Thule Sleek Stroller Review

As you might know, expandable strollers allow you to use them in different configurations. You can set only one seat on the frame or add an extra one if needed. Of course, there are different versions of such prams. Some of them will give you more opportunities for attaching seats than others. Furthermore, you will also find expandable strollers equipped exclusively into a toddler seat, yet, there are also two-in-one and three-in-one baby carriages. Providing you are interested in purchasing a really multifunctional option, you can pay your attention to the latest product of Thule which is Thule Sleek.

thule sleek

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Convertible stroller83 x 60.5 x 42 cmI find Thule Sleek one of the most sophisticated models of expandable strollers on the market due to its secure and multifunctional seating options that can be combined on the frame according to your own preferences, its durable and convenient wheels with reflective rims, a telescopic handlebar and a fantastic storage basket that can be closed with a zipper.


Seating options of Thule Sleek

I suppose, one of the most crucial features of expandable strollers is their functionality which is partially determined by their seating options. If you are reading this review, you definitely need something more than a stroller allowing you to add one more seat to the frame. Thule Sleek offers parents three seating positions.


Let’s start with the resting place for newborn babies. Fortunately, Thule Sleek provides parents with an opportunity of attaching a carrycot to the frame of the stroller.

The bassinet of Thule Sleek is earmarked for small children below 19.5 lbs. It is equipped in a canopy made of UPF 50+ material. In addition to it, the stroller has a sun visor. There is a mesh window on the canopy of the stroller’s carrycot which can be opened with a zipper.

thule sleek bassinet

Pay your attention to the variety of color versions available for this carrycot. You can find them on Amazon where you can also learn the price of the bassinet itself. These color versions are really beautiful including dark grey, black, red, navy and grey mélange.

As you will see in the next section, the toddler seat of Thule Sleek is suitable for small babies, yet, I won’t recommend you to use it with children younger than three months as the maximum reclined position of this seat is not fully flat. Actually, that is not an issue featuring exclusively Thule Sleek, in fact, there are multiple conversable strollers of such a type. Fortunately, Thule Sleek is compatible with a carrycot.

thule sleek recline

Infant car seat

Needless to say, a child must be transported in an infant car seat while being inside a car.  All modern parents definitely know about the importance of special infant car seat increasing the safety of your baby and, therefore, use infant car seats.

After the birth of my children, I enjoyed the possibility of transporting them in an infant car seat attached to the stroller during short walks or shopping. Obviously, the major reason for it was the fact I didn’t have to carry an additional bassinet which took almost a half of my car trunk. I bet you also wish to be able to make the most of your infant car seat and Thule Sleek will allow you to it.

thule sleek car seat

Thule Sleek can be used with two infant car seats simultaneously providing you have appropriate adapters for the model of your car seat. For example, you can easily find adapters designed for two of the most popular infant car seats such as Maxi-Cosi and Chicco.

Major seat

A toddler seat is probably the most complex seating option and I myself would have demands for particular features. Reversibility, comfortable positions, easy reclining, adequate canopy are some of them. Let’s check the toddler seat of Thule Sleek then.

As I have already said, you won’t be able to recline the seat of Thule Sleek to a complete lying position which makes it inappropriate for newborn babies. Yet, when it comes to children older than three months, they will definitely enjoy this seat, primarily, due to the possibility of sitting in an almost upright position. If you are a parent of small child who is just beginning to sit, you might be not aware of the fact the majority of toddlers prefer sitting with a straight back as such a position allows them to observe the world in a better way. Still, there are very few manufacturers creating such seats for children. Fortunately, Thule is one of them.

thule sleek seat

There are two other positions available for children. As a parent, you will be able to recline the seat easily with one hand due to a special lever located on the back side of the backrest. Additionally, the seat is equipped with an adjustable leg rest and soft padding that can be taken off the seat completely and washed.

The seat has a removable bumper bar. This one is already sold with the stroller itself and it is just perfect as you can open it from left and right sides.

