newborn babies. Yet, this is not the best solution since extra padding inside the carrier always makes it less convenient and too hot for babies. That is why, getting an insert-less carrier can be a better option for your kid as such one is really breezy.

The maximum weight capacity of Ergobaby Adapt is 45 lbs which means something around 48 months. Depending on the weight of your baby, such a weight capacity might give you a chance to use it even with four-year-old children.

Needless to say, being able to get a single baby carrier which will be suitable for carrying newborn babies and toddlers is a great investment.

Adaptability of the carrier

You have just learnt that Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is not using any extra inserts for newborn babies which makes it more breezy and generally convenient for both children and their parents. How then can this carrier adapt to the weight and height of kids?

Actually, Ergobaby Adapt Carrier was designed in such a way as to provide your baby with three modes depending on his or her needs. Changing the size of the carrier is possible with the use of special Velcro tabs. All in all there are three such tabs and they are located on the lumber band. With the help of these tabs, one can change the size of the seat whenever it becomes too small for your baby.

The first mode of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is dedicated to the youngest children starting from their birth up to the age of three months. The next mode is recommended for children between the third and the ninth month of age. Finally, the last mode is suitable for children who are already at least nine months old and this mode can be used up to the moment when your child reaches the weight limit.

There are other elements of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier which can be customised according to the needs of your baby.

First of all, this model has head support just like the previous model of the Ergobaby carrier. Whenever your baby needs additional head support, this element can be folded up. When you will be nursing your child, or he or she will be willing to observe the world, you will be able to fold the support down easily.

This baby carrier is also equipped into a special adjustable hood which turns to be highly useful once your baby and you need more privacy.

Carrying positions offered by Ergobaby Adapt

Now, let’s look at the carrying positions offered by Ergobaby Adapt Carrier as it is one of the major details of any baby carrier you should take into consideration before deciding to purchase one.

First of all, pay your attention to the seating position your baby will be using while you will be carrying him or her in Ergobaby Adapt Carrier. This is a so-called M-shape position of legs which is widely regarded as the most suitable position for babies by the specialists of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

There are three carrying positions offered by Ergobaby Adapt Carrier and all of them will hold your baby with her or her legs in the M-shape position. The carrying positions you will be able to choose from are hip carry, front inward carry and back carry. As you might probably know, there is also a forward facing position offered by some baby carriers including the predecessor of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier which is Ergobaby 360 Carrier. Unfortunately, Ergobaby Adapt Carrier doesn’t provide babies with an opportunity to rest in this position and this is actually the major difference between the 360 and Adapt models.

You might find the lack of this carrying option a serious drawback, however, you should be aware that according to paediatricians it is one of the least suitable positions for babies. Even though they will enjoy a possibility of observing the world a lot, such a position is particularly demanding and can cause injuries if the baby carried like this for a longer time. For that reason, the instruction of Ergobaby 360 carrier which actually offers such an option to parents recommends it for using only for ten minutes!

Thus, as for me, the lack of the possibility of carrying your child in such a position in Ergobaby Adapt Carrier this is not a huge problem. Yet, you should make sure you are fine with it as well before deciding to buy Ergobaby Adapt Carrier.

If you have never used a baby carrier before, you should be particularly careful with the choice of a carrying position for the exact age of your baby. The fact the carrier can be adapted to the weight of your baby doesn’t mean you can switch it to an appropriate mode and carry your baby in any way you prefer. For instance, the front carry position is recommended as the only possible carrying position for the babies during the first five months of their lives. The time, when you will be able to switch to the two other carrying positions which are back carry and hip carry is around the sixth month.

The comfort of the parent

Note that baby carriers are also designed for  a particular range of height of parents who are going to use it. Of course, you will be able to adjust this baby carrier to your own height, however, make sure your height is within the range of 5 inches and 6.5 inches.

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is extremely convenient when it comes to putting it on and off. This feature is also crucial for making the final choice about the product as the convenience of putting a carrier with a baby on is of paramount importance for the safety as well.

In Ergobaby Adapt Carrier, the webbing buckles were repositioned if you compare this carrier to the 360 model. Actually, in the previous model, the buckles were located on the high back whereas now they are attached to the sides of the carrier. As a result, you will be able to put on the carrier and buckle up without any external help. At the same time, such a location of the buckles allows to crisscross them which is useful for any parent who needs a tighter fit.

For the sake of your own extra safety and comfort, the manufacturer added a coveted waistband to Ergobaby Adapt Carrier which is great for distributing the baby’s weight. This protects your own hip region. Like with other baby carriers of Ergobaby, Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is featured with a generous padding of the shoulder straps and the lumber belt. Needless to say, how important it is for the protection of your skin which can get damaged easily because of the pressure coming with the weight of your baby.

Storage options

Some parents find the lack of any storage options in Ergobaby Adapt Carrier to be its drawback. Certainly, a small pocket for keys and other small but essential things might be very useful, however, neither Ergobaby Adapt Carrier nor the 360 model has one.

Fashion and materials

I have already mentioned the fact this stroller can be purchased in two versions. If you are a devotee of natural materials, you will be happy to buy the cotton model of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier. The cotton used in this carrier is featured by particular softness which is crucial for the comfort of your baby.

