Chicco Mini Bravo vs Chicco Mini Bravo Plus

Chicco Mini BravoChicco Mini Bravo Plus
TypeLightweight strollerLightweight stroller convertible into a travel system
Weight18.5 lbs19.6 lbs
Dimensions while folded28.3″ x 20.8″ x 14″28.3″ x 20.8″ x 14″ (without a child tray)
Maximum weight capacity50 lbs50 lbs
Main advantagesA great compact lightweight stroller for daily use in an urban area especially in the locations with hot climate since both the seat and the canopy of this model are vented.An affordable lightweight stroller with an immense basket which can be converted into a travel system without purchasing additional adapters.


The Chicco brand is known for its collection of strollers of high quality available for very moderate prices. These baby strollers are made of excellent materials, they are very attractive and ergonomic.

This time the series of the Chicco strollers was enlarged by two new models which are Chicco Mini Bravo are Chicco Mini Bravo Plus. If you are looking for a stroller for your child, undeniably, you should check this review since I have made my best to include the comparison of the two new models of the brand here. Together, we are going to check all the major components of the strollers as well as the accessories available for these models.

So far, you should be aware of the fact both Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are examples of great and yet affordable lightweight strollers sold for less than two hundred dollars.

Dimensions and weight

The size of Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus is quite similar with the width equal to 20.8″ which makes these strollers quite compact. Undoubtedly, it is crucial for the navigation around a city and especially using a stroller inside public transport or crowded shopping malls and supermarkets.

There is a slight difference in the weight of these two Chicco models. While the weight of Chicco Mini Bravo is 18.5 lbs, Chicco Mini Bravo Plus weighs 19.6 lbs. As you can see, the difference is less than one pound, so it is not significant. Both of the strollers are lightweight and are easy to lift.

Fold and folding mechanism

The folding mechanism used in both of the models is highly convenient since it demands pulling just a single handle located right in the middle part of the seat. This will make the stroller folded in half creating a fold which can stand on its own. The whole folding process can be done with just one hand.

The dimensions of the folds of Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are the same and equal to 28.3″ x 20.8″ x 14″ (note, Chicco Mini Bravo Plus has such dimensions without the child tray). This is a really compact fold which makes both strollers convenient for carrying in even the smallest car trunks.

The only problem you might encounter while carrying one of these strollers folded is the fact the fabric of their seats doesn’t go inwards which makes it too exposed and, as a result, prone to getting dirty or even damaged.

The major components of the strollers

Undeniably, it is crucial to understand the specification of the components of the strollers before purchasing them. I always recommend parents to pay attention not only to the folding mechanism of a stroller, its dimensions and wheels but also to such less obvious features as the angle of reclining of the backrest, the size of the canopy or the ergonomics of the handlebar. That is why I cover all of these aspects in my reviews.

Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus – sitting positions

In point of fact, Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are quite similar to each other. Yet, there greatest difference between them is their sitting options. When it comes to Chicco Mini Bravo, it is a typical lightweight stroller which has exclusively one major seat. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus is a more advanced model which can be converted into a travel system. As you can imagine, this makes the Plus model more functional and suitable for the use with new-born babies.

Let’s take a closer look at the sitting options of the both strollers.

Main seat

The seats of Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are quite similar to each other and they have been designed for the children of the same age and weight categories. Thus, these seats can be used by children who are at least six months old and are capable of sitting on their own. The maximum weight of a child supported by the seats of both of the models is 50 lbs.

The dimensions of the seats of Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are the same as well. There are 25 inches between the top of the strollers’ canopies and the bottom of their seats.

In order to make the seats more comfortable, the Chicco designers added three levels of recline into their strollers. Just like in the case of many other lightweight strollers, there is no complete recline in either Chicco Mini Bravo or Chicco Mini Bravo Plus since the minimum angle you can achieve by lowering the backrest is 30 degrees measured from the horizontal plane. As you can imagine, this is the reason why you shouldn’t use this seat with a new-born baby. Yet, the seats are still very convenient and completely safe for taking a nap when it comes to kids who are already six months.