I also like the canopy of the toddler seat of Thule Sleek as it has an appropriate size guaranteeing your child sufficient protection against sun and wind. There is a detachable sun visor and a mesh window which can be closed with magnets for extra comfort of your kid. Moreover, the designers of Thule have created a particularly interesting solution such as the possibility of sliding the canopy up. This is really useful as your child will get more space as he or she grows older.

thule sleek canopy

The capacity of the regular seat of this stroller is 48.5 lbs which is quite great allowing you to use the seat with children of different age. Still, you should pay your attention to the fact the sibling seat has a smaller capacity equal to 33 lbs.

Interested in purchasing Thule Sleek? Check how much it costs on Amazon and see if there are any discounts available.

Seating options for siblings

As you have already understood, the major function of Thule Sleek is providing parents with seating options for siblings. For this purpose, you can attach a toddler seat, an infant car seat or a carrycot to the frame of the pram.

The multifunctional adapters available for Thule Sleek make it possible to attach two car seats, two toddler seat or even two bassinets to the frame at a time. Of course, you can also mix the seating options. For example, one of the greatest advantages of this stroller is a pretty high position of the upper seat. Due to this feature, you can keep your younger child closer to you. Note the adapters for the upper seat are already included into the price of the stroller.

thule sleek double

If you decide to purchase Thule Sleek, you will be able to start your walks with your newborn baby in a bassinet or an infant car seat. In several months, you will be able to switch to a regular seat. And, if there is one more baby, the stroller can be converted into a double tandem travel system. Furthermore, there is also an opportunity for taking one more sibling with you. The design of Thule Sleek makes it possible to attach a special board for older toddlers or even pre-schoolers.

Other important elements of Thule Sleek

Even though you are now perfectly aware of the high quality of seating options available to the parents who are going to purchase Thule Sleek, I am sure there are still several things you need to take into consideration before making your final decision. You will find more about them in this section!

thule sleek configurations


Despite the fact I usually recommend parents to start their examination of strollers with their weight and fold, the wheels and suspensions can be ignored by no means. Even if you are a city-dweller who rarely spends time in rural locations, you should still think over the climate of the place of your residence. Thus, in case you are currently living in the location known for its snowy weather, you should buy a stroller with appropriate wheels. Furthermore, I get many questions from parents who like a particular model of a stroller and wish to use it for jogging with their children. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea, since special wheels and advanced suspension is needed during a jogging session with a baby in order to make it safe. That is why you can’t neglect the quality or type of the wheels even if all other feature of a stroller suit you ideally. I encourage you to check my list of the best jogging strollers.

When it comes to the wheels of Thule Sleek, I definitely like them for multiple reasons. First of all, they are quite large. The front wheels are 8” and the rear wheels are 11”. Of course, large wheels add extra comfort to walks with a stroller.

Secondly, I find the material of the wheels quite good as the wheels are covered with special rubberised polymer and have foam inside. Such a structure protects the tires against punctures and abrasion. In addition to it, the wheels have reflective rims! These are extremely useful during evening strolls as they make the stroller visible to vehicles and thus, provide you with extra protection.

thule sleek wheels

The front wheels of Thule Sleek are pivoting. This feature makes it easier to turn the stroller during the walks, even if there are two children in the pram. Still, if you need to go over an uneven surface such as grass or gravel, you can lock these wheels. Pushing the stroller on rough terrain is also convenient due to the independent suspension of each wheel of Thule Sleek.

Finally, stopping your stroller is also simple as it has one action brake located in the centre of the rear axle. Owning to a quite great size of the brake pedal, you won’t have any difficulties with finding it.


If your height is pretty small or you are a really high person, there is no need to explain you why you should also check the handlebar of a stroller before purchasing it.

thule sleek handlebar

The designers of Thule have paid extra attention to the Sleek model of expandable strollers making it suitable to parents of different heights. As a result of their work, you can enjoy a telescoping handlebar with additional 8.5 for adjusting its length! Of course, simple rotating handlebars also allow smaller or higher parents to use these baby carriages in a pretty convenient way, yet, a telescoping handlebar gives extra space for long legs of tall parents. Undeniably, it is a better solution!

Storage space

Every parent knows how many things a child needs during even the shortest walk. Now, consider strolls with two small kids. I bet you are not eager to carry all their belongings in your hands!

