Joovy Qool – a top convertible stroller for a big family

 Joovy Qool
TypeAn affordable convertible stroller expandable into a double, twin and triple option
WeightThe version with one toddler seat: 30.6 lbs
Dimensions while folded37.01 Lx 24.80 Wx 17.72 H
Maximum weight capacity–          55 lbs for the original toddler seat

–          55 for an extra toddler seat

–          55 lbs for the bench

Main advantagesA convertible stroller which can be used with one child, two children and even with three children. You can set it to a travel system mode or a pram or mix different options. Instead of a conventional riding board, this stroller will provide the third child with a comfortable and safe seating bench. A telescopic handlebar will make it easy for you to adjust the height to your personal needs. The design of the wheels and suspension will allow you to use this stroller far from the smooth city pavements.



Joovy Qool – a top convertible stroller for a big family

If you have a big family or are planning to have more children in the near future, in all likelihood, you have already checked the option of purchasing an expandable stroller. Actually, this is one of the best solutions for families with young children in different age, however, depending on the stroller, you can use them with twins as well. Yet, what options are available for you, if there are three children at home?

One of the most popular models available on the market today is an expandable stroller which can be used with a special board attached to the frame so as you can give a lift to your elder child as well. Yet, this option might not be always suitable since a lot depends on the age of the eldest child. What should you do then, if a board is not enough for your kid?

Fortunately, there are some models of the convertible strollers which can be expanded for three children as well. As for me, one of the most successful models of such a type is Joovy Qool which offers a more advanced seating option for the first child, rather than a simple board which is not necessarily comfortable for everyone. If you are already intrigued by the functionality of Joovy Qool, you should definitely check this review which will provide you with all the necessary information about this amazing stroller.

What is Joovy Qool?

Joovy Qool is a convertible stroller with such functions as a regular everyday stroller, a pram with a bassinet and a travel system with an infant car seat. A6t the same time, this stroller is expandable and it can be used with different configurations of two seating options at the same time. Thus, each of the seating options I have just mentioned, can be used twice or, you can mix the seating options in various way since this stroller is extremely versatile.

At the same time, Joovy Qool can be used with the third seating option which is really a seat rather than a board which can be used exclusively for standing. This one looks like a bench attached to the frame which also includes safety harness, so it is a way more advanced and secure while compared to traditional boards.

The basic set will offer you four different configurations, while purchasing additional accessories will let you use out of more than fifty different configurations.

Pay your attention to the fact the basic set includes the seating options for a single child, while extra seats can be purchased separately. Yet, you can also check the price of a set with front adapters and an additional seat. This set is available on the market under the name of Qool Double Bundle and, depending on the availability of discounts, it can turn out to be a better option for purchasing.

Weight, dimensions and fold

Joovy Qool is a somewhat heavy stroller weighing a bit more than 30 lbs. Undeniably, such a weight is a direct result of its functionality and the possibility of carrying three children which requires a very durable and solid chassis which just can’t be lightweight. Actually, the total weight capacity of this stroller is 135 lbs which is a lot. Even though a large weight is typical for this type of strollers, Joovy Qool is still a bit heavier than the majority of products of this category.

As you can imagine, Joovy Qool is not a small stroller and its fold is also pretty large. In fact, it is long, so you should check the dimensions of your trunk and garage or whichever place you are going to use for storing this stroller.

Joovy Qool can be folded with the bench attached to it, however, it can have only one seat. Thus, in order to fold it, you should remove the second seat first and then, set the remaining seat to the middle position. The next step is pressing the triggers located on the sides of the handlebar. This will make the stroller folded in half. once you hear the click, it means the stroller Is locked automatically.

The major components of Joovy Qool

Let’s examine the most essential parts of this stroller so as you will know what to expect while purchasing this stroller. Pay your attention to the seating options as this is particularly important while purchasing an expandable stroller.

The seating options of Joovy Qool

I have already mentioned the fact there are actually four types of seating options available for the passengers of Joovy Qool. Let’s look at the details of each of them.

A toddler seat

The toddler seat used in Joovy Qool is actually one of its greatest advantages. Unlike many other expandable strollers, this one has an additional seat of the same weight capacity as the original one included into the price and this weight capacity is extremely large for this type of a stroller. Just imagine, the maximum weight such a seat can handle is 55 lbs!

