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Fortunately, there are such manufacturers as Chicco that make their products quite inexpensive. Due to them, parents with a somewhat limited budget can enjoy excellence of accessories coming for a reasonable price. The parents searching for a nice and affordable travel system should pay their attention to Chicco Bravo Trio in particular. Read the current review and learn more about this great set!

chicco bravo trio travel system

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel SystemWeight and dimensionsMajor advantages
chicco bravo trio
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Weight: stroller – 23 lbs, infant car seat – 9.5 lbs
Unfolded dimensions: 35.5″ x 21.75″ x 43″
Folded dimensions: 6″ x 21.75″ x 28″
Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is one of the best options available for a small price. The set includes a stroller meeting the highest safety standards as well as an extremely comfortable lightweight infant car seat. In addition to it, a convenient parent tray is also included into the price. It is definitely a great investment for parents looking for a solution suitable for children of different age.


What is Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System?

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is a set including a stroller with a toddler seat and an infant car seat with a base. The stroller of this travel system Chicco Bravo and the infant car seat is KeyFit 30. The set also has a special car seat adapter compatible some other Chicco infant car seats, for example, KeyFit and Fit2.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is an option for parents who would like to purchase a single stroller suitable for a child starting from the birth to the toddlerhood. The first seating option you will use in case of purchasing this stroller is its infant car seat that is appropriate for children weighing between 4 and 30 lbs. Of course, the main idea of a travel system is using an infant car seat with the frame of stroller instead of a toddler seat. When your child will be at least 6 month or, he or she develops neck control, you will be able to switch the regular seat which is featured with quite a large capacity of 50 lbs.

chicco bravo trio

Note, the weight of the stroller with its regular seat is 23 lbs whereas the weight of KeyFit 30 is 9.5 lbs. Although the stroller itself is definitely not a lightweight model, its infant car seat is one of the lightest you can find on the current market.

I recommend you to check the current price of Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System on Amazon. As far as I know, there might be a discount for this set. You can also pay your attention to the price of KeyFit 30 sold separately. Generally, ready-to-use sets of strollers and infant car seats are cheaper than a stroller and an infant car seat bought separately.

The seating options of Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

I have already provided you with some basic information about the seating options included into this set. Still, you should get more details about each of them in order to learn what to expect from this travel system.

The KeyFit 30 infant car seat

As you have just learnt, KeyFit 30 is one of the most lightweight infant car seats one can find on the current market of baby accessories. In point of fact, it would be not so important for you, if only you were not planning to use this seat as a part of a travel system, as you would definitely not feel any difference while carrying the seat in the car. Still, as this seat is included into the travel system, its small weight becomes a great advantage for parents.

The manufacturer offers parents two options for using KeyFit 30 with the stroller frame. The first version of the travel system includes exclusively a stroller and an infant car seat, whereas in the second one, the infant seat is attached to the toddler seat. I am sure, the majority of parents do not use their travel systems in the second way as it makes the stroller heavier, however, there might be some occasions on which you will benefit from a possibility of installing the infant car seat in this particular way. For example, this option can be especially beneficial in unpleasant weather conditions as a simultaneous usage of the infant car seat and a toddler seat allows you to use the canopy of the toddler seat. Thus, your child gets additional protection.

chicco bravo trio car seat

When it comes to the level of safety provided by KeyFit 30, it is undeniably the highest one. First of all, the seat is using a base that is also included into the set. Trust me, infant car seats with bases are usually more secure as the ones without this additional accessory. The fact is such a base guarantees extra absorption of possible impact which is extremely important during a collision. The KeyFit 30 infant car seat has a stable position when attached to its base.

I know some parents are a bit nervous about the perspective of attaching a base in the car as some models of infant car seats demand real mastery in order to do it in the right way. Fortunately, the designers of Chicco have added special tools and elements to their infant car seat in order to make this task extremely simple. For instance, the right angle can be easily achieved with the help of RideRight bubble indicators of the level. The ReclineSure levelling foot is also of great help.

chicco bravo trio car seat canopy

The next great feature of this infant car seat is the fact the lining of its shell is made of EPS. This is a special kind of foam designed for advanced absorption of energy. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it offers great protection in case of a collision.

I also like the newborn insert added to this model. On the one hand, it offers better protection by supporting the spine and head of your child. On the other hand, it makes the seat more comfortable. This insert is removable, thus, once your kid gets too big for it, you can simply detach the insert. The KeyFit 30 infant car seat also has 5-point harness. Of course, it is also equipped into a canopy.

The toddler seat of Chicco Bravo

As I have already mentioned, the toddler seat of Chicco Bravo is suitable for children starting from the age of 6 month under the condition of gaining neck control.

