Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Review

Are you looking for an extra lightweight stroller with all the features you could think of, ready to use from day one? Or maybe you’re looking for a change, because the stroller you have is just too big and you’re seeking for something smaller and easier to carry around? Or maybe you’re just looking for the best lightweight stroller for your little one?

Mountain Buggy Nano Strollers

Looking for a lightweight, nice-looking stroller?

Lightweight strollers got so much attention lately and that’s why Mountain Buggy decided to come up with a stroller that could fit all the needs of moms looking for a perfect one. Today I’ll take a closer look of the second generation of the popular Nano Buggy. Remember that I’m reviewing the 2016 version, the last one released.

Mountain Buggy NanoTypeDimensions (folded)The biggest advantage
Mountain Buggy Nano small
Check Latest Price
Lightweight stroller12″ x 22″ x 20″Mountain Buggy Nano is rally light and easy to carry around – pull it like a suitcase, wear it on your sholder, or carry it with a handle. This is one of the best lightweight strollers I’ve ever tested.


Mountain Buggy Nano V2 Features


The seat of the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 can accommodate a kid between 6 months up to 44 lbs. The back of the seat is 17.5” long, there are 27 inches from the canopy’s top to the bottom of the seat. The seat is actually really spacy and that’s quite impressive minding the fact that we have a really compact stroller here. It won’t be a problem to accommodate even a 4-year old toddler.

The leg rest is adjustable to fit your kid as he grows and provide great comfort all the way. It also provides extra comfort during a nap. The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 has a foot rest that will fit taller kids.

Mountain Buggy Nano Leg Rest

Adjustable legrest for some extra comfort

The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is a lightweight stroller, but the manufacturer put some effort to make it also comfortable for the kid. Taking a nap during a stroll is something todllers just like to do  and that’s why the seat has a multi-position recline.

The seat may be easily lifted or lowered depending on the situation by pulling the strap on the back of the seat. The seat doesn’t go to a fully flat position, but down enough for a comfy nap.

Mountain Buggy Nano Seat

Multi-position recline for any kind of situation

The seat has a nice mesh window with a velcro close, providing great air-circulation. It will be great for the warm summer days, but you can open it for better ventilation when it’s really hot. It has a new feature, added in the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 – you can close it when it gets really cold outside. Apart from this one, you won’t find another viewing window in this stroller, but I assure, this one is more than enough to keep an eye on your little one.

Next plus for the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is the harness. We have a 5 point one here with a nicely thought two-step unbuckling process. Two red buttons need to be pushed first, next the buckle needs to be squeezed. Parents wont find this difficulat, but it is impossible to do for a kid. Some extra safety is always a good thing.

If this stroller seems to be the right choice for you, you should check if there’s a discount available at Amazon, maybe you’ll a bargain.

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Review

Mountain Buggy Nano’s seat provides comfort whatever the weather is outside

Newborn seating options

The are two ways to accommodate a newbord in the Mountain Nano Buggy V2. Just a few extra attachments make this stroller suitable from day one.

Mountain Buggy Nano For Newborn

A few tweaks make the Mountain Buggy Nano suitable from day one

Car seat compatibility of the Mountain Buggy Nano V2

Something any mom will love about this stroller is the fact you can turn it into a travel system with ease. There’s no need to purchase any additional adapters! The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 comes car seat adapters included!

Putting in your baby in and out of the car, placing him in the seat is not a problem with the Nano Buggy V2. You can even do it while your little one is napping. Installing the baby car seat into the Nano Buggy is done with belt adapters. The process is really easy and the seat is finely secured. Quite an impressive thing for such a lightweight stroller.

The travel system option will be highly appreciated by the parents who like to drive around with their toddlers, but not only them. Thanks to this solution, this stroller will be the only one you need, as you can use it from birth with a baby car seat and switch the seat when your little one grows up. The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 will remain extra light and may be easily put into your car’s trunk all the way. That’s the way any lightweight stroller should be, love it!

Mountain Buggy Nano Travel System

Travel system makes it suitable for a newborn

Mountain Buggy Nano Cocoon Carrycot

The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is designed to fit a kid from 6 month, but the main seat doesn’t recline to a fully flat position, so it won’t be suitable for a newborn. Luckily, Mountain Buggy offers a great solution, a cocoon carrycot for newborns.

Mountain Buggy Nano Cocoon Carrycot make this stroller suitable for a newborn until 6 months (or 19 lbs). The cocoon’s sizes are as follow: length 28”, width 12” and heigth: 18” with the canopy or 7” without it. Another great thing is the carrycot weighs just 3 lbs! It is equipped with two handles making it easy to carry your baby around when you detach the carrycot.