At the same time, the carrier is also available in the Cool Air Mesh version. This model is featured by a large amount of breathable mesh. Obviously, such a material will provide your baby with increased air circulation which is great for protecting your child against overheating and excessive sweating. Although soft and pleasant cotton is also breathable, Cool Air Mesh has been designed specifically for dealing with sweating so this version is recommended for parents who are going to use this stroller in particularly hot areas.

Pay your attention to the fact, as a parent you will also feel more comfortable during a summer since it will prevent you from sweating as well.

As you can imagine, the colour options for the versions of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier are different. When it comes to the cotton model, it has a greater variety of patterns than the mesh one. Pay your attention that the availability of different colour options is changing all the time and sometimes prices for different patterns of the same model can differ as well. There can be differences between the prices for the mesh model and the cotton one.

So far, you can get such Cool Air Mesh models of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier as Onyx Black and Pearl Grey. While Onyx Black is a completely black model, Pearl Grey is made of a very light-grey-coloured material. Thus, if you are concerned about the temperature of the carrier in the summer, it might be sensible to purchase a Pearl Grey model which will not be prone to getting thus warm as the black model.

The cotton model is also available in the black colour and this version is just sold under the Black name. There are also two dark-blue models available which are Admiral Blue and Navy Mini Dots. The first one is dark-blue with the top made of a white material with blue stripes whereas the second one is completely dark-blue with the top part decorated with small dotes.

The collection of the cotton models of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier also includes two light-blue options which are Azure Blue and Sophie La Girafe Festival. The tints of the colours of the material in these carriers are different, although both of them have grey buckles. Azure Blue is decorated with white top with blue stripes whereas the Sophie La Girafe Festival model has a white top part with blue and yellow dotes as well as a white giraffe on the back part of the carrier.

Other colours available for parents are a light green and a grey one. The first model is called Sage and it has a very interesting pattern on its top part. Pearl Grey is not decorated with any patterns. Pay your attention to the fact this Pearl Grey is actually different if compared to the colour of the Pearl Grey model made of mesh.

For your choice, there are also two cotton models which are completely covered by pattern rather than having them only in their top parts. They are Keith Haring and Starry Sky. Both of them are pretty dark and very stylish.

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier – pros and cons

Now, it’s time to look at the summary of advantages and disadvantages of Ergobaby Adapt Carrier. I have already mentioned the fact that this model is based on the previous one which is Ergobaby 360, so, some of the issues with the 360 model were resolved in Ergobaby Adapt Carrier. Still, some changes were also made which some parents do not particularly like. That is why, you should look through the lists of pros and cons I have made carefully, so that you will understand whether you need such a baby carrier or not.


  • suitable for a large range of age and weight starting from 7 lbs to 45 lbs;
  • can be used with the smallest babies without any newborn insert which is possible due to a special system of three modes;
  • offers an extremely ergonomic M-position for babies which is approved by paediatricians;
  • the bucket seat adjusts to the shape of your baby’s body;
  • the straps can be worn in two ways according to your preferences, either crisscrossed or the H fashion;
  • the design ensures easy handling so you will be able to put it on and off without any difficulties;
  • easy to reach buckles which can be adjusted without any external help;
  • machine-washable;
  • elegant and stylish design with a variety of appealing patterns;
  • a possibility to choose between the materials such as pure cotton and special mesh providing your baby with improved air flow.


  • doesn’t have a single pocket;
  • doesn’t allow parents to carry their babies in a forward-facing position;
  • some parents find the hood too small.

My conclusions

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is a great baby carrier for parents who are looking for a possibility of buying one product suitable for their babies from the very beginning and which will be useful for a long time. With this model, it is absolutely possible since Ergobaby Adapt Carrier can be used even up to the fourth year. At the same time, its special design will allow you to use this baby carrier with the youngest babies without adding any newborn insert which can make any carrier rather bulky and hot.

With this baby carrier, you do not have to worry about the safety of your baby since it is offering the best seating position of the M-shape which is approved by the paediatricians from all over the world. Of course, just like in the case of any baby carrier, you should be careful about a seating option you are using for your baby. Ergobaby Adapt Carrier will provide you with three possible choices. Actually, the only option unavailable to parents is a forward-facing position.

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is so loved by parents since it is particularly ergonomic for both a baby and the caregiver. Due to rich padding and the design with excellent weight distribution, you will be able to  carry your baby for a long time without any pain or fatigue. At the same time, additional support included into the carrier will provide your baby with the maximum comfort.

I am also more than happy because of the fact the manufacturer allows parents to choose from two options which are Ergobaby Adapt Carrier made of soft cotton and Ergobaby Adapt Carrier made of extra breathable mesh. No matter which carrier you are going to choose, you will like its elegant design.

As you have noticed, I am really positive about this model of a baby carrier. Ergobaby Adapt Carrier offers parents and kids almost everything they need. I said almost since some parents really wish the manufacturer had added at least a single small pocket to this carrier which will be useful for keeping keys and other small items.

Thus, if the lack of a forward-facing position is not an issue for you, I will absolutely recommend you to purchase Ergobaby Adapt Carrier.

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