Joovy Kooper – stroller for newborns and preschoolers

Joovy Kooper
TypeLightweight stroller convertible into a travel system
Weight16.17 lbs
Dimensions while folded12.50″W x 21.06″H x 29.30″L
Maximum weight capacity55 lbs
Main advantagesA lightweight stroller with a possibility of converting it into a travel system compatible with over thirty popular models of the top infant car seats. Even without an infant car seat the stroller can be used for babies starting from 3 months as well as with pre-schoolers. A large weight capacity of its basket as well as a rich canopy with sun and water protection makes this stroller one of the best models available on the market.

If you have already made some research of the market of strollers, you might have noticed that today the boundaries between categories of strollers have somewhat faded giving parents a large choice of functional products. I am more than happy to see such a trend in the industry of items for babies and toddlers since it gives parents more opportunities for saving money, time and space.

For instance, such models as Joovy Kooper are examples of functional strollers of the highest quality. By the word functional, manufacturers mean products which are going beyond traditional design. When it comes to lightweight strollers, they are no longer small rather fragile umbrella pushchairs resembling of the ones designed for dolls. These are strollers featured by advanced design which gives the users a product of a small weight which is still highly resistant and reliable. As a result, it can be used not only as a typical lightweight stroller, but can also be converted into other options.

In this review, I am going to tell you more about one of my favourite models which is Joovy Kooper. This model can be converted into a travel system, so, even though it is a lightweight stroller, you can use it right after the birth of your child. Furthermore, even without using this stroller as a travel system, you can transport your baby in it when she or he will be around three months of age. Thus, the functionality of this stroller is extended while comparing it to traditional lightweight strollers which are usually suitable only for babies who are already at least 6 months old. If such a product can be of any use for you and your family, you will find more facts and details about Joovy Kooper below.


Weight, dimensions and fold of Joovy Kooper

First of all, it is crucial to point out that Joovy Kooper weighs only 16.17 lbs and, at the same time, it is suitable for transporting children who weigh up to 55 lbs. This is a great weight capacity not typical for lightweight strollers, especially for those with such a weight below 18 lbs. Yet, as you can see, Joovy Kooper is a stroller which can be used with babies starting from the age of three months up to the moment when they reach the weight of 55 lbs or, as a manufacturer also states, up to the age of 60 months which is 5 years! Such functionality is not typical for lightweight strollers whatsoever.

The dimensions of this stroller are 34.53 x 21.06 x 40.94 inches. Still, the folding mechanism of this stroller decreases the dimensions to 12.50 x 21.06 x 29.30 inches which makes a very compact three-fold structure. Furthermore, Joovy Kooper includes a child’s tray which doesn’t have to be removed before folding the stroller. Of course, there are some other models which will allow you to fold a stroller with this tray still on, however, the position of the tray in Jovy Kooper after folding is secure and convenient.

In order to fold the stroller, you will need just one hand which makes it particularly comfortable for travelling or during the times when you have to carry lots of other things as well as your baby and a stroller without anyone’s help.

The major parts of the Joovy Kooper stroller

Now, when you understand how big Joovy Kooper is and how much it weighs, we can come to examining all of its most necessary parts and I promise you to provide lots of crucial details about the seating options, wheels, brakes, canopy and storage options.

The seating options of Joovy Kooper

As I have mentioned at the beginning of this review, Joovy Kooper offers more functionality when it comes to its seating options than the majority of other lightweight strollers. This model allows you to use it with babies starting from 3 months up to the age of 5 years or the weight of 55 lbs. In addition to it, the stroller can be converted into a travel system.

The major seat

If you decide to purchase Joove Kooper, you will get a stroller with a quite wide and deep stroller featured by customisable recline which means you will be able to set it to any position you prefer for your baby. The seat is also equipped into an adjustable leg rest which can be set to there different positions giving your child even more comfort.

I am really pleased by the fact the fabric of the seat is completely removable and can be washed in the washing machine. This is especially crucial for some of the colour versions of this model which can be get dirty more easily. I am sure many other parents will also find this feature particularly useful.

