Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Review

There are not too many good, quality convertible strollers out there. That’s why I was really curious if the Nuna Demi Grow might be a preferred choice. For sure, the design team had quite a challenge to build a stroller that may be converted from a single to a double.

This stroller is quite alike the UPPAbaby Vista when you look at it and has a lot of common features, so I will mention it a few times for sure in this review. The review won’t be short, but I’m sure it’s worth spending some time reading it as the Nuna Demi Grow is packed with features I just have to cover.

Nuna Demi Grow Stroller

Reminds UPPAbaby Vista, but packs a lot more features

The Nuna Demi Grow is a classy, modern-looking stroller promising to grow and suit the needs of a growing family. It’s suitable for twins or siblings. You can attach two full-sized seats, bassinets or two baby car seats. The maximum weight for each seat is set at 50 lbs.

The canopy is impressive, really big and comfy. It has a pull out drape and a sunvisor. The recline is one-handed and you can make it fully flat, so it will fit a newborn. There’s a nice feature I really like, a zip off seat liner, exposing a mesh seat, so it will be perfect for summer.

Nuna Demi GrowTypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
Nuna Demi Grow small
Check Latest Price
Convertible strollerH 43.5 x W 24 x L 39.5 inNuna Demi Grow is one of the best convertible strollers I’ve ever had. It comes with 23 seating configurations to fit any kind of a growing family.

What are the main strong points of the Nuna Demi Grow? The leg rest is adjustable, same goes for the handle bar, it will stand folded, it has a swing away bumper bar and its storage capabilities are really great thanks to a big basket, so you can take anything you need for a ride. The wheels are foam-filled and the all-wheel suspension provides a great, smooth ride. What are the weak points of the Nuna Demi Grow? Well, it isn’t too light, 28.5lbs. The folding process requires you to take off the second seat, but it would be surprising to see it would fold with two seats. Maybe I’m picky, but the brake will be rather hard to use with flip-flops, but that’s not really a biggie and all Nuna strollers are made like that.

Nuna Demi Grow Stroller

Great basket is just one of many strong points of the Nuna Demi Grow


Nuna Demi Grow Features

Huge canopy

This is also a common thing in the Nuna strollers. The canopy is expandable, UPF50+ with two big panels and a sunvisor that may be popped out and a DreamDrape (which in fact is one more sunvisor), so your kid will be fully protected from the sun.

The viewing window made with dark mesh found on the top of it provides a great air circulation during the hot summer days, but still keeps your little one protected from the sun. The Nuna Demi Grow, like many other luxury strollers, uses a silent, magnetic closure (unlike many other strollers that have a noisy velcro closure that may wake up your toddler). The stich work is double quilted and covers the canopy’s inside, giving it a great, impressive look. I’ve seen many strollers and canopies. I’m absolutely sure this one is just top of the tops.

Nuna Demi Grow Canopy

Great air circulation and just the highest quality – you can tell it’s the top shelf

Adjustable handle bar

The handlebar has a nice feel thanks to the leatherette covering and may be set in one of three positions from 38’’ to 42’’ above the ground. The feel of the handlebar is really outstanding as it’s not covered with rubber, but hand-sewn leather. I may sound a bit repetitive, but you will surely love it, I guarantee. Adjusting the handle bar will require you to use both hands, but it’s not a big thing, as you won’t be changing it’s position every day.

Nuna Demi Grow Adjustable Handle Bar

Great looking and practical at the same time – leather-covered handlebar

Reversible seat

The size of the seat comes as follows: 12’’ width. 20’’ seat back and 22’’ from the seat’s back to the canopy’s top. The seat may be reversed and set into one of three positions with one hand, very comfy. The Nuna Demi Grow has a “true flat recline” so it may be used from day one. The recline positions are the same when your kid is facing the world or you. Actually, that gives an overall of six great options to choose from.

You should remember that the seat is v-shaped, so the little one will not lay fully flat even if the seat is fully recline. I’d prefer to see it that way, but the Nuna Demi Grow is not an exception among other luxury strollers on the market as they usually come like this.

Reversing the seat is just super easy and requires pushing the buttons found on the sides, swinging the seat around and popping it back in. Now you have your kid facing you. Really fast, easy and convenient. The seat is designed for a kid from day one until 50 lbs. Naturally, you should rather get the infant insert in you want to put your newborn in to the seat to give it some additional support.

Nuna Demi Grow Reversible Seat

Reverse the seat easily, depending on the situation

Removable seat liner

Fantastic feature I really love. You won’t find it in Vista. A removable seat liner. Unzipping it exposes a mesh seat that provides great ventilation so your little one won’t overheat during hot summer days. Parents living in places with high average temperature or the ones who like to travel to such places will especially like it. Another good thing about it is the fact that there’s still good back support being provided by the mesh seat.

