Stokke Xplory – an innovative stroller for your baby

Stokke Xplory
TypeAn innovative all-terrain convertible stroller
Weight28.2 lbs
Dimensions while folded41.3″ x 18.7″ x 20.1″
Maximum weight capacity45 lbs (33 lbs in Europe)
Main advantagesA state-of-the-art stroller with an absolutely exclusive design including an untypical chassis made of a single bar which allows you to change the height of the position of any sitting option you are using for your baby. The stroller will not limit you exclusively to the walks around the smooth surfaces of urban areas with its wheels and a special mode for pushing the stroller on only two wheels. *Includes a storage bag instead of a conventional storage basket.

It seems that nothing new can be invented when it comes to strollers, however, each year the market is expanded by new models of strollers with upgraded design. Yet, there are not so many models with truly innovative design. Undeniably, the majority of such models of strollers are under the category of exclusive products which are featured not only with unique functionality but also with but also with rather high prices.

Stokke Xplory is one of the best examples of the convertible strollers with a truly state-of-the art design. The uniqueness of this stroller is not only in some hidden features and functions. In the case of this model, you will understand it is a model without any alternatives at first glance since it is charcterised by a highly unusual chassis looking more like a rolling chair. Such an untypical frame was created by the manufacturer with the view to allowing your baby to observe the world better and also have a better position for communicating with one’s parent since you will be able to set the seat on the different height on the stroller’s frame. Certainly, this is not the only innovative feature available for the users of Stokke Xplory. If you are already intrigued by this amazing product, you will find all the necessary information as well as a lot of details of the stroller in this review.


What is Stokke Xplory?

Stokke Xplory is a convertible stroller which means it can be used from the birth of your child. Sitting options for infant are a carrycot and an infant car seat whereas for somewhat older babies, a toddler seat can be used.

There have already been several upgrades of this stroller with the newest one Stokke Xplory v6 Balance. According to many parents, this one is even better than the previous model Stokke Xplory v5 which is still available on the market. I will explain you the core differences between the two versions of the stroller so as you will be bale to decide whether you are interested in purchasing the latest one which is of course more expensive than the older model or you can save some money and make do with the v5 model.

Stokke Xplory weighs 28.2 lbs which means this stroller is not a lightweight one. Certainly, it is normal for convertible strollers to be heavier than umbrella models with somewhat limited functionality, thus, there is nothing unusual about the weight of Stokke Xplory. At the same time, as you will see, Stokke Xplory has a unique design of its chassis which actually requires some extra weight for being stable and safe for your baby. This exclusive stroller doesn’t have a typical frame. The seat is installed on a single bar. The wheels are connected to the basis of this bar creating a shape of an x rather than a square with two axles with wheels connected to each other by bars.

Dimensions and fold

As you can imagine, the fold of Stokke Xplory couldn’t be the same as the fold of conventional strollers. On the one hand, you will be able to fold it easily with just one hand. On the other hand, the fold is featured by two pieces which for some parents can be a disadvantage.

The seat has to be removed from the stroller. Otherwise, you will not be able to fold the stroller. The handlebar has to be slide completely down. Now, you need to find a white trigger which should be pulled with one hand. Thus, you will get a fold featured by the following dimensions: 41.3″ x 18.7″ x 20.1″. As you can see, this is not especially compact, yet, it should not be a problem to fit it in the trunks of the majority of cars.

Pay your attention to the fact, the seat can be fit onto the fold of the stroller’s frame which means you will not have to transport these parts separately even though they are not attached to each other. This can save some space.

The stroller itself is quite slim which will allow you to navigate it in narrow places without any difficulties.

The major parts of Stokke Xplory

Now, let’s look at the components of Stokke Xplory which have particular importance for the safety and comfort of your baby and you. Undeniably, they are the sitting options of the stroller, a handlebar, wheels and suspension, storage options and a canopy. I recommend you to be particularly attentive while reading this information since Stokke Xplory is featured by an untypical design of chassis, so you should make sure it will be an advantage for you.

The sitting options of Stokke Xplory

You are already aware of the fact that Stokke Xplory is a convertible stroller. Actually, this stroller has a three-in-pone design which means it can be used with there different sitting options. The original version of this stroller comes with a toddler seat. A carrycot and an infant car seat can be purchased separately.

A toddler seat

The toddler seat of Stokke Xplory is suitable for babies who are at least six month old. The weight capacity of the seat is 45 pounds. Pay your attention to the fact such a weight capacity is approved in the USA whereas European countries have different safety requirements and there, it is allowed to use Stokke Xplory only with the children who are not heavier than 33 lbs. Take into consideration this fact since, depending on your place of residence, the time you can use the stroller might be somewhat limited. At the same time, the height of the toddler seat is 20.5 inches which make sit suitable even for some 4-year-old children.

The toddler seat of Stokke Xplory has a so-called bucket design and it provides your baby with three levels of recline when the seat is installed in the parent-facing mode. The seat is reversible, so you can set it to the forward-facing mode as well. I am glad to see the upright position of this seat is actually almost straight giving your child a lot of opportunities to observe surroundings.

