Britax B-Mobile Stroller Review

As the latest addition to the group of Britax strollers, the B-Mobile lives up to expectations. Let’s start with the several full-sized stroller features, plus its compact and lightweight nature – this is one stroller you can move very easily.

If you are worried on the next stroller to get for your grown child, or you just want something more compact and lighter, you have a very good choice in Britax B-Mobile. It is not however for grownups alone, your new born can enjoy this multifaceted stroller too. All you need is to convert it into a travel system alongside one of the many infant car seats from Britax.

Britax B-Mobile Stroller

So, it is safe to call this stroller an infant-to-toddler stroller, which remains relevant even when your baby keeps growing. Who said newborn baby cannot ride in lightweight strollers? Well, it is clear that these beauties are not meant for toddlers only.

Britax B-MobileTypeDimensionsThe biggest advantage
Britax B-Mobile small
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Lightweight stroller15″ L x 9″ W x 30″ HVery lightweight and compact stroller. It comes with comfortable and well-padded seat, impressive canopy. It’s excellent for city and indoor use.


Review of the Britax B-Mobile Features

This exciting stroller is the lightest in the Britax series and the one with the smartest fold also. The functions do not end there anyways, there is a lot more to know about this stroller. And that is what we will be doing in this section.


The seats in this stroller is nicely padded, so you can rest assured that your infant with a head and neck control can conveniently sit upright. It can take up to 55 lbs of weight, and there is an infinite recline that is simple and very easy to set. Once you pull the strap to lower the backrest, just stop at any angle you think is right for your kid, by setting in the buckle. Just what you would expect from a lightweight and affordable stroller.

The seat is not designed to go all the way down, so do not expect it to be flat. Instead, the recline on the Britax B-Mobile seat is deep enough and makes naptime really comfortable. So, you may not use the regular seat for your newborn.

Britax B-Mobile Seat

Still on the seat, another fascinating feature of is the side mesh windows that comes really handy when the weather is hot. You will agree that your baby can use some of the nice air flow that comes from these openings – this is not something you get from most strollers. You also have a vented top with zippered cover. This stroller is definitely built to come handy for summer strolls.

There is also a belly bar that doubles as a carry strap. The calf rest is not that long, but it is adjustable – feel free to lower or raise it until you have a height that suits your baby the most. You can easily get to the basket from the front, courtesy of the adjustable calf rest.

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Finally, the Britax B-Mobile seat has a 5-point harness you can easily adjust.

Britax B-Mobile Harness


The canopy in this stroller is quite impressive – pop out sun visor, UV protection, and more importantly, excellent protection for your baby. While the canopy does not go too low, it never struggles to protect your baby’s eyes from the sun. There is no peek-a boo window, so you will need to devise another means of monitoring your child on the journey.

Britax B-Mobile Canopy

Storage Basket

Considering the size of the basket underneath, you’ll be surprised at how much it can contain. It is fascinating to be able to conveniently keep a medium-sized diaper bag and a couple of small grocery bags in such a compact and light stroller. While at it, avoid keeping items that are too heavy – the material is not that strong.

The basket is secured by two crossed bars situated at the back, and a bar each on either side of the bin, but these also block you from accessing the basket easily. However, you can get the small things out via the back and sides. But if the item is bigger, the only way is to lift the calf rest.

Britax B-Mobile Storage Basket

Perhaps, this is a downside, especially considering the struggle and stress that comes with lifting the calf rest every now and then, plus the disturbance it may cause your little passenger during their naptime. However, other than this, you have a really great storage basket in the Britax B-Mobile.

Britax B-Mobile Travel System

With the built-in Click & Go Receivers, the Britax B-Mobile can be linked with any Britax infant car seat. However, it does not support other car seat brands, considering that the adapters are not available yet. The biggest advantage of this is that it allows you to use the Britax B-Mobile for your newborn. Once you have clicked the car seat onto the frame, there is literally nothing else to worry about.

Rather than long-distance strolls, the infant car seat is better suited for the quick outings or a fast switch from the car to home or mall.

Britax B-Mobile Car Seat


There are four small, single wheels in the Britax B-Mobile and they are ideal for movement on flat terrains. It is designed for city use, so feel free to push it on pavements, sidewalks, asphalt or bricks, even at the mall or airport. However, avoid the gravel, grass, and other uneven surfaces.

Britax B-Mobile Wheels


The brake here is simple and can be operated with your foot. You have the sizable pedal right next to the rear wheel, which can be set or released swiftly when you are in sneakers. But flip flops or high heels may require some additional efforts.

Britax B-Mobile Brake

Weight and Fold

At 16.3 lbs, the Britax B-Mobile is truly a lightweight – the lightest in the collection of Britax stroller available in the US for now. Folding down is quite simple – it can be done singlehandedly. The folded form takes little space, so you can store it in almost all car trunks. Note that the seat doesn’t fold inwards, so you may need to clean the whole padding more often due to dirt.

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You will not need help to get this into your car trunk, and you can conveniently carry it effortlessly using the bumper bar, which also works as a shoulder strap, with your hands free.

Britax B-Mobile Folded

Strength and Weakness

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of this stroller.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy carriage, using a shoulder strap
  • Comfortable and well-padded seat
  • Impressive canopy with side-mesh windows
  • Easy storage and transportation due to the compact folding option
  • Excellent for city use and indoor use
  • Can be used with Britax infant car seats, thus suitable for newborns
  • Adjustable recline and calf rest that helps your little passenger sleep comfortably
  • Vented top of the seat


  • Wheels not suitable for uneven ground, due to the size
  • Absence of a peek-a-boo window
  • Relatively small storage basket that is not easily accessible


There is only one color for the frame and seat padding, which is black. However, the canopy and bumper bar comes in four color variants – Apple, Ruby, Cobalt and Raven. Check which colors are currently available and see how much they cost on Amazon.

Britax B-Mobile Colors


Out-of-the-box, you have the stroller alongside a belly bar and Click and Go receivers. This is a plus, considering that most strollers tends not to include these accessories in the box. And most times, getting these items comes at an extra cost.

Also, you will get the adapters for the Britax infant car seats out-of-the-box, but not the car seat. You may decide against getting the car seat if you are not looking to use the stroller as a travel system for a newborn.

If you want some organization, the Britax Stroller Organizer can be added to the stroller, and it attaches easily to the handle bar. This organizer offers three external pockets where you can keep your phones, keys, and other small items. You can also keep a big enclosed pouch for vital items or for diapers. There are two cup holders, which can be converted into storage pockets.

Considering its versatility, getting the Britax Stroller Organizer will be a great decision. You can easily keep the valuables close, and it complements the inbuilt basket by offering more space and easy accessibility. And fortunately, this organizer is relatively affordable.

If you’re still unsure of the choice, check out dozens of other parents’ reviews on Amazon. It will help you with making a decision. This stroller can certainly be considered one of the best lightweight strollers.

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