Nuna Demi Grow Removable Seat Liner

Great air ventilation provides comfort for your kid during hot summer days

5-point harness

The padded harness is adjustable and you can convert it to a 3-point one when your kid grows up.

Interested in purchasing Nuna Demi Grow? Check how much it costs and see if there are any discounts available.

Bumber bar

Luxurious as the handlebar, covered with the same great leather as the handlebar. The swing-away bumper bar may be easily removed.

Nuna Demi Grow Harness

Bumper bar is also covered with the same great leather as the handlebar

Double mode

The Nuna Demi Grow maybe be converted into a double stroller from a single one when you add a second seat to the frame’s back. It has an impressive number of possible configurations – 23! You can attach two baby car seats, two kid seats or two bassinets in any combination. Easy to do and very useful, the Nuna Demi Grow stands for its name and the promise to grow with your family.

There are no downsides or limitations for the second seat. It’s just the same as the first one, having the same features – hude canopy, the recline, a leg rest that may be adjusted and a swing-away bumper bar (covered with leather). The second seat is put into the basket, giving your second toddler a lounge position. The footprint remains the same even with the second seat attached, so the Nuna Demi Grow is really easy to maneuver even in places like a crowded mall. Great feature.

Converting the Nuna Demi Grow requires a small compromise – you lose the basket and there’s less space for legs. Not for the kid, but for you. That may be a bit problematic for parents who are above average height.

Nuna Demi Grow Double

23 seating configurations – allows you to set the Nuna Demi Grow anyway you like

Adjustable leg rest

The leg rest may be easily adjusted with one hand. It’s not really a necessity when your kid is a bit older, but it’s a really good feature for a little toddler.

Nuna Demi Grow Leg Rest

Adjustable leg rest will be useful when your little one becomes not-so-little anymore

Parking brake

The brake is located near the right wheels. It’s really easy to use, except if you’re wearing flip-flops.

Nuna Demi Grow seems to be the right choice, but a little bit pricy? There may be a discount available, click here to check!

Spacious basket

The basket is enormous.  There’s nothing it won’t accommodate (of course, don’t try to put in an elephant) and all the things you put in there are really easily accessible. Just mind the fact you won’t have it, when you convert the Nuna Demi Grow into a double.

If you’d like to carry even more stuff with you, this stroller organizer will surely help you. It will easily fit your phone, keys, wallet, toys for your toddler or even a diaper bag. It’s really useful and you’ve got all your things easily accessible.

Nuna Demi Grow Storage Basket

Simply HUGE storage basket to fit all your necessary stuff

All-terrain wheels

The wheels are made of hard rubber filled with foam, 7’’ front and 10’’ back. Thanks to this you don’t have to worry about getting a flat, but still enjoy the benefits air-filled have. Plus, there’s no need to carry the air pump with you. The front swivel wheels may be locked straight.

The Nuna Demi Grow will easily handle almost any kind of terrain including gravel, grass or uneven sidewalk. Many other all-terrain strollers have the air-filled wheels, but I assure you, the Demi Grow isn’t any worse with its foam-filled wheels. It’s easy to maneuver using just one hand.

Nuna Demi Grow Wheels

All-terrain Nuna Demi Grow is easy to push with one hand

Included wheel fenders

If you switch the Nuna Demi Grow into a double, the second seat has to go the stroller’s back and your kid could get dirty or even hurt, because the rear wheels are in his reach. The Nuna comes with included wheel fenders, protecting your toddler and keeping him clean.

All-wheel suspension

The suspension is all-wheel with the possibility to adjust the suspension of the rear wheels. Works great, absorbs bumps and provides a smooth ride.

Are you thinking about buying a Nuna Demi Grow? Check how much it currently costs, maybe you can find an attractive discount.

Easy fold

The folding process is easy, but a bit tricky when the stroller is converted to a double, as the second seat needs to be removed before folding. The Nuna Demi Grow takes quite a lot of place when folded, but there are some nice features to compensate this. It stands folded and has an auto lock. The beautiful leather handlebar is protected from scratches by a plastic cover. One more thing worth mentioning is the handle placed in the back, making carrying the Nuna Demi Grow around much easier. Nicely thought.

Nuna Demi Grow Folding And Unfolding

Not the smalles one when folded, but easy to carry around thanks to the handle on the back

Included car seat adapters

Thumbs up! The Nuna Demi Grow comes with a really impressive number of accessories included, so you won’t have to spend extra bucks to get all the features you want. You get two baby car seat adapters, so you can easily attach the Nuna PIPA seat. There’s no difference between the adapters for the first and the second seat, so you don’t have to worry about mixing them up. There’s another type of adapter available – ‘ring adapter’. The only difference between this one and the included ones is the fact that the ring adapter is one piece, so it takes less time to attach the seat. In my opinion there’s no need to get it as the included ones do their job just fine.