Yet, you should pay attention to the height limit featuring these seats. It is 44 inches which some parents find a bit too small for tall children.

In practice this mean that you can use Joovy Qool for transporting twins without any limitations as it unfortunately happens with many other expandable strollers which offer a smaller weight capacity for the second seat.

The regular seat of Joovy Qool is equipped into 5-point harness for the safety of your child. The comfort is provided by a rich padding and an almost flat recline of the backrest which creates a position perfect for napping. The reclining mechanism of the Joovy Qool seats is very simple. All you need to do is just using a grey lever which is located on the top of the seat. Even though the recline of these seats is almost flat, it is still not recommended to use this seating option for the babies below six months of age. All in all there are four different recline positions.

The seats of Joovy Qool are also equipped into a removable bumper bar which is great news since you will not have to buy them separately.

I also like a special foot lining added to the bottom of the seat which is made of rubber. It is absolutely perfect for catching all the sand, ground or food crumbs as it can be easily washed.

Joovy Qool bassinet

The use of special front adapters which can be purchased separately will allow you to install two bassinets on the frame of Joovy Qool. These bassinets featured by large canopies are actually the most appropriate seating option for the youngest babies. You should always prefer using a bassinet for such babies instead of an infant car seat especially when you are planning to spend a lot of time outside the house.

The weight capacity of the Joovy Qool bassinets is 20 lbs.

Joovy Qool travel system

I have already mentioned the fact you can use all of the seating options of Joovy Qool. The same is true in the case of infant car seats. These can be used in a reversed position or be parent facing which is actually crucial for young babies.

In order to use a set of two infant car seats fixed to the frame in the parent-facing node, you will need the Qool’s front adapters as well as appropriate adapters for infant car seats. As you now know, these adapters can be purchased separately.

There are adapters suitable for the infant car seats designed by Nuna, Maxi Cosi and Cybex, whereas a different type of adapters is needed for the infant car seats offered by Graco and Chicco.

A bench seat

One of the best things about Joovy Qool is the fact it is not using a typical riding board which is so popular among expandable strollers as well as single strollers which allow to add an extra option for transporting an elder child.

What is so great about this bench? Undeniably, it is the fact that your child will be able to sit comfortably instead of standing all the time. At the same time, a 3-point harness will make the ride safer for your child.

Joovy Qool as a double stroller and a triple stroller

As I have already mentioned, the initial set will provide you with four configurations for setting the seats on the chassis of the stroller. There are two modes available to your child which are the world-facing one and the parent-facing one. At the same time you can set the seat on two different levels.

Yet, if you decide to use an extra seat, you will be surprised by the variety of configurations to choose from. In order to use an extra seat, you will need a pair of additional adapters.

The number of possible configurations is really impressive. You can combine three seats on of which is the Joovy Qool seating bench, combine two seats or mix one seat and a bench. You will definitely find the most comfortable configuration for you and your children and will be able to adjust it according to the age of your child.

Needless to say, there is a great difference in the comfort when it comes to the seat which allows you to seat down or the option for transportation which can be used exclusively while standing. This also means you will be able to go out for longer walks with your family not being concerned about your child being too tired to stand upright by the end of the day.

Pay your attention to the fact, that Joovy Qool can be folded with the bench as well!

Wheels, suspension and brake

Joovy Qool are of a medium size with the front ones being of 7” and the rear ones of 9.5”. The material of the wheels is highly durable rubber. Combined with nice suspension in the front wheels, this design allows parents to use this stroller not only on the smooth pavements of cities. In order to increase the manoeuvrability, you can set the front wheels to the swivelling mode or lock them.

This stroller can actually handle gravel, dirt or grass.

There is one single-action parking brake included into Joovy Qool which can be easily activated by foot without damaging your shoes.


The canopy of Joovy Qool is featured by a large size and a sun filter. The canopy can be extended by unfolding a special panel for extra sun protection which is locked with a zipper.

There is also a peek-a-boo window made of mesh which will let you check your child easily and will also provide him or her with air flow.

The canopy of the extra seat is exactly the same.


