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Welcome to my blog, I’m Lindsey Mitchell. Full-time mom, keen blogger, traveller who likes to cook and spend time reading a good book. I’ve had the idea to blog for quite a long time, but until now (fall 2018) I didn’t have the possibility to make it real, mostly because I simply didn’t have enough time.

I perfectly remember the first stroller I bought in a stationary shop. I was absolutely sure that I’m perfectly prepared, checked a few strollers of my friends, picked the common features I found suiting my needs and being really useful… and went to the shop.

Looking back, I’m laughing at myself now. Just imagine how surprised I was seeing tens of manufacturers and literally hundreds of models to pick from. They were different not only with the look, but also the features and most of all – the price. My plans of making an easy, quick pick based on my list of features had come to nothing.

I started to look at all those strollers wondering what would be more important. Should it be small or should it have large wheels to go through any kind of terrain (I have a big car, so transporting it is not a problem for me). I wondered if I should pick a light stroller, because a big one would be unconvenient to carry around. But then, if I decide to get a small one and my toddler grows up or I’ll decide to go for a trip in the woods, wouldn’t that force me to get another, bigger one? Let’s make it clear – I was standing there, confused and stuck.

In the end, the first stroller I’ve bought was far from perfect (there’s no point in saying what model it was exactly), but I’ve gained some experience. Before I’ve bought the second one, I’ve did some serious research, reading the characteristics of all the models I could afford and went through multiple reviews. It took me quite some time and effort, but it was surely worth it. My second stroller was exactly the way I wanted it to be, suiting all my needs.

And that’s where the idea of this blog came from. I want to spare you all the trouble I was facing then. Not all of you have the time to spend tens of hours comparing strollers online and there are so many things you should check. Bigger wheels, smaller seats, better suspension, easy brake, maneuverability and many other things that make the models so different from each other. Here, on my blog, you will find comparisons of the most popular models and some new arrival reviews, too. I’ve tested most of them myself in everyday life, I’ve checked the other ones in stores. I’ve also gathered some opinions from other moms.

So… welcome to my blog and use the knowledge I’ve gathered. I’m absolutely sure it will help you with picking the perfect stroller that will make both you and your little one happy.

Lindsey Mitchell

Welcome to my blog, dear moms! I'm Lindsey, happy mother of two, keen blogger, traveller who likes to cook and spend time reading a good book. If you have any questions or find it difficult to make a choice, feel free to message me - I'm here to help!