Jeep Destination – a truly affordable stroller for two babies

The J is for Jeep Brand Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller
TypeA double stroller
Weight28.66 lbs
Dimensions while folded29.5” x 30” x 13.4”.
Maximum weight capacity40 lbs for each seat
Main advantagesA really affordable stroller offered for a pretty small price even though it is equipped into a very solid frame of a high quality, excellent wheels and suspension as well as two convenient and safe toddler seats with separate reclining mechanisms, separately adjustable calf rests and canopies with peek-a-boo windows. Removable bumper bars are included into the price.

Double strollers are a great invention which allows parents of twins or of two children with a small difference in age to travel together in one stroller. Initially, such strollers used to be rather bulky and heavy, however, the modern design has changes them into quite compact models which are passing the majority of the doorways. At the same time, such strollers are also featured by a reasonable weight. Still, the majority of the modern double strollers have the same con which is a rather large price. Of course, there is nothing strange in the fact double strollers are quite pricey since their frames are larger and more durable than the frames of single strollers. At the same time, these strollers are providing your family with two seating options.

Still, there are some great double strollers which are offered for a reasonably small price. They will allow you to save a lot of money while you will still be able to enjoy a smooth ride with your baby. Certainly, you should be very attentive while choosing such a stroller since many cheap products are featured with a low quality. That is why if you want to save some money and still get a great product, I am recommending you to read this review which is dedicated to the Jeep Destination double stroller. This is one of the double strollers of a lower price category which is worth your money, so, if you want to invest into a really affordable product, you should check the details of Jeep Destination.


What is Jeep Destination?

Jeep Destination or The J is for Jeep Brand Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller is a stroller dedicated to two families with twins or siblings with a small difference in age. This model has been created in such a way as to allow you to explore the world safely with your big family without a need to use any bulky and heavy pushchair.

Even though Jeep Destination is called by its manufacturer an ultralight model, it weighs 28.66 pounds. To be honest, this weight is a bit too much for a double stroller to be called an ultra lightweight one. On the one hand, the strollers of the double type tend to be rather heavy and there are many model which are actually heavier than Jeep Destination. A large weight is something almost unescapable when it comes to double strollers since such strollers have to be particularly durable and resistant. On the other hand, it is possible to find a variety of double strollers with a smaller weight which is really light. That is why, I would rather say Jeep Destination is somewhere in the middle.

This stroller is equipped into two exactly the same toddler seats with an equal weight capacity. These seats are located in the side-by-side configuration. The maximum weight each of them can carry is 40 lbs which is also a medium capacity if you compare this stroller to other models of the same type. There is a variety of lightweight double strollers which can hold two children of a maximum weight of 33 lbs, but there are also models with a large weight capacity.

Weight, dimensions and fold

I have already mentioned that Jeep Destination is not really thus lightweight as it is called by the manufacturer. It is definitely lighter than many other double stroller with the weight which easily goes beyond 28.66 pounds. Thus, the weight of Jeep Destination is more of a medium type if you compare this stroller to other double models.

The size of Jeep Destination when it is unfolded is featured by the following dimensions: 29.5” x 36.2” x 41.7”. A simple folding mechanism will reduce the size of the stroller to 29.5” x 30” x 13.4”. This fold can stand on its own which is very helpful especially taking into consideration the size of the stroller. For the convenience of carrying this stroller the manufacturer has added a strap to Jeep Destination.

The major components of Jeep Destination

The parts of the stroller I would like you to be particularly careful about are of course its seating options and wheels. Certainly, seating options have to be convenient and safe for your baby. The wheels are also expected to be featured by  a particularly high quality as this will demand the overall quality of your experience of using this stroller. As a parent of two children you will definitely have to push the stroller a lot and you do not want it to be a particularly difficult task.

There are some other parts of the stroller which you should keep in mind such as its canopy, handlebar or storage options.

Seating options

The J is for Jeep Brand Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller is a typical stroller with seating options designed for babies who already have their neck muscles appropriately developed so that they will not need a fully flat surface for resting. Thus, Jeep Destination has two toddler seats which are located side-by-side. Even though there is such a configuration of the seating options, the stroller is still very compact and will easily go through standard doorways.

The seats are featured by a simple reclining mechanism which is separate for the seating options. This means each of the children will be able to use different level of recline for one’s comfort. The foot rests of this stroller can be adjusted separately which is also great for the comfort of your children. Even though there are many double strollers which will allow your children to adjust their seats individually, you will hardly find any low-priced model with such a feature. This is what makes Jeep Destination a great option.

Each of the seats is equipped into a five-point harness which can be adjusted to the height of your babies. The padding of the harness is reflective, so your night-time strolls will be completely safe.

The padding of the seats is quite rich and easy for washing which is also crucial for convenient use.

As I have already mentioned, the maximum weight capacity of this stroller is 40 lbs which is quite a lot especially comparing this stroller to the ones which are suitable only for the children of up to 24 months of age. Yet, if you wish to have a stroller which will be suitable even for transporting children of a pre-school age, Jeep Destination can be not enough.


Each of the seat of Jeep Destination is equipped into a separately adjustable canopy. This is also a great feature allowing you to customise the seat according to the individual needs of your children.

The canopies of Jeep Destination are featured by SPF 50 material which is used in the sun visors. This will offer your babies better protection from harsh sun rays. The size of the canopies is quite large which is essential for the safety of children.