I like the fact the seat can be reclined easily by pushing a special button. You will need to use only one hand for reclining the seat. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to recline this seat to a comple lying position which is actually the major factor preventing parents from using the toddler seat with newborn babies. Still, there are three seating options available to children. The leg rest of the Chicco Bravo toddler seat has only one position.

chicco bravo trio seat

A quite important feature of the Chicco Bravo stroller is the fact its toddler seat is not reversible. This means it can be used exclusively in one position that is facing surroundings. Frankly speaking, some infants might become somewhat distressed without an opportunity of looking at their parents, albeit many others travel facing the world quite eagerly.

I find the padding of the stroller pleasant and soft which is definitely important for the comfort of a child. A five-point harness will guarantee your child complete safety during a ride, however, you should know only the shoulder strap can be adjustable. The position of the crotch strap is permanent.

Unsure of picking this one? Click here and see what other parents think about this stroller.

chicco bravo trio folding

The canopy of the Bravo stroller is generous offering your child a large shade. You can adjust the size of the canopy according to your own needs or be removed completely, however, you will be able to check your child with the help of a peek-a-boo window on the canopy. Of course, the mesh widow can also be used as an extra source of air.

The only thing you need to pay your attention to is the fact the material of the canopy hasn’t filters protecting against ultraviolet radiation.

Other essential elements of the Chicco Bravo Trio travel system

Now, when you are completely aware of the seating positions provided by this model of a travel system, it is time to look at its other elements some of which are equally important. Undeniably, they are the wheels and brakes of the stroller, its handlebar and storage space.

Wheels and brakes

The wheels of Chicco Bravo Trio are plastic and their inner parts are filled with foam. The front wheels of the stroller are 7”, whereas the rear ones are 9”. Despite the fact the Chicco Bravo Trio stroller is quite basic, it is still featured with four-wheel suspension. Due to this fact as well as the high quality of the wheels, Chicco Bravo offers nice shock absorption to the users of the stroller. Yet, you should understand the technology used in the wheels of the stroller makes it suitable primarily for the walks in the city as it might not be particularly convenient while riding over rough terrain.

chicco bravo trio wheels

The single-action brakes of the stroller are rear and they can be activated easily no matter which type of shoes you are wearing.


The handlebar of Chicco Bravo is suitable for parents of different height as it can be adjusted by rotating its top part. All in all, there are three positions of the handlebar, albeit tall people might still find the highest position somewhat low.

chicco bravo trio handle bar

In order to make the handlebar more convenient for pushing, the manufacturer has covered it with soft and pleasant foam.

Storage space

The major place for storing your things in this stroller is its basket. I find it quite spacious since it has enough room for a big diaper bag as well as other important items such as a blanket or clothes. The basket can be accessed easily from its back.

chicco bravo trio storage basket

You can hold your necessities on the parent tray described in the next section.

Additional accessories for Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Despite the fact the travel system of Chicco Bravo Trio is itself not particularly expensive, you will get a very nice accessory in the price of the set that is a parent tray. The parent tray has a special space where you can put some of your essentials, for example, a phone or keys. This one is located in the middle of the tray and on its sides, you will find two cup holders. It is really convenient to put your bottle in the first one and the baby bottle into the other.

Providing you wish to keep the items of your child separately, you can buy a child tray. The child tray available for this model of a stroller also has two cup holders. The snack storage is located between them.

The color versions of Chicco Bravo Trio

If you are not particularly into the modern fashion of modern minimalistic black strollers, you will definetely like the wide choice of fashions available for Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System. At the moment, the series include ten color versions all of which are extremely fashionable. I like the idea these strollers combine several interesting shades and some models have cute patterns, for instance, Lilla is polka-dotted. Other models are Lake, Avena, Papyrus, Blackberry, Orion, Iceland, Champagne, Indigo and Poetic. Visit Amazon and check the beauty of these stylish color versions hidden under such poetic titles yourself and check their current prices.

chicco bravo trio colors

Chicco Bravo Travel System – my conclusions

Now, when you have learnt so much information about this travel system, you are definitely wondering, whether it is worth your money or not. As always, I believe a list of advantages and disadvantages can help parents to understand better what qualities of a stroller will satisfy them and with which they won’t be able to make do.


  • the infant car seat included into the set is a product of the highest quality featured by excellent safety properties, extreme comfort and particularly light weight
  • the infant car seat can be attached not only to the frame of the stroller itself, but also to the toddler seat offering your baby even greater canopy for protection
  • the process of changing the seats is simple just like reclining the backrest and folding the stroller
  • its handlebar is adjustable and covered with soft foam
  • there is a large storage basket
  • the overall design of the stroller is slim making it easy to navigate
  • the variety of color versions is impressive


  • you can’t reverse the toddler seat
  • unsuitable for using on rough terrains – Chicco Bravo Trio stroller should be used as a city stroller in the first place

My general opinion of this stroller is really positive as it is a great combination of an attractive price and high quality. If you are completely sure the lack of a reversible seat is not a problem in your case and you are not planning to use the stroller in the country, you can purchase it without any second thoughts. The stroller itself is a nice product whereas the infant car seat in this set is one of the best options available on the market!

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