Note that the fabric of Joovy Kooper is characterised by the highest quality. It is breathable and, it is also completely free of flame retardant chemical substances.

Certainly, the seat of Joovy Kooper is also equipped with five-point harness which can be adjusted to the age and height of your baby. The harness system has a rich and soft padding as well as the entire seat does. This will make the ride for your baby particularly comfortable.

Joovy Kooper as a travel system

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Joovy Kooper is not the first lightweight stroller which can be converted into a travel system. Yet, this particular model is suitable for using with over thirty different infant car seats! I personally believe this is a really great feature of the stroller and it can be particularly useful for parents who have already got an infant car seat, for instance, receiving it from the friends whose children are not using these car seats anymore. Just check this list of compatible infant car seats and, it is quite possible that you find the one you own.

You can use Joovy Kooper as a travel system with:

–           Baby Jogger® City Go™ Infant Car;

–           Baby Trend® Latch-Loe;

–           the Chicca® seats – Chicca® Fit2 and Chicca® KeyFit;

–           the Chicco® KeyFit 30 seats: basic Chicco® KeyFit 30, Magic, Zip and Zip Air models;

–           the Cybex® seats – Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q and Cloud Q;

–           Eddie Bauer Surefit II;

–           Evenflo® Platinum LiteMax 35;

–           GB Asana 35 DLX;

–           the Graco® seats – SnugRide SnugLock 35 DLX, Junior Baby as well as the Snugride Click Connect models – 30, 35, 35 LX and 40;

–           Maxi Cosi® Pebble and Maxi Cosi® Prezi;

–           Nuna® Pipa;

–           the Peg Perego® Primo Viaggio car seats – 4-35 and SIP 30/30;

–           Recaro® Coupe Infant;

–           Safety 1st® on Board 35 as well as the Air and Air+ modifications of this infant car seat.

As you can see, the choice of infant car seats compatible with Joovy Kooper is really extremely large. All you need to use one of the with the stroller is a special adapter which is the same for all of these infant car seat models.

Wheels and brakes

Wheels is another advantage of Joovy Kooper. Actually, this stroller has one of the largest wheels among other lightweight strollers. Needless to say, the greater the size, the easier you can use the stroller over bumpy surfaces. Even though these wheels are really greater than the wheels in the majority of strollers with small weight, you should still be awrae this stroller is not designed for the usage on all types of terrains and you can still experience some difficulties while pushing it over particularly uneven surfaces.

I also like the fact the brakes in Joovy Kooper are using one pedal for both wheels. I guess there is no need to explain why such a design of brakes is more convenient that the one in which each of the wheels has its own pedal which has to be pressed separately. I also like the fact you can easily unlock the brakes by pushing the back part of the lever down which is will allow you to save your shoes from scratches.


Joovy Kooper is also a stroller equipped into a particularly large canopy which will provide your baby with excellent protection. On the one hand, the fabric of the canopy is featured by UPF 50. On the one hand, this fabric is also waterproof which is rather rare among any types of strollers or prams. I find this feature particularly useful.

I find this feature particularly useful since in some cases, you will be able to make do just with this canopy without unfolding a rain cover. Undeniably, a rain cover is a necessary item, yet, in many cases it will be just enough for you to unfold the canopy which is definitely easier and quicker than putting an entire rain cover on the stroller.

On top of that, there is a peek-a-boo window on the canopy which will allow you to keep an eye on your baby in the most convenient way.

Storage options

Storage options of Joovy Kooper are really outstanding and you will hardly find any other lightweight stroller with such options.

For instance, there is a large storage bin under the seat which can hold up to 15 lbs. This is an extremely good weight capacity for a lightweight stroller which, as a rule, doesn’t offer parents more than 10 lbs. This means you can really transport more things in this storage bin. In addition to it, you can easily reach this bin even when the stroller is fully reclined and your baby is sleeping inside it.

Furthermore, Joovy Kooper has a cup holder made of mesh as well as an additional pocket located on the outer side of the backrest which is perfect for carrying your keys and other valuable possessions of a small size.

Don’t forget about a removable child’s tray which is also included into the price. As I have already mentioned, you can fold the stroller with this tray, which will still make a perfectly compact fold, however, if you want, you can take it off and reduce the size of the fold even more.