Napping in the Stokke Xplory stroller is better when the seat is set to the parent-facing mode.

The reclining mechanism of the seat of Stokke Xplory v6 is very simple and convenient for using with just one hand. Just use a lever located under the backrest.

One of the crucial features of the design of Stokke Xplory v6 as well as the previous versions of this stroller is that the bar to which the seat is attached crosses the middle of the calf rest. Actually, this comes to place only in the parent-face mode, however, it gives some second thoughts to many parents. Of course, the issue of concern is whether something like this can be convenient for a child. Yet, it is due to this special design you can move the seat along the bar changing its height. Thus, you can get your baby closer for a better contact or use the stroller in a convenient way as a high chair, for instance, while eating out with your baby.

A lot depends on the preferences of your child as you can imagine. Young babies are two small to experience any inconvenience because of this bar, whereas the majority of toddlers prefer exploring the world during strolls rather than staring at their parents. Yet, it can be different with children with some anxiety issues who need to see they parents all the time. For them this bar can cause some inconvenience.

One of the major differences between Stokke Xplory v6 and Stokke Xplory v5 is the design of the leg rest. First of all, the previous version of the stroller required removing of the leg rest in order to be able to reverse the seat. In the latest version of the stroller, there is no need to detach the backrest at all if you want to switch the seat to another mode.

Another difference between the leg rests in these models is the fact the one used in Stokke Xplory v5 had a design resembling a frame on which a baby could keep one’s feet while the space between the feet and the seat was empty. Even though it looked attractive, it was not exactly very comfortable for a child. The v6 stroller has a full and very rich padding in that space so that the legs of your baby will really rest in a convenient way.

Note that the padding of the seat itself is particularly cosy and it is also removable, so you will be able to keep it clean easily.

The seat of Stokke Xplory v6 is equipped into a five-point harness which is also featured by a rich padding. The only part which doesn’t have this padding, however I believe it should, is the crotch strap. For extra convenience and safety, you will find additional infant seat insert in the set which makes the depth of the seat smaller and thus, the seat itself safer for your child.

The Stokke Xplory carrycot

As I have already mentioned, the toddler seat of Stokke Xplory is not suitable for newborn babies, mainly because of the fact you will not be able to recline it to a flat position. Of course, you can make do with an infant car seat, however, if you are planning to keep your newborn out for a longer time, you should think about purchasing a special carrycot designed especially for providing your baby with the most convenient position for napping. Still, the manufacturer warns there was no approval for this carrycot to be used for sleeping during an entire night.

The maximum weight capacity of this carrycot is 20 pounds and the height of its position can be set to different levels just as it is in the case of a toddler seat.

The Stokke Xplory carrycot is featured by a mattress of the highest quality which will provide your baby with excellent support. In addition to it, it has an especially large canopy equipped into windows made of mesh which will give your baby extra source of fresh air.

A great feature of this carrycot is that it has its own storage options such as the pockets located in the front part of the bassinet which are particularly handy for keeping some small possessions such a s a phone or your keys.

Pay your attention to the fact the carrycot is available in over ten colour versions all of which are really stylish as the entire stroller is.

Travel system

Stokke Xplory can be used as a travel system. the major series of the seats compatible with this stroller are BeSafe which are particularly popular in Europe.

Some exclusive brands have special models created exactly for the use of the Stokke strollers. One of them is Nuna which has a special analogue to Nuna Pipa which is Stokke Pipa. This one is not exactly the same as the original Nuna Pipa infant car seat, although this one has really great parameters being particularly lightweight and super safe. in addition to it, you will be able to use it either with an infant car seat base or just with a vehicle seat belt which depends completely on your preferences.

Note that for the infant car seats mentioned above, you will not need to purchase and adapters as they can be installed on the chassis of the stroller in a direct way. Yet, there is a wide range of models of other popular brands which can be used with Stokke Xplory. They are:

  • Chicco Keyfit 30;
  • the Graco Snugride 22, 30, 32 and 35 models;
  • the following seats of the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio series: SL, Tri-Fix K and SIP 30/30;
  • Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix, Prezi, Pebble and Mico.

In their case you will have to buy special adapters, though.


The sun shade of is particularly large which is definetely and advantage of this stroller. Actually, it is made of three panels one of which can be opened using a zipper. there is also a sun visor built into the canopy. If you unfold the entire canopy, it will reach the knees of your child. Needless to say, this will make the shade extremely large.

The panel with the zipper actually hides mesh underneath which can be used as an extension of a peek-a-boo window during hot days.


The wheels of Stokke Xplory were designed for urban areas in the first place. The wheels are not all-terrain, even though they are puncture-free and quite big. You will be able to use this stroller on cobbled streets and also will be able to deal with gravel paths. Thus, even though the stroller is not earmarked for the off-road use, it will work on some types of somewhat harsh surfaces.

Still, the manufacturer has added a very unique mechanism to this stroller which will allow you to enjoy the strolls on pebbles or sand. This is a rather unique mode which makes it possible to push your stroller on just two wheels. You will find very few strollers with such a function and so far, this is the only one stroller of Stokke which has such an option.