At the same time, both Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are featured with a quite straight upright position. This is also essential for your child making it easier for him or her to observe the world while travelling in the stroller.

The reclining mechanism used in these Chicco models is the same and it is very simple. You can recline the seat with only one hand. In order to change the position of the backrest, you will have to squeeze a lever. Whether you want to raise the seat or lower it, the mechanism is exactly the same.

I also like the quality of the 5-point harness available in the both of Chicco models. First of all, it is fully adjustable. Secondly, it has generous padding not only on the shoulder straps but also on the crotch strap. Yet, you should pay your attention to the fact the padding and the fabrics of the seats in these models are different. Each of them has their own advantages, so you should choose one according to your own needs.

Chicco Mini Bravo has quite thin fabric as well as padding. This might be less comfortable for a child. At the same time, the sides of the seat are made of mesh which provides more ventilation. This can be a great feature if you are living in the hot climate.

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus was made with the use of thicker fabric and its padding is a way richer and deeper. Many parents find this fabric cosier and pleasant to the touch, however, there is no mesh in this stroller.

Both models are equipped into non-adjustable footrest and calf rest.

Infant car seat

As I have already mentioned in the introduction to my review, Chicco Mini Bravo is not compatible with any infant car seats, so, basically, it can be used only with children who can already sit on their own in a confident way.

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus can be used with infant travel seats such as KeyFit and KeyFit 2. A great feature of this stroller is also the fact you can convert it into a travel system without any additional adapters. You can attach the car seat directly.

Wheels and brakes

Wheels and brakes are essential parts of any pushchair or stroller since their quality influences the quality of a ride your child will be experiencing. Undeniably, as a person who is going to push this stroller, you will also be able to feel whether it is convenient or not.

In Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus, the appearance of the wheels is somewhat different, however, the design is the same. The size of the wheels in both models is exactly the same. The front ones are 6.25″ while the back ones are 8″. Both the front and the back wheels are made of EVA foam. The front wheels can swivel making a complete circle which increases the manoeuvrability of the strollers.

Yet, you should understand that these Chicco models of lightweight strollers are earmarked exclusively to urban usage. Pushing such a stroller on the bumpy terrain will give unpleasant experience to you and your child.

Both Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are using a separate mechanism for brakes which means you will have to press separate pedals in order to block each of the rear wheels. This is not a difficult task, but it is certainly not as convenient as using one single pedal for both wheels.


Canopy is an essential part of any stroller or a pushchair, however, many parents forget to pay their attention to this element. When it comes to the Chicco models, their canopies are actually different.

Chicco Mini Bravo is equipped into a sunshade made of two panels with a sun visor flipping out for extra protection. A great feature of the canopy in this Chicco model is its vented sides which will provide your baby with better air circulation. Still, the fabric used for the production of the canopy is not featured with SPF. Furthermore, the canopy is also not equipped into a peek-a-boo window.

The design of the canopy of Chicco Mini Bravo Plus has a structure of three panels, one of which can be opened with a zip. This one is made of mesh, so it can be used as an additional source of fresh air. In addition to it, this mesh panel is also an alternative to a peek-a-boo window which is not available in this model as a separate component. Although the canopy of Chicco Mini Bravo Plus is not equipped into a sun visor unlike the Chicco Mini Bravo stroller, it is a way longer than the canopy of the basic model. If you fully extend the canopy, you will see it almost reaches the level of the child tray, thus, protecting not only the face of your kid, but also the torso. Such a large canopy is rather unpopular among lightweight strollers.


The height of the handlebars of Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus is the same. In both of this models, a handlebar is set at the height of 41.5″. Such a height makes the handlebar convenient for tall parents as well as parents with a medium height, however, a short person might find it too high. Since neither Chicco Mini Bravo nor Chicco Mini Bravo Plus does not provide parents with an opportunity to adjust the height of a handlebar, short parents can experience discomfort and even pain while using one of these strollers for a longer time.

Even though the handlebars of the two Chicco models seem to be the same, they are covered with different material. In the case of Chicco Mini Bravo, it is standard foam which can be torn easily. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus has a handlebar covered with textured rubber material which makes it more reliable and convenient for pushing the stroller.