Of course, you will hardly find a stroller without any storage place at all, yet, the amount of this space can be quite different. Thule Sleek has a quite interesting storage basket which can be closed by a zipper. Have you ever seen such a basket in strollers? Moreover, this model also has extendable rear part of the basket. This part is closed with magnets so you can grab anything you need from the basket without actually open its zipper.

thule sleek storage

Providing you need even more space for your things, it is also possible to attach an additional bag to the frame.

Thule Sleek – dimensions and weight

If you have happened to read some of my reviews on other strollers, you should have noticed how I always recommend parents to pay special attention to the weight and dimensions of the strollers they like. That is exactly what I am going to do now, as I deeply believe even the most sophisticated stroller can’t be convenient if it is too heavy or bulky.

Of course, I do not know anything about your family, but I presume there is a person among you who spends a great part of one’s day with your child or children. Then, this person certainly goes outdoors with the kid and has to manage with a stroller, the child and other things alone. Using a massive stroller might be so disappointing that a caregiver can literally start detesting walks with children. That is why getting the most compact and lightweight model of a pram is really helpful in your everyday routine.

thule sleek unfolded dimensions

Undeniably, you should be aware of the fact an extendable stroller can’t be as lightweight as an umbrella one because of its special design, however, it doesn’t mean such a carriage has to be bulky.

When you look at Thule Sleek, you will see this stroller is not as large as many double strollers. That is so because such a pram has the same size of its frame irrespectively of the number of seats you will use with it. Yet, if you add an extra seat, the stroller will expand in its size and, even though it can be easily manoeuvred, you might find it somewhat difficult to push it in small stores.

thule sleek folded dimensions

The frame of Thule Sleek is made of aluminium, therefore, it is quite lightweight. If you attach one toddler seat to it, the weight of the entire stroller will be equal to 28 lbs. On the one hand, such a weight is surely justified by the durability of the stroller which is designed for carrying two children at a time. On the other hand, it is certainly not an example of a lightweight stroller (these types of strollers can be found here).

Folding Thule Sleek is extremely simple. You will find two triggers on the sides of the stroller’s handlebar which should be pulled. Just pull them and the stroller will fold even if the toddler seat is attached to it. Of course, folding the frame without seats will give a more compact and easier to carry and transport structure.

Unsure of picking this one? Click here and see what other parents think about this stroller.

Accessories and color versions of Thule Sleek

I have already mentioned the color versions of Thule Sleek in the section on the bassinet compatible with this stroller. The colors available for the toddler seat are the same including Energy Red, Grey Mélange, Navy Blue, Midnight Black and Shadowy Grey. I personally like the opportunity of buying a stroller in some bright and vivid colors like blue or red and Thule Sleek makes it possible.

thule sleek colors

What extra things can you purchase for the Thule Sleek stroller? Undeniably, the major accessories are extra seating options: a bassinet and a sibling seat as well as a board for an older child.  You can also buy additional adapters for a car seat and get a parent cup or a travel bag. All of these items can be found on Amazon and, on some occasions, you might have a chance of purchasing them with a discount.

Thule Sleek – the most important features

I have created a list of the most crucial features of Thule Sleek in order to highlight its strong and weak sides.


  • Thule Sleek can be used with newborn babies as well as with toddlers.
  • The canopy of the regular seat is itself an advantage of this stroller as it is generous and has a mesh window.
  • A storage basket of Thule Sleek is a really cool addition to the stroller as it has genuinely unique features such as a possibility of closing it with a zipper. In addition to it, there is extra access to the basket on its back opening with magnets.
  • A telescopic handlebar is another great element of Thule Sleek allowing parents of different heights use the stroller comfortably.
  • I also like the wheels of Thule Sleek. Each of them has suspension and reflective rims!
  • The color versions of Thule Sleek are really beautiful!


  • It can’t be called a cheap one.
  • The price of the stroller doesn’t include such items as a travel bag or a parent’s cup.

Taking into consideration all the facts above, I will recommend Thule Sleek to any person who find the price of this stroller affordable. This model is great for the smallest children as well as for older toddlers and can create really practical combinations with sibling seats. All the major parts of this stroller are great, including its frame, wheels, telescopic handlebar, a storage basket and seating options whereas the stroller is full of many interesting additional elements such as reflective rims on the wheels or a storage basket that can be closed with a zipper. These small things help Thule Sleek to be even more convenient and safe.

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