There is one parking brake in this stroller which is activated by a red pedal. This pedal is located near the right rear wheel and can be activated easily no matter whether you are walking in your high heels or flip-flops.


As you can imagine, the handlebar of the Stokke Xplory stroller is totally different form the ones you can see in the majority of strollers.

The handlebar is completely adjustable with a mechanism allowing you simply to slide it up and down. This also extends the space between your legs and the stroller which is really crucial for high people. No rear axle will limit your movements. The top part of the handlebar can be rotated itself which will help you to adjust the angle of the handlebar in order to avoid wrist pain.

Storage options

Not only is the chassis of Stokke Xplory absolutely unique, but also its storage space is.

In fact, this stroller doesn’t have any storage basket. Instead of this traditional storage space, you will find something resembling of a shopping bag made of a waterproof material. This one is attached to the panel located on the axles of the front wheels and it can be removed whenever you need it and used as a bag.

This bag is quite spacious and has a weight capacity of 11 lbs. Some parents find it a nice alternative to a conventional basket, however, there are also others who are concerned about the way this bag is fixed on the stroller and also find the bag less spacious than the conventional baskets of the same weight capacity.

Stokke Xplory – colour versions

Stokke Xplory v6 is available in five colour versions, all of which are very stylish and elegant.

Those parents who like the modern trend of black strollers can choose the Black model. There is also a Black Melange version of a black stroller which has a melange effect in its black fabric. The melange effect is also visible in the fabric of the Grey Melange colour option.

If you are looking for some rare colour, you might be interested in purchasing Athleisure Green which is a mixture of green and grey with light-green decorative elements.

Finally, there is also a Red colour option with a bright red seat.

The chassis in each of these colour versions is black.


I have already mentioned some of the accessories which can be purchased for Stokke Xplory. Fisrt of all, they are a carrycot and an infant car seat, for instance, Stokke Nuna Pipa which was designed specifically for this stroller. If you prefer any other infant car seat of the list I have mentioned in the part dedicated to the Stokke Xplory travel system, you can use it after getting a special adapter.

Other accessories available for this stroller are Stokke Xplory Footmuff which is great for cold days and Stokke Xplory Sibling Board Rider which can be attached to the stroller so as you will be able to give a lift to a child who is around 4 or 5 years old. Furthermore, you can find a cup holder and a special Stokke Parasol umbrella on the market. The latter one can be an alternative for creating a great shadow during hot days and not limiting the airflow for your baby.

Stokke Xplory – pros and cons

Check these lists of advantages and disadvantages of Stokke Xplory which will help you to decide whether purchasing this expensive stroller is actually a good idea or not.


  • a convertible stroller which can be used with a carrycot and an infant car seat;
  • some of the infant car seats do not require using extra adapters;
  • a unique design of the chassis allowing you to change the level at which the seat is installed (the same goes for an infant car seat and a carrycot);
  • the seat can be pulled pretty high so as you will have a better contact with your baby and the stroller could be used as a high chair;
  • an infant car seat with a particularly reach and pleasant-to touch removable padding;
  • the seat is reversible;
  • a super large canopy with an extendable peek-a-boo window;
  • the wheels are of a great quality allowing you to use the stroller over somewhat harsh surfaces even though it is designed for urban areas;
  • includes a special two-wheel mode for dealing with sand or pebbles;
  • a handlebar adjustable to your height;
  • the top of the handlebar can be adjusted to the angle you prefer to use while walking with your baby so as you will be able to avoid the wrist pain.


  • depending to the area where you are living, might have a more limited weight capacity;
  • some parents actually dislike the storage bag of this stroller;
  • the bar between the legs might bring some inconvenience to some babies;
  • a rather bulky fold including two pieces.

Stokke Xplory – my conclusions

Needless to say, there is a large variety of great features of Stokke Xplory which makes this stroller absolutely worth its price.

One of the greatest advantage of this product is the fact it is highly ergonomic, particularly for parents. Since you can change not only the height of the stroller’s handlebar but also the angle of its top part, you will be able to customise the stroller completely according to your own needs. Beyond a shadow of a doubt you will hardly find another stroller with such versatility of a handlebar.

Another amazing feature of Stokke Xplory is certainly the possibility of changing the height at which the stroller’s seat is installed. At the same time, the seat is reversible which is also a great feature.

In addition to it, I am glad the manufacturer of Stokke Xplory has made one’s best to design the wheels of a great quality. Even though the stroller is more suitable for use in the city, it is still capable of dealing with some harsh terrains. Furthermore, you can switch the stroller to a two-wheel mode in order to be bale to use it on pebbles and sand.

Taking into consideration all of these amazing features, I will certainly recommend you this stroller if its high price is not an issue for you. Yet, you should think carefully about its weight capacity, since, as I have told, the European safety requirements for strollers do not allow parents to use this one with children heavier than 33 lbs. Even if you live outside Europe, you might be concerned about the safety of this stroller when it is used with heavier children.

Actually, this is the major concern when it comes to this stroller, however, you also shouldn’t forget about its storage bag used instead of a regular basket.

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