Nuna Demi Grow Car Seat Adapter

Included baby car seat adapters are a great added value

Travel system

The Nuna Demi Grow may be easily converted to a travel system if you replace the seat with the Nuna PIPA. Make sure to pick the same color, so the stroller could keep its classy look. It is also compatible with the Maxi Cosi seats.


You just have to adore this bassinet. It’s surely one of my favorites. Why? It’s really highly practical and looks just outstanding, and the handle is also covered with beautiful leather on top. Connecting the bassinet doesn’t require using any kind of adapters and it is very easy to do. The UPF 50+ canopy is very spacy. It has a sunvisor that may be popped out and also the ‘dream drape’ so your kid is fully protected from sun when needed. The canopy has a mesh which is hidden, providing fantastic ventilation. There’s a nice surprise at its end – easily accessible storage pocket for your keys, wallet and some other small things. The cover and the liner may be washed in a machine. The bassinet is easily foldable flat when you don’t need it.

Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Bassinet

One of the best bassinets ever – stunning look and easy to wash

As I already wrote – lovely! The Nuna Demi Grow has a bassinet that may be used from day one to 6 month. The mattress is made with top-quality materials, providing perfect position for the newborn. The bassinet is equipped with a nice handle, making carrying the little one around much easier.

Before you decide to buy Nuna Demi Grow, check if there are any discounts available.

Nuna Demi Grow Bassinet

The Nuna Demi Grow may be used for a newborn

Rain cover

Another accessory that comes included. The cover will come in handy when you get caught by rain during a ride with your little one.

Nuna Demi Grow Rain Cover

No need to be afraid of the rain


The canopy is just huge! Very comfy, very spacy and it has this classy look. It comes with a pop-out sunvisor, covering your little one nicely. There’s a mesh viewing window too, providing extra air circulation during summer.

Nuna Demi Grow Huge Canopy

Classy look and great air circulation

Once again we head to accessories. This time it’s the brilliant DreamDrape which provides your little one some extra privacy and additional protection during a nap. Once again hats off, the Nuna Demi Grow comes with it included! You can find it hidden in the canopy.

So if you’re riding around with your little one and he looks like taking a nap, pull out the Dream Drape from the canopy. Fast and easy! Apart from providing undisturbed nap, the DreamDrape also protects from the sun and wind, but doesn’t reduce ventilation. Fantastic!

Nuna Demi Grow Peekaboo Window

The DreamDrape gives your kid extra privacy and protection during a nap

Seating options

Nuna Demi Grow seems to be the right choice, but a little bit pricy? There may be a discount available, click here to check!

This is how a real all-in-one stroller should look like. The Nuna Demi Grow has an outstanding number of seat configurations. You can set it in one of 23 ways – attach any combination of two bassinets, two kid seats, two baby car seats (as the Nuna PIPA adapters come included with the stroller), so I don’t think there’s a situation the Nuna Demi Grow couldn’t handle. Thanks to this, this stroller is actually a great long-term investment that will serve you for years.

Nuna Demi Grow Seating Options

Breathtaking possibilites of configuration

Toddler seat

The Nuna Demi Grow’s seat is suitable for a kid 6+ months old. The seat has a three position recline, from upright to flat. The leg rest is easily adjustable, same as the recline – you can change the setting of both easily with just one hand.

The seat may be reversed, depending if you want to keep an eye on your kid all the time, especially when he’s younger or face the world when you’re strolling and every mom knows how curious kids are. The process is really simple and fast.

The seat features a rotable and removable bumper bar, making it easy to put the kid in and out. It also has a very easily adjustable 5-point harness to fit your kid all the way as he grows up.

Nuna Demi Grow Toddler

Wait until they start to fight for the upper seat… 🙂

The seat is really great both in terms of its looks and the usability too. The seat is suitable for any weather, because you can detach the padding. The mesh parts, found below the padding will be great during the summer, providing sun protection while retaining good air circulation.

If you want to use your Nuna Demi Grow for two kids, you need to get a second seat (sold separately). What’s good about it is the fact it is just identical as the first seat (unlike the UPPAbaby Vista Rumble seat which is smaller than th first one) and capable of accomodating a kid up to 50 lbs. Once again a few bucks will stay in your pocket, you don’t need to get any additional adapters.

Nuna Demi Grow Seat

The seat looks great and handles any type of weather

Baby car seat

The Nuna Demi grow may be converted into a travel system (for one or two kids). As I’ve mentioned before, the car seat adapters for the Nuna PIPA are included with the stroller. There are two sets included, so you’ll only need to buy the car seats seperately. The Nuna Demi Grow is also compatible with Maxi Cosi baby car seats.