Each of the canopies is also equipped into a peek-a-boo window. The only thing I am not especially happy about when it comes to the canopies of Jeep Destination is the fact the windows are made of plastic rather than mesh which could provide children with extra airflow. Still, there are many model which do not have any peek-a-boo windows at all even though they are a way more expensive than Jeep Destination.

Each of the seats of Jeep Destination is equipped into bumper bars. Not only are they removable, so that you will be able to take them off whenever you find them inconvenient, but they are also featured by a swivelling mechanism. This will allow you to swivel them to the side whenever you are trying to take your baby out of the seat or put it into the stroller and a bumper bar is coming into the way.

Wheels and suspension

The design of the wheels of Jeep Destination will allow you to use it not only on the streets of the cities or in shopping malls. The size and quality of these wheels make them more multi-functional.

The front wheels of Jeep Destination are featured by the size of 7 inch. They are equipped into a swivelling mechanism with a lock. Once you need to manoeuvre your stroller while going through narrow passages, it is recommended to release the blockage of the swivelling mechanism and let the wheels to pivot. In case you are strolling over bumpy terrains, it will be easier for you to push the stroller with the swivelling mechanism locked.

The rear wheels of Jeep Destination are of 10 inches and they have suspension which is great for extra shock absorption and a smoother ride.


I am more than glad that Jeep Destination is equipped into a one step parking break. Many cheaper strollers are using two-step brakes which will require from you blocking each of the wheels separately which is definitely not as convenient and safe as a single-action brake.


The handlebar of Jeep Destination cannot be adjusted, so you should make sure its height is appropriate for you before you decide to purchase the stroller. Note that it is covered with foam which is not a particularly solid material and tends to become damaged rather easily.

Storage options

The major storage option of Jeep Destination just like it is the case of the majority of strollers is its storage basket. The storage basket of Jeep Destination is very large. Yet, you should keep in mind the design of the chassis intersects the space above the basket in its rear part with a bar. This actually divides the access space into two parts making it more difficult to put really large items into the basket even though it can hold them easily.

Thus, in fact, the storage space is somewhat limited by the design of the frame of the stroller.

Colour versions of Jeep Destination

If you are searching for a colourful stroller, you might be a bit disappointed by Jeep Destination which is currently available as the model called Midnight Black. As you can guess, this stroller is black. The entire frame and the seats are black in this model. The sun visors are white though and there is also line on the edge of the canopies which is grey.

Of course, if you are not particularly crazy about black colour, such a design might be a problem to you. Yet, the stroller is actually very stylish and modern and the black colour is making it more resistant to dirty stains.

Jeep Destination accessories

There are no particular accessories available for Jeep Destination right now. Note that the bumper bars for this model are already included into the price so as you will not have to pay for them additionally.

Advantages and disadvantages of Jeep Destination

If you compare the price for Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller with the prices of many other double strollers of a similar configuration, you will find this stroller to be a way cheaper than the majority of the products available on the market. Of course, the functionality of this stroller was compromised to a certain extent in order to make it possible for the manufacturer to release a product for two children worth less 200 USD with a discount.

Still, it doesn’t mean the disadvantages of this stroller are severe and will make it difficult for you to use Jeep Destination. It is not at all like that. I will just recommend you to check the lists of pros and cons of this model to understand whether this stroller will be suitable for you or not.


  • highly affordable;
  • a quite large weight capacity;
  • can be used with twins or siblings of a close age;
  • the seats are featured by a separate recline;
  • the calf rests are adjustable separately;
  • the canopies are unfolded in a separate way;
  • five-point harness;
  • a large storage basket;
  • not as heavy as many other double strollers;
  • a great design of wheels and suspension.


  • a handlebar can’t be adjusted;
  • the foam covering the handlebar can be damaged easily;
  • the access to the storage basket is limited by the bar of the stroller’s chassis.

Jeep Destination – my conclusions

If the price is the most crucial aspect of a purchase for you, I am sure you will be satisfied by the quality and functionality offered by Jeep Destination for such a small price. Of course you’d better not except this stroller to strike you with its fantastic quality and amazing functionality which is just impossible for such a small price. Yet, you will definitely be satisfied with the majority of aspects of this stroller.

Jeep Destination was designed for urban use as well as off-road strolls. It will be convenient and safe for the babies who have already gained some neck control up to the moment when they reach the weight of 40 lbs. The seats of this stroller are pretty spacious and are equipped into a five-point harness. The canopies are also large and provide sufficient protection against harsh weather conditions.

Even though this stroller is so cheap, the manufacturer has made its seats capable of being reclined separately. The calf rests can be adjusted individually as well as the canopies can be adjusted to the needs of your babies individually.

Furthermore, Jeep Destination is also featured by a great design of its wheels and suspension allowing you to walk off-road as well.

As you can see, for such a small price, you have a chance of getting a nice convenient and safe stroller with all needed standard features. The issues you should consider beforehand are the handlebar of this stroller which can’t be adjusted to your height as well as its weight limit. Furthermore, pay your attention that the access to the storage basket albeit rather large, is somewhat limited by an additional bar.

If these issues are not a great problem for you, purchasing Jeep Destination will allow you to enjoy a lot of amazing features for a very modest price.

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