I am more than glad that the manufacturer of Joovy Qool equipped this stroller into a telescopic handlebar which is great for setting the height to an appropriate level. At the same time, the cover of the handlebar is made of a leatherette material which is more resistant to damages than popular foam.

Storage options

The majority of parents are particularly happy about the storage basket of Joovy Qool which is extremely large and featured by the weight capacity of 25 lbs. You can fill it with a variety of different belonging of all the children you are carrying in the stroller and still have some place for your things. What is really great about it is the fact you will have easy access from all the sides of this stroller.

Joovy Qool – colour versions

Joovy Qool is a stylish stroller with a modern look which is currently available in two colour versions. They are pretty universal and will fit any child. In addition to it, these colours are highly practical as all the possible stains and dirt will not be thus visible on it.

These colour versions are Black Melange and Grey Melange and actually, both of them are black. The only part which differs in these models is the padding of the seat which is also black in the Black Melange option and grey in the Grey Melange one.

Joovy Qool – accessories

Joovy Qool is available for sale in several configurations. The cheapest one includes exclusively one toddler seat. Other sets you can find on the market are a stroller with a toddler seat and a bassinet as well as a stroller with two seats and a bassinet.

As you can see, there are not so many accessories included into the price, yet, you can find a variety of extra items for this stroller on the market.

First of all, you can get an extra seat of any type you need, whether it is an additional bassinet or a toddler seat. Certainly, the bench seat is also offered for sale.

In order to convert the stroller into a travel system, you can buy a pair of appropriate adapters.

An organiser for parents is also available if you need an additional storage option. Furthermore, there is also a tray for your child with a space for a cup.

Pros and cons of Joovy Qool

Joovy Qool has a lot of positive features, however, as any stroller, it also has some disadvantages. Of course it depends on you, whether these disadvantages are serious issues for you, or you can easily deal with them. In order to make it easier for you to decide, whether Joovy Qool is a good option for your family or not, I have created the lists of the most crucial features of this stroller.


  • an affordable stroller;
  • fully convertible, so it can be used as a regular stroller, a pram or a travel system;
  • compatible with infant car seats of the top brands;
  • expendable into a double stroller, a twin stroller or a triple one;
  • an extra toddler seat has the same parameters as the original one included into the set with the maximum weight capacity of 55 lbs;
  • offers a convenient and safe bench as the third seating option instead of a conventional riding board;
  • can be folded with one seat and a board without removing them;
  • the weight capacity of the bench is 55 lbs as well;
  • a telescopic handlebar allowing you to change the height easily and create extra space for legs;
  • large canopies;
  • an almost flat recline of the seats;
  • the handlebar is covered by a leatherette material;
  • a huge storage basket which can be easily accessed from each side of the stroller;
  • the wheel scan deal with gravel and grass;
  • easy to wash.


  • accessories are not included into the price;
  • one of the heaviest models on the market;
  • the fold is rather large.

My conclusions

If you are a parent of several kids with small differences in age or two of them are twins, Joovy Qool can be one of the greatest options for you.

This stroller is somewhat heavy, however, this is absolutely normal since it can be used with there children at a time and it is featured by a large weight capacity. Actually, if you check other convertible and expandable models you will find that such a large weight capacity as the one provided by Joovy Qool is rather rare for this category of strollers. In addition to it, this stroller has the same weight capacity for the extra toddler seat which is extremely important for the parents of twins.

The bench seat available for this stroller instead of a traditional riding board is itself a huge advantage of this stroller. Not every child can feel comfortable without a possibility to sit at least for a moment during the walk. If this is the case for your eldest kid and especially, if you are planning to make long trips outside, this bench will be a better solution than a riding board.

Fortunately, with Joovy Qool, you will be able to explore the world without any difficulties as it has its wheels of a really high quality which makes it possible to use the stroller outside the city.

Joovy Qool is also a great stroller for particularly petite or high parents, since it is equipped into a telescopic handlebar. Actually, this feature is not popular among the strollers of a low-price category, so this is great con of Joovy Qool.

As for me, the only matter of concern is the bulkiness of this stroller and its fold, albeit, this is something which you will have to handle with if you want to have an expandable stroller, especially designed for three children. That is why, despite this disadvantage, Joovy Qool is an amazing option for big families!

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