Storage space

Storage baskets in of Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are one of the greatest advantages of these strollers. Just look at the majority of other lightweight strollers. No matter how expensive they are, they hardly have such a large storage basket as the one you will find in of Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus.

The baskets in the strollers of the both models have a sufficient space for a large diaper bag as well as a variety of other things including quite large items such as a warm blanket or your jacket. Furthermore, a basket is located in such a way that you will be able to access it without any trouble even if the backrest of the seat is fully reclined.

In addition to large baskets, these Chicco models are also sold with a parent tray which will definitely be highly useful. It is equipped into a storage compartment where you can keep your phone or keys as well as two holders for cups. The compartment is slightly different in the Mini Bravo strollers since the basic model has an open compartment whereas the Plus model allows you to cover it and close with a zipper.

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus also has a child tray which can be easily removed, however, you do not have to do it since the folding mechanism of the stroller allows parents to fold it with the tray still attached.

Of course, it is great that you do not have to purchase these trays additionally.

Colour versions

Although Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus are quite similar when it comes to their appearance, their colour versions are totally different.

The colour options of Chicco Mini Bravo are Stone (dark-blue), Mulberry (a colour close to bright beige), Chili (red) and Pewter (a combination of graphite and bright blue).

The Plus model has three colour versions such as Storm which is almost black, Graphite (grey) and Eucalyptus (dark green).

Advantages and disadvantages of Chicco Mini Bravo vs Chicco Mini Bravo Plus

If you have gone through the entire article, you have definitely seen it was a long review of the both models as well as the comparison of them. If you are already confused by all of the details of the strollers of the Chicco Mini Bravo collection, you should check these lists of pros and cons of these models.

Chicco Mini Bravo


  • a lightweight stroller with a compact fold;
  • a simple folding mechanism manageable with one hand;
  • excellent for use in urban areas, easily manoeuvrable due to its swivelling front wheels;
  • adjustable five-point harness;
  • a parent tray with additional storage place is included into the price;
  • a large basket;
  • attractive price.


  • cannot be used on uneven terrains;
  • suitable only for children starting from 6 months;
  • a handlebar covered with foam prone to damages;
  • no possibility to adjust the handlebar which is actually too high for parents with short height;
  • no peek-a-boo window;
  • the fabric of the seat and padding are too thin.

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus


  • soft and pleasant fabric of the seat and rich padding;
  • great for urban use;
  • can be converted into a travel system without purchasing additional adapters, so it can be used with new-born babies as well;
  • a compact fold and a simple folding mechanism;
  • a very large 3-panel canopy with one part made of mesh providing extra flow of the air, ca be used as a peek-a-boo window;
  • a durable handlebar grip covered with textured rubber material;
  • even more storage options including a very large basket, a parent tray as well as a child tray which doesn’t interfere with the folding mechanism;


  • the handlebar can’t be adjusted to the height of a parent, so it can be uncomfortable for short parents;
  • unsuitable for using on uneven terrains;
  • a brake mechanism with two pedals.

Chicco Mini Bravo and Chicco Mini Bravo Plus – my conclusions

Now, when you have learnt so much information about the both models, it is definitely easier for you to estimate whether you need one of them and if you do, which one exactly.

First of all, the strollers of the Mini Bravo series are great for parents living in the urban areas who have to deal with narrow passages and crowded streets more than with unpaved roads. These strollers are compact, lightweight and easy to navigate, albeit they are not suitable for bumpy terrains.

These strollers are also great for parents looking for something which has a large storage capacity. For instance, if you are planning to travel with your kid or shop regularly, both of the models will be great for you.

The standard Chicco Mini Bravo model might be better for families living in the areas with hot climate and long summers. Its seat with mesh elements is excellent for providing extra airflow. This model will be definitely suitable for parents looking for a lightweight stroller available for a moderate price.

Chicco Mini Bravo Plus is also highly affordable, however, it will give you extra functionality such as a possibility to convert it into a travel system which will allow you to use it with a new-born child. Thus, if you are searching for an option suitable for the use with right form the birth, you might be interested in Chicco Mini Bravo Plus.

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