Nuna Demi Grow Car Seat

Easily convertible to a travel system thanks to the included adapters

Suspension & Wheels

The Nuna Demi Grow rolls on 4 hard rubber wheels filled with durable foam. This way you get both the benefits of the air-filled wheels on any kind of terrain and the practicality of fully rubber ones. You don’t need to worry about getting a flat or carrying the pump with you, while your toddler can still enjoy a great, smooth ride.

The maneuverability of the Nuna Demi Grow is absolutely amazing. Front pivoting wheels make it very easy to maneuver in tight, crowdy spaces. They also have the locking option, which will be great for harder kinds of terrain.

The size of the wheels is also just perfect, no need to worry about getting stuck on any kind of terrain. The rear wheels come with fenders included, so your kid is protected: both from touching the wheels and getting hurt and getting dirty when you go over muddy terrain or gravel. The fenders also protect you and the stroller itself. Keep it clean, stupid!

The suspension works like a charm and makes the ride very smooth. It is a custom dual suspension that guarantees your toddler’s nap won’t be interrupted when you run over some bumps. Pushing and pulling the Nuna Demi Grow is very easy and doesn’t get really harder when converted to a double.

Nuna Demi Grow Suspension

Great maneuverability and superb suspension – could you wish more?

Size, Weight and Folding

As any expandable or double stroller, the Nuna Demi Grow is not really small or light. That’s not a bad thing, it needs to be robust and strong to accommodate two kids! The Nuna Demi grow weighs 27.4 lbs when single, a little more with the second seat attached – still, that’s a good result considering this one is a double.

The size of the frame is the same when single or double and it’s not the smallest one when compared with single strollers, but it’s quite compact for a double. It’s smaller than most tandem strollers, not mentioning side-by-side ones!

Folding the Nuna Demi Grow takes just seconds. I love the folding process. I think this should be an industry standard, it is outstanding. How does it work? You just lift two toggles found on the sides on the handlebar. That’s it. The stroller collapses and stands on its own! It’s so easy when compared to folding many other strollers out there. It also gets locked automatically so it won’t get opened by an accident when you transport it. I almost forgot – there’s a nice handle to carry the stroller around when folded.

As I’ve wrote, the Nuna Demi Grow is not the smallest stroller you may find, but rest assured – fitting it into you car’s trunk won’t be a problem.

Nuna Demi Grow Folded

Super-easy to fold and doesn’t take much space

Nuna Demi Grow vs Bugaboo Fox

Many people compare these two strollers, because they have a lot in common, e.g. reversible seat, adjustable handlebar. There are also visual similarities. The functionality of both strollers is practically the same – both are highly rated by their users. The thing is, the price makes a big difference. Bugaboo Fox is more expensive, much more expensive. Althought the Bugaboo adds the bassinet in price to their stroller, but even if we buy similar one for Nuna Demi Grow, the latter comes out cheaper.

Nuna Demi Grow smallBugaboo Fox small
Nuna Demi GrowBugaboo Fox
SeatReversible seatReversible seat
HandlebarAdjustable handlebarAdjustable handlebar
Stroller Weight27.4 lbs19.6 lbs
Folded Dimensions35 x 24 x 23.5 inches34.6 x 23.6 x 15.7 inches
Maximum Manufacturer Weight Recommended50 lbs48.5 lbs
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Quality & Materials

Well… you have to love it. There’s no other way. The leatherette handlebar, leatherette bumper car and top-quality materials make the Nuna Demi Grow both amazing look and feel and give you a guarantee this stroller will last. As an extra you will surely get a lot of jealous looks on the street.

Wondering whether to choose Nuna Demi Grow? If you’ve read my review, you certainly have a reference. Check how much it currently costs.

Pros and cons of the Nuna Demi Grow


  • Removable seat liner exposing a mesh seat to provide better airflow
  • 23 seating configurations to fit any kind of a growing family
  • Lovely bassinet – my fav!
  • Huge basket accomodates all the stuff you need
  • All terrain foam-filled wheels – combine the practicality of rubber ones with the benefits of air-filled ones
  • Tons of included accessories provide flexibility and save your money
  • Super-easy folding with two toggles
  • Travel system option – comes with Nuna PIPA adapters included
  • DreamDrape – provides extra privacy to your toddler during a nap – included
  • Top quality leatherette details and materials


  • Bassinet sold separately
  • Not too light when converted into a double
  • Baby car seats – it would be good if this stroller could work with other baby seats, not only the Nuna PIPA

All pictures belong to Nuna. Source:

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3 years ago

Awesome that it works with maxi cosi as well, I wonder would this also mean cybex and clek work with it? As they all technically have the same adaptors for every other stroller brand. I’m looking into the Demi grow car seat but don’t like the Canadian version of the nuna pipa so I want a clek

Kate Ross
Kate Ross
3 years ago

would this pram be safe to take running/ jogging?