Let’s get to the stroller’s weight in this mode, because that’s something really outstanding. The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 weighs only 16lbs with the carrycot attached! If you’re searching for a super lightweight stroller that will serve you since day one – look no more. The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is just the perfect solution for you. Great job with achieving such a result. All moms will love it, I’m sure.

Mountain Buggy Nano Cocoon Carrycot

Extra light carrycot, perfect for travelling

Mountain Buggy Nano Cocoon Carrycot is sold seperately for about $80. It may be used with the Mountain Buggy Nano V2, but also fits the Swift, Terrain, Duet, MB Mini and Urban Jungle. See its price at the moment here.


The canopy of the Mountain Buggy Nano Cocoon Carrycot has two panels and a flip-out sunvisor. Some changes have been made in the newest version of this stroller. It has an improved, bigger sun hood. The sunvisor was also changed and it is made using the same solid material as the canopy, not mesh as seen in the 2015 version.

I’m not the all-knowing authority when it comes to strollers and that’s why I always listen to other parents before reviewing a stroller. I’ve heard there’s some confusion about the running strap, making the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 look like a top jogging stroller. This strap secures the canopy when you close it. I’ve checked it myself – that’s exactly what it does and what it should. Nothing to be confused about. One thing you need to remember about – use it after folding the strller so the canopy would be attached to the handlebar.

Mountain Buggy Nano Canopy

Bigger sun hood made with higher quality fabric


The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 runs on four 5.5” wheels. The front wheels are swiveling and there’s a locking option that’s helpful when you go through some harder type of terrain. When locked, it won’t be a problem to get through grass, gravel or a bumpy sidewalk.

Don’t let me be the only one to give my thoughts about Mountain Buggy Nano. Check what other parents, who use it in everyday life say about it by clicking here!

Let’s make it clear – this stroller isn’t an all-terrain, BUT it will easily handle pavements, sidewalks, gravel paths or grass. That’s something that families planning to visit some old towns in Europe will surely appreciate as it is quite bumpy there.

Mountain Buggy Nano Wheels

Wheels handle bumps pretty nice, even though Mountain Buggy Nano isn’t an all-terrain stroller


Another strong point of the Mountain Nano Buggy V2. The brake is super easy to use. It is a single action brake with two indicators: red and blue. Step on the red part if you want to lock the Buggy and the blue if you want to release the stroller. Simple, brilliant!

Mountain Buggy Nano Brake

One of the best brake systems I’ve seen


The handlebar sits at a fixed 38.5” above the ground. It is suitable for most parents tall somewhere between 5” and 6.3”. It has a really nice touch and I’m not a tall person (5.2”) while my husband is a bit above 6” and both enjoy pushing this stroller. Still, if you’re taller, you shoud try the stroller first before buying it as the handlebar is not adjustable. All others will be just fine with the fixed setting.

Mountain Buggy Nano Handle Bar

The handlebar is not adjustable, but its setting will fit most parents


You just have to love the maneuverability of the Mountain Buggy Nano V2. It’s so easy to operate, turn, push, pull. Glides like a dream. It’s weight distribution is really great, so you won’t find a curb that will be a problem for this stroller. It even has the option of lifting the front wheels to hop over a curb!

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Maneuverability

Maneuverability of the Mountain Buggy Nano makes any surfer jealous

Besides, this stroller is very slim and it’s just incredibly easy to push it with one hand or turn in crowded places like mall. Thanks to this it will be also very easy to use in public transport.

Another feature you wouldn’t rather expect to see in such a lightweight stroller – suspension. Once again the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 stands out from the crowd. The rear-wheel suspension doesn’t mean it’s an all-terrain stroller, but still, this system will absorb some bumps and provide extra comfort for your little one.

Mountain Buggy Nano Maneuverability

Rougher terrain isn’t a problem thanks to the effective suspension system

Weight and folding

The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is a perfect choice if you like to travel with your toddler. This stroller is just super-light, compact, easy to carry around and folds really quickly. That’s the way all the lightweight strollers should be in my opinion. This one definitely lives up to the expectations.

Unsure of picking this one? Click here and see what other parents think about this stroller.

What do you expect from a lightweight stroller? It may sound trivial, but it’s not. It should be both light and sturdy, and that’s not such an easy combination for a manufacturer. The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 surely has it both. It weighs only 13lbs and still remains extra light when used for a newborn with the carrycot attached – 16lbs. This stroller wont give you a backache.

Folding the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is very easy, although it will require you to use both hands. After folding it for a few times it will take just seconds and won’t be any problem. The process goes like this: pressing two buttons drops the canopy behind the seat. Next, you need to fold down the stroller and that’s done with the handle found on the seat’s back. Last, attach the strap I’ve mentioned before to secure the canopy.