As you can see, there is a large variety of different storage options in Joovy Kooper which is definitely a huge advantage of this stroller.

The colour versions of Joovy Kooper

The range of colour options available to the parents w8illing to purchase Joovy Kooper is amazing. I definitely like their variety which will suit people with different preferences. Yet, you should pay your attention to the fact some colours can be not available at the moment when you decide to buy such a stroller.

Currently, you can get one out of five colours which are Black, Forged Iron, Glacier, Paprika and Olive.

As you can understand the Black model is completely black. Forged Iron is also black, however, its seat as dark-grey. These are perfect options for people who prefer classic variants of strollers.

If you are interested in more colourful ones, Glacier and Paprika are perfect for you. Glacier has a bright-blue seat whereas Paprika has a seat in the shade between orange and red.

The Olive model is somewhere in between these two groups of colour versions. On the one hand, it is also colourful, on the other hand, its olive seat is not particularly bright like the seats of Glacier or Paprika.

Additional accessories for Joovy Kooper

Joovy Kooper is a well-equipped stroller, so you will hardly need anything more. Still, if you want to use this stroller as a travel system, you will need to get a special adapter.

As I mentioned before, there are over thirty models of infant car seats compatible with Joovy Kooper, so you really have a great choice of options. At the same time, there is only one adapter used with all of these infant car seats, thus, you will definitely get the right one.

Another useful accessory you can get for your Joovy Kooper stroller is a rain cover which will provide your baby with total protection against bad weather. Fortunately, the manufacturer made this cover breathable, so as your baby will enjoy the maximum comfort during the ride under the rain. Yet, don’t forget about the fact the canopy of the stroller is itself waterproof and, since it is really large, it can be used during a rainy day alone. Of course, it is possible under the condition, there is no real storm outside.

Joovy Kooper – advantages and disadvantages

Now, when we have gone through all the details about Joovy Kooper, let’s make a summary of its advantages and disadvantages which will be very useful for making the final decision about the purchase of this stroller.


  • the stroller is light and compact with a small fold;
  • suitable for babies starting from 3 months up to pre-schoolers weighing below 55 lbs;
  • convertible into a travel system with a possibility of choosing out of over thirty different models of infant car seats all of which can be fixed with a single model of an adapter;
  • the stroller is one of the lightweight models with the largest wheels offering additional comfort while manoeuvring it;
  • all-wheel suspension;
  • a single-pedal brake system;
  • an infinite recline mechanism which needs only one hand;
  • a large storage basket with a capacity of holding up to 15 lbs which is untypical for lightweight strollers;
  • a child tray which doesn’t need removing while the stroller is being folded is included into the price;
  • extra storage options such as a mesh pocket for a bottle and a zipped up pocket for valuable items;
  • an extremely large canopy with excellent sun protection, mesh peek-a-boo window and water resistance;
  • amazing colour versions.


  • although the wheels are really large, they are still not suitable for especially bumpy terrains;
  • some parents reported the location of the pedal in this stroller makes them accidentally step on it;
  • some parents find the stroller somewhat heavy to push.

Joovy Kooper – conclusions

As I have already told, Joovy Kooper is one of my favourite lightweight strollers. You can see from a previous section that this stroller has a large number of advantages some of which you will hardly find in any other stroller.

Taking into consideration all the pros and cons of Joovy Kooper, I will recommend it to the parents who would like to purchase a lightweight stroller suitable for carrying newborn babies under the condition, they are going to do it in the urban area. Of course, this stroller is also an excellent option for the parents who are searching for a lightweight model suitable for transporting older children since Joovy Kooper has an extended weight capacity.

Joovy Kooper is also a fantastic stroller for parents who need some possibility to carry heavier items while being out with their babies. For instance, if you are planning to go shopping with your child without anyone else to assists you on a regular basis, you definitely should pay attention to this model because of its storage bin with a larger weight capacity.

Bearing in mind all of the details of Joovy Kooper, I am absolutely sure it is worth its price and some of more expensive lightweight strollers perform worse than this model.

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