Mountain Buggy Nano Folding Process

One… two… three… and it’s gone! 🙂

Storing or transporting the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is also convenient thanks to the auto-lock feature. When folded, this stroller is 12” x 22” x20”. It doesn’t take a lot of space, so you can easily put it in a closet, car trunk or store it in a small flat. Nobody likes to see a folded stroller eating up space (even if you have quite a big house).

The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 has another great feature – it’s eay to take it along on a plane as it fits most of the overhead compartments. This is highly useful, as you can just put your kid into the stroller right after landing. No need to worrry that the stroller would get broken and it’s available immediately.

That’s not all! Travelling by any means of transport is even more convenient thanks to a great addition (apart from the fact it’s super light and compact). There’s a travel bag included!

Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Bag

Carry the Mountain Buggy Nano with ease thanks to the travel bag

The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 may be carried with a shoulder strap or a handle (in the travel bag or without it). It is even possible to pull it just like a suitcase thanks to the wheels, sticking out from the bag! This is absolutely remarkable and I love it. Travelling with your baby is simply a fantastic experience thanks to the Mountain Buggy Nano V2.

Combining such a fantastic set of travelling features makes this stroller a really great choice for a toddler or a newborn, but also a perfect, extra light stroller to travel with.

Mountain Buggy Nano Folded

You wouldn’t say a fully-featured stroller may become so small

Storage capabilities

The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 doesn’t have a huge basket, but you shouldn’t expect to see one in such a lightweight stroller. Still, fitting in all the basic stuff won’t be a problem, as the storage space under the seat is pretty decent for such a compact stroller. The basket may be easily accessed both from the front and the back. Something I really enjoy is the fact that the backet doesn’t sag even when it’s packed with a lot of stuff. Minding the fact that the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is so small, the storage bin actually overcomes my expectations for a lightweight stroller.

Mountain Buggy Nano Storage Basket

Nice storage basket as for such a compact stroller

Pros and cons of the Mountain Buggy Nano

I’m always honest when writing a review. I’ve showed you mostly the good things about the Mountain Buggy Nano V2, but there’s always something that could’ve been better. Take a look at a short list of pros & cons of this stroller.


  • Suitable for newborns when used with a baby car seat or the Cocoon Carrycot)
  • Handles many types of terrain
  • Included baby car seat adapter makes it compatible with nearly all baby car seats, making it a great travel system
  • Great brake solution
  • Great maneuverability, easy to push and pull with just one hand
  • The leg rest is adjustable
  • Really light and easy to carry around – pull it like a suitcase, wear it on your sholder, or carry it with a handle
  • Very compact when folded, great for travelling
  • Travel bag included


  • No viewing window besides the mesh one
  • Not the biggest canopy out there
  • Cup holders and tray are not included
  • Two-handed folding process

Accessories for the Mountain Buggy Nano V2

I really enjoy the fact that the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 comes with quite a lot of extras included. The universal baby car seat adapter is really great, while the travel bag is simply fantastic, making travelling with this stroller a breeze.

Still, there are some extra accessories sold seprately, check the list of the ones I find the most useful.

Mountain Buggy Cocoon Carrycot smallMountain Buggy Cocoon Carrycot – the carrycot makes the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 suitable for a newborn thanks to providing a fully flat position, so you can use it from day one.
Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board smallMountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board – connect it to the stroller’s rear axle and take you older child along for the ride – the little one in the toddler seat and the older one on the board. (it comes with a universal connector, compatible with other brands)
Mountain Buggy Nano Grab Bar and Food Tray smallMountain Buggy Nano Grab Bar and Food Tray – I really think that this tray is just a must. Provides a great place to keep your little one’s snacks or beverage. Every mom knows toddlers are always hungry when you are on the go..
Mountain Buggy Pouch smallMountain Buggy Pouch (storage bag) – Great organizer for parents that may be used with all Mountain Buggy strollers. Attach it to the handlebar to have all your stuff within reach. It has pouches for beverages and other things we all carry around – phone, keys or wallet. Very useful.
Mountain Buggy Nano All Weather Cover Set smallMountain Buggy Nano All Weather Cover Set – this one is a must if you live in a place where it often rains or a very sunny area. The sun shield in this set provides great ventilation thanks to the fact the cover is made with mesh.
Mountain Buggy Stroller Umbrella smallMountain Buggy Stroller Umbrella – compatible with all the Mountain Buggy strollers and other brands too. Protects the baby from heat, sun or rain.
Mountain Buggy Hand Muffs smallMountain Buggy Hand Muffs – in love with winter? Here’s something for you. Your hands will never be cold when you zip the hand muffs to the handlebar of the stroller. Fits all Mountain Buggy strollers (and other brands too).

Colors of the Mountain Buggy Nano V2

Basically, you get to choose from one of four colos: Silver, Ruby, Black and Nautical. In my opinion they all look great, pick the one you like the most.

Apart from the regular color versions, you can get one of the three special editions of the Mountain Buggy Nano V2: Year of Monkey (2016), Year of Rooster (2017) or the latest Year of the Dog (2018). As they also look outstanding, it’s not that easy to make a choice.

Mountain Buggy Nano Colors

Match the color with your dress 🙂

The prices are different for each color version, you can check the prices of all the options here.

Specification of the Mountain Buggy Nano V2

Stroller typeLightweight
Stroller weight13 lbs (Frame + Main Seat), 3 lbs (Cocoon Carrycot)
Weight limit44 lbs (Main seat) / 19 lbs (Cocoon Carrycot)
Stroller dimensions 32” x 22” x 38.5” (LxWxH)
Folded dimensions 12” x 22” x 20” (LxWxH)
Handlebar height38.5”

Mountain Buggy Nano 2015 vs Mountain Buggy Nano V2 (2016)

I am a great fan of this stroller, therefore it is great to see the manufacturers listen to the parents and constantly improve this model, making it even better and great to use. What differs the previous Mountain Buggy Nano 2015 from the latest Mountain Buggy Nano V2 2016?

First, the size. The previous Nano was 1” wider, the Mountaing Buggy Nano V2 is even more compact. The recline is 30% deeper, while the canopy is larger in the current version, pretty impressive. The pull out sunvisor is now solid (replaced the mesh one from the previous version) you can pull a bit lower for better protection.

Apart from that you get the compatility with the Cocoon Carrycot, making this lightweight stroller ready for your kid from day one when you attach it, providing a flat position for the newborn.

There’s no revolution in the Mountain Buggy Nano V2, but the improvements and fixes suggested by parents are really nice, making this stroller even better than it was before.

Mountain Buggy Nano 2015 vs 2016

The original model on the left, the upgraded Mountain Buggy Nano 2016 on the right – you can see the difference at the first glance

Remember that the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 (2016) is the latest version available, the manufacturers didn’t release a new one for 2017 or 2018. Still, these years brought some new special color editions I’ve mentioned above.

I have recently checked prices on Amazon and this stroller was -25% OFF. You can check if the discount still applies by clicking here.

Mountain Buggy Nano vs Baby Jogger City Tour

Before you buy a stroller, it’s worth comparing it with other, similar products. When it comes to competition for the Mountain Buggy Nano, here comes the Baby Jogger City Tour. Both strollers have similar dimensions and weight, but they differ in some details presented in the table below. When it comes to price, the Baby Jogger City Tour should be slightly cheaper, unless you can currently find a promotion – then both strollers will be at a comparable price.

Mountain Buggy Nano smallBaby Jogger City Tour small
Mountain Buggy NanoBaby Jogger City Tour
CanopyCanopy with two panels and a flip-out sunvisor. Lack of peek-a-boo window.Sun canopy with canopy extension and peek-a-boo window.
Stroller Weight13 lbs14 lbs
Folded Dimensions22 x 20 x 12 inches22 x 18 x 9 inches
Seat Weight Capacity44 lbs45 lbs
Fold TypeTwo-handed folding processCan be folded with one hand
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Mountain Buggy Nano V2 – Conclusion

I’ve already wrote that I love this stroller. While “a perfect stroller” doesn’t exist (and I don’t think there will be something like that ever), the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 is simply a perfect choice if you’re looking for a compact, lightweight stroller packed with features.

Mountain Buggy Nano Opinion

Fully-featured, but highly-compact stroller – meet the Mountain Buggy Nano

Most of us just love to travel and this is where the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 shines. This is a perfect travel companion. It will fit in a small car trunk, you can put it in the overhead compartment on a plane. Carrying it around is just super easy thanks to its weight and the absolutely amazing, included travel bag. Thanks to the strap you can carry the stroller on one shoulder while holding your baby with the other hand… or just fold it and pull it like a suitcase. Travelling with your kid is a pure pleasure with the Mountain Buggy Nano V2.

Some may say two-handed folding is not so good, but on the other hand I think you don’t get to fold the stroller like 10 times a day, so it’s absolutely not a problem, especially minding the fact the whole process is easy. The most important thing for me (and I love this stroller again here) is the size. It’s just super small when folded, and that’s something any parent will appreciate, especially if you live in a small flat.

Mountain Buggy Nano

Perfect for those who like to travel a lot

If you decide to get the Coccoon Carrycot, the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 becomes suitable for a newborn, providing a fully flat position. There’s so much nice stuff included, but you can make this stroller even better with some extra accessories (like the food tray and the organizer).

Final words: I love it and recommend it to any parent who likes to travel or is just looking for a really lightweight stroller that will make both travelling or everyday strolling a breeze.

Interested in purchasing Mountain Buggy Nano? Check how much it costs on Amazon and see if there